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By ESPN Staff

Your verdict: Harry's game

Few complaints about the result after Liverpool's 2-0 FA Cup win at third division Yeovil on Sunday - but Harry Kewell has kicked up a stink by going to ground rather too easily for the match-clinching penalty.

Danny Murphy slotted home the second goal from the spot at Huish Park, but only after his Aussie team-mate had made the most of Town defender Hugo Rodrigues' presence in the box.

And the fall-out from Watford's first 'goal' against Chelsea on Saturday was also occupying your minds on Monday. Is it time for for video replays? All that, plus more, including possibly the best spam ever...

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  • Who is Kewell trying to kid? I watched the game on TV and he definitely dived. If we are going to make football the game it used to be we have to stop this conning of referees. He should have been sent off.

    I think the game is being ruined by people like him, high earners that try to con everyone, it was a dive pure and simple. Do not touch me in the box? should be dropped into the middle of a rugby match where men are hit but get up and get on with it, no protesting to the ref. The game is getting to be a joke.

    I watched the Yeovil-Liverpool match on TV and it was clear that, although some minimal contact may have occurred between Rodrigues and Kewell, it clearly was insufficient to warrant Kewell falling over like he did.

    To put this in context, only a few minutes later Kewell brushed aside a challenge in midfield that made greater contact, yet this time he miraculously managed to keep his balance.

    I would like to say that Kewell cheated, no question about that, and he ought to be fined and suspended a match. Thompson is a hypocrite, for if it had happened the other way round he would have been screaming the injustice of it all. Thompson is clearly partizan and blind to justice.
    Tony Roberts

    I saw the game and the many replays of Kewell's dive. The only thing that hit Harry was a stiff breeze and a blade of grass on his boot that put him down.

    The FA should review such acts with out the need of a player or manager's making an appeal. Well done to the Yeovil lads who put it all out until the final whistle.
    Mickey Stowell

    Harry Kewell should be selected for the Australian Olympic diving team that is to go to Athens.

    Kewell, Pires and the like should be punished with 5 game suspensions. This would make sure that cheaters like them would think twice about diving in the box.

    The FA should set the example and look at incidents like this and do something about it. How can a player like him say that he didn't dive? Does he honestly think that everyone else doesn't have a TV to look at the incident?
    Arthur Rama, South Africa

    I agree with Dion Dublin's comments.

    Refs make mistakes - but if the mistake is exposed as blatant cheating after the event then the player should be exposed via the video replay and banned by the FA.

    This would go some way to clearing this sort of rubbish up.
    John Porton, Adelaide

  • Time for TV replays?

    100 per cent behind the idea. However, I'd extend it further:

    Every time a goal is scored, a referee should have the option of checking a video replay where he suspects an offside, a handball, or a dive in the case of a disputed penalty or free kick within range.

    It works very well in the rugby codes at the elite level as it does in American football, and I see no reason for soccer not to follow suit.

    Fair goals will stand, unfair goals will be disallowed, dives will be punished with yellow cards and eventually eliminated, and unfair pressure, put on the referee by players and officials alike in disputed situations, will no longer take place.

    Will it happen? - not likely, as I do not trust elite soccer decision makers to make decisions in the game's best interests. It'll become more difficult to fix games and intimidate referees - I don't think the likes of FIFA or the Confederations have really wanted to relinquish control in these matters.
    Michael Safro, Sydney

    I don't believe that instant replay is a necessity in football. For all intents and purposes, the ball is quite visible in all situations. Yes, [Watford's] goal should have been disallowed, and Alan Wiley was correct to consult with Dave Bryan, but will we really know what Mr. Bryan saw unless someone sticks a helmet camera helmet on his head? Probably not.

    Another danger involved with instant replay in football is what plagues rugby and the NFL - LONG DELAYS! It's becoming far too commnplace to see the the referees in both those sports slow down the game to see if a try or a touchdown is legitimate. All it does is take the fans out of the game.
    David Rutledge

    Watford vs Chelsea proves once again that lines man standing some 40 yards away and in an awkward angle have given a wrong decision that the ball has crossed the line when camera replay showed it had not crossed the line. Fifa must play a role in ensuring that modern technology should be use in determining the outcome of a game and not by some dubious decision made by line officials.
    Richard Teo, Malaysia

    It's about time. TV replays should be introduced to assist the referees to make the correct decision. It should be also used for diving for penalties. The English FA / Referees Association should be the the first to introduce and other countries may follow. JUST DO IT!

    The last thing we need is to have the American Football system that holds up the game for up to 6 or 7 minutes. What's more, if it is thought that the ball had not crossed the line are we going to stop the game to check the camera view when instead the game should continue uninterupted? Please, NO.

    The only method that might work is that there is a electronic system that would cause a light to flash if the ball crosses the line similar to that used in ice hockey matches. We absolutely should not use any system that interupts the game which is part of the game's magic.

    Another option would be two additional officials, each positioned on the opposite side of the pitch from the linesman on the other side. The problem with this is that in the professional game it may prove to be financially prohibitive other than in the top levels of the game.
    Norman Phillips, USA

  • Here's to you, Mrs Robben's son...

    Manchester United are chasing PSV Eindohoven striker Arjen Robben, whose mother, Marjo, has warned him against a career in Spain, especially at Real Madrid.

    Real's pursuit of big-name players 'does not appeal to us', she says. You say...

    As a fan of Manchester United I would like to confirm our interest in signing Mrs Robben. As much as we appreciate her son's skills its his Mum's astute and cutting criticisms that we really need at Old Trafford. Step aside, Sir Alex. Mrs Robben is here to mash the enemy.. we like her!

  • Cisse to Liverpool?

    I only hope that Gerald (sic) Houllier doesn't blow this one as here is a young deadly striker hungry for Liverpool glory. The ball is in Gerald's hands as for us KOP fans we are fed up with being a second rate side.

    We want to be rubbing shoulders with Bayern, Real Madrid, Juventus to name but a few. So, Gerald, here is your last trump card before the big boot gets you.

  • Rivaldo signs for Cruzeiro

    I think he has a lot to offer European football and going back home so early is a big mistake. Rivaldo should be able to make one of the top teams in Spain still, even if it is not Barca, Real or Valencia.
    Lashley Larry

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