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Your verdict: Roy's return

Roy Keane's dramatic return to international soccer may have had former players and coaches celebrating but the Republic of Ireland fans were less convinced by the 'prodigal son'.

Keane made himself available again for Ireland, two years after he stormed out of former coach Mick McCarthy's squad on the eve of the 2002 World Cup.

As a loyal Irish supporter and Irishman I am very angry and disgusted that Kerr has even stooped so low as to allow Roy Keane the opportunity to play again for Ireland. Roy Keane turned his back on his team, colleagues and country when he got embroiled in a personal battle with McCarthy and he should stand by his decision to retire from International football.

At the time he was prepared to ditch his country and fans to concentrate on his "day job" and now that he is getting older and more likely to lose his place on MU he is trying to wriggle his way back onto the Irish team.

Goodbye Roy Keane, your country does not need you, it did once but you have turned your back on your nation and I will never attend a match where you are listed in the line up ever again!
Brendan Gorey

Look out Vieira and co here comes the master. What a boost for the Republic of Ireland, the timing could not have been better. No disrespect to Matt Holland and co but Keane's return will make us a better team and one that will be harder to beat.

In 2002 I would have gladly strangled you Roy but I am a forgiving person. Welcome back and I am sure, like me, every Irishman on the planet will forgive you as well.
Brendan Mullin

I believe it is a disgrace that Roy Keane can walk straight back into the Irish team. He walked out on us. He then decided that the handful of international games that are played in a year are just to much for him. Although the 60 plus games for Man U don't seem to be a problem.

I do believe that Alex Ferguson had a lot to do with Keane not returning once Kerr took over at Ireland. But to be honest, when has Roy Keane ever listened to anybody. Roy Keane does what's best for Roy Keane. I'm sure he will be treated like royalty by the FAI. People will be afraid to sneeze near him.

And what about the other players, how is this going to affect them? They see this prima donna returning and probably picking the games he wants to play in. I can't see Roy Keane turn up for meaningless friendly games. He's far too important for that kind of thing.

And wheres the apology. Has he forgotton all those people that traveled to the World in green jerseys with his name on the back. People that saved for years to go and watch the strongest possible Irish team compete. He robbed them of that. Maybe he'll apologise to the people of Cork or Irish Man U fans. They are the ones that are blinded by everything. In their eyes he can do no wrong.

Ok I am a Liverpool fan and I am originally from Dublin but the whole thing makes me sick. Wearing the Irish jersey should be the pinnacle of any athletes professional life. Pity Keane wasn't born English so he could play with all his buddies.
Glen Byrne

The best thing that has happened for Irish football in a long time. Who knows who is next? Maybe Shearer for England.
James Royle

So Roy Keane has agreed to play for Ireland again? Well, whoopee. Frankly, after his incredible outburst in front of the whole Irish team at the 2002 World Cup when he rubbished their manager Mick McCarthy, I hoped that the Irish F.A. would never again even consider selecting the foul-mouthed, arrogant, petulant *&%$#@!

But I was forgetting that these days it's only winning that counts, not principles, decency, self-discipline or any of those other silly, out-of-date values. Keane after all, for all of his failings as a human being and sportsman, is a brilliant football player, isn't he? So what the heck.

McCarthy isn't Ireland's manager any more is he, and what's a temper tantrum or two among friends! Let bygones be bygones, eh? So what if family-man Keane has proven to be a lousy model for other people's kids all over the world - Ireland might just win something with him back in the side, bhoyo! Nudge, nudge; wink, wink; say no more, say no more ...
Harry Seddon

  • Also, Barcelona eye Van Nistelrooy....

    United will be looking to strengthen this summer not sell their best players. Beckham went to Real Madrid, but that was to do with his bust up with Sir Alex and his off pitch commitments, not because United received an offer that was too good to refuse - quite the opposite in fact.

    Ruud and Saha will form a top partnership next season. Ronaldo is starting to find his feet in the Premiership and is beginning to look awesome, next season he will be running defenders ragged. Ferdinand will return from suspension to bolster the back four and one or two new signings will invariably arrive in the summer.

    With United already an established team, on the up and improving; why would Van Nistelrooy join a fallen side that is rebuilding?
    Ernie Scales

    As probably the only long time United fan with a low regard for Ruud Van Nistelrooy, I say, "Sell". I'd also add, "Do you want a stupid, pencil stick defender as well? We'll take Ronaldinho as part payment and cash of £35m for the two.

    United need a rock solid defender, which has been lacking since the treble. It is an impregnable defence that allows the strikers the luxury of wasting chance after chance before finally scoring with a pathetic conversion rate of 10%. United have more able, all-round strikers in Saha, Ronaldo & Bellion for the future. United have always won comfortably without Ruud.
    De Grik

    Van Nistelrooy would be mad to join Barcelona after the season that Manchester United have had. We all know that when United are 'beaten' one season they come back stronger than ever the following year, with their 'hunger' for success.

    By this rationale Van Nistelrooy would be mad to miss out on more silverware with United as he joins a one time great club, that is more than one striker away from a return to the heady heights of old.
    Darren Collins

    There is no way that United will want to sell their best striker to Barcelona, who nicked Ronaldinho from under their noses last term, when they need to bounce back and wrestle the Premiership title away from Arsenal.

    But I understand that Van Nistelrooy has a &euro40million release clause in his contract, so if Barca matched that amount United would not be able to stop the striker from talking to the Catalan club. However, that said, Van Nistelrooy is unlikely to take step down.

    I think it is all just paper is that time of year.
    Ben Wolf

    These rumours are as ridiculous as some we had last year. Beckham to Real and Veron to Chelski. Hang on a minute...

  • Also, Man City ripe for Russian revolution?....

    Bring it on I say. Football these days is such high profile clubs need people who can put money into clubs. If these Russian Billionaires wish to put their money into English clubs so be it. If they want to put money into my club City I am all for it.

    The proof is in Chelski. Look where they are this season, semi final of Champions League, chasing to win the league. Most clubs would love to be in that position. If Abramovich's money helps them succeed then it's good for all involved.

    Waiting with baited breath for the next instalment on this story.
    Michael O'Connell

    It's not money we need, the board have always made money available for new player, it is a manager with more tactical nous that can get the team to play consistently.

    I hope that Red Rom sacks Claudio Ranieri at Chelsea so that City can get him in the summer. Ranieri would certainly bring some steel to our leaky defence...that is if we are still in the Premiership, of course.
    Daniel Cambridge

    I hope that Vladimir Potanin takes over at City because I really want to see what quirky puns the tabloids will come up with, when Abramovich took control at Chelsea they really out did themselves.

    On a serious note, his cash would do much to eradicate the mounting debts at City and would give the club the impetuous to move forward with some top name signings. The Russians cash might also persuade Anelka to stay.

    I say get your cheque book out Vlad, and happy spending.
    Barry Reed

  • Also, Real rumblings....

    I have to admit that Real have yet to hit the heights they are capable of this season. With the exception of a couple of 5-1 and 6-2 thrashings in the Spanish league, they have not blown anyone out like I expected them to do at the beginning of the season!

    I thought they would have had such a massive lead in the Spanish league (where not one club is even close to Real in talent - only England has clubs that can compete with Real's talent - which proves that the Premier League is the top league in the world) that they would have already won the league by now, yet they only have a one point lead and lost the King's Cup and European Cup. Disgraceful!

    I fear that poor Carlos Queiroz, while not at fault, is doomed to share the same fate as his predecessor. I do not feel that the coach is at fault, rather the galaticos, who are the best players in the world, should be blamed. Particularly new club captain Raul. He is one of my favourite players in the world, but I have to admit that he has not done it this year.
    Adam Rollefson

    Do you remember the wonderful goal that Zinedine Zidane scored against Bayer Laverkusen in the 2002 Champions' League final? That was the winning goal in Real Madrid's 2-1 win and claimed their ninth European Cup. Ever since then, it has been nothing but downfall for the legendary team.

    Sure they won the Spanish Primera Liga last year, but they could not even reach the Champions' League final last season or the semi-final this year. On top of this, they lost the Spanish Cup and are currently are blowing the Primera Liga. Money and a bunch superstars with million dollar legs are not guaranteeing success.
    Andrew Ungar

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