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Your Verdict: Kewell Saga

Harry Kewell's exit from Leeds United has finally been completed, but not without becoming one the most controversial deals of recent times.

Leeds chairman Prof. John McKenzie has launched a bitter attack on Kewell and his agent over the Aussie's deal as it will earn the Yorkshire club just £3million.

Although Leeds accepted an offer of £5million from Liverpool the Elland Road club has had to agree to pay a fee of £2million to representatives of Kewell.

The departure of such a talented player is difficult for fans to deal with at the best of times, given the details of this transfer how do the supporters feel?


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    Your Verdict:

    I would just like to register my total and utter disgust in the way Kewell has left Leeds United, a player which I admired, has turned his back on the club and supporters. Kewell knows the financial trouble Leeds are in and it doesn't seem to bother him, it goes to show you how loyal he was to Leeds!

    Paul Freel

    As an Australian Liverpool supporter, I am stoked that Harry will be playing for the Reds. It's too early to be talking about title bids, but nevertheless Harry will add much-needed flair to the team.

    I can understand Leeds fans being aggreived with the way the transfer was handled and the paltry amount received (considering his value), but consider this: Leeds bought HK as a junior for A$5,000. He gave them 7 years of sterling service.

    He could have left for free next summer (a la Bowyer). You can't blame him for wanting to go now considering the fact that LUFC has turned into a departure lounge for their best players, but at least the club got something out of him.

    Adrian Reid, Australia

    Kewell - You should be ashamed of yourself Sunshine, disgusting way to act! And you wonder why football is going to pieces in financial terms!

    Ludo Hanks

    Maybe McKenzie needs a little cheese with his whine! It's not the players who have destroyed the Leeds football club - it's the Board of Directors. McKenzie's lament is an obvious last-ditch attempt to salvage dignity from a situation that he helped create in the first place. McKenzie's a loser. Harry Kewell is not. Nor, for that matter is David O'Leary.

    Walter Haugen, Washington, USA

    The signing of Kewell and Finnan represents a forward step for Liverpool, at least they are proven Premiership players unlike last summer's disastrous signings. However, it is a disappointing sign of the times at Liverpool that they refuse to cough up the asking price for Duff.

    Kewell is no doubt a valuable addition and will offer us some much needed width. One cannot help but lament though that Duff is a far superior player. If Duff is subsequently snapped up by United or Arsenal, I for one will be an extremely annoyed Liverpool fan.

    Hoping to see more positive football and not the drab mundane rubbish we were subjected to last season.

    Frank Stapleton, Republic of Ireland (?)

    Leeds are a pack of moaning greedy wingers! They 'bought' Harry from his high school in Sydney for a nominal sum of $10,000 and then complain that they only recieve £3m. After only allowing him to play in 6 international matches for Australia in 4 years..... are they serious.

    Have a look at yourselves Leeds. Maybe if you treated your international players better then they would do the same in return.

    Sam, Sydney, OZ

    What a complete waste Harry Kewell will be at Liverpool. Silly Silly boy. If he really wanted to be a world class player he Arsenal would of been the correct choice, look what they did with Henry. Harry can always wonder 'what if?'

    Heath Flanagan

  • Ronaldinho: The saga continues. Is the way now clear for Manchester United after Real Madrid president Florentino Perez ruled out a move for the Brazilian? Barcalona don't think so.

    I believe that Ronaldinho would be more than just a replacement of David Beckham, he is just so much better than Beckham. They should pay maximum 20 million for the Brazillian, and maybe spend a bit of cash buying a solid experienced defender, someone who can fill the boots of Jaap Stam. In Europe last season the Man Utd defence looked shaky so maybe they need someone to guide the young players.

    Rajiv Yagnik, Australia

    Manchester United should do all they can to secure a world class player like Ronaldinho if they are to compete successfully in Europe. Whilst they have been sensible in their spending, sometimes the richest club in the world must break the bank for long term gains. 18 or 24 million pounds could be peanuts compared to the years of service and success Ronaldinho can give back to the club.

    Lindsay, NSW, Australia

    I would have to say, that no matter the benefit to be gained from Ronnie's enlistment into the Manchester United ranks, the answer would be NO increase. It would appear to me that his manager, PSG and Real Madrid have virtually managed to drag M.U into a bidding war (funnily enough, the same thing M.U was trying to obtain with David Beckham).

    Remember there are other fish in the pond, and for that money you can have more than one fish dinner.

    Frederick Lloyd, Manchester, England

    The fact that Man Utd did not have a high profile replacement already lined up to appease the fans over David Beckham's departure should mean that they should stop at nothing in order to attain the services of Ronaldinho, who is truly one of the world's top young footballing talents!

    Ben Abrines

    As well as Solskjaer played wide on the right last season he cannot be relied on to fill the hole Beckham leaves. Man Utd need to add at least one more world class player (the other player possibly needed being a striker) to challenge in Europe, so they need Ronaldinho.

    The midfield stalwarts are ageing, and with Harry Kewell now off the market world-class midfielders available for transfer are extremely rare. Ronaldinho's versatility makes him an extremely useful player for United, and Ferguson must be prepared to spend big on him.

    He could well be the key to United's European challenge.

    Matt Bennett, Melbourne, Australia

    United must bid for Ron because he is young and still has a bright future. He can be the part of a wonderful team that is ready for another Premiership title. With someone like Ron at Man United the team can just grow from strength to strength.

    He is a star for now and for the next 10 years. If a team like Real is interested in him, then there must be something about the player. He is the right man to replace Beckham at United.

    Clive Abrahams

  • Also, Arsene Wenger is in the hunt for a new goalkeeper to strengthen his Arsenal squad....

    I am an a Olympique Lyonnais fan and I can tell you that there are great rumours that Gregory Coupet (France substitute goalkeeper to MU's Fabien Barthez) will leave Gerland for Highbury.

    With all the tensions reported by the press between Coupet and Jean-Michel Aulas (OL's chairman) and the declarations of Wenger about an experienced keeper to replace Seaman, Coupet seems to be the best target for Arsenal.

    Guillaume Labeque

    I felt a bit disappointed when I heard that Rustu was moving to Barcelona, and I feel that Arsene has been rather quiet in the transfer market so far. That we missed out on Kewell was another big disappointment but I am sure there are a few tricks up Wenger's sleeve.

    The main target for Arsenal is a 'keeper and I just hope we can get a good quality one given our rather lean purse. If we can add a quality centre back to that then we would be well on our way.

    And there's the small matter of Vieira's contract....

    Iyayi Oriabure

    I am extremely concerned about the future of Arsenal football club. An abundance of world class, second class and third class players have been linked with us all summer. Yet with little or no money in the bank we have missed out.

    Patrick Kluivert is available for next to nothing in today's transfer market yet we cannot afford his wages. Harry Kewell was approached by Arsenal first yet we came up short yet again.

    Paul Robinson is going for £2.7m yet Arsenal, who need a keeper more than any team in the Premiership, have made no approach. I believe alot of players need to move on. Kanu is one of them, but understandably he is not interesting anyone at the moment.

    I think we may dither into the wilderness if the squad does not improve. In the domestic competitions we can challenge but in Europe it will be as you where again.

    Lemaine Barrett

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