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Your verdict: Houllier out?

Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier still believes his team can win the Premiership title despite three successive defeats that have left the Reds 12 points off the pace after only nine games.

Houllier may be optimistic but, judging by our mailbox, the Liverpool fans aren't. Not while Houllier is in charge anyway. [+]


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    Your Verdict:

    Houllier has to go now. He should have been sacked at the end of last year to give us time to get a new manager and style of play in place.

    He hasn't got a clue about managing players, coaching, tactics or judging players abilities. Why else would we have the likes of Traore, Heskey, Smicer, Diao, Diouf, Biscan, etc in our squad? And why else would we be constantly linked with Djbril Cisse? Yet another striker who can't score goals. I've seen him play and at best he's a French Heskey.

    His excuses are laughable and we're fast becoming a joke, what's more if it doesn't start happening for us soon, Owen wont sign a new contract and will have to be sold, and who could come blame him?

    Thompson has to go as well and all the old backroom staff, get them all out and start again with someone who actually knows what they're doing. Guus Hiddink is the man for the job, and if he can bring Kezman and van Bommel with him then all the better. Houllier out.

    Gary Casey

    Liverpool will improve this is merely a glitch, all teams have bad patches and all this Houllier out rubbish is from fickle and clueless fans.

    Liverpool have changed the way they play and are a lot more entertaining and it's of my opinion, as someone who goes home and away to follow Liverpool, to review the performance of the team at the end of season.

    All this Houllier back stabbing is not helping the team and is playing into the hands of the media, who seem to excel in writing anti-Liverpool and anti-Houllier articles.

    Lets back the board and the management but ultimately the team.

    Neil Hughes

    Who is Houllier kidding with such statements? My best guess is that he is buying time for himself, and in return he is further shaming the illustrious name of Liverpool Football Club.

    In his tenure at Liverpool, if you exclude the Cup successes of one year, he has turned Liverpool Football Club into one of the most boring sides to watch. They are so predictably boring that I don't have the desire I used to, to watch them play.

    I honestly cannot comprehend how the board members have allowed for such attrition to occur to their beloved football club. It is really getting out of hand. The players have no cohesion; no spirit and the majority of them would struggle to get a game in the First Division.

    It is heartbreaking for a Liverpool fan of 25 years to have to endure such shame and lack of a championship success for the last 13 years. Surely there must be millions of fans out there that feel the same way?

    It's time for Houllier to say good bye to our mighty Liverpool and apologise for all the crap players he purchased for high amounts of money. Our best football was played while he was away ill and I would dearly love for Thommo to take over again.

    Chris Stefanopoulos

    Personally I believe Houllier has done an excellent job for Liverpool in the cup competitions and this is something that should not be ignored. The fact remains though that every single Liverpool fan wants to see only one thing, and that is Liverpool winning the Premiership.

    The current squad at Anfield makes for an excellent cup squad as on their day Liverpool can beat any team, but the vital ingredient that makes a league winning side is missing and has been for some time. That ingredient is 'consistency' and until Liverpool include this in their makeup their ambitions of landing a first Premiership title will remain a dream.

    Far too many players in the current squad are average at best. I have always believed that Liverpool FC suffered immensely when English football succumbed to the influx of foreign players. Liverpool were once a side where almost every player in the squad was British whereas today the majority are from overseas.

    Personally I would give my left arm to see Martin O'Neill take charge for there is no better manager out there today in my opinion. Liverpool's first overseas boss has been a success in the cups but until the Premiership title is sat on the sideboard he will never be a true success.

    Daniel Culley

    Gerard Houllier must do the right thing and resign. He constantly makes excuses for Liverpool's losses. When we win, he says we did it without our star players, when we lose, he blames it on injuries to his star players.

    Patrick Berger and many other ex-pool players have proven time and time again that Houllier is not good for Liverpool. There was a time, when Liverpool were the best team in world and played fantastic football. Houllier had plenty of time to restore Liverpool to where we belong, and that's on top.

    Our defence is week, in midfield Liverpool had great distributors of ball from John Barnes to Steve McManaman. It time for Liverpool to fire Houllier, to ensure we don't just become another mediocre team.

    Farouk Khan

    All those people who are quick to jump on Houllier seem to be forgetting that he has won the FA Cup, the League Cup, the UEFA Cup, the Community Shield and

    Liverpool are a victim of media criticism. They were criticised for being boring, despite their success, and so Houllier has attempted to play a more attacking style of football this season and is losing games.

    Get back to organised displays of old and more trophies will come our way.

    Brent Cambridge

    As a Liverpool fan I am fed up with Houllier, excuse after excuse he has had his chance and blown it, enough is enough. The board should do something about it and bring in a manager who can deal with a club of our caliber.

    Houllier has spent about £110 million since he has been at the club. Chelsea have spent near enough the same and look at the players they have and where they are in the table. Liverpool have not sacked a manager in 50 years, that shows how good our club was.

    We have been voted the best club of all time by FIFA and if Houllier is here any longer we will soon loose that crown and any other dignity we have left. So i say its about time we ended 50 years of not sacking a manager and hope that it is broke by Christmas, because are season is already over.

    Ian Roberts, England (a concerned Liverpool fan)

    Some say that Americans are from Mars and Europeans are from Venus. In that case Gerard Houllier must have a past on Pluto, because no other planet is further away from Earth. Being a Liverpool fan truly is sad at the moment, as our title challenge has already ended. And our staff is in total denial about.

    Let's be honest: Liverpool's play hasn't been the most entertaining over the past seasons. It lacks this certain "flow", which it once had. Hasn't Houllier had time enough to provide that? Most definitely.

    Someone suggested Hiddink as the replacement, not a bad idea. Personally I'd like to see Martin O'Neill succeed Houllier: it seems he is able to provide results, entertainment and he commands respect from players.

    Søren Korsgaard, Denmark

    Full marks for effort to Houllier and the management of LFC for attempting to play a more attacking style of football this season. Well, at least it is less frustrating to watch Liverpool play currently than last season.

    They need time to stablise, just like a sudden upset in any existing system will cause instability . Just give them a bit more time, I believed they should do better.

    LFC fans are not an ungrateful bunch. Since Houllier's management, LFC has won us some trophies, we should give him one last chance. No Champions league football next season, I think he should volunteer to resign.

    Sean M, Singapore

    Gerard Houllier failed to see what all of us fans saw several years ago - that the most imaginative and attacking sides with a solid defence will win Premiership after Premiership.

    I have supported Liverpool for 25 years and still hate Arsenal for the 1970 FA Cup amongst other things. I hate United just because I do.

    However, the simple fact is that both Arsenal and United for the past decade have bought players who can attack with flair, who are encouraged to play skillful football and who have been rewarded year after year for focusing more on scoring more than their opponents as opposed to letting fewer goals in.

    Houllier must go.

    Ian Clarke

    Well said Houllier. We need a little optimism. While I don't think we will actually win the title, it is the goal we should aim for in order to get a Champions League place.

    Manchester United usually start badly and win the league and last season Newcastle had an awful start and came back to finish third. This is just a poor start and it is not the time to sack the manager.

    John Reed

    Houllier has not led Liverpool to the promised land. He has peaked and can no longer move the team forward. He should resign and let someone else take over.

    Houllier makes his over pampered stars too comfortable. The regulars know that if fit, they'll get a shirt on Saturday. This leads to laziness and mediocre performances.

    More (purposeful) spending is required to increase the competition for places. Surely, the Kop cannot take another win-less season. I know I can't!

    Yomi, Lagos

    Houllier, and any one else who gets the job has an impossible task. He has spent approximately 15 million a season net. However, he was supposed to catch up to and surpass other teams with vastly superior squads and a lot more spending power.

    Maybe we fans are asking too much. He has done a fantastic job and the only man who I would replace him with would be Martin O'Neill. Other than him, GH is still the best man for the job.

    Rob Weston

    I've been a Liverpool fan for the past 26 years and at the moment this situation makes me both angry and laughing at the same time. A couple of seasons ago Liverpool won a few cups and Houllier was given extra time and money to improve the squad. Personally I didn't like the way they played....anyway everything looked positive. What happened then?

    More or less all the players Houllier bought after winning the cups have been Division One standard (except for Kewell). At least that is the way players are performing.

    Conclusion: It is time for Houllier to step down and at the same time lose the 'Division One players' in order to build up the same kind of Liverpool that was once a dominant force in England and Europe.

    Jari Jokela, Finland

    I get fed-up with hearing complaints from "loyal fans for the last 25 years". The old regime at Liverpool was not working, the club was already in decline. The game of football has been revolutionised since the "Boot Room" days of Paisley, Fagan, Moran and Evans.

    During the 90's the club was stuck in the past and needed a new style of management. Liverpool still provide the media with masses of easy material, 18 months ago it was in vogue to shower praise on Houllier, now it is fashionable to knife him in the back.

    The bottom line is the players he has brought in are not "Division 1 trash" they are class players and Houllier is correct that Liverpool are playing very good attacking football. If we keep playing well the results will come. Get off his back, he has been strong enough to make the brave decisions that the club needed.

    Christopher Gornall

    I am a faithful fan of Liverpool but manager Gerard Houllier should now be replaced by another dynamic manager who can inspire Liverpool to play the real Liverpool game of creative passing.

    What we are seeing now is too many long passes and an over dependence on Michael Owen. Liverpool's game is too predictable. I still wish for the best for Liverpool.

    Ernesto Faurillo

    I believe Houllier is a victim of circumstance right now. He has been under pressure to win the league since his arrival at Anfield and to be quite honest he has done considerably well. Liverpool's failure to win the league, however, is the major issue right now.

    Can this Liverpool team do it? Can the Managers strategy prove successful? Yeah the team can certainly do it by I have my doubts about the manager's strategy that is being used.

    Its time for fresh new ideas and if Houllier still has a few tricks up his sleeve then why not leave him to the task. Of course if he is all out of ideas then it's time for him to move on.

    Siraaj Rayman

    What planet is he on ...we need a manager that believes in Liverpool's history, and not one that passes trivial comments to save his skin. Bring back ex Liverpool players (we should never have changed from the true and trusted formula).

    Mark Noot

    Yes, GH can win the title for Liverpool in Championship Manager PC games.....Hahahahahaha.

    Syed Hussain

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