European Championship

June 14, 2008



0 - 1


Group D

18:45 +00:00, June 14, 2008

Wals-Siezenhem Stadion, Austria

Referee: Roberto Rosetti (ITA)

Game 16

  • 90'

    Thanks to Michael J and all his fans for getting us through a traumatic first half. Thankfully it was interesting in the second 45 and had to take a back seat!

  • 90'

    Russia play Sweden in a shootout to play Holland in the quarter-finals. As Sweden have a far superior goal difference they only need a point, Russia have to win the game

  • 90'

    Greece will play Spain in the final group game as the archetypal dead rubber. Nothing whatsoever to play for.

  • 90'

    Russia deserved to win. If only they could be more clinical in the final third they'd have been home and dry.

  • 90'

    And that's it! Greece are out!

  • 90'

    Foul by Torosidis in his own half and that should be that

  • 90'

    Russia break, bursting forward. Semak is running into space with options left and right. He finds Pavluchenko who's free but it's fired well over. Terrible. More fantasy points down the drain!

  • 90'

    Kyrgiakos gets it in the box, but his cross-cum-shot lands on the roof of the net. tick, tick, tick

  • 90'

    Three minutes left of Greece's tenure as European Champions

  • 90'

    Offside against Dellas, more frustration

  • 89'

    Greece just can't get it up the other end. There's no alamo here.

  • 88'

    Russia win a corner but only Pavluchenko is up. They are happy with the 1-0

  • 87'

    A final change for Russia as the injured Vasili Berezutsky is replaced by Yuri Zhirkov

  • 87'

    But no! Kyrgiakos was offside! Woe for Greece!

  • 87'

    Dellas puts Kyrgiakos through on goal, there's a collision between players and Charisteas scores!

  • 86'

    Russia break with four on two. Kolodin gets is all wrong and only finds a defender. It should have been put to bed

  • 86'

    Kolodin. He's a real battler

  • 85'

    Torbinsky is booked for timewasting

  • 84'

    Pavluchenko almost has Aniukov in but it's great defending from Torosidis

  • 83'

    Zhirkov takes and it curls just over the bar. Nikopolidis looked comfortable but it was a good effort.

  • 83'

    Karagounis barges over Zurianov just outside the box. Another great chance. Will we see a free-kick goal?

  • 82'

    Russia break up the other end and get a corner themselves. Zurianov takes from the right and it's worked short, and comes to nothing

  • 81'

    Karagounis wins a corner now. Basinas goes over to take and Kyrgiakos gets up, but it hits his shoulder and goes to Akinfeev

  • 80'

    Basinas takes the free-kick and Pavluchenko is back there to head away at the near post

  • 80'

    Stelios is coming on now, with Amanatidis sacrificed

  • 79'

    Semak fouls Karagounis on the right flank and there's a real chance to deliver dangerously here

  • 78'

    Pavluchenko is fouled now, starting to get bitty out there now

  • 78'

    Saenko is booked for a foul on Karagounis

  • 77'

    Kolodin takes it but his thunderbolt hits the wall. 16 games and still no free-kick scored

  • 76'

    Zurianov is felled by Basinas 25 yards out. A real chance to make it two from the dead play

  • 75'

    It's looking bleak for Greece now, Russia are looking comfy defensively now

  • 75'

    Zhirkov is down injured and will receive a bit of treatment

  • 74'

    Last 15 minutes for Greece, Russia and Michael J.

  • 73'

    Pavluchenko tries a powerful drive from the left angle of the box - it was a sublime ball out to him by Saenko - but it's wayward

  • 72'

    Katsouranis is involved again and goes for the shot, again it's wide but much closer this time

  • 72'

    Andy Mastoros: 'Doc was bad guy in who framed roger rabbit.' Well I never!

  • 71'

    Pavluchenko is penalised for leanig in.

  • 70'

    A change for Russia now as the average Bilyaletdinov is replaced by Ivan Saenko - the only player not based in Russia and a team-mate of Charisteas at Nurnberg. Who were relegated from the Bundesliga. It figures.

  • 69'

    John Brewin says we should be discussing Minder rather than Michael J. That could be so good for you.

  • 68'

    Charisteas had a superb chance from Basinas' corner put it went straight to Akinfeev. Should have done better there. It's not 2004, is it.

  • 68'

    Corner to Greece, it came off Ignashevich

  • 67'

    Karagounis fires a speculative 35-yard effort well wide and apologises to his team-mates

  • 66'

    Greece seem to have run out of a bit of steam now. Russia taking charge once again. Maybe it's because Gekas is on - he's clueless

  • 65'

    Isthmus House in San Diego says: 'The Doc was also in RL Stein's Haunted Lighthouse. It shows everyday at Sea World in San Diego.' Fascinating

  • 64'

    Woeful defending inside his own area by Katsouranis gifts the ball to Bilyaletdinov, he cuts in but his shot is blocked well by Dellas

  • 63'

    Apparently at ESPN Tokyo you can get beer out of the fridge. Time for a transfer!

  • 62'

    Zurianov's corner is poor and evades everyone before being picking up by a white shirt on the edge of the box

  • 62'

    Zurianov almost gets Aniukov in, Torosidis has to put it behind for a corner

  • 61'

    We might be seeing Gekas on the ball quite a lot. Certainly in terms of this commentary anyway

  • 60'

    Time for a change. Yes! Brilliant! My other Fantasy Greek is coming on! Gekas (who I can actually spell) is on for Liberopoulos

  • 59'

    Pavluchenko holds back Kyrgiakos. Free-kick

  • 58'

    This is a real cup tie atmosphere now. The drums are pounding with both sides knowing how much victory means. That could result in a draw

  • 57'

    Liberopoulos goes into the book after jumping unfairly

  • 56'

    ...Bilyaletdinov puts it inches wide. Liquid football and that deserved a goal

  • 56'

    What a move from Russia. Zhirkov plays it into Pavluchenko and his backheel is into the path of Bilyaletdinov...

  • 55'

    The play is really getting stretched now. Patsatzoglou blocks off Zhirkov and now Russia attack. Bilyaletdinov throws himself to the ground looking for a penalty - not a chance

  • 54'

    Wonderful play by Greece as Charisteas sets up Torosidis but he leans back and fires over. Greece building the pressure

  • 54'

    It's a really good end to end game now. I'm barely able to think about Michael J right now.

  • 53'

    Karagounis is having a real influence now and helps force a corner. Basinas takes but Russia deal with it well

  • 52'

    Great skill by Pavluchenko, makes a mug of Kyrgiakos but then fires into the side netting. He could have put it out of reach for Russia then

  • 51'

    I went all the way to another floor to get that tea and it really is very poor. Waste of time. Greg Touney is right - we should have beer

  • 50'

    Liberopoulos is flagged offside

  • 49'

    Better game in this second half. Remember, goals could be important for Russia. If they can get a better goal difference than Sweden they'll only need a draw against them on the final day.

  • 48'

    Zurianov fells Karagounis. Chance to deliver into the box by Basinas and it's a good one to Amanatidis but he can't keep it in

  • 48'

    Zhirkov tries third time, Zurianov heads well over

  • 48'

    Snap shot from Pavluchenko is palmed behind by Nikopolidis. The corner comes in by Zhirkov and again it goes behind for a corner

  • 47' has received a lot of love for Doc Hollywood during the interval. It's catching up Teenwolf and Secret of My Success.

  • 47'

    Karagounis finds Charisteas completely unmarked. He collects and must scores - but weakly produces a back-pass to Akinfeev. That should have been 1-1. Rubbish again

  • 46'

    Russia begin the second 45.

  • 45'

    The teams are back out. That's a shame

  • 45'

    Thanks go out to Michael J Fox for his inspirational presence. Those futuristic skateboards are firmly in our hearts. Want to join the Michael J Fox appreciation society? Send any thoughts to I'm going to get in the elevator, back in 15.

  • 45'

    It was a very slow first 35 but definitely improved in the last 10

  • 45'

    Greece are out as it stands, and you have to say over 135 minutes at this tournament they deserve nothing more.

  • 45'

    And that's it, the first 45 are up

  • 45'

    Just one minute to be added

  • 45'

    It comes back in for Kyrgiakos who looks to have a bit of space but the flag is up

  • 45'

    Corner to Greece. Basinas takes from the right after a ball finally arrives. Headed away by Zhirkov

  • 45'

    Both the tea machines on this floor are broken! Disgrace, that's what it is. I have to get in an elevator to get a cup of tea! It'll waste most of the 15

  • 44'

    Torbinsky is late on Charisteas and is looky to escape without a card

  • 43'

    And now Karagounis goes into the book for a tug back on Semshov. And there goes the appearance point for my fantasy team. Thanks.

  • 42'

    Foul on Karagounis by Semak. Another free-kick on the left. It will be Karagounis to take this time - but he slips on kicking and it doesn't beat the first man

  • 41'

    Basinas takes the corner and Katsouranis can only head over. Half a chance.

  • 40'

    Before it's taken Greece make a change. Seitaridis is replaced by Karagounis due to injury. Yes! He's in my fantasy team! Come on, Kara!

  • 40'

    Ignashevich gives away a corner. Brief relieft for Greece

  • 39'

    Semshov links up with Bilyaletdinov - the latter lifts his shot just over the bar

  • 39'

    Greece deal with the corner this time but they are rocking

  • 39'

    Corner to Russia. Zhirkov and Amanatidis is forced to hack it behind. He's not happy with his team-mates

  • 38'

    Apparently the Doc was in Things to do in Denver When You're Dead. Don't remember that. I do remember Gabrielle Anwar in it though!

  • 38'

    Free-kick to Greece now out on left, Basinas takes and Akinfeev make a good punch to clear

  • 37'

    That goal has given Russia great confidence. The spirit of Michael J is with them.

  • 36'

    Another shot from Pavluchenko, this time from 25 yards out which is dragged well wide

  • 35'

    Russia are rampant now. Pavluchenko heads down and over when he should have done better - but he was offside anyway

  • 34'

    Just when we thought it was impossible we have a goals! Bilyaletdinov overhit the cross again but Nikopolidis went walkabout chasing the ball. Semak did brilliantly to hook it back across and Zurianov had the simple task of tapping home!

  • 33'


  • 32'

    Another overhit pass from Bilyaletdinov. This is SO exciting. The edge of my seat is almost worn out

  • 31'

    Patsatzoglou shoots... tamely to Akinfeev's grasp

  • 31'

    Bilyaletdinov puts in a woeful cross. Catching practice for Nikopolidis

  • 30'

    John Brewin has gone big on the 0-0. He's looking very confident right now

  • 30'

    Bilyaletdinov feeds in Pavluchenko who lays it off for Zhirkov. He goes down looking for the free-kick but the ref is not interested

  • 30'

    Steve Winters: 'I think you have to give a thumbs up to "Poison Ivy", the made-for-TV summer camp movie he made in 1985 with The Facts of Life's Nancy McKeon.' You've lost us, Steve.

  • 29'

    Pavluchenko just fails to control in the box. He would have had the chance to turn and shoot.

  • 28'

    Aniukov produces an amazing dive to win a free-kick from Liberopoulos. What happened to that simulation rule?

  • 27'

    John Connors says: 'The Secret of My Success with Fox playing Brantley Foster aka Carlton Whitfield!' John Brewin here is a big fan, too.

  • 26'

    It's very tight between Secret of my Success and Teen Wolf. Gotta be the Wolf though surely?

  • 25'

    Amanatidis is pulled up for a push on Aniukov

  • 24'

    Charisteas attempts a highly ambitious chip from a tight angle and predictably finds the stand

  • 23'

    From Ricardo N Bedoya. He says: 'How about The Secret of My Succe$s. Bow bow...chick-chicka chicka....bow bow....' Crazy man!

  • 22'

    Greece improving now, they needed to step it up

  • 21'

    ...he completely misses it! It was an easy header and the ball hits Ignashevich and creeps behind for a corner. So close! The corner is dealt with but no convincingly

  • 20'

    Free-kick to Greece 25 yards out on the left. Basinas plays a great ball into the box onto the edge of the six yard box and Charisteas is there...

  • 19'

    Evangelos Diamantakos tell me the Doc was in the Adams family film. Interesting.

  • 18'

    Zhirkov gets to the byline and cuts it back for Torbinsky but the midfielder can't get proper contact and that's a goal-kick

  • 17'

    Russia break up the other end and again it comes to Pavluchenko who blasts a drive against the arm of Dellas. He wants a penalty and the flag is up... for offside

  • 17'

    Liberopoulos goes down in the box claiming a drag back by Kolodin but the ref's having none of it

  • 16'

    Your favourite Michael J Fox film? Email

  • 15'

    The corner comes in from the right and drop to Zhirkov in the D - his rasping effort flies just wide

  • 14'

    Oooh! The deft chip has Nikopolidis scrambling and he just tips it over the bar

  • 14'

    Greece give the ball away and Russia break, Bilyaletdinov finding Pavluchenko inside the area...

  • 13'

    You never see the Doc in any other films do you? But you can't beat Michael J Fox in Teenwolf.

  • 12'

    Another free-kick, foul by Basinas on Zurianov. It's take short

  • 12'

    Bilyaletdinov! Why can't Semak be on the ball all the time?

  • 11'

    Bilyaletdinov gets in a snap shot from 25 yards after cutting in from the left, but it's always rising.

  • 10'

    Ten minutes gone and not even a sniff of a shot. I'm commentating on Back To The Future on the other channel shortly.

  • 9'

    Semak wins a free-kick in his own area for a foul by Liberopoulos, looked soft

  • 8'

    Kyrgiakos takes it from way inside his own half and hits it long... out for a goal-kick. That was rubbish.

  • 8'

    Foul on Katsouranis, another free-kick

  • 7'

    Both Greek players I have in my Fantasy team have been dropped for this match. They'll probably be scoring as many points.

  • 6'

    Zhirkov almost gets past Seitaridis on the left, but it's good defending by the Greek player and he eventually wins a free-kick

  • 6'

    Greece are all over the shop right now, Russia just need to cool things down a bit and stop rushing the play and they'll get in

  • 5'

    Someone's got a trumpet in the stadium. Someone should tell him that musical instruments are banned by UEFA. Get him out!

  • 4'

    Russia, in their change strip of red, have certainly started the better

  • 3'

    Free-kick for Russia out on the left. Zhirkov stands over it and looks to bend it in, Basinas is there to clear his lines

  • 2'

    Greece are the only nation yet to score, they'll be hoping to put a stop to that

  • 1'

    Greece will get us started with Amanatidis and Liberopoulos


    I'm contemplating doing the commentary by numbers rather than names - it'll be easier


    If Greece lose this match then the holders can release their grip on the trophy. Defeat for Russia means they must then beat Sweden to have any hope. A draw really doesn't do a great deal for either side.


    Striker Roman Pavlyuchenko is named in the starting lineup after recovering from a thigh problem.


    Russia coach Guus Hiddink makes two changes, bringing in defender Sergei Ignashevich for Roman Shirokov and midfielder Dmitry Torbinsky for Dmitry Sychev in a 4-5-1 formation.


    Striker Nikos Liberopoulos starts in place of Fanis Gekas and Yannis Amanatidis joins him in attack alongside Angelos Charisteas.


    Greece coach Otto Rehhagel has decided against a five-man defence in favour of a three-pronged attack in a 4-3-3 formation, bringing in attacking defender Christos Patsatzoglou in place of midfielder Giorgios Karagounis and leaving Paraskevas Antzas out of the side.


    Welcome to what promises to be the most entertaining match of the whole tournament! And Dale Johnson is here to guide you through all the drama