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Germany can find hope in France defeat


Dzeko in Europe's top 10; Rooney next for drop

UEFA Nations League

UEFA Nations League: All you need to know for finals, promotion and relegation

The UEFA Nations League group stage is over. Find out how the competition panned out for the finals, promotion and relegation.

You can read a full explainer for the UEFA Nations League here also read what it means for Euro 2020 qualification.

- The group winners of League A go to the Nations League finals in June 2019.
- The group winners of Leagues B, C and D are promoted.
- The bottom teams in the groups of Leagues A and B are relegated.
- The fourth-placed teams and the worst-performing third-placed team in the groups of League C are relegated. Points against the team in fourth-place in the groups in League C are removed to calculate the worst-performing third-placed team, as Group 1 has only three teams.
- Final positions in the Nations League will also decide draw pots for Euro 2020 qualifying, as noted.


League A: Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, England, France, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine

League B: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Wales

League C: Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey

League D: Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, San Marino, Slovenia


Qualified for Nations League finals: England, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands
Relegated: Croatia, Germany, Iceland, Poland
Euro 2020 qualifying draw Pot 1: Belgium, Croatia, England, France, Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland
Euro 2020 qualifying draw Pot 2: Germany, Iceland

Group 1

Netherlands won the group ahead of France with Germany dropping into League B.

Group 2

Switzerland topped the group with a stunning 5-2 comeback win over Belgium, with Iceland relegated.

Group 3

Portugal won after their draw vs. Italy in the group stage and are set to be finals hosts, while Poland have been relegated.

Group 4

England finished first ahead of Spain, with Croatia relegated.


Promoted (and minimum Euro 2020 playoff): Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine
Relegated: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Turkey
Euro 2020 qualifying draw Pot 2: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Wales
Euro 2020 qualifying draw Pot 3: Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Turkey

Group 1

Ukraine won the group, while Czech Republic edged out Slovakia to avoid relegation.

Group 2

Russia lost top spot to Sweden on the final day. Turkey have been relegated.

Group 3

Bosnia and Herzegovina have won the group, with Austria in second and Northern Ireland relegated.

Group 4

Denmark have won the group, with Wales in second and Republic of Ireland relegated.


Promoted (and minimum Euro 2020 playoff): Finland, Norway, Scotland, Serbia
Relegated: Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia
Euro 2020 qualifying draw Pot 3: Bulgaria, Finland, Israel, Norway, Serbia, Scotland
Euro 2020 qualifying draw Pot 4: Albania, Cyprus, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Montenegro, Romania, Slovenia

Group 1

Scotland won at home to Israel to top the group. Albania finished bottom but were not relegated as the worst third-placed team.

Group 2

Finland have won promotion and at least a Euro 2020 qualifying playoff, while Estonia have been relegated.

Group 3

Norway held off Bulgaria for top spot on the final day, while Slovenia were consigned to League D. Cyprus were also relegated as the worst third-placed team.

Group 4

Serbia secured promotion and a Euro 2020 playoff if they need it, while Lithuania have been relegated. 


Promoted (and minimum Euro 2020 playoff): Belarus, Georgia, Macedonia, Kosovo
Euro 2020 qualifying draw Pot 4: Georgia
Euro 2020 qualifying draw Pot 5: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Moldova
Euro 2020 qualifying draw Pot 6: Andorra, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Malta, San Marino

Group 1

Georgia sealed promotion with two games to spare and are guaranteed a Euro 2020 playoff place. 

Group 2

Belarus won the group ahead of Luxembourg and Moldova.

Group 3 

Kosovo topped the group ahead of Azerbaijan.

Group 4

Macedonia won the group with Armenia five points back in second.


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