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Your verdict: Saha bid accepted

After categorically denying that they would sell Louis Saha in the January transfer window Fulham have accepted an offer - believed to be around £10million - from Manchester United.

The French striker had berated the Cottagers in the press for blocking his 'dream move' and after threatening to leave the London club for free appears to have secured a move to Old Trafford.

However, the deal is still subject to agreeing personal terms and Saha passing a medical.

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  • Please inform Mr Saha to bring along some nice warm clothing for all the bench warming he will be doing. All that talent to become an eventually forgotten substitute.

    Why players in the limelight leave good clubs for obscurity at bigger clubs is beyond comprehension. They loose recognition, opportunities to play at international level, and are often dumped after a couple of years anyway.

    I hope Scott parker stays at Charlton too.
    Peter Parminter

    Well, it looks like the brat finally got his way. Extorted and bullied his way out of Fulham. Even as a Manchester United fan it sickens me.

    We don't need another highly paid, low loyalty player at Old Trafford. Rather, we want more Nicky Butts, players willing to stick to a contract, and stay with the club even when things don't look your way.

    Saha has proven that he can do neither. What's to say he won't do it again, when another club comes a calling - remember Becks?
    JC, Australia

    Well, without sounding like a broken record....Ruud Van Nistelrooy is really an ordinary striker benefiting from better quality support around him. Recent drought of goals indicate his luck and allocated quota have been used up.

    Considering Fulham's lack of TV exposure, Saha's hyped talents still need to be verified (consistently). Still, wouldn't take much to surpass Van Nist in pace, acceleration, general field play, ball control, one-on-one (or two) contests.

    Regarding the self righteous about Saha's disloyal behaviour. It cuts both ways. Clubs have no hesitation in cutting deals and off-loading seemingly settled players in a blink.

    There is no job for life with a single employer like every where else - so, grab any opportunity that comes by. Now, who'd like to buy Forlan? Chelski?
    De Grik

    This is the good news that I've been waiting for the past month. I hope this one is for real. Saha will prove a big hit at United without a doubt, and the fact remains that United badly need him.

    Solksjaer may not be able to rediscover his touch once he's back in the team. Forlan's simply not good enough at this level. Bellion has potential but lacks experience. Ronaldo is another player who will do better later. Fletcher can play tough football but does not possess Beckham's brilliance in crossing balls for the strikers.

    Only Giggs can open up the defence and cross or pass accurate telling balls and create scoring chances. With Saha in the team, they will be able to make a two-pronged attack instead of the present all too predictable one man strike force.

    United have already lost four games, the maximum number of games a team can afford to lose and still retain the title, according the manager. the Wolves game exposed all the major weaknesses in the team in no uncertain manner.
    Kelvin Chu, Hong Kong

    Once again Man Utd have been able to unsettle a player into breaking his contract with his club and to leave the club with no choice but to sell.

    United are very adept at making it known that they are interested in a player "unofficially" so that the player, as in Saha's case, wants to leave. Utd can as always claim that they have done nothing wrong, but morally they have caused a player to become so unsettled that he wants to break the contract he has signed with his club.

    In this case Saha had made his feelings very well known to the world that his heart no longer wanted to play for Fulham and almost blackmails them saying that he will leave them for free no matter what when his contract ends ...some loyal player he is isn't he!

    I think that most supporters will feel as disgusted as I do about Saha's attitude towards Fulham, and I for one hope that he gets what he deserves in that this "dream move" all goes wrong and his blows up in his face!
    Stuart O

    I think that Saha could bring a lot of fire power to Manchester United's team. I also think that, if this move wasn't made, Saha would have been a lost attribute to Man U's team.

    Van Nistelrooy most definitely needs help up front. Scholes and Giggs are good players that need to go back to the original positions that made them the players they are today - that is Giggs on the left and Scholes in the center midfield.

    Now with Saha's move, Man U can be more comfortable up front.
    Chikwe Azinge

    Fulham has again capitulated under pressure, missing out on a chance to set a good precedent. By agreeing to sell their best player at a low price, they just basically said that any good player can blackmail the team to trade him.

    The correct thing to do is either demand a price above fair value or just outright refuse. This would have sent a message that no player can simply pout their way into a big-market club.

    This will also help future negotiations - if a club has a history of willingness to let the player walk for nothing, a predator (ie Man U) would be more likely to sweeten the offer and not try to manipulate the agent.

    Short term pain, long term gain.
    Jen Ng, Malaysia

    Saha is a spoiled baby without any credibility or honour. The fact that Man United seemingly encourages this kind of behaviour shows why they too are losing respect from other clubs.

    The whole story is a disgrace to those two parties. It can only be hoped that his career at Old Trafford is unsuccessful.
    Darren, Canada

    As the Americans say, one thing is for sure: Money talks and bull sh***t walks.
    Sam Bakky-Kampala, Uganda

    Great, isn't it? Chelsea say hands off Joe Cole as he is part of their future yet ignore Charlton's comments saying exactly the same about Scott Parker.

    These predatory clubs always have to buy success. How about nurturing talent for themselves.
    Brian Gray

  • And the fallout from this weekend's action....

    I think Houllier has completely over stayed his welcome and enough is enough! I cannot watch Liverpool play they way they have been. Their ridiculous style of play against Spurs made me sick to watch.

    Biscan is the worse makeshift centre back I've ever seen, and cannot stand to watch him in that role anymore. He is clumsy and a complete waste of money, just like MANY of Houllier's signings.

    Perhaps sometime Soccernet should write an article on all his failed signings and the amount of money when adding them all of them together, they have cost the club. (we have numerous - Ed)

    Bottom line? Houllier is a soft manager who needs to move on and stop talking crap after each loss in the press conference!

    I have to say welcome back to Alan Smith. What an excellent performance against Southampton.

    If Leeds had a few more players as committed as Smith then we would not be any relegation trouble at all. I'm annoyed United are signing Saha because I wanted to off load the epitome of laziness Viduka.

    Whilst I'm on the Subject of United...what's all this business about losing to Wolves? We handed you the title last season don't forget - you owe us one.
    James Craig

    I have never seen a quickly taken free kick around the penalty box allowed to stand until Henry's goal against Aston Villa.

    What surprises me more is Halsey's post match comments that he never instructed Villa to form a wall. It was obvious to the whole world that that was exactly what Villa were trying to do.

    Now we are not talking about a newly promoted team here, these professionals have faced numerous free kicks around the area and this matter of quiet whispers between free kick taker and referee must have been really new to them.

    Now Halsey has set his own benchmark, every player in the Premiership is going to prevent free kicks from being taken quickly. We just need to wait for another referee who takes a dim view on impeding free kicks to send a hapless player off.

    This lack of consistency in judgments from referees is making them look really stupid, and hence command even less respect from the players.
    Francis Ong, Singapore

    Mark Halsey was definitely acting within the laws of the game to award the 'quick free kick', but upon doing so failed to acknowledge another law, that of Obstruction - the referee himself was causing Villa's Sorensen to be unsighted, and struggled to be out of the way in time for Henry to strike the ball.

    Keith Hackett's impact on football since assuming the refereeing Spokesperson's role seemingly has had an impact more profound than providing "greater understanding and public awareness" - there are more professional fouls, yellow cards being shown for dangerous tackles where an immediate red is the proper decision, offside calls for being in line with the last man, goals being awarded for balls not having crossed the line, the list goes on.

    At the same time, such critical decisions are being made by the referee without conferring with the other officials. The Golden Rule in managing others is 'always get a partner' - the right decision is more likely to be made, and the opportunity for argument is reduced.

    The danger is when rules become open to interpretation, they then become a guideline, and thus consistency suffers. Sticking to the Rule Book will not only keep the supporter happy, but it may also prevent the wrong Champions from being crowned due to inconsistent calls between referees.
    Lee Harvey, Canada

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