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Five Aside

Your Verdict: UEFA Cup complaint

Olympique Marseille president Christophe Bouchet will write to UEFA about Pierluigi Collina's refereeing in the UEFA Cup final.

Marseille lost 2-0 to Valencia after French international goalkeeper Fabien Barthez was sent off for bringing down Spanish striker Mista inside the box.

'Collina greeted the Spaniards one after the other before the game and even kissed (fullback Amedeo) Carboni. At the end of the game, the Spaniards all cheered him,' Bouchet said.

'Carboni went to the referees' dressing room after the match and came out without his shirt.'

'I'm going to write to UEFA to tell them about these facts,' he added.

I Agree 100 percent! I am always amazed as to how some referees are bestowed an almost infallibility and put atop some lofty pedestal. Who is this 'Collina' character, and why is he considered the pinnacle of all that is refereeing?

I think he is largely overrated, tends to showboat and as evidenced by Wednesday night's expulsion of Marseille's goalkeeper Fabien Bartez, one who simply makes hasty and imprudent decisions!

I concur with Monsieur Bouchet. Let's get the facts about why he was so 'chummy' with the Spaniards, talk with the UEFA president, but most importantly, let's find out why this so called Italian Serie A legend still can't discern a legitimate challenge for the ball (last time I checked it is in fact the goalkeeper's job to defend his goal and is in fact the UEFA Cup final) with a reckless challenge with malicious intent.

Bartez was at most culpable for a foul, an obvious yellow card offense, but not a red card. A red card in this situation was simply too harsh and an obvious overreaction. One would expect this only from less a deity than the esteemed Pierluigi Collina.

Any 'legendary' contemporary of his would have certainly known that there was more on the line than just the laws of the game.

So for now we can only question why and what if? So until the next big match is sacked by sophomoric decisions based on emotion and celebrity refereeing, I'll put in my vote for Hugh Dallas; the finest referee on the planet!
Jeff Sisson

This complaining is just pathetic, an act of serious lack of sportsmanship from these Marseille people. Fabien's foul was a red card offence and Collina did nothing wrong but follow the rules of the game.

Last year Beckham gave his shirt to the referee handling the match between Real Madrid and Deportivo la Coruna, no one complained to anyone. It hurts to lose especially when you know that you wont be able to repeat such heroics of reaching any European final next season.
Ms Marian

OM has a short memory....just remember the UEFA Cup final between Borussia Dortmund and Feyenoord Rotterdam in 2002, when Jurgen Kohler was sent off at the beginning of the game for a foul in the penalty box. No one complains and it was a less obvious foul (still valid a penalty though) than the one from F. Barthez in this final.

Maybe instead of complaining, they should have fought back on the pitch like Dortmund did, even though they lost the final 3-2. It is just a reaction from a lack of experience of Marseille. Instead they should have congratulated Valencia for their great tactical and defending skills and their great season. Valencia completely deserved their UEFA title.
Greg Mojon

When is FIFA going to wake up, and allow a player to be substituted for a red carded player? The UEFA Cup final was ruined as a competitive game by Barthez being sent off (not that he didn't deserve it ).

As a fan whether I am in the stands or watching on television, I pay to watch 22 players entertain me, not 21. By allowing a substitute to come on, the balance of the game as a spectacle would remain.
Michael Grint

A viscious tackle with career ending potential and Barthez complains that the rules don't allow players to play their game. I don't think he has both oars in the water and deserved his punishment.

Typically, he and club officials cry the blues and are going to write to UEFA officials about the referee. What are they going to complain about?

Besides, they lost by two goals, not the one he so stupidly conceded, is he conceited enough to believe he would have saved the penalty.

I am not a big Man Utd fan but they did the smart thing when they unloaded Barthez. Keep up the good work on behalf of soccer fans all over the world.
Danny Wills

Maybe if keepers stopped behaving like idiots, referees wouldn't have to send them off.

Barthez' challenge on Mista was worthy of a red card regardless of the fact that is was 2 metres from the goal – it was a nasty 2-footed 'tackle' that could easily have badly injured the player.
Kevin Forge

Replays clearly show Barthez with his boots up taking out Mitsa - sounds and looks like the Barthez that was booted from Man United.

The France squad in front of Barthez made him look good. Time to retire.
Not A Fan Of Over Rated GK

  • Also, Villa fans urge Chairman Ellis to quit....

    Frankly put, Mr. Ellis has some nerve making remarks to the effect that David O'Leary remains under probation in the manager's seat and in his recent snide assertion that Villa fans, who greeted the season just past with justifiable revulsion and dread before it kicked off, are rather silent in their criticism these days, ho ho.

    Events would suggest that he spoke too soon, offering his remarks as he did in advance of the final weekend of play, which saw Villa edged out of a European bid that otherwise would have been richly deserved.

    No thanks are due Ellis for the fact that the side dug itself out of a rough early-season schedule - one that led them into an 18th-place hole on November 23rd - to the point of a final-day bid for UEFA Cup qualification. Indeed, as it all unfolded, another pickup or two actually might have sufficed to get them nothing short of a qualification play-in for the Champions League itself.

    We shall never know, but what is perfectly clear to this Arsenal fan is that, were it not for the Gunners' unbeaten run to the title clincher, this season's Manager of the Year honors would be due not to Mr. Wenger, but instead to O'Leary for doing much with comparatively little.

    The only credit due Ellis is for hiring the man in the first place, and Villa fans are eminently justified in demanding his immediate ouster.

    I'm fed up with seeing the so called VFC and the AVSA spouting off continually with complete clap/trap. Why don't they just support the club like the vast majority of us?

    I've been a shareholder since 1968 and a season/ticket holder for many years, during that time no one has ever asked my opinion on behalf of shareholders or season/ticket holders so who gave these so called VILLA supporters the right to think that their opinion is the correct one.
    Don Taylor

    A common misconception made by most Villa fans is that we do not invest in the team when we clearly have.

    Ellis's mistake has been to consistently appoint the wrong manager (until now) and then give them money to waste on players we did not need, buying forwards when we had ten sitting around springs to mind, which had the effect that no one was going to give us a fee for players it was obvious we were tring to get rid of.

    All this talk about we have got no money to spend is just a way of keeping transfer fees down anyway. O'Leary has done fantastic, but I wonder what we could have achieved if Villa had had a manager of his calibre 7yrs ago.

    Lets just hope Ellis goes mad and gives O'Leary bucket loads money over the next few seasons.
    Sven Bain

    I am a long standing Villa fan who feels that we are being more than a tad harsh on our chairman. Whilst I agree that the more money we have to splash out this summer would be great especially as we now have a manager who would spent it a lot better than the previous few managers, we must not loose sight of the way money affects all clubs.

    The fact is just like the board at Highbury Doug has only spent what the club can really afford, which means we will never end up like Leeds etc...

    Doug has in the past invested heavily in the club, unfortunalty the men at the helm have brought in a lot of players not good enough for Villa, ie: Draper, Stone, Allback, Balaban, Alpay, Hakan and Mustafa to name a few, and how much did we spend on that lot?

    Of course I want us to be a great side with fantastic players but the safety of the clubs existence most be at the forefront of Villa hearts, we now have a brilliant manager and we will get there in my opinion.
    Errol Runtinz Wright

  • Also, Alan Smith to Manchester United....

    Why would ferguson want to spend £7 million pounds of the club's money on a player who has struggled in the league to get into double figures for the last 5 years? Maybe he wants his very own Heskey? More importantly why hasn't the press said anything about his lack of quality or goals?

    I remember during the Saha transfer debacle a lot of stories were put up on how he wasnt a 'Man Utd player' although he was one of the top scorers in the league at the time. I don't want Smith at Man Utd and the way this story is unfolding you would think he was a world class player. He isnt, he is very average.

    This money would be better invested in trying to find a possible replacement for Roy Keane. Maybe Matt Holland or if Houllier gets the sack we should use that money to try and get Steven Gerrard, I'm sure he would be tempted by a move to United.

    That would be a more effective use of our resources, right now when Keane is absent the team struggles, Butts not the answer neither is Djemba Djemba. Ferguson should stop bringing substandard quality like this Smith guy and go out and buy a quality central midfielder.

    Someone please tell Sir Alex to be serious with buying players. Teams are buying star players like Morenties and all we can fight for are players of relagated teams, what a shemmmmmmm!

    Judas. All the tears and 'I tried my hardest for the club' mean absolutely nothing if he goes to Man Utd. If he was a real Leeds supporter then he would go anywhere but there.

    I am devastated that he has proved himself like all other footballers when the Leeds fans held him to different standards from the rest of the team this season. We absolved him of any blame and this is how he repays us.
    Matthew Smith

    Who is running the transfers at Old Trafford these days? They can pay a fortune for players like Djemba Djemba and Kleberson, who are unproved in the Premier League and have turned out to be crap, but are not willing to pay a fair price for Alan Smith.
    Mike Sheen

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