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Your Verdict: Mourinho's departure

Mourinho's departure

So for the time being, the Premier League has been stripped of one of their most colourful and controversial figures, after Chelsea decided to get rid of manager Jose Mourinho from the Stamford Bridge hot-seat.

Was it down to billionaire owner Roman Abramovich? Will Chelsea suffer? And is this the start of something for the Blues, is Abramovich the next leave?

Also, who would you like to see take over at the club? And where do you think 'the Special One' will end up?

• Your Verdict

I think this is the first step in the direction of Jose eventually becoming coach of Portugal for the World Cup 2010. Jose will take some time off and after Scolari leads the team through 2008 Euro Cup, Scolari will step down and Mourinho will take over.
Chris F.

What a terrible day for the state of football! As much as I hate Mourinho, it is a shame to see him go. And the fashion in which it has been done makes it even worse. I mean, the man brought Chelsea two league titles (their first league title in 50 years), an FA cup trophy, and a Carling Cup trophy.

Then to be sacked this early into the season is outragous. Where would United be if they had not given Sir Alex time. I guess Abramovich's only loyalties lie in his pocket book. Maybe he should just buck up and do the managing himself. What fool would want to coach there now. Shame on you Abramovich, you coward.

Chelsea will rue this decision. Jose brought success to a turbulant club and I always believe that a coach should have the power to do as he likes until the season's end and then be judged. Roman should not have been involved and if he thinks he can do better then why does he not coach the side himself.
Coach G.

During Chelsea's champions league tie with Rosenborg on Tuesday less than 25,000 fans were in the stadium. Was this a protest from the die hard Chelsea fans? Is it a concern by the Chelsea board as they are beginning to lose out on revenue?

Shocking is it, but expected to come. Well, we needed a much more enterprising and goal scoring football. I think Guus Hiddink will fit.

We should have all seen Mourinho's departure from Stamford Bridge coming. With the rocky relationship he has had to endure with his billionaire boss over the past couple of months, his resignation was bound to happen sooner or later.

It saddens me to see this happen because Mourinho is such a good coach with a very strong winning mentality and it is there for all to see how he has "infected" the players with this winning attitude. I guess it is his incredibly strong desire to win all the time that makes people interpret his attitude as arrogance. I can tell you that he will be surely missed and finding a coach to replace him will be difficult.
Tayo Ajayi.

Why would you let him go when there is an important league game to be played on the weekend? It baffles me.

I would like to say that this is the most pathetic group of executives I have ever seen run a club in my life thus far. Jose Mourinho is a key asset to the team of Chelsea and to have him go at this time of the season is practically suicidal for the club. How are the teammates to gain confidence that this season can now be a success? So many players are going to be really upset: Lampard, Terry, Drogba and Malouda who came to Chelsea because of Mourinho himself.

I think that Jose has an undoubted managerial talent, his record is proof enough! Yes he may make some remarks that rub people the wrong way, but then who doesn't. Wherever Jose goes next success is sure to be not to far behind!

As a supporter this is a ridiculous decision - Abramovich does not understand football.
Roberto Versace.

I have no idea as to what exactly the rift was between Jose and Roman. It seemed as though Jose was doing a fine job with the Club. But, I have never liked Mourinho before or after he joined Chelsea and always thought he was bad news for the league. I am glad to see him gone and hope never to see him again. I am sure some top club will pick him up sooner or Later. In ways he reminds me of Joe Paterno. A constant cry baby who continually whines until he gets his way. So good riddance Jose. I am sure you will be missed but not by a whole lot of people.
William Krober

I'm shattered. As a long time Chelsea fan I'm devastated that club politics have cost us our manager! I'm not a one eyed supporter of the Special one, exalting him to a place beyond reproach. I am however a realist. Roman, beautiful football and great results are the overflow of stability and not even the richest man cant have them both ALL the time. Certainly results and style are not mutually exclusive but throwing a tantrum is hardly the foundation for enduring success!

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