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By ESPN Staff

Your verdict: Di Canio blast

Italian forward Paolo di Canio has moved to Charlton Athletic following a broadside on West Ham United manager Glenn Roeder.

Di Canio, who was released by the Hammers following relegation last season, told fans that they should blame Roeder for the club's current plight and said: ' The club is falling apart.'

'Everyone knows I would have stayed for a lot less. Now look . . . Trevor Sinclair, Joe Cole and Freddie Kanoute have been sold,' the 35-year-old said.

'After Harry Redknapp was sacked and Roeder a man with no personality replaced him, I predicted this would happen.'

Roeder also came under fire from new signing David Connolly at the weekend after he was left out of the starting line-up for on loan striker Neil Mellor.


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    Your Verdict:

    It is well known that Roeder cannot handle flair players, just look at Paulo, Freddie and now Schemmell. The man is so far out of his depth it is embarrassing.

    He should have gone last November and a proper manager like George Graham should have been appointed. Of course the Board were frightened to take this action as they would then have had to face up to a few home truths.

    Peter Cullerton

    I think Di Canio is right. Paolo was the only player with a bit of fire which could have change the course of their campaign. While the defence was atrocious, Mr Roeder did little to fix the problem while keeping the best element out of the team.

    I think Roeder has to go otherwise West Ham may drop even deeper. The gaffer doesn't have enough tactical knowledge to change the situation.

    The West Ham board need to open their eyes and understand that there is no such thing like 'feeling' in football. They may love Roeder and Glen may love them but this crazy love story will certainly finish in disaster.

    Messaoud Benramdame

    Every word that Di Canio has said is true. He is a professional and dedicated player with a passion for the game. Unfortunately Glenn Roeder could not or would not accept constructive criticism of his actions or decisions.

    I feel that it was very unprofessional that team players are not allowed to agree to disagree. To have Di Canio sitting on the bench because of what he said or might have said or, even implied is a sad thing. Especially when he has proved himself many times over the last few years.

    Elaine Gaffney

    Great to have Paolo back in the Premiership. He is exciting to watch and a true sportsman. I'll enjoy the season much more with him there. Charlton fans can look forward to a very enjoyable season.

    Ken Goldsmith, Kerala, India

    While I tend to agree with Paolo's blast at Roeder and I certainly agree that he is a football genius, however, I also have observed something about being involved with him.

    Sheffield Wednesday and West Ham were his former clubs in the Premiership and both have since been relegated. This is just an observation: So far, The premiership clubs that engaged Paolo's services eventually got relegated.

    Perhaps he is as much a jinx as he is talented. I hope Charlton will not be next.

    Gary Chua, Singapore

    Paolo is correct ,sadly David Connolly confirms the lack of man management skills shown so far.

    Graham Stanbridge

  • Also, Manchester United have completed the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo.........

    It's great news that United have found a youngster with apparently amazing talent. I have only seen a little bit of the lad on TV and he looks good. We seem to be have taken to the cleaners on the price though - £12.24m.

    What annoys most fans is the fact that Peter Kenyon tried to pay as little as they could for Ronaldhino. If they had acted promptly we would have had the best player in the world not someone who has the same name as another great player.

    The signings have been great, Eric Djemba looks good, but Kenyon is a disappointment - he should be kicked out. He is an idiot!

    David Iftakhar, Sale

    This is a very good day for Manchester United. We now have two new players coming in, though I don't really know much about Kleberson - I trust the manager's judgement on that.

    But as for Ronaldo, I watched the pre-season match with Sporting Lisbon and I saw first hand the skills of Cristiano. We now have a very able winger who can replace Beckham and Solskjaer and can also go back to being a striker.

    And he can also replace Giggs when he isn't in form. Now Manchester United is back and ready to conquer all over again.....

    Oti Longe

    Rooney is good, so what can I say about Cristiano Ronaldo? Simply the best....superb player ....he is going to be the world number one.

    Miguel Achando

    This is an excellent signing for United. Ronaldo can play in an attacking role all across the pitch and is also excellent from free-kicks.

    I am aware many people are questioning the transfer fee, and it is a bit steep, but over the five years of his contract it will prove a bargain for an excellent talent.

    This transfer also proves that Ferguson DOES listen to his players, as it was them who persuaded him to buy Ronaldo.

    Mike Shaw

  • And of course - Veron: Sir Alex just wanted the cash.........

    I could not believe it when Sir Alex Ferguson decided to sell the best remaining passer in his squad, and then had the poor class to say that Veron was a flop.

    It seems he gave up any hope of a Champions League challenge when he missed out on Ronaldinho, because he has only weakened the squad further by selling Veron. If he wants to go that route, he should sell Van Nistelrooy while he's at it.

    Nobody would buy his excuse that he had too many central midfielders, because if that is the case, who would sell their most creative central mid?

    Ferguson clearly has his favourites who can do no wrong. And now, to hear that he was evasive with Veron, who only sought the truth about his own future, it just shows how bad Ferguson is at dealing with big men.

    If he wants to to act like that, then he should coach in the children's league, where he might be on equal standing with his players. Ferguson has a terrible history concerning how he treats players, (e.g. Stam, Yorke, Beckham, and now Veron) and he's only damaging the club.

    Peter Chang

    Isn't it surprising how naive millionaire sports players can be? We all know Veron was not a hero for Man United after being purchased with a hero's sum. We know Ferguson is a canny Scot who wouldn't let Veron go for a trifle.

    That's one plus one so it's no surprise to us that Veron was sold for a decent amount. Why is Veron so out of touch we wonder?

    Jim Prunier

    The whole Veron transfer was handled very badly by Ferguson and Utd. Ferguson's explanation after the the fact that the "mid-field was a bit crowded" is quite embarrassing and insult to Veron and the fans.

    Bottom line is: Ferguson is not in control of footballing matters. There are too just too many fingers in the pot.

    Declan McCarroll, NYC

    As a Man Utd supporter from overseas I feel that Sir Alex Ferguson is insincere with his players. In addition his management is dirty with under hand tactics.

    However, that does not deny him being a good manager. His handling of Jaap Stam, David Beckham and now Sebastian Veron clearly shows the man should now quit the game and let others with humane feelings take over.


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