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Europa League round of 16 draw

Europa League

Your verdict: Eriksson signs

Following the uproar caused by Sven-Göran Eriksson's clandestine meeting with Chelsea chief executive Peter Kenyon the Swede has signed a contract extension with the FA.

The England manager had denied persistent rumours that he was about to take over from Claudio Ranieri at Stamford Bridge, but after his meeting with Kenyon, and stalling on new England deal, the press decided it was time for Eriksson to sign or quit.

The Swede opted to sign and is contracted to England until 2008.

I don't see what the problem is regarding Sven Goran Eriksson talking to Chelsea about becoming their manager. He has had nothing but bad press and a lack of support from the FA recently and I am surprised he has stayed on this long.

If England do badly at Euro 2004 he will be sacked in the summer anyway. What is wrong with him keeping his options open with Chelsea?

He may have signed a new deal until 2008 but I don't expect him to be with England until then.
Ben Footfall

As it has been proven many times before, a contract in football is not worth the paper that it is printed on, watch Eriksson sign for Chelsea in the very near future.
James C Howells, USA

Well done Sven! Hopefully now he can concentrate on bringing some silverware to the extremely sparse FA trophy cabinet with a crack at two European Championships and a World Cup.

All that 'sign or get out' witch-hunt was complete nonsense. Eriksson is England's most successful manager in terms of results. He has only lost one competitive match and that was against Brazil, who went on to win the World Cup.

Get off his back and let him get on with the job he is handsomely paid to do.
Jeff Swift

The conclusion of Sven's saga with Chelsea will only aggravate the position of Claudio Ranieri. Meanwhile Sven's future is safe and decided, leaving him now to concentrate on managing England.

Claudio's future now lies on how Peter Kenyon going to react from now on. His personal pride may force him to make drastic action. I don't reckon Ranieri job is safe unless Roman Abramovich comes out to make an official statement to clarify the situation and make a declaration what his decision is and that he will not affect the working relationship thereafter between Peter and Claudio for the sake and best interests of Chelsea.

Claudio has reached the very crucial situation that he has to prove himself to his boss and most important of all to the fans. Whether it is this season or next. The outcome is yet to be seen. Probably the most crucial season will be 2004-2005 when the title and trophies should be flowing in.
Alfred Ho, Brunei

Sven should be sacked by England's F.A once Chelsea appoint a new high profile manager on a long term contract, after they sack Claudio Ranieri.

The treatment of Ranieri is nothing short of disgraceful by Abramovich and Kenyon who seems to forget how important it is to be supportive of your manager since leaving Old Trafford.

As for Sven, for the F.A to appoint the first ever foreign manager under so much criticism and controversy when they had a good choice of English coach, I feel he should show some respect to the position he is holding and appreciate that some people put their jobs on the line for taking such a risk.
Naz Hussain

  • Also, Manchester United draw 1-1 at Highbury ....

    I think Arsenal had Manchester United until Wenger decided to all the strikers of and replace them with defence players to cling on to a 1-0 lead.

    We were creating great chances and could have finished the game and it was only when Wenger made the changes the United really got into the game.

    Very negative from Wenger, especially at home, but apart from missing the chance to get one over on United it doesn't really matter in terms of the league.
    Dean Roberts

    Bah! Since when does a United team consider a draw with the Gooners an achievement? Especially a boorish, thuggish Arsenal team that enjoyed favourable refereeing all season long. All the offside goals allowed, all the penalties against them denied and the FA acting as a branch office of Arsenal.
    Conspiracy Theorist

    Arsene Wenger annoyed me on Sunday replacing Pires, Reyes and Freddy. Man U are so vulnerable to attack that their strikers often drop deep to help out, which is why they hardly had a look at goal until the 70th minute when the whole structure of the game changed.

    Wenger has actually put more pressure on his players now by giving Chelsea a sniff at the title. Attack for Arsenal is always the best defence, why take your foot off the throat?
    Annoyed Gooner

    Thank goodness United didn't get beat at Highbury but with a more positive team selection it could have been three points.

    After Fergie had made his changes - bringing off Djembe-Djemba and Fletcher for Saha and Solksjaer - United had their best team on the pitch and not surprisingly enjoyed their best spell of the game, and scored.

    If Fergie had gone for it from the off United may have had three point and broken the Gunners unbeaten record. A draw means nothing. Hopefully United will be more attack minded in the FA Cup semi-final.
    John Green

    What would the headlines be today if Tim Howard were in goal, 'Howard beaten from 30 yards', or 'Howard should apologies to the team' or my favorite, 'Howard needs to take some responsability'.

    Not to sensative am I, but it would appear the press has turned against ManU and Howard in particular.
    Raymond Martini

    The biggets suprise to me at Highbury was the low life gooner with the framed pic of Keown goading Van Nistlerooy's penalty miss. Surely with the talents of Henry and Pires on display and with Arsenal playing so well this season, Gooners would have other things to make banners etc about. Sadly, I think that this was the season highlight so far for a lot of Arsenal fans.

  • Also, Desailly hits out at 'diver' Vieira ....

    Desailly should know better, the first thing they learn at Highbury is the 'backward flip half pike ohMyGawdMy_Careers_come_to_an_end' diving performance.

    Apparently Pires won the gold at the last interclub sports day, Vieira the silver and Edu the bronze. But hey that's coming from a totally impartial Chelsea supporter!
    Peter, Australia

    I think Desailly has really lost it. He had such a good game against Arsenal and then foolishly fouled the keeper with that ridiculous handball. His excuses are really childish. By getting himself sent off he ruined Chelsea's chances of winning the match.
    Adam Walczak

    With all due respect to Patrick, I think he made a meal out of the challenge by Desailly. We don't expect that from combative midfielders. Perhaps he should join Porto or alternatively enlist for the current diving trials for the Athens Olympics.
    Evans, Melbourne

    I see from some of the inane comments here that the childishly disgruntled ManU and Chelsea fans really can't deal with Arsenal's well-deserved success this season. The fact is that Arsenal are still unbeaten in the league after 30 games, and they are BY FAR the best club team in England right now, and probably among the top 3 in the world (AC Milan and Real being the other two).

    No amount of excuses for 'poor refereeing', 'diving' or 'unsportsman's behavior' can convince anyone in their right impartial mind that ManU or Chelsea are anywhere close to the level at which Arsenal have been playing this season (and some might argue the past three seasons as well). Grow up, you sour grapes, and give some credit where credit is due.
    Ivan Ivanov

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