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Psycho gets the axe

Before I move on to Pearce, his departure and the future I'd just like to thank of all you who wrote concerning my recent column. I had United fans outraged that I called Ronaldo a cheat; I had City fans really annoyed that I had the temerity to congratulate the Rags on winning the title and lots of comments in between about whether the Barton and Dabo confrontation should have been dealt with internally or not.

But by far the best was from a guy in New York who while ranting and raving at me basically said that every team has forwards that cheat and the only reason City don't is that they can't get the ball in the box! Classic! And alas more than a grain of truth which is why City are now looking for yet another a manager.

I suppose what I don't understand about the Pearce firing is if you are going to fire him now then why hire him in the first place? More than anything City need stability in the manager's role. If you hire an untested first time manager then that manager is going to make mistakes, probably a lot of them. Even Pearce's biggest supporters I'm sure will admit that he has made numerous mistakes, his tactical decisions, the dressing room atmosphere, even the limited forays into the transfer market. But some of this was entirely predictable.

As a board surely this is built into the hiring decision in the first place? City does not have a top ten squad. Sometimes, with Wigan previously and Reading this year, it is possible to overcome that but it's very noticeable that, with the greatest respect to the players involved, that the three worst overall squads in the Premiership at Watford, Charlton and Sheffield United all went down this year.

In general a manager needs time and money to be successful and Pearce received neither. Whether Psycho would have been more successful with an appropriate transfer budget is certainly debatable, but without one he was as so aptly put in the Soccernet coverage 'a dead man walking.'

I think a lot of people will point to the Samaras transfer as a failure. There's been little return on the £6million that was invested but I remain one of the, admittedly dwindling, few who still see that unpolished gem. Put the Greek in Liverpool or Tottenham with the crosses of Pennant or Lennon and I'd be really interested to see what happens.

So moving on. And you know it's possible that the absolute best man for the job is about to become available. Look at the facts. City are a sleeping giant; an organization that in the past was used to winning, to being in charge, to having the rest look up to them as they won. It's been years since it has seen any kind of success. Currently run by those who seem unable to take City in a new direction that is required, to understand that the world has changed.

We've seen this all before in 1994 and now on June 27th the man that can finally change City's fortunes is a free agent. Ladies and gentleman I give you the next manager of Manchester City... Mr Tony Blair.

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