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By ESPN Staff

Your verdict: Makelele row

Claude Makelele has called a truce in his wage dispute with Real Madrid and has promised to be back in training with the Spanish champions on Thursday.

However, the France international midfielder - linked with Chelsea before it became clear Makelele was in dispute with Real - has stressed the decision does not mean he will be staying in Madrid on a long-term basis.

Makelele, 30, has asked Madrid to either give him a significant pay rise to bring him in line with the club's top earners, or let him leave.

Asked whether he would be stopping his campaign to pressurise Madrid into increasing his wages, Makelele added: 'I've never had that intention.

'If I've not been training for a few days, it's because I've not been feeling well.


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    Your Verdict:

    It's good to see that Makelele has called off his strike because, although he had a point, in the end it is only he who would suffer - rotting in the reserves or not playing any football at all.

    Hopefully now Real Madrid will pay the midfielder what he deserves and bring his wages in line with the rest of the club's top earners.

    Although he is linked with Chelsea they are still only wannabees at the moment, Madrid are the Real thing and Makelele should be playing with the best in the world.

    Thomas Firth

    A bit of divine retribution from the football Gods and Real rightfully sucked against Valencia.

    . After totally disrespecting Vincente Del Bosque with the way he was sacked, releasing the only stable defender they had and now not making an effort to get Claude Makelele back into the squad they deserve nothing better.

    Makelele is the backbone of Real Madrid he does ALL of the Defensive work in midfield and receives no help from anyone with this task - as Zidane and Figo disappear when they Real do not have the ball.

    In my opinion they have failed their first Spanish test and need more matches against first class teams in order to be fully prepared for their La Liga kick off and I don't think La Liga will spare them if they do not buy at least one central defender.

    Marc Edwards, Barca Fan

    The current treatment of Makelele, is a big mistake. It has been evident in many of Reals' matches that Makelele determines Reals' flow of play, it is highly worrying that because he is not one of the stars then his pay cannot be negotiated.

    It is a sigh of relief especially to me, a Real Madrid fan, that Chelsea have closed its intentions to buy Makelele. It would have been the most stupid mistake Real could have made.

    Dickens Onditi

    I'm not surprised that Real were below par against Valencia; reason being that they are in the process of doing the Harakiri by their stupidity in not realising how important Makelele is to the squad.

    Without Makelele in the hole mopping up loose balls, winning crucial battles, the expensive ensemble can hardly fly.

    Having said that though, may I say that short of racism, I can not honestly see any reason why Makelele should not get pay parity with his team mates; after all,we all know who does the dirty work.

    Whether or not he is glamourous should not be the yardstick employed in measuring his place in the squad. As a Real fan I'm sorry to say shame on the club.

    John Idani Upah, Lagos, Nigeria

    I think Real Madrid should sell Makelele to Chelsea and have done with the whining Frenchman. He signed a contract and he has to stick to it whether he likes it or not.

    It is a shame that he is paid less than the star players but he should go about negotiations in the correct manner and not spit his dummy out if he can't get everything his own way.

    He should be happy that he is playing football at the best club in the world and not moaning because he earns more in a week than most of us earn in a year.

    William Hill

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