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Kopcak: EPL and La Liga

Jim Kopcak | January, 6 2006

Jim Kopcak takes a look at the first half of the EPL and Primera Liga seasons.

Kopcak: Bundesliga and Serie A

Jim Kopcak | December, 29 2005

Jim Kopcak takes a look at the first half of the Bundesliga and Serie A seasons.

Kopcak: On the World Club Championship

Jim Kopcak | December, 20 2005

Behind the scenes of the FIFA Club World Championships, a power struggle is emerging between FIFA and the G-14, says Jim Kopcak.

Kopcak: On the other Madrid

Jim Kopcak | September, 25 2005

Atl├ętico Madrid have long lived in the shadows of city rival Real Madrid but a new coach may change that, says Jim Kopcak.

Kopcak: On the Brazilian game

Jim Kopcak | August, 30 2005

Brazil's success lies not only in the quality of player produced, but also in the manner in which those players are employed, says Jim Kopcak.

Kopcak: In pursuit of Love

Jim Kopcak | August, 7 2005

The Corinthians' pursuit of Vagner Love seems doomed to fail, says Jim Kopcak.

Jose can you see?

Jim Kopcak | April, 8 2005

Jose Mourinho has defied all notions of sportmanship as of late, says Jim Kopcak.

Kopcak: Transfer blues

Jim Kopcak | January, 21 2005

Jim Kopcak points out the contrast between Chelsea and Real Madrid's transfer policy.

Kopcak: Bavarian doldrums

Jim Kopcak | January, 21 2005

Bayern Munich have been consistently inconsistent in the Champions League, says Jim Kopcak.

9 articles returned.