Daejeon Stadium, Taejon, South Korea

Referee: Byron Moreno

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South Korea

  • Seol Ki-Hyun 88'
  • Ahn Jung-Hwan 116'

2 - 1



  • Christian Vieri 18'
  • 116'

    Epic, brilliant stuff - it finishes South Korea 2 Italy 1

  • 116'

    Italy - defensive and dour - are out at the hands of the co-hosts, whose spirit and vibrance, so evident throughout the competition so far, has carried them through

  • 116'

    An amazing moment - the moment of the World Cup for my money. The crowd have gone absolutely crazy, even South Korea's heroic players can't believe what's just happened

  • 116'

    The ball is crossed in and Ahn Jung-Hwan - the man who missed the penalty - heads past Buffon. South Korea have an incredible golden goal winner!

  • 116'

    Long ball forward for Italy - nothing particularly menacing about that and South Korea will break...

  • 115'

    Choi Jun-Chul is booked for a foul which gives Italy a free-kick halfway inside the South Korea half

  • 114'

    Just over five minutes until this game goes to penalties - can either side conjure up a late winner?

  • 113'

    ...and South Korea once again cope well in defence

  • 113'

    Lee Woon-Jae produces a top-drawer save, turning the ball over the crossbar. It will be a corner...

  • 112'

    Fine defending from South Korea... but then Gattuso gets through after an error by Seol Ki-Hyun...

  • 111'

    Hwang Sun-Hong has a great chance from a header - but puts it too close to Buffon. Italy, reprieved, win a free-kick midway inside their opponents' half

  • 110'

    ...and Italy get the block. Vieri looks to have freed Tomassi, but the offside flag is up. A scare for South Korea

  • 109'

    Italy are penalised for another foul - this time on Cha Doo-Ri... Lee Young-Pyo takes it on...

  • 108'

    ...the cross comes in and Buffon claims it

  • 107'

    It's a good ball in - but South Korea deal with that. Panucci plays it in again, but Vieri is penalised for a foul and here comes Cha Doo-Ri...

  • 107'

    Vieri shields the ball well and Di Livio plays it forward... Gattuso is flattened and that's a free-kick to the Italians

  • 106'

    Buffon kicks downfield - South Korea win the ball back, but an attempted through pass is overhit

  • 105'

    That's the half-way point in extra time... 15 minutes left for South Korea to try and find a winner against ten-man Italy

  • 105'

    Hwang Sun-Hong has a chance to cross, but that's far too long and goes out for a goal-kick

  • 104'

    Totti trudges off the field in disbelief, and the momentum is shifting towards South Korea

  • 103'

    Totti breaks into the area and falls under challenge - he has already been booked and receives a second yellow for diving. Italy are down to ten men

  • 103'

    It's cleared and then played back in... Buffon claims it well

  • 102'

    The ball is hit low by Hwang Sun-Hong and Buffon tips it away. So close... corner to South Korea

  • 101'

    It's very central - Buffon lines up the wall...

  • 101'

    Park Ji-Sung is brought down by Maldini some 25 yards out - he evaded a couple of challenges in a dazzling run

  • 100'

    The co-hosts are really upping the tempo of their game and Italy are on the back foot at the moment

  • 100'

    The free-kick is well met and South Korea steam forward again... only to give the ball away

  • 99'

    Yellow card for Lee Chun-Soo, who is penalised for a high challenge

  • 98'

    Cha Doo-Ri crosses and Ahn Jung-Hwan is unable to turn on the ball. South Korea really going for it now

  • 97'

    ...and Choi Jun-Chul makes an excellent challenge to stop Totti from breaking away

  • 96'

    Seol Ki-Hyun now... his cross is dealt with by Coco, but at the expense of a corner... it's headed back across and hacked away

  • 95'

    South Korea's turn - Panucci heads clear from the cross

  • 95'

    ...but Italy come forward again through Gattuso, whose through ball is overhit

  • 94'

    It's overhit, but Coco will try to play the ball back in. Lee Woon-Jae holds on well under pressure

  • 94'

    Totti sparks a good move with a neat touch - Di Livio crosses and now Italy can swing in a corner

  • 93'

    Italy finally get the ball clear, and have a free-kick in midfield

  • 92'

    It's a poor delivery, but deflects behind for another corner - soon followed by yet another. Good pressure from South Korea

  • 92'

    He may do - South Korea win the first corner of this extra period...

  • 91'

    Totti flicks the ball through to Vieri, whose cross is blocked. Will he live to regret that glaring late miss?

  • 90'

    Massive volume from the stands: Italy get extra time under way. They can hardly have been expecting it...

  • 90'

    That's the final action of normal time: South Korea have extra time, and they have earned it

  • 90'

    Seol Ki-Hyun gets through and lashes in a shot - it hits the side-netting

  • 90'

    From it, Cha Doo-Ri gets in a overhead kick which is straight at Buffon. Either side of him, and that would surely have been a winner

  • 90'

    Superb late drama - Cha Doo-Ri wins a stoppage-time corner for South Korea...

  • 89'

    ...but it's nearly snatched away - Vieri somehow blazing over the bar from six yards out. Amazing finale

  • 88'

    The crowd, unsurprisingly, has gone absolutely wild. For sheer effort against determinedly defensive opponents, they deserve it...

  • 88'

    From that, South Korea fashion a late, late equaliser - Seol Ki-Hyun takes advantage of a scramble and fires low into the corner. It's 1-1!

  • 87'

    ...and Italy go straight to the other end, winning a free-kick of their own. The keeper claims and sets his side on the move forward

  • 87'

    Another burst of noise from the stands... the South Koreans have a free-kick, but once more the Italy defence proves impossible to break through

  • 86'

    South Korea clear and Zanetti's shot from distance is over the top

  • 86'

    Gattuso may even have given them a chance to extend it - he wins a corner down the right

  • 85'

    A loose pass forward gives Italy the ball again: they're looking very likely to hold onto this lead

  • 84'

    Another cross comes in, and Buffon is again in the right place to claim

  • 83'

    He introduces Cha Doo-Ri and takes off Hong Myung-Bo: South Korea add another forward to the mix

  • 82'

    It looks as though another South Korea change is in the offing - last throw of the dice for Hiddink...

  • 81'

    ...and it's hit too long: a gift for Italy keeper Buffon, who claims with ease

  • 81'

    Free-kick to the co-hosts: it's wide on the left...

  • 80'

    At the other end, good strength from Vieri gives him the chance to have a go at goal - it's straight at Lee Woon-Jae, however

  • 79'

    Long goal-kick from South Korea - it leads to a mad scramble inside the area and Seol Ki-Hyun can't quite get there

  • 78'

    In the end, he tries to take on one defender too many and the charge is blocked

  • 78'

    Italy in possession, and Totti makes a superb run towards the Korean area...

  • 77'

    That, too, is headed clear - South Korea anticipating the delivery to the near post. The fans are trying their best to lift them as the last ten minutes approach

  • 76'

    They break through Vieri, whose shot is deflected onto the roof of the net. Corner at the other end

  • 76'

    He takes it himself and Italy, again, are resolute

  • 75'

    Song Chong-Gug does well on the right, and wins a corner for South Korea...

  • 74'

    ...but shoots wide from a very promising position. That should probably have wrapped things up

  • 73'

    They won't increase it like that - Totti blazes over and then Vieri goes through...

  • 73'

    And they are looking more and more comfortable, even though their lead is only 1-0

  • 72'

    Zambrotta, who has taken a knock, will be replaced by Angelo Di Livio... Italy have a free-kick midway inside the South Korea half

  • 71'

    He has had an impeccable game, and Korea have found it very hard to get behind such a well-drilled defensive unit

  • 70'

    Korea coming forward again - Maldini swoops on the low ball across the face of the box and brings it out of defence

  • 69'

    Ahn Jung-Hwan can't get the ball out from under his feet inside the area after a good cross: the chance goes begging

  • 68'

    It comes to nothing, and now the switch will be made - Lee Chun-Soo is on and Kim Nam-Il goes off

  • 67'

    Injury problsm for South Korea... they will have to make a change soon. In the meantime, Italy have won a corner and Totti will take it

  • 66'

    Zambrotta crosses low: that's cleared before it can reach the lurking Italy strikers

  • 65'

    Gattuso is felled midway inside the South Korea half and Lee Woon-Jae is in the right place to claim from the free-kick

  • 64'

    Italy are clearly quite happy with the lead they have - it's up to South Korea to find an answer to their solidly defensive approach

  • 64'

    ...but it's poor - not for the first time from him - and South Korea clear with no problems

  • 63'

    In the meantime, Italy have a free-kick - Zambrotta's shirt was being pulled. Panucci will cross this one in...

  • 62'

    Hwang Sun-Hong comes on and Kim Tae-Young makes way for him

  • 62'

    Here come South Korea... Ahn Jung-Hwan's cross is blocked and now South Korea are going to make a substitution

  • 61'

    Del Piero is taken off and Gennaro Gattuso comes on in his place

  • 61'

    Around half an hour left for South Korea to salvage their World Cup hopes... Italy will make a change...

  • 60'

    Ahn Jung-Hwan hammers in a shot - it's over the top, but the referee had spotted a foul in any case

  • 59'

    Three over the ball for South Korea...

  • 58'

    Coco then gives away another free-kick in very dangerous territory - this one's inside the D...

  • 57'

    The bandaged Coco breaks down the left: South Korea block and break, and Maldini cleverly flicks the ball off the player behind him to win a throw

  • 57'

    Italy carrying a threat on the counter, and if they were to get a second goal that would surely seal a place in the last eight

  • 56'

    Zambrotta crosses on the break and Del Piero hits it - Choi Jun-Chul blocks well for South Korea

  • 55'

    Here come Korea once more... Buffon reacts well to grasp an early cross

  • 55'

    The ball is played in and Maldini is there to clear

  • 54'

    Manager Guus Hiddink is prowling the touchline: Tomassi is booked for a crunching challenge on Lee Young-Pyo

  • 54'

    Still the Koreans are finding it difficult to carve out a clear chance

  • 53'

    Buffon lines up the wall - Yoo Sang-Chul strikes a shot goalwards after a square ball and Italy block

  • 52'

    Still plenty of volume from the fans: they're buoyed by the award of a free-kick right on the edge of the area. Ahn Jung-Hwan the player challenged...

  • 51'

    Free-kick to Italy, wide on the right. South Korea back in numbers, and Lee Woon-Jae claims

  • 50'

    He gets away with it, however, and South Korea have possession once more

  • 49'

    Del Piero gets into the area... he fouls Kim Tae-Young, who reacts angrily and appears to have used an elbow...

  • 49'

    ...but now they must defend an Italy free-kick - Del Piero fouled

  • 48'

    Snappy play from the co-hosts - they're looking to up the tempo as they try to make inroads into Italy's defence

  • 48'

    Seol Ki-Hyun tries to carve out a chance, but again Maldini is on the spot for the Italians

  • 47'

    Lee Young-Pyo has possession for South Korea on the left, and wins a throw

  • 46'

    It causes one or two scares for Italy, but they get it clear and Del Piero charges forward... Tomassi's cross is blocked

  • 45'

    The second half is under way - Korea look to move forward quickly and play in an early cross...

  • 45'

    And the referee blows the half-time whistle: Vieri scored from a corner, Ahn Jung-Hwan didn't from the penalty spot and Italy lead

  • 45'

    Totti takes a tumble under challenge - free-kick. The heavily-bandaged Coco is back on

  • 45'

    Into stoppage time at the end of the first half... South Korea still looking for inspiration

  • 45'

    The corner is hammered away by Maldini as the temporarily depleted Italians do well... Ahn Jung-Hwan drives in a low shot, which Buffon holds

  • 44'

    He's receiving treatment inside the area... and soon has to leave the pitch

  • 43'

    That leads to another corner, and Coco has a cut above his eye after a tangle from the first set-piece...

  • 42'

    Ahn Jung-Hwan hits it - the ball deflects wide and it's a corner...

  • 42'

    Can there be more of a threat here? Zanetti is penalised for a foul some 30 yards out and this could be a dangerous free-kick

  • 41'

    They've kept the South Korean threat to a minimum since the early stages

  • 40'

    Seol Ki-Hyun on the far side of the area - more strong defending by Italy

  • 39'

    Del Piero and Tomassi link, but Zambrotta is caught offside as he tries to continue the move

  • 38'

    They try to take advantage of it by coming forward, but the ball drifts out of play

  • 37'

    ...and Lee Woon-Jae races off his line to make a superb block - that could be a crucial moment for South Korea

  • 37'

    Totti hammers in a shot from the follow-up, and it's blocked by the Korean defence - Tomassi goes in on goal after a Totti through ball...

  • 37'

    From the goal-kick, Italy win themselves a free-kick: Panucci crosses, but with no quality

  • 36'

    ...he fires in a shot which fizzes over the top, but that's an encouraging moment for the co-hosts

  • 35'

    South Korea on the ball inside their own half - now it's inside the area and Ahn Jung-Hwan turns brilliantly...

  • 34'

    ...Italy again deal with that coolly and break - until Park Ji-Sung steps in once more

  • 33'

    Italy are starting to look comfortable, but here comes Park Ji-Sung... he wins a throw near the area

  • 32'

    Tomassi is penalised for shirt-pulling, but South Korea make a mess of the free-kick... they're finding it tough to make much impact up front at the moment

  • 31'

    Still they have the ball... now it goes forward, but it's misdirected and drifts out

  • 30'

    Lee Young-Pyo does well, winning the ball back and making sure South Korea keep possession

  • 29'

    Del Piero looks up, 25 yards out - and promptly scuffs a disappointing shot wide of the target

  • 28'

    Possession play now - it ends when Hong Myung-Bo heads clear

  • 27'

    Panucci on the ball for Italy - it's played long downfield and Totti takes over

  • 26'

    Back to the keeper from South Korea: they're not panicking, and there's some patient passing going on

  • 25'

    Signs that the co-hosts are recovering from the shaky spell that followed Italy's goal

  • 24'

    Crossing chance for South Korea - Iuliano makes it his with a good header

  • 24'

    Zambrotta makes an enterprising run down the right. His low cross is cleared and Ahn Jung-Hwan moves forward... Maldini is there to cover

  • 23'

    Ahn Jung-Hwan is blocked as he runs towards the penalty area... Italy look forward, but that pass won't cause any problems

  • 22'

    Korea play it forward, but it seems they are a bit shaken by events... Totti is booked for a heavy challenge on Kim Nam-Il

  • 21'

    Vieri looks to make room for a shot, which flies wide - the referee had blown for a foul in any case

  • 21'

    It didn't take long for the supporters to recover - there's plenty of noise around the stadium again

  • 20'

    Another Italy free-kick inside the South Korea half, but the ball goes out of play as Zambrotta looks for space and time down the right

  • 19'

    That's temporarily stunned the massed ranks of South Korea fans - their side have missed a penalty and now trail... can they respond?

  • 18'

    In it comes, and Vieri is on the spot to head powerfully into the top corner. Italy lead 1-0!

  • 18'

    The keeper punches clear under presure, but Totti gets the ball back and wins a corner...

  • 17'

    It's a bright, open start to the game so far. Kim Tae-Young is booked for a challenge from behind. Del Piero crosses from the free-kick...

  • 16'

    Seol Ki-Hyun shows fine control to chest the ball down inside the area, and his low cross is cleared by Maldini

  • 15'

    Totti hits it and it rebounds clear off his team-mate Tommasi

  • 15'

    Totti having a look at this one - South Korea have plenty in the wall

  • 15'

    Here come Italy - Del Piero falls under a challenge on the edge of the box and this is a dangerous free-kick

  • 14'

    Buffon comes out of his area to head clear from a through ball. Forward it goes, and Vieri is caught offside

  • 13'

    Vieri flicks on, but keeper Lee Woon-Jae is there to take that

  • 12'

    Zanetti hoofs clear under pressure: South Korea, as they have throughout the tournament, are playing at a high tempo

  • 11'

    Lee Young-Pyo runs down the left, but there's nowhere for him to go and that one's out of play for an Italian throw

  • 10'

    Tomassi frees Vieri down the left - he attempts a shot, but it curls past the far post

  • 9'

    He's taken off the pitch for treatment... meantime, Del Piero has the ball but South Korea win it once more

  • 8'

    Kim Tae-Young is down after a challenge by Vieri - he looks a little bit dazed

  • 7'

    The Koreans snap in to win the ball again... neither crowd nor team look deflated by that early penalty drama

  • 7'

    But then his goal-kick goes straight out of play and it's an Italy throw

  • 6'

    Italy come to the other end and win a corner - Totti takes and Lee Woon-Jae claims well

  • 6'

    High drama at the start of the game - and it's the second time South Korea have failed to score from the spot in this World Cup

  • 5'

    ...and Buffon produces a fine low save to tip the ball round the post

  • 5'

    What a start to the game - Ahn Jung-Hyun to take it...

  • 4''s crossed in and Seol Ki-Hyun is adjudged to have been pushed. Penalty to South Korea in the opening stages...

  • 3'

    Yoo Sang-Chul produces a great interception in midfield. Francesco Coco challenges Park Ji-Sung out wide and gives away a free-kick

  • 3'

    Italy win it back, but the ball forward is aimless and straight through to keeper Lee Woon-Jae

  • 2'

    Then Seol Ki-Hyun tries to run at the Italy defence, but he's crowded out... here come South Korea again...

  • 1'

    Zambrotta crosses towards Vieri, but it's just too high for the striker

  • 1'

    ...but the ball is soon with South Korea and they launch it forward - it zips out for a throw-in


    And Italy get us under way - they're playing the ball around at the back


    Huge volume from the crowd - kick-off just seconds away now. South Korea's team huddle is huddling on the far side...


    Can the co-hosts go through following Japan's exit from the competition earlier today?


    A fantastic atmosphere and a fantastic sight - the stadium is a sea of South Korean red

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • South Korea

  • 11(7)

  • -

  • 28

  • 56%


  • Italy

  • 14(6)

  • -

  • 22

South Korea

POS No Name


1 Lee Woon-Jae


4 Choi Jun-Chul


7 Tae-Young Kim
18 Hwang Sun-Hong


20 Hong Myung-Bo
16 Cha Doo-Ri


5 Kim Nam-Il
14 Lee Chun-Soo


6 Yoo Sang-Chul


10 Lee Young-Pyo


21 Park Ji-Sung


22 Song Chong-Gug


9 Seol Ki-Hyun


19 Ahn Jung-Hwan
POS No Name
M 14 Lee Chun-Soo
F 16 Cha Doo-Ri
F 18 Hwang Sun-Hong

Match Stats

  • South Korea
  • Italy
11(7) Shots (on goal) 14(6)
28 Fouls 22
10 Corner kicks 7
0 Offsides 5
56% Time of Possession 44%
4 Yellow Cards 4
0 Red Cards 1
5 Saves 6

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