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Hernandez raising Mexico earthquake fund

By ESPN Staff

Your verdict: Owen going?

Michael Owen. Priceless asset or an expendable un-cashed cheque?

Readers seem to divided as to whether Liverpool should move heaven and earth to retain the services of the England striker, or cash in and use the millions to rebuild Liverpool without him.

Newspapers editors believe Real Madrid are keen to pounce with a bid of £25million. Is that a deal or a steal? Let us know.

Elsewhere, Alex Ferguson has delighted us all with his latest tirade against Arsenal. You are not impressed it seems!

And Blackburn Rovers' recent form, or lack of it, has begun to raise concerns.


  • All the talk is Owen
  • Fergie in trouble over 'deal' comments
  • Yorke calls for calm at Blackburn

    Your Verdict:

    Houllier should be shown the door ASAP and in the January transfer window Parry and the Liverpool board should sell Owen to the highest bidder.

    They should then keep the Owen cash under the mattress until the end of the season, and only let the new boss spend it once he's had chance to assess the squad.

    It's a shame for us Reds fans, but Owen is not committed to Anfield. If he was he'd have already signed a new deal. If he won't commit the club should sell now while they can still earn some money and make sure we don't have another McManaman-style embarrassment when a top player joins Madrid for free.

    Keith Morgan, Cumbria.

    Liverpool can never sell Owen. He is the club's best player and has his best years ahead of him.

    How stupid would we look if he leaves for Europe and the returns to Anfield to stick a few past us in the future. No, he can never be sold and if he is there will be blood in the streets.

    If Houllier is given more money to spend in the summer he has to get players who can support Owen and get the ball to his feet. He's not a target man and struggles to hold up the ball, he's at his best when he gets it on the deck and can turn and run at defenders. Sell and be damned.

    Wesley Shore, London.

  • Everyone loves shy, retiring, kind and cuddly Sir Alex Ferguson.
    Sir Alex should lose his knighthood. His bad manners, bad temper, sulking and vindictive attitude make a poor role model. I am sorry the press chooses to give him so much time and attention.

    Kathleen Thompson Avondale, Pennsylvania

    Now that Arsenal have been punished for their part in the Man U bust up Ferguson must now be punished for slander and stupidity over his comments to the fullest degree.

    The FA should make him a scapegoat just as they have done Arsenal. For a manager to make comments such as that is ridiculous. Does he really believe that Arsenal would make any deal with the FA. I should imagine that Arsenal do not trust the FA at all. Just shows how immature he is.

    I have been a fan of Arsenal's for the last 40 years and feel they have let their supporters down badly in the way they reacted to the Van N incident. They need to accept this punishment and move on. In fact I would also like to see a public apology by Mr Wenger to Mr Ferguson and the shaking of hands to at least clearly demonstrate to younger fans that the behaviour of both teams needs to be improved in the future.

    From an Arsenal fan to all Man U fans, I am sorry that we reacted this way. Let's concentrate on 'fighting' for the championship. Let the best team win!

    Gareth Goodwin, Canberra

  • Oh, and in case we'd forgotten Rio-gate rumbles on...
    If he wilfully evaded a drugs test then he should receive a two year ban.

    If he is found to have forgotten to submit himself for the test then he should receive a one year ban. Although a fantastic player all cubs and players were warned that the approach to drug testing would tighten up. Examples therefore need to be set.

    Nigel Wynne

    If Rio Ferdinand doesn't get a lengthy suspension, they might as well scrap the testing policy - in the future, every druggo will claim he's forgotten about the test!

    Chris Michael

  • Blackburn Rovers are falling quicker than the proverbial broken elevator packed full of over-weight elephants...

    Something's rotten in Rover country - that's for sure. I wonder what it is - I suspect Graeme Souness is not really the problem here. He's done very well at Ewood, and I'd hate to see him sacked over this.

    Overall, there was such an air of optimism after last season, and together with a few decent signings like Emerton and Baggio, the club expected to push on and be in the top 5 this season. A few decisions haven't gone their way, and they haven't had much luck, but overall I think the pressure and expectation on the players has got to them.

    However, there are enough experienced heads in the squad, and I think they'll turn it around. I predict a mid-table finish for the Rovers.

    Michael, Sydney

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