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Bremen to sign U.S. attacker Josh Sargent


Transfer Rater: Oblak to Juventus

By ESPN Staff

Your verdict: Man Utd in the dock

The FA are set to investigate Manchester United players' celebrations following their last-minute winner at Goodison Park after Everton fans lodged formal complaints about the behaviour of some of the Reds' stars.

United threw away a 3-0 lead but salvaged a win when Ruud Van Nistelrooy headed a winner to make it 4-3. The police are happy for the FA to deal with the incident if Everton wish to formally lodge a complaint.

But United defender Gary Neville believes that the protestations are an over reaction.

'We scored a goal in the last minute to win 4-3 so what do they want us to do - just walk back and say 'good goal boys',' he said. 'Of course we are going to celebrate. It's as simple as that.'

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  • Everton fans can be assured that they are opening a pandora's box if anything comes of their whining. Obvious displays of passion will not be tolerated. Losing fans country wide will be waiting after matches for a chance to get their own back by filing statements.

    Goodison, on Saturday, was a scene of an amazing match and the nature of the match meant that at the end of the 90 minutes one set of fans was going to feel hard done by. To take this disappointment and turn it into this fiasco not only shows poor sportsmanship but also indicates that the game of football is not one for whingers.

    If anything does come of it, I hope that the travelling United fans are waiting to file their complaints over Rooney and Gravesen as now their would obviously be an avenue in the search for justice! What the United players did was no worse than what Everton players were doing when fighting back from 0-3.

    It's a man's game, either live with it or leave it.
    Steve Howes

    I'm an Everton fan and quite simply, I don't see what the fuss is about. So Man Utd players celebrated scoring a winner - so would we had the boot been on the other foot (so-to-speak). What will be next - you can't celebrate scoring a goal unless you're in front of your own supporters?

    OK, if they started making gestures to the crowd in front of the family section then they will incur the wrath of the FA and cannot be seen to be tolerated, but seriously - football is a man's game, played with passion and total commitment - this being the case what's the big deal?

    Had Rooney have popped up with a winner - I'm sure our boys would have had their fair share of raucous celebrations. Nuff said.

    TV pictures did not show the main protagonist. Gary Neville took it upon himself to run accros the pitch to the Bullens Rd stand and goad the fans in a ridiculously confrontational way. He was gesturing to the fans to have ago at him and screaming at them with hate contorted all over his face.

    I am sure others will argue that he will have been recieving abuse all match. He wasn't. The majority of abuse thrown at players during the game was directed at Rooney from the Man Utd fans in the second half, the only Man Utd player to recieve any treatment was Ronaldo, for a blatant dive.

    The facty of the matter is Neville acted in the way the Arsenal players did towards Van Nistelroy. They didn't like that did they? I don't know about other players as I was watching the Neville performance. Making gestures to a crowd encouraging them to come and have a go could result in a serious incedent and should not be treated lightly.

    Do the Everton fans have nothing better to do than complain about the United players showing their excitement after scoring the winning goal? Really, how do they expect the United players to act after scoring a goal that may have essentially saved their title hopes after the three points seemed to be in the bag. Of course they were going to be excited.

    Reports of many fans staying after the game, needing to talk to the police about some swearing that went on is utterly ridiculous. Perhaps the Everton fans should be more concerned about the faltering performances of their team on the pitch rather than trying to lay some blame on their victorious opponents.
    Dennis Watkins

    I think it's the Everton fans who are a disgrace. Fans in general are quite happy to hurl abuse at players and make offensive gestures but then react with mock outrage when anything is directed to them by players. It is total hypocracy.
    Mark Bates

    As an Everton fan who sat in the Gladwys Street in Goodison on Saturday I would just like to make a point or two.

    I believe that emotions were running high, as they often are at a ground as passionate as ours and there are two sides to this story. Man United and Everton have actually had better relations in recent years than you would expect, over 10,000 of us stayed for the presentation of the league trophy on the last day of last season at Goodison, applauding players like Beckham and Van Noodlesoup.

    Now on Saturday it became increasingly obvious that there is more hatred towards scousers from United fans than is the other way around and I think our respect was pushed to the limit. It is not right for fans to abuse players on the pitch and I see that point of view that you 'give as much as you get' but this is not a case of being bitter that they had scored the winner.

    The wrong player to believe in this situation is Gary Neville, he has openly indicated his dislike for scousers (he also scored at Old Trafford against Liverpool and ran the full length of the pitch to taunt the away fans) and when United scored the 89th minute winner on Saturday he was nowhere to be scene on the clip of the United players celebrating - that is because he was running along side the Paddock of Everton supporters making the reported gestures 50 yards from any celebrating.

    We are no angels I will admit but it is simply not appropriate for professional players to charge towards fans of the opposition with the main purpose of inciting the crowd, this was done by more than one United player on Saturday. The only Everton player who did a similar thing was Rooney when we got the equaliser - he had suffered the continuous and hilarious chant of 'you fat *b@$%£d'.
    Rick, Merseyside

    This whole row about Manchester Utd. Players supposedly swearing and using foul language to the Everton fans strikes of sour grapes. Would there be such loud protesting and complaining had the Toffees won the game? Unlikely. Plus, those same fans want to ignore their own bottle throwing incident at Cristiano Ronaldo. It certainly seems that this incident in conjunction with the Duncan Ferguson accusations by Luis Boa Morte makes the Everton team and supporters appear to be an episode of 'Men Behaving Badly.'
    Tony Lehman

    The alleged taunting of home supporters by the usual suspects (plus a new boy) after Ruud's match winner is a shining example of the boorishness of the manager reflected in the behaviour of the players. I suspect nothing will come of it, players do tend to get emotional, especially in a case like this when they have snatched victory after blowing a three goal lead.

    If anything, the FA will ban Everton fans from that end of the pitch for a few matches for making players on the flagship team look bad!
    El Bondo

    Looks as if Old Trafford isn't the only ground full of Prawn Sandwich eaters. Perhaps if enough people complain they'll get the FA to Ban celebrating and take points off teams that beat them.

    I am surprised that no-one has mentioned the reaction of the Everton players to us United fans when they scored their third goal. If any action is taken against United over this, then rest assured, the FA will be passed information against Everton.

    This is what comes out of being a sore loser! Can't Everton be content that they at least had United worried in the second half? I always thought that such behaviour was more characteristic with South America.
    Manuel, Malta

    It is a highly charged match where the home team managed to equalise after being three goals down and were expecting a win, but United managed to score the crucial goal which is very difficult for the Everton fans to accept. They complain from all over the ground hoping that a mass complaint can get the authorities to change the score or fine Man United, but if the video footage does not show proof than it's just ungentlemanly.
    M Anwari

    Surely not the saintly Manchester United? I thought only the Arsenal nasty boys ever did anything like this. Alex must be picking it up from the bad influence of Arsene. Go Gunners!
    D. Leckie

  • Also, Mohammed Kallon and Manuele Blasi have their drugs bans reduced....

    I await with interest Sepp Blatter's comments about the reduction of the bans on Kallon and Blasi. After all, he couldn't stop opening his mouth about what he was going to do to a) the FA, b) Manchester United and c) Rio Ferdinand if an example was not made of the latter (by banning him for two years) for failing to take a mandatory test.

    Strange, isn't it, that he has not said anything about players who were actually found guilty of taking drugs!! Or is he afraid of offending the Italian FA?

    Although I have been a United fan for over 50 years, I have no sympathy for Rio Ferdinand over the way he acted. But, as you may gather from the above, I have even less sympathy for a hypocrite like Blatter.
    David Thompson

    Does this mean that Rio's appeal will get a reduction in the length of the ban? Is Sepp Blatter all over the Italian FA because they reduced the ban? Dick Pound is also very quiet – and these players did take drugs, not just miss a test. And another thing, why did Gaddaffi only get a three month ban?

    What the sport needs is a consistent policy on drugs.
    John Denning

    Are the English FA watching this? Is Sepp Blatter pushing for a more serious punishment for these two guys? Not heard a peep from him!

    Rio should take note of this and use it in his appeal.These guys all tested positive and were given reduced sentences after appeal. What a joke the Italians are making of the doping laws.

    It's supposed to be the same rule for all FIFA playing nations or at least for players playing in FIFA enlisted countries - which means just about every professional player on the planet.

    Good Luck Rio, given this apparent snub to the doping agencies around the world, you should at least expect a reduction in your appeal hearing.

  • Also, Ugandan tycoon Michael Ezra has made a £60million bid for Leeds....

    You can't believe the excitement the Ezra-Leeds issue has caused in Kampala Uganda.That guy (Ezra) has been supporting, especially athletics in this country for a while now.

    Hearing that he is staking a bid for Leeds is one of the best sports news I have heard in my life.
    Sam Bakky, Uganda

    Ezra's bid of £60million isn't good enough because he wants the old board of directors to be replaced by his pals. Hey, you have to admire the temerity of the current board to stand against such a bid while the Leeds ship is sinking so fast.
    Jim Prunier

  • Also, Nottingham Forest have sacked Paul Hart....

    I am a Forest fan and I think the sacking of Paul Hart is disgraceful. If you look at what he's had to put up with - the board selling Prutton, Jenas, Harewood, Schimca to name a few and not offering Brenan or Lester new contracts its no wonder were doing so baldly this season.

    Hopefully I wont be the only one to have this opinion and I hope some protest is formed, I will definitely want to be a part of it.
    Dave Taylor

    Skinflint Doughty should have gone, not Hart. Shame on the Forest board, expecting the manager to perform with both hands tied behind his back, financially speaking.
    Thomas Fegan

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