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By ESPN Staff

Premier Fantasy Gameweeks

All fixtures subject to change

Gameweek 1 - August 13
Blackburn v Wolverhampton
Fulham v Aston Villa
Liverpool v Sunderland
Man City v Swansea
Newcastle v Arsenal
QPR v Bolton
Stoke v Chelsea
West Brom v Man Utd
Wigan v Norwich

Gameweek 2 - August 20
Arsenal v Liverpool
Aston Villa v Blackburn
Bolton v Man City
Chelsea v West Brom
Everton v QPR
Man Utd v Tottenham
Norwich v Stoke
Sunderland v Newcastle
Swansea v Wigan
Wolverhampton v Fulham

Gameweek 3 - August 27
Aston Villa v Wolverhampton
Blackburn v Everton
Chelsea v Norwich
Liverpool v Bolton
Man Utd v Arsenal
Newcastle v Fulham
Swansea v Sunderland
Tottenham v Man City
West Brom v Stoke
Wigan v QPR

Gameweek 4 - September 10
Arsenal v Swansea
Bolton v Man Utd
Everton v Aston Villa
Fulham v Blackburn
Man City v Wigan
Norwich v West Brom
QPR v Newcastle
Stoke v Liverpool
Sunderland v Chelsea
Wolverhampton v Tottenham

Gameweek 5 - September 17
Aston Villa v Newcastle
Blackburn v Arsenal
Bolton v Norwich
Everton v Wigan
Fulham v Man City
Man Utd v Chelsea
Sunderland v Stoke
Swansea v West Brom
Tottenham v Liverpool
Wolverhampton v QPR

Gameweek 6 - September 24
Arsenal v Bolton
Chelsea v Swansea
Liverpool v Wolverhampton
Man City v Everton
Newcastle v Blackburn
Norwich v Sunderland
QPR v Aston Villa
Stoke v Man Utd
West Brom v Fulham
Wigan v Tottenham

Gameweek 7 - October 1
Aston Villa v Wigan
Blackburn v Man City
Bolton v Chelsea
Everton v Liverpool
Fulham v QPR
Man Utd v Norwich
Sunderland v West Brom
Swansea v Stoke
Tottenham v Arsenal
Wolverhampton v Newcastle

Gameweek 8 - October 15
Arsenal v Sunderland
Chelsea v Everton
Liverpool v Man Utd
Man City v Aston Villa
Newcastle v Tottenham
Norwich v Swansea
QPR v Blackburn
Stoke v Fulham
West Brom v Wolverhampton
Wigan v Bolton

Gameweek 9 - October 22
Arsenal v Stoke
Aston Villa v West Brom
Blackburn v Tottenham
Bolton v Sunderland
Fulham v Everton
Liverpool v Norwich
Man Utd v Man City
Newcastle v Wigan
QPR v Chelsea
Wolverhampton v Swansea

Gameweek 10 - October 29
Chelsea v Arsenal
Everton v Man Utd
Man City v Wolverhampton
Norwich v Blackburn
Stoke v Newcastle
Sunderland v Aston Villa
Swansea v Bolton
Tottenham v QPR
West Brom v Liverpool
Wigan v Fulham

Gameweek 11 - November 5
Arsenal v West Brom
Aston Villa v Norwich
Blackburn v Chelsea
Bolton v Stoke
Fulham v Tottenham
Liverpool v Swansea
Man Utd v Sunderland
Newcastle v Everton
QPR v Man City
Wolverhampton v Wigan

Gameweek 12 - November 19
Chelsea v Liverpool
Everton v Wolverhampton
Man City v Newcastle
Norwich v Arsenal
Stoke v QPR
Sunderland v Fulham
Swansea v Man Utd
Tottenham v Aston Villa
West Brom v Bolton
Wigan v Blackburn

Gameweek 13 - November 26
Arsenal v Fulham
Bolton v Everton
Chelsea v Wolverhampton
Liverpool v Man City
Man Utd v Newcastle
Norwich v QPR
Stoke v Blackburn
Sunderland v Wigan
Swansea v Aston Villa
West Brom v Tottenham

Gameweek 14 - December 3
Aston Villa v Man Utd
Blackburn v Swansea
Everton v Stoke
Fulham v Liverpool
Man City v Norwich
Newcastle v Chelsea
QPR v West Brom
Tottenham v Bolton
Wigan v Arsenal
Wolverhampton v Sunderland

Gameweek 15 - December 10
Arsenal v Everton
Bolton v Aston Villa
Chelsea v Man City
Liverpool v QPR
Man Utd v Wolverhampton
Norwich v Newcastle
Stoke v Tottenham
Sunderland v Blackburn
Swansea v Fulham
West Brom v Wigan

Gameweek 16 - December 17
Aston Villa v Liverpool
Blackburn v West Brom
Everton v Norwich
Fulham v Bolton
Man City v Arsenal
Newcastle v Swansea
QPR v Man Utd
Tottenham v Sunderland
Wigan v Chelsea
Wolverhampton v Stoke

Gameweek 17 - December 20
Aston Villa v Arsenal
Blackburn v Bolton
Everton v Swansea
Fulham v Man Utd
Man City v Stoke
Newcastle v West Brom
QPR v Sunderland
Tottenham v Chelsea
Wigan v Liverpool
Wolverhampton v Norwich

Gameweek 18 - December 26
Arsenal v Wolverhampton
Bolton v Newcastle
Chelsea v Fulham
Liverpool v Blackburn
Man Utd v Wigan
Norwich v Tottenham
Stoke v Aston Villa
Sunderland v Everton
Swansea v QPR
West Brom v Man City

Gameweek 19 - December 31
Arsenal v QPR
Bolton v Wolverhampton
Chelsea v Aston Villa
Liverpool v Newcastle
Man Utd v Blackburn
Norwich v Fulham
Stoke v Wigan
Sunderland v Man City
Swansea v Tottenham
West Brom v Everton

Gameweek 20 - January 2
Aston Villa v Swansea
Blackburn v Stoke
Everton v Bolton
Fulham v Arsenal
Man City v Liverpool
Newcastle v Man Utd
QPR v Norwich
Tottenham v West Brom
Wigan v Sunderland
Wolverhampton v Chelsea

Gameweek 21 - January 14
Aston Villa v Everton
Blackburn v Fulham
Chelsea v Sunderland
Liverpool v Stoke
Man Utd v Bolton
Newcastle v QPR
Swansea v Arsenal
Tottenham v Wolverhampton
West Brom v Norwich
Wigan v Man City

Gameweek 22 - January 21
Arsenal v Man Utd
Bolton v Liverpool
Everton v Blackburn
Fulham v Newcastle
Man City v Tottenham
Norwich v Chelsea
QPR v Wigan
Stoke v West Brom
Sunderland v Swansea
Wolverhampton v Aston Villa

Gameweek 23 - January 31
Aston Villa v QPR
Blackburn v Newcastle
Bolton v Arsenal
Everton v Man City
Fulham v West Brom
Man Utd v Stoke
Sunderland v Norwich
Swansea v Chelsea
Tottenham v Wigan
Wolverhampton v Liverpool

Gameweek 24 - February 4
Arsenal v Blackburn
Chelsea v Man Utd
Liverpool v Tottenham
Man City v Fulham
Newcastle v Aston Villa
Norwich v Bolton
QPR v Wolverhampton
Stoke v Sunderland
West Brom v Swansea
Wigan v Everton

Gameweek 25 - February 11
Aston Villa v Man City
Blackburn v QPR
Bolton v Wigan
Everton v Chelsea
Fulham v Stoke
Man Utd v Liverpool
Sunderland v Arsenal
Swansea v Norwich
Tottenham v Newcastle
Wolverhampton v West Brom

Gameweek 26 - February 25
Arsenal v Tottenham
Chelsea v Bolton
Liverpool v Everton
Man City v Blackburn
Newcastle v Wolverhampton
Norwich v Man Utd
QPR v Fulham
Stoke v Swansea
West Brom v Sunderland
Wigan v Aston Villa

Gameweek 27 - March 3
Blackburn v Aston Villa
Fulham v Wolverhampton
Liverpool v Arsenal
Man City v Bolton
Newcastle v Sunderland
QPR v Everton
Stoke v Norwich
Tottenham v Man Utd
West Brom v Chelsea
Wigan v Swansea

Gameweek 28 - March 10
Arsenal v Newcastle
Aston Villa v Fulham
Bolton v QPR
Chelsea v Stoke
Everton v Tottenham
Man Utd v West Brom
Norwich v Wigan
Sunderland v Liverpool
Swansea v Man City
Wolverhampton v Blackburn

Gameweek 29 - March 17
Aston Villa v Bolton
Blackburn v Sunderland
Everton v Arsenal
Fulham v Swansea
Man City v Chelsea
Newcastle v Norwich
QPR v Liverpool
Tottenham v Stoke
Wigan v West Brom
Wolverhampton v Man Utd

Gameweek 30 - March 24
Arsenal v Aston Villa
Bolton v Blackburn
Chelsea v Tottenham
Liverpool v Wigan
Man Utd v Fulham
Norwich v Wolverhampton
Stoke v Man City
Sunderland v QPR
Swansea v Everton
West Brom v Newcastle

Gameweek 31 - March 31
Aston Villa v Chelsea
Blackburn v Man Utd
Everton v West Brom
Fulham v Norwich
Man City v Sunderland
Newcastle v Liverpool
QPR v Arsenal
Tottenham v Swansea
Wigan v Stoke
Wolverhampton v Bolton

Gameweek 32 - April 7
Arsenal v Man City
Bolton v Fulham
Chelsea v Wigan
Liverpool v Aston Villa
Man Utd v QPR
Norwich v Everton
Stoke v Wolverhampton
Sunderland v Tottenham
Swansea v Newcastle
West Brom v Blackburn

Gameweek 33 - April 9
Aston Villa v Stoke
Blackburn v Liverpool
Everton v Sunderland
Fulham v Chelsea
Man City v West Brom
Newcastle v Bolton
QPR v Swansea
Tottenham v Norwich
Wigan v Man Utd
Wolverhampton v Arsenal

Gameweek 34 - April 14
Arsenal v Wigan
Bolton v Tottenham
Chelsea v Newcastle
Liverpool v Fulham
Man Utd v Aston Villa
Norwich v Man City
Stoke v Everton
Sunderland v Wolverhampton
Swansea v Blackburn
West Brom v QPR

Gameweek 35 - April 21
Arsenal v Chelsea
Aston Villa v Sunderland
Blackburn v Norwich
Bolton v Swansea
Fulham v Wigan
Liverpool v West Brom
Man Utd v Everton
Newcastle v Stoke
QPR v Tottenham
Wolverhampton v Man City

Gameweek 36 - April 28
Chelsea v QPR
Everton v Fulham
Man City v Man Utd
Norwich v Liverpool
Stoke v Arsenal
Sunderland v Bolton
Swansea v Wolverhampton
Tottenham v Blackburn
West Brom v Aston Villa
Wigan v Newcastle

Gameweek 37 - May 5
Arsenal v Norwich
Aston Villa v Tottenham
Blackburn v Wigan
Bolton v West Brom
Fulham v Sunderland
Liverpool v Chelsea
Man Utd v Swansea
Newcastle v Man City
QPR v Stoke
Wolverhampton v Everton

Gameweek 38 - May 13
Chelsea v Blackburn
Everton v Newcastle
Man City v QPR
Norwich v Aston Villa
Stoke v Bolton
Sunderland v Man Utd
Swansea v Liverpool
Tottenham v Fulham
West Brom v Arsenal
Wigan v Wolverhampton


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