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Offers already rolling in for unemployed Eriksson

Outgoing England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson has turned down the chance to manage a Champions League club.

The Swede's agent, Athole Still, has revealed that he has already rejected an offer from an unnamed continental club, and has also passed on the opportunity to take over the Jamaica national team.

Still told BBC Radio 5 Live's Sportsweek show: 'It would be unfair of me to name which club, but we have already turned down an extremely good offer from a Champions League club.

'It was not in this country. I'm afraid I cannot say (which club) because it would be embarrassing to the club concerned.'

On the subject of the approach from Jamaica, he added: 'It appeared in the Press before there was any contact to myself, but then there was contact to myself.

'I just have to say this: I had a very pleasant conversation with an agency, a company representing Jamaica, and I can tell you that in the course of that conversation, the person concerned told me that Jamaica, the government there, had made a substantial amount of money available.

'He actually told me what their hit-list was, and you would be very surprised at the level of people that they are going for.'

Eriksson's reign effectively came to an end with England's World Cup quarter-final defeat by Portugal last weekend, and while Still defended the Swede amid a torrent of criticism, he admitted he was as disappointed as anyone.

He said: 'Of course he (Eriksson) failed, he knows he failed. He went to the World Cup believing genuinely, as did most of the team, that they could win, and they had every reason to believe that they could win.'

Speculation is mounting over Eriksson's future plans - he was linked with the Real Madrid job which went to Fabio Capello last week - and while Still has admitted he does not know where the future lies, the Swede is open to offers.

Asked if Eriksson would only consider one of the top Premiership clubs, Still replied: 'I haven't actually asked him that.

'He will go to any club, or indeed national team, where he feels there is real ambition and the real possibility of doing something.

'He will work with any team where he feels there is real ambition.

'Naturally nowadays, you need a certain amount of money if you are going to compete at the top level, so he would only go to a club which had a reasonable basis of players already there and a reasonable amount of money to strengthen the squad so that he feels he could challenge for titles, because that's what he's really interested in.'

Eriksson's time in charge of England repeatedly plunged him into controversy as links with Manchester United and Chelsea and his infamous meeting with the `Fake Sheikh' spawned a succession of tabloid headlines.

However, Still insisted there had been no underhand dealing.

He said: 'Everybody knows that I exclusively represent Sven in all his football dealings.

'I - and this is the absolute truth - at no time exchanged a single word with anybody at Manchester United or anyone purporting to represent Manchester United during that particular scenario, and exactly the same thing during the scenario when he was photographed going into (Chelsea owner Roman) Abramovich's apartment.'

And on the `Fake Sheikh', he added: 'All that I will say, absolute fact, is this. We had an invitation for Sven to perhaps take over as a consultant to a sports academy in Dubai.

'Immediately that came in, I asked him and he said: `We could have a look at it'. I wrote to Trevor Brooking to explain this and got a reply saying `No problem, he can go. Of course, if it were to impact on his position as England coach, then we would need to know'.

'We checked it out, my lawyer went to see the people twice. I cannot say any more than that.'