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By ESPN Staff

Your verdict: Reid sacked

Crisis club Leeds United have finally sacked manager Peter Reid on Monday.

Reid had been in charge of Leeds, who are £80million in debt and bottom of the Premiership, since March but his position was in severe doubt following Saturday's 6-1 defeat at Portsmouth. [+]


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    Your Verdict:

    Well done Leeds, can I congratulate you on successfully hitting another panic button and plunging the club into yet more misery.

    A nice £800,000 pay-off to Peter Reid is certain to help the £80million debt and will be an added selling point for any manager stupid enough to apply for the job.

    A club with crippling debts, on the brink of relegation, administartion looming and only a handful of talented players. Who wouldn't want the job?

    Simon Taftun

    I don't think Reid was the man for the job. He showed at Sunderland (and now Leeds) that he is out of his depth in the modern Premiership.

    Better to get rid of him now and give the new manager, or caretaker manager, time to work with the team in the international break and tackle the relegation battle with plenty of games left in the season.

    A good decision for once.

    James Allison

    The sacking of Reid has been on the cards for several weeks so it was not a shock to anyone. The appointment of Eddie Gray will be popular with the fans and may go some way to repair the more than strained relations between the Club, Mills and Viduka.

    Reid had a more than tough assignment and like his successor will be, was odds on to be fired due to his lack of resources. Clearly Reid saved Leeds last year with his passion, but his four letter style is outdated and ineffective with the modern style mercenery players who with odd exceptions are 100% there for the money.

    Apart from saving the club last year I think the biggest thing Reid achieved was to demonstrate foreign players of mediocre quality are mediocre wherever they play. With the exception of Olembe the other loan imports have failed including Pennant who promises much but delivers little. Secondly he showed some light in that we have some great young players (very young) that have the ability.

    Dave Riley

    What can you say about the financial dealings of Ridsdale and O'Leary that have left Leeds with such appalling debts?. Or the hiring of high-profile managers who cannot possibly succeed, but are then paid out?

    Didn't Peter Reid get half a million pounds last year for keeping Leeds up? And now another £800,000 compensation? I'll take the job for half that money.

    The trouble with sacking Peter Reid is that the collapse at Leeds has happened under two administrations as well as three managers (O'Leary, Venables and Reid). The one constant has been the players, yet none of them are being sacked.

    The rot started when Bowyer and Woodgate found themselves in court. There were warnings enough in that, with the judge calling Bowyer a liar, and accusations of racism - where was the discipline?

    Then we saw Kewell deliberately screw the club of as much money as possible in order to line the pockets of his agent and himself. Now we see Viduka deliberately orchestrating an even worse crisis - he obviously prefers to be dropped, to helping his employer get out of this mess.

    There is something rotten in the dressing room, with no loyalty whatsoever to the club or to the fans. If Leeds do go under, I hope every player ends up on the dole - it's no more than they deserve.

    John Hunter, Melbourne

    Yet again the Leeds board have engaged in a knee-jerk reaction. The demise of the club is directly traceable to the Board's panic reaction after failing to qualify for the Champions League two years in a row.

    Rather than selling the fringe players and getting in money while maintaining a team capable of honors the morons that claim to know something about business sold key "assets", creating confusion amongst the employees, produced a product that did not command popularity on television.

    Overall, in the past two years the Board's actions have lost the club approximately £10-15million between money lost from dropping from the top five and lost revenues from TV rights.

    Peter Reid said the players should be ashamed to pick up a pay packet after Saturday's performance. The Board should be ashamed to pick up their pay packets after the debacle of the past 16 months. They should all resign en masse at the November shareholder's meet.

    Peter Hillick, New York, USA

    Was anybody really surprised this would end in any other way before the season was out? It was a desperate club that appointed Reid and an equally desperate man to accept the job following his recent record at Sunderland.

    Peter Reid doesn't exactly instill confidence in his playing staff and let's face it most clubs only survive in the top flight thanks to an healthy dose of it. I shudder at the fate of Leeds Utd and wonder who will be the next club facing extinction.

    Sad though it may seem, money apparently talks in today's Premier League and I'm not just talking about a few million quid here and there. These days only the hundreds of million pounds of buying power seem to have any real affect on a team.

    Mark Leek, Perth, WA

    Yet again I believe poor Peter Reid has been a scapegoat of the harsh realities of modern day football. With the Abramovic revolution in English football, we must accept that money and quality players are the essentials to building success.

    Losing quality players over the seasons (Woodgate, Ferdinand, Keane and Kewell) has greatly weakened the backbone of the squad. A squad that the club could not afford to gamble on for one more season. Had they had the resources to do so, I certainly do not think they would be sitting where they are now in the relegation mire.

    Peter Reid did the noble thing of accepting a known massive task of leading a fast ailing football team with players that had lost all belief in themselves, and has been rewarded by being given the sack.

    Losing Kewell, their last quality link man was probably the last straw, leaving Leeds to be a team with totally no backbone totally reliant on new sets of loan players to do the job for them.

    Ben Tan, Singapore

    Peter Reid did a respectable job, saving us from relegation last year, but possibly because of a lack of money to spend we weren't performing this year.

    The players had no passion, which is the bare minimum you need in the Premiership. A manager like Paul Harte, if we could convince him to steer our sinking ship, would instantly have the respect of the dressing room, especially players raised by him, and might even be able to get some form out of Ian Harte!

    I'm fairly sure we have enough quality to get out of relegation form, especially with the table so bunched, but I'm sure West Ham thought that last year!

    Richard Smith

    What a mess! How can a club on the brink of representing England in the premier European club competition in world football, now find itself on the brink of administration and rooted at the foot of the table in less than three years?

    This is an indictment of the Board, its management (including O'Leary, Venables and now Reid), and most definitely those many over-paid 'stars', many of whom have gone one to bring more confusion to other clubs.

    The reality is that like Reid, there are so very few good managers in England. This is perhaps why so many English clubs are found wanting when they reach the next level of European Club competition. The appointment of Sven highlights this fact.

    Any criticism of Reid however, has to be understood within the context that the players are the ones who are most to blame. What with Viduka, Smith, Robinson, Matteo, Johnson they have a crop of players would get into most Premiership team sheets.

    This whole thing smells of wranglings inside the Board Room coupled with Player Power outside. I suggest that there are a few more bad apples that need to be 'sold' before we see a turnaround at Leeds FC. Lets face it, the best way to curb spiraling debt is to start winning matches.

    Kirk Cyrus, Barbados

    Who, outside of the Leeds pubs, isn't reconciled to the descent of Leeds? The players sure know. They look longingly at the empty lockers and then see the remains of an exciting team look back at them.

    The top man Prof. Mackenzie is educated enough to know that when the water reaches the gunnels the ship will sink. He's bailing with a spoon and a smile right now. Shortly, he'll be gurgling but I bet he'll be spoon bailing for a long time yet.

    Jim Prunier

    Not so long ago we heard Spurs spouting on about how the appointment of their next manager, following Hoddle's exit, could make or break the club. Well double that and you a still nowhere near the importance Leeds must place on their decision.

    If the next manager can't save Leeds from relegation then administration will surely ensue. That could result in a 10 point reduction, resulting in relegation to Division Two and the end of Leeds United.

    Lets hope Eddie gray can do a job as good as Pleat has at Tottenham. It will at least make the bank manager happy.

    Carlos Janeiro

    Who would want the job at Leeds United when they are in such a terrible predicament? No manager currently in the Premiership would want it. Managing Leeds is a deathwish at this point.

    Relegation is looking automatic this year, after they escaped last season. Unless they can find a Russian billionaire to bail them out, they're headed for the First Division.

    There is hope, however. Leed needs to find their own David Moyes or Chris Coleman. Everton and now Fulham have both experienced first hand the power a young, charismatic manager can have on their squad. Both came out of relative obscurity.

    If Leeds hire another "high profile" manager, they are doomed to keep repeating their old mistakes. Look for First and Second Division clubs that are over-performing and have a young, energetic manager. Even if Leeds get relegated, they're still at a bigger club than before, and they have little to lose.


    What I never understood about Leeds and their debts, is why they didn't sell Viduka, an average forward who has his occasional spell, when Roma reportedly were offering to pay over £20million?

    I mean that would have been another £20million to cover debts as would have reduced the wage bill as well. Oh but stupid me I forgot they sold Rio for £30million but somehow that didn't go very far along with a host of others (not to mention other sales). Just what the hell has happened to Leeds?

    And if they are this year's West Ham who will be next year's Leeds? My guess is Liverpool if Heskey continues to get picked.

    Andy, SF

    I've always had this niggling feeling, that Mark Viduka basically thinks he's a better player than he actually is. Maybe it's because in Australia the standards are lower than the Premiership and he obviously shone.

    In Scotland, standards aren't as challenging as the Premiership (no disrespect there), and again he shone. Maybe the man himself should take a long, hard look at himself, and realise he's not Thierry Henry or Ruud van Nistlerooy, or even Alan Shearer.

    He's a decent striker and is employed by a decent club. Wake up and smell the toast, Mark. You've a long way to go to becoming indispensible.

    Jon Nicks

    I think Matteo should look at Viduka and refuse to play with him. Viduka let down his team-mates and the club with his antics.It shows that Leeds are in dire straits when they have to play and pay this idiot so that they can shop him in January.

    How can he share a dressing room with the other Leeds players after what has happened in the past two weeks?

    He is a shame to all former Leeds greats such as Giles, Cooper, Lorimer, Hunter, Madeley, Mick Jones, Sniffer Clarke and Eddie Gray himself.

    Ben Hayes

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