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Klopp: We can beat Bayern Munich

Borussia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp remains confident of victory against Bayern Munich - if his team can lower Saturday's Champions League final at Wembley to their level.

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"It's not our aim to be compared with Munich in every way," Klopp said at Friday's pre-match press conference. "Only when we're playing each other.

"We'll probably have to stretch ourselves but it remains our tactical intention to bring them down to our level. Then we can beat them. We've always had to do more than Bayern Munich if we've wanted to win matches against them. They've got their way. We've got our way."

Klopp's greatest worry seems to be his team missing the final altogether because of the bad traffic that faced his team on their way to Friday evening training.

"Given this awful traffic in London, we'll have lunch, see how long it takes us to get to the match," he said of his team's matchday preparations. "We had police with us today, are they not allowed to use these blue sirens? We simply had three motorbikes. If we want to get to the match tomorrow we are going to have to put these blue lights on."

Despite his logistical complaints, he said he was delighted to play the final at Wembley. "If this will be my only final in my life, it's the perfect place on this, the perfect opponent, the perfect place," Klopp said. "If I will die in 60 years, it was not so bad."

Klopp said he had admitted defeat in the race to get Mario Gotze fit for the final some time ago. "The injury was too bad," said the coach of the star player who suffered a muscle injury in the semi-final with Real Madrid.

"We saw the pictures. We did hope from time to time, we tried everything. It would have been a surprise if it had worked. For the last three or four weeks, we had expected he would not be playing so we're not terribly surprised."


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