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FIGC president questions FIFA 'mistake' on technology

March 8, 2010

Italian Football Federation president Giancarlo Abete believes FIFA is making a mistake by refusing to experiment with goal line technology.

Warshaw on FIFA decision

Abete was stunned by this weekend's decision of the International Football Association Board (IFAB), FIFA's law-making body, to vote against the introduction of video technology to aid referees.

"IFAB's decision confirms the direction taken ... by FIFA and UEFA to consider the human aspect of refereeing without giving way to technology,'' Abete said on the Italian governing body's official website.

"That doesn't take away that experimenting can be possible. If we don't test, there is a mistake in the method."

Abete believes Italy would be one of the countries that would benefit from introducing such technology give the high-profile nature of the league and the scrutiny it receives from the Italian media.

"For us, where each decision is analysed and there are levels of pressure and tensions superior to other countries, the help of technology would allow referees to act with more assurance," he said.