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Your Verdict: Keegan's return to Newcastle

Keegan's return to Newcastle

Finally the saga surrounding who will replace Sam Allardyce at Newcastle United has come to a close. And the man to take over at St James's Park has been there before.

Kevin Keegan may have been out of football for a few years, but he won't have forgotten how to attack, and that's exactly what the Geordie fans are hoping for.

But is it a good choice? Would it have been better to get the likes of Gerard Houllier or Didier Deschamps? Is Alan Shearer now on his way to become Keegan's number two? And would this even have happened if Harry Redknapp had said yes? Let us know what you think.

Your Verdict

I think excluding Alan Shearer this is the worst appointment possible. Whilst remembering the quality of the football played by his team, let us also not forget Newcastle didn't win anything when he was coach and he walked out on us, saying he would never coach again. How can any one take this appointment seriously?

They truly had the chance to try and build something special with an elite European manager either now or in the summer, like Chelsea, like Arsenal but no, yet again another opportunity goes begging.

I think it's a good thing Houllier turned down the job, I have always felt he was the most overrated manager I ever seen (and I'm French), he was terrible with the French national team, at Liverpool he had a super squad and won trophies but it was clear the players didn't play for him but for the club. At Lyon he stepped into a readymade set up and just went through the motions with a much superior team.

Alan Shearer will probably, one day, be the manager, but I would like him to go abroad and be an assistant manager somewhere like in Italy or Spain to get some further experience and then come back to Newcastle. Because let's be honest, I don't think he will never play second fiddle to someone at Newcastle, we can remember how he did all he could to get Ruud Gullit fired.

Alan Shearer is not stupid, he knows the current crop of defenders and attackers are hopeless, that's why he ruled himself out of the running.

Allardyce was the right choice to lead Newcastle and if managers these days are given barely half a season to succeed then the game surely is in a sad state. Why do Newcastle fans delude themselves that they're a 'big' club and have some sort of right to success. They are the worst type of fans. when the team is playing poor they're the first to criticise. This is of course their right as paying customers, but i've never known such fickleness in the football world.

If Newcastle wants to be successful it will have to stop letting the fans and local sports writers run the team. Newcastle does not have a tradition of "attacking" football; they have a tradition of being second raters. It is really a small club with a small-minded mentality despite its unjustifiable pretensions otherwise. Football success begins with toughness in defence.

Well I'm not sure you can turn the clock back but I hope like anything I'm wrong. I wonder if it might not have been better to appoint Shearer with Keagan as his number two as it was with Arthur Cox. I think I would have liked to see this combination of new guy with an experienced number two being the combination of shearer/ houlier.

Finally someone who knows what Newcastle is about. Now bring in Shearer as his assistant.

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