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Serie A fixtures: The full list

The opening weekend of the new Serie A season features several interesting matchups, including Roma vs. Fiorentina and Milan vs. Lazio.

All the rest of the games from the 38 matchdays can be found below:

Week 1: Weekend of Aug. 31

Atalanta vs. Verona
Cesena vs. Parma
Chievo vs. Juventus
Genoa vs. Napoli
Milan vs. Lazio
Palermo vs. Sampdoria
Roma vs. Fiorentina
Sassuolo vs. Cagliari
Torino vs. Inter
Udinese vs. Empoli

Week 2: Sept. 14

Cagliari vs. Atalanta
Empoli vs. Roma
Fiorentina vs. Genoa
Verona vs. Palermo
Inter vs. Sassuolo
Juventus vs. Udinese
Lazio vs. Cesena
Napoli vs. Chievo
Parma vs. Milan
Sampdoria vs. Torino

Week 3: Sept. 21

Atalanta vs. Fiorentina
Cesena vs. Empoli
Chievo vs. Parma
Genoa vs. Lazio
Milan vs. Juventus
Palermo vs. Inter
Roma vs. Cagliari
Sassuolo vs. Sampdoria
Torino vs. Verona
Udinese vs. Napoli

Week 4: Sept. 24

Cagliari vs. Torino
Empoli vs. Milan
Fiorentina vs. Sassuolo
Verona vs. Genoa
Inter vs. Atalanta
Juventus vs. Cesena
Lazio vs. Udinese
Napoli vs. Palermo
Parma vs. Roma
Sampdoria vs. Chievo

Week 5: Sept. 28

Atalanta vs. Juventus
Cesena vs. Milan
Chievo vs. Empoli
Genoa vs. Sampdoria
Inter vs. Cagliari
Palermo vs. Lazio
Roma vs. Verona
Sassuolo vs. Napoli
Torino vs. Fiorentina
Udinese vs. Parma

Week 6: Oct. 5

Empoli vs. Palermo
Fiorentina vs. Inter
Verona vs. Cagliari
Juventus vs. Roma
Lazio vs. Sassuolo
Milan vs. Chievo
Napoli vs. Torino
Parma vs. Genoa
Sampdoria vs. Atalanta
Udinese vs. Cesena

Week 7: Oct. 19

Atalanta vs. Parma
Cagliari vs. Sampdoria
Fiorentina vs. Lazio
Genoa vs. Empoli
Verona vs. Milan
Inter vs. Napoli
Palermo vs. Cesena
Roma vs. Chievo
Sassuolo vs. Juventus
Torino vs. Udinese

Week 8: Oct. 26

Cesena vs. Inter
Chievo vs. Genoa
Empoli vs. Cagliari
Juventus vs. Palermo
Lazio vs. Torino
Milan vs. Fiorentina
Napoli vs. Verona
Parma vs. Sassuolo
Sampdoria vs. Roma
Udinese vs. Atalanta

Week 9: Oct. 29

Atalanta vs. Napoli
Cagliari vs. Milan
Fiorentina vs. Udinese
Genoa vs. Juventus
Verona vs. Lazio
Inter vs. Sampdoria
Palermo vs. Chievo
Roma vs. Cesena
Sassuolo vs. Empoli
Torino vs. Parma

Week 10: Nov. 2

Cesena vs. Verona
Chievo vs. Sassuolo
Empoli vs. Juventus
Lazio vs. Cagliari
Milan vs. Palermo
Napoli vs. Roma
Parma vs. Inter
Sampdoria vs. Fiorentina
Torino vs. Atalanta
Udinese vs. Genoa

Week 11: Nov. 9

Cagliari vs. Genoa
Chievo vs. Cesena
Empoli vs. Lazio
Fiorentina vs. Napoli
Inter vs. Verona
Juventus vs. Parma
Palermo vs. Udinese
Roma vs. Torino
Sampdoria vs. Milan
Sassuolo vs. Atalanta

Week 12: Nov. 23

Atalanta vs. Roma
Cesena vs. Sampdoria
Genoa vs. Palermo
Verona vs. Fiorentina
Lazio vs. Juventus
Milan vs. Inter
Napoli vs. Cagliari
Parma vs. Empoli
Torino vs. Sassuolo
Udinese vs. Chievo

Week 13: Nov. 30

Cagliari vs. Fiorentina
Cesena vs. Genoa
Chievo vs. Lazio
Empoli vs. Atalanta
Juventus vs. Torino
Milan vs. Udinese
Palermo vs. Parma
Roma vs. Inter
Sampdoria vs. Napoli
Sassuolo vs. Verona

Week 14: Dec. 7

Atalanta vs. Cesena
Cagliari vs. Chievo
Fiorentina vs. Juventus
Genoa vs. Milan
Verona vs. Sampdoria
Inter vs. Udinese
Napoli vs. Empoli
Parma vs. Lazio
Roma vs. Sassuolo
Torino vs. Palermo

Week 15: Dec. 14

Cesena vs. Fiorentina
Chievo vs. Inter
Empoli vs. Torino
Genoa vs. Roma
Juventus vs. Sampdoria
Lazio vs. Atalanta
Milan vs. Napoli
Palermo vs. Sassuolo
Parma vs. Cagliari
Udinese vs. Verona

Week 16: Dec. 21

Atalanta vs. Palermo
Cagliari vs. Juventus
Fiorentina vs. Empoli
Verona vs. Chievo
Inter vs. Lazio
Napoli vs. Parma
Roma vs. Milan
Sampdoria vs. Udinese
Sassuolo vs. Cesena
Torino vs. Genoa

Week 17: Jan. 6

Cesena vs. Napoli
Chievo vs. Torino
Empoli vs. Verona
Genoa vs. Atalanta
Juventus vs. Inter
Lazio vs. Sampdoria
Milan vs. Sassuolo
Palermo vs. Cagliari
Parma vs. Fiorentina
Udinese vs. Roma

Week 18: Jan. 11

Atalanta vs. Chievo
Cagliari vs. Cesena
Fiorentina vs. Palermo
Verona vs. Parma
Inter vs. Genoa
Napoli vs. Juventus
Roma vs. Lazio
Sampdoria vs. Empoli
Sassuolo vs. Udinese
Torino vs. Milan

Week 19: Jan. 18

Cesena vs. Torino
Chievo vs. Fiorentina
Empoli vs. Inter
Genoa vs. Sassuolo
Juventus vs. Verona
Lazio vs. Napoli
Milan vs. Atalanta
Palermo vs. Roma
Parma vs. Sampdoria
Udinese vs. Cagliari

Week 20: Jan. 25

Cagliari vs. Sassuolo
Empoli vs. Udinese
Fiorentina vs. Roma
Inter vs. Torino
Juventus vs. Chievo
Lazio vs. Milan
Napoli vs. Genoa
Parma vs. Cesena
Sampdoria vs. Palermo
Verona vs. Atalanta

Week 21: Feb. 1

Atalanta vs. Cagliari
Cesena vs. Lazio
Chievo vs. Napoli
Genoa vs. Fiorentina
Milan vs. Parma
Palermo vs. Verona
Roma vs. Empoli
Sassuolo vs. Inter
Torino vs. Sampdoria
Udinese vs. Juventus

Week 22: Feb. 8

Cagliari vs. Roma
Fiorentina vs. Atalanta
Empoli vs. Cesena
Inter vs. Palermo
Juventus vs. Milan
Lazio vs. Genoa
Napoli vs. Udinese
Parma vs. Chievo
Sampdoria vs. Sassuolo
Verona vs. Torino

Week 23: Feb. 15

Atalanta vs. Inter
Cesena vs. Juventus
Chievo vs. Sampdoria
Genoa vs. Verona
Milan vs. Empoli
Palermo vs. Napoli
Roma vs. Parma
Sassuolo vs. Fiorentina
Torino vs. Cagliari
Udinese vs. Lazio

Week 24: Feb. 22

Cagliari vs. Inter
Empoli vs. Chievo
Fiorentina vs. Torino
Juventus vs. Atalanta
Lazio vs. Palermo
Milan vs. Cesena
Napoli vs. Sassuolo
Parma vs. Udinese
Sampdoria vs. Genoa
Verona vs. Roma

Week 25: March 1

Atalanta vs. Sampdoria
Cagliari vs. Verona
Cesena vs. Udinese
Chievo vs. Milan
Genoa vs. Parma
Inter vs. Fiorentina
Palermo vs. Empoli
Roma vs. Juventus
Sassuolo vs. Lazio
Torino vs. Napoli

Week 26: March 8

Cesena vs. Palermo
Chievo vs. Roma
Empoli vs. Genoa
Juventus vs. Sassuolo
Lazio vs. Fiorentina
Milan vs. Verona
Napoli vs. Inter
Parma vs. Atalanta
Sampdoria vs. Cagliari
Udinese vs. Torino

Week 27: March 15

Atalanta vs. Udinese
Cagliari vs. Empoli
Fiorentina vs. Milan
Genoa vs. Chievo
Inter vs. Cesena
Palermo vs. Juventus
Roma vs. Sampdoria
Sassuolo vs. Parma
Torino vs. Lazio
Verona vs. Napoli

Week 28: March 22

Cesena vs. Roma
Chievo vs. Palermo
Empoli vs. Sassuolo
Juventus vs. Genoa
Lazio vs. Verona
Napoli vs. Atalanta
Milan vs. Cagliari
Parma vs. Torino
Sampdoria vs. Inter
Udinese vs. Fiorentina

Week 29: April 5

Atalanta vs. Torino
Cagliari vs. Lazio
Fiorentina vs. Sassuolo
Genoa vs. Udinese
Inter vs. Parma
Juventus vs. Empoli
Palermo vs. Milan
Roma vs. Napoli
Sassuolo vs. Chievo
Verona vs. Cesena

Week 30: April 12

Atalanta vs. Sassuolo
Cesena vs. Chievo
Genoa vs. Cagliari
Lazio vs. Empoli
Milan vs. Sampdoria
Napoli vs. Fiorentina
Parma vs. Juventus
Torino vs. Roma
Verona vs. Inter
Udinese vs. Palermo

Week 31: April 19

Cagliari vs. Napoli
Chievo vs. Udinese
Empoli vs. Parma
Fiorentina vs. Verona
Inter vs. Milan
Juventus vs. Lazio
Palermo vs. Genoa
Roma vs. Atalanta
Sampdoria vs. Cesena
Sassuolo vs. Torino

Week 32: April 26

Atalanta vs. Empoli
Fiorentina vs. Cagliari
Genoa vs. Cesena
Inter vs. Roma
Lazio vs. Chievo
Napoli vs. Sampdoria
Parma vs. Palermo
Torino vs. Juventus
Udinese vs. Milan
Verona vs. Sassuolo

Week 33: April 29

Cesena vs. Atalanta
Chievo vs. Cagliari
Empoli vs. Napoli
Juventus vs. Fiorentina
Lazio vs. Parma
Milan vs. Genoa
Palermo vs. Torino
Sampdoria vs. Verona
Sassuolo vs. Roma
Udinese vs. Inter

Week 34: May 3

Atalanta vs. Lazio
Cagliari vs. Parma
Fiorentina vs. Cesena
Inter vs. Chievo
Napoli vs. Milan
Roma vs. Genoa
Sampdoria vs. Juventus
Sassuolo vs. Palermo
Torino vs. Empoli
Verona vs. Udinese

Week 35: May 10

Cesena vs. Sassuolo
Chievo vs. Verona
Empoli vs. Fiorentina
Genoa vs. Torino
Juventus vs. Cagliari
Lazio vs. Inter
Milan vs. Roma
Palermo vs. Atalanta
Parma vs. Napoli
Udinese vs. Sampdoria

Week 36: May 17

Atalanta vs. Genoa
Cagliari vs. Palermo
Fiorentina vs. Parma
Inter vs. Juventus
Napoli vs. Cesena
Roma vs. Udinese
Sampdoria vs. Lazio
Sassuolo vs. Milan
Torino vs. Chievo
Verona vs. Empoli

Week 37: May 24

Chievo vs. Atalanta
Cesena vs. Cagliari
Empoli vs. Sampdoria
Genoa vs. Inter
Juventus vs. Napoli
Lazio vs. Roma
Milan vs. Torino
Palermo vs. Fiorentina
Parma vs. Verona
Udinese vs. Sassuolo

Week 38: May 31

Atalanta vs. Milan
Cagliari vs. Udinese
Fiorentina vs. Chievo
Inter vs. Empoli
Napoli vs. Lazio
Roma vs. Palermo
Sampdoria vs. Parma
Sassuolo vs. Genoa
Torino vs. Cesena
Verona vs. Juventus


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