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By ESPN Staff

Your Verdict: Harry no mates

It seems Harry Kewell is intent on losing friends at the moment.

Not content with enraging Leeds United's supporters (and board members) the Australian striker has now threatened never again to play for his country as the fallout over his controversial £5million move to Liverpool continues.

Kewell is furious at what he feels is the failure of Australian football association, Soccer Australia, to deal with complaints made by rival agents, who have questioned the eligibility of Kewell's representative, Bernie Mandic.

'If Soccer Australia is going to let agents that they control to get away with using me to big-note themselves, then they can forget it, there is no point playing for them,' said an angry Kewell.

Suffice to say many have little sympathy with Harry.


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    Your Verdict:

    I cannot believe that Harry Kewell would threaten to quit the national team because of the failure of Soccer Australia to support him over his transfer to Liverpool. It is the greatest honour an athlete can receive to represent Australia in any sport and I, as an Australian football fan, am amazed by his haste to quit the national team because of Soccer Australia.

    If everyone in Australia who has suffered because of Soccer Australia's greed, mismanagement and corruption had given up on Australian football as a whole then the game would be non existent over here. Persistence is a virtue that will pay off in the long term for the sport, and Harry should realise the key he holds for the code and its future growth.

    For him to hold his national jersey over the heads of Soccer Australia is not just a warning to the governing body, but an insult to all Australian football supporters. How dare he cheapen the national team for his own personal vendetta. To play for Australia you have to bleed green and gold, and I doubt that Kewell has it in him.

    Andrew B. Sydney, Australia

    [Kewell] should grow up. Fairly typical of modern footballers their pay is only exceeded by their ego.

    Mark Nairn, Perth, Western Australia

    You play for Australia, not for Soccer Australia Harry. Despite how these transfer dealings have tarnished your name, you are the face of Australian soccer and are incredibly important to the next few years for the development of soccer in Australia.

    Turn your back on your country and you show the world what a greedy individual you are.

    Matt Jarman

    I've had enough. Playing for one's country isn't like playing for a club, Harry - you don't quit just because you're unhappy with the actions of one or a few individuals, especially if there's no rift with the coach. And you don't say that if things aren't done your way, you won't play for 'them'. Australia isn't 'them', Harry, it's you. And if you don't see it, then you don't deserve to wear the green and gold.

    Kewell's a great player, but his lack of motivation to play for his country, together with a burgeoning ego, may not be what the national team needs.

    In good old Aussie vernacular - 'Pull yer head in, Harry!'

    Michael Safro, Sydney

  • Also, Referee Alan Kaye has been charged by the FA over his handling of York City's friendly with Leeds......

    This is typical of the FA. For once we see a referee using some common sense and all that he gets is charged by the FA.

    The game was a pre season friendly and I admit that Mark Viduka was out of order, but it would not have helped the matter by sending him off. The referee decided that it was best to get him out of the game and that should have been the end of the matter.

    The FA should stop wasting time and money on issues like this and maybe spend some more time looking into some of the more serious financial issues in the game at the moment (i.e. Investigate the Kewell transfer).

    Jonathan Bell

    Disgraceful, as soon as a referee shows common sense in a situation which dictated it (ie a friendly), the FA charge him!

    And when the referee has a bad game, making decisions which are to the detriment of a game the FA stay silent and leave the referees to answer for themselves.

    About time they applied standards which they will follow for the good and the bad decisions. I am not a Leeds fan, but I do think the ref was dead right on this occasion.

    Simon O'Gorman

    Once again, the stuffed shirts at the F.A. are meddling... I am surprised the F.A. has any competent referees still on the books!

    These poor guys are out there in front of hundreds of people every weekend trying to do the best they can. The pressure of that alone is bad enough but when you know you have people, who in many cases have never refereed a game in their life, breathing down your neck over every possible error then, I for one, would tell them where to stick it!

    I was not at the Leeds game but it would seem to me that the referee did not consider the initial confrontation to warrant a red card but was savvy enough to realise that some temperaments on the field (Viduka included) may have felt otherwise.

    Rather than risk losing control of the game he gave peter Reid the option of removing Viduka, which he did. I think this referee should be commended for his action.. not suspended! After all this was a friendly.

    Michael Jones, U.S.A.

  • Also, Patrick Vieira has been rated as the greatest foreign player ever in English football....

    I can't believe Vieira is voted best overseas player, when there are obvious better ones. Vieira is excellent but has yet warrant the mark of the greatest overseas player.

    I believe players like Zola and Cantona made better impressions on all fans than Vieira did. Zola and Cantona were of the elite group that came to England and thrilled the fans with their skills and talent.

    Vieira is only well liked by Arsenal fans and maybe some outside of Highbury. But to have him stacked in front of Zola and Cantona is ridiculous. The voting should have been done by managers of past era and not just current ones.


    I can't believe no Irish players made it into that team.

    Maybe a few of the Earth's plates have moved and Ireland has joined with England. I was sure looking at an Atlas here that those countries were separated.

    So much for my geography lessons. To think I can now walk to London from Dublin rather than fly OVER the SEA to get there.

    Viera in Keane out...doesn't make sense.

    David O'Neill

  • Also, Denying any rivalry between himself and David Beckham Real Madrid winger Luis Figo has suggested he is willing to let the newcomer play on the right....

    I think that Figo is one of the best right wingers because he can dribble, play quality crosses whereas Beckham cannot dribble but taking nothing away from him, Beckham can also play quality crosses, so if you close him down on the crosses that means there's no Beckham on the field.

    Figo on the other hand can use both left and right feet impressively so I think to get the best out of Beckham, Figo must go to the left and maybe switch positions during the game because it confuses the defenders if a right footed player plays on the left because they always cut inside, instead of crossing.

    Real Madrid is not really a cross playing type of a team like Man Utd...their strikers (Ronaldo) are lazy too head the ball in fact they hardly ever score goals using their heads.

    Boysie Mtolo

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