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Borgetti relieved after penalty woes

HANOVER, June 20 (Reuters) - Mexico striker Jared Borgetti's match-winning goal against world champions Brazil was an extra special one after he failed to score in the first half with a penalty that had to be taken three times.

'It was special for me, a very special goal and I celebrated it with more enthusiasm than I might have done otherwise,' said the 31-year-old whose 59th minute header earned Mexico a 1-0 win and a semi-final berth in the Confederations Cup.

Borgetti felt very disappointed earlier in the match after a rare drama with a spot kick that had to be taken three times.

The incident began when he was fouled by Roque Junior after 30 minutes and Italian referee Roberto Rosetti gave a penalty.

Borgetti slammed home from the spot but Rosetti ruled that Francisco Fonseca had encroached into the penalty box and ruled the kick had to be retaken.

Borgetti slammed that penalty against the bar but was reprieved when the Italian referee ruled that Brazilian goalkeeper Dida had moved off his line.

So for the third time Borgetti strode up to the spot, and this time Dida saved.


'I think it was incredible the referee disallowed the first penalty to be honest just because one team mate had put a foot in the box as I was about to kick it,' he said.

'After I had to retake it I was confident of scoring but then I looked at Dida again and thought: 'At two metres tall he is an excellent stopper.

'So I started to question myself. I thought to myself: 'Is Dida thinking I'm going to go to the left again, or is he thinking I am going to go to the other side?'

'I went to the same side then went through the same thing on the third penalty. I really doubted myself.'

What Borgetti did not notice was his coach Ricardo La Volpe frantically signalling for someone else to take the third penalty.

'I didn't know that,' he said, 'but in the end the result came out the right way.'