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Barton Twitter offensive continues

Joey Barton has continued his extended spell in the spotlight by using his favourite medium of Twitter to variously defend himself, admit blame, open up conflict with fellow players and former Newcastle United stars and then play vigilante against crime.

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Following the sending-off of Gervinho, where Arsenal's Ivorian debutant was dismissed for raising a hand to Barton, the Newcastle United midfielder was accused of making a meal of a raised hand. Barton claimed a punch, while team-mate Steven Taylor suggested an elbow but a slap was proved to be the case, following a flare-up following what Newcastle claimed was an attempt to win a penalty through simulation.

Post-match interviews saw both club's managers take different views of the incident while Taylor denied that he had seen the incident. It was left to Barton to state his case via social media, in response to a deluge of Tweets that no doubt reached his account.

"I went down easy, no doubt. Still, you can't raise your hands... What do I have to gain by standing and trading with him? NOWT," tweeted Barton. "Standing and defending myself has only got me in trouble before. What do you want me to do, hit him back? Or hope the ref keeps him on [the pitch]?

"If he doesn't dive then the incident doesn't happen. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten involved, but diving and trying to win a penalty is s***. Needs stamping out. I train all summer to have him cheat us out of a hard-earned point? It's not on. Diving should be a three-game ban. Respect the game.

"If there's contact, go down - but don't blatantly try to con the ref. Refs have it hard enough."

Then Jack Wilshere, another Twitter devotee, got involved. "I think @joey7barton was in the wrong today! He should not have got invovled and assaulted Gerviniho like that #justsaying," he offered. "Maybe Gerviniho should not have reacted like he did as two wrongs dont make a right but barton was unprofessional!."

Barton then responded with his view of an earlier incident in which Alex Song, already on a yellow card, was seen to stamp on him in an off-the-ball incident: "@JackWilshere Nah, what about Song? Did u miss that?"

Wilshere in turn said: "@joey7barton that is a form of assault my friend it should not happen on a football pitch!"

"@JackWilshere hardly assault??," concluded Barton before he then headed to watch BBC's Match of the Day. "Right off now to watch MOTD, its what sat nights are all about. Peace out people, lifes to short to get angry at football," though this was followed by another blast, this time at former boss Alan Shearer for his view of the Gervinho clash.

"Bad shirt, shoes and views from shearer again. Sort it out slaphead........" was the view from the be-mohawked tyro, who then woke up to a home invasion.

"5.26am Was awoken by a banging sound, burglar attempting to break in to neighbours house. Needless to say he was disturbed and apprehended," said Barton. "He was so subtle he attempted to put a massive log through the window in broad daylight. Police have him now 4th break in of the night #scum."

"What with the burglar and Arsenal game, its been an incident packed 24hrs," concluded Barton, still available on a free transfer to interested suitors, of which there have been few.


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