Miyagi Stadium, Miyaki, Japan

Referee: Pierluigi Collina

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0 - 1



  • Umit Davala 12'
  • 90'

    It is - the final whistle goes and co-hosts Japan are out of the World Cup. Umit Davala got the vital goal for Turkey, and they go through 1-0

  • 90'

    Now it's a Turkey throw, deep inside Japan's half. Surely that's it...

  • 90'

    Ilhan is fouled and Turkey have a free-kick - they are seconds away from a place in the last eight now

  • 90'

    ...but the referee has spotted some pushing and that's a free-kick to Turkey

  • 90'

    Ono swings it in and Ergun heads that behind for a corner. Late, late pressure...

  • 90'

    Hakan Sukur is booked for a foul on Morishima - dangerous free-kick for Japan. Three minutes of stoppage time to play

  • 90'

    Nishizawa shoots over from the edge of the box and there's another change for Turkey. Basturk is off and Ilhan comes on

  • 89'

    But Ono can't make anything of a break down the left and Turkey clear... back come Japan

  • 89'

    Nihat breaks for the Turks, Miyamoto clears. Huge noise from the Japan fans, urging their side forward for one final effort

  • 88'

    They win a throw - Matsuda shoots from outside the area, but his effort is charged down

  • 87'

    Miyamoto blocks as Hakan Sukur makes his way into the area and shoots - can Japan come away from this?

  • 86'

    Japan follow that with a change of their own: Ichikawa comes off and Hiroaki Morishima is on. Troussier has taken a late gamble...

  • 85'

    There's another Turkey change - Tayfur is coming on and Hasan Sas makes way

  • 84'

    Nakata heads on and there's no standing on ceremony in the Turkey defence: that one's just hammered downfield

  • 83'

    Hasan Sas looks to break: he wins a free-kick for the Turks, who are edging nearer and nearer to the quarter-finals

  • 82'

    ...but ultimately disappointment as Rustu makes a confident claim

  • 81'

    Nakata crosses and it deflects away for a corner. Noise from the crowd...

  • 80'

    He turns and shoots - too high. Ten minutes remaining, and Toda is moving forward for Japan

  • 79'

    To no avail... Miyamoto will try again and Nishizawa is lurking on the edge of the area

  • 78'

    His side are building again - Matsuda comes forward

  • 77'

    Turkey free-kick - offside against Japan. Japan coach Troussier looks pensive, as well he might at this stage of proceedings

  • 77'

    Tugay has taken a knock and is off the pitch receiving treatment. He's been a key player for Turkey today...

  • 76'

    A little under 15 minutes left for the co-hosts to salvage their World Cup hopes - but they're still struggling to make any real dents in the Turkish defence

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Sas attempts to chip the ball into the box. Koji Nakata is there to clear, but wastes the ball

  • 74'

    Nihat chases a ball forward, but it skids out of play on the drenched pitch and goes for a goal-kick

  • 73'

    Turkey make a change: Nihat comes on and goalscorer Umit Davala makes way for him

  • 72'

    A good challenge by Tugay denies Hidetoshi Nakata time and space, but Turkey can't build anything from that

  • 72'

    Taking a leaf out of his book, Ono wins a corner which is crossed just too long

  • 71'

    It's cleared, and Sas runs into the Japanese penalty area. He's blocked in the end, but poses such a threat on the break

  • 70'

    ...and Hidetoshi Nakata is sent tumbling on the left. Free-kick, and this can be whipped into the area

  • 69'

    Nothing happening from that one either, but Japan can't keep the ball following the goal-kick. Ergun plays it forward, Japan clear...

  • 69'

    It's met with a clearing header, and that brings another corner

  • 68'

    Ono gets his head to a Turkish cross, and that will result in a corner from the right

  • 67'

    Bulent barges into Suzuki midway inside the Turkey half - free-kick to Japan. Nakata plays it into the area, but it's just too strong

  • 66'

    He does, but the floated effort is wide of Narazaki's goal

  • 65'

    Suzuki flicks on, and Fatih clears this time. Basturk breaking - he could shoot here...

  • 64'

    Toda and Nakata combine to give Suzuki a glimer of a chance - Alpay is ther with a good clearance and Japan are putting on the pressure. Corner...

  • 63'

    Suzuki in space - he rolls the ball to Myojin who, from outside the box, lashes a low drive wide of the mark

  • 62'

    Seconds later, Sas gets in another cross - again, there's no team-mate there to get on the end of it

  • 61'

    Sas crosses for Turkey, but there's nobody there and Narazaki is under no pressure as he comes to claim

  • 61'

    A good cross gives Nishizawa the chance to head goalwards: Rustu saves

  • 60'

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    Turkey to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    ...and produces a low shot which Narazaki is able to hold onto easily enough

  • 60'

    ...can Sas change that? He's running at the heart of the Japan defence

  • 59'

    As yet, however, they have nothing to show for it. Turkey have all but vanished as an attacking force at the moment

  • 58'

    Back come Japan - and Turkey clear again. The balance of the game very much in the co-hosts' favour at the moment

  • 58'

    In the end, Ergun steps in with a header back to his keeper

  • 57'

    Ichikawa on the ball: Ono takes over down the left and Japan are passing the ball well here

  • 56'

    He gets away with it, though. At the other end, Miyamoto is adjudged to have pushed Sas

  • 55'

    Possession squandered again - Toda crosses and Alpay, stretching, clears dangerously across his own goal

  • 54'

    ...but possession is squandered and Turkey will move away with Sas, who has been quiet by the standards he's set so far

  • 53'

    Throw to Japan midway inside the Turkey half...

  • 52'

    Japan's fans respond to that with plenty of noise - they still believe their side are more than capable of finding a route back into the match

  • 51'

    He tumbles under challenge from Alpay, but the referee says no penalty... Hidetoshi Nakata hits a deflected shot, which Rustu is able to hold at the second attempt

  • 50'

    Toda finds Suzuki in the area after a neat passing move...

  • 49'

    He's come into the game for Inamoto... can the changed Japan line-up make their way back into this game?

  • 49'

    It's rather aimless, however and Suzuki tries to break but it unable to keep the ball in play

  • 48'

    The rain still pouring down as Turkey play the ball forward

  • 48'

    He is - Hakan Sukur breaks, but Basturk can't bring the ball under control

  • 47'

    That's cleared, and then Ichikawa is clattered by Hakan Unsal. He's in some pain, but should be fine to continue

  • 46'

    A Sas flick forces Japan into a hurried clearance - it's a throw to Turkey

  • 45'

    Japan to win, with bet365  
    Turkey to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    Japan get us under way after the break - they've made a change, bringing wing-back Ichikawa for Santos

  • 45'

    And that's the half-time whistle - Davala's early goal from a corner divides the sides

  • 45'

    From the free-kick, Hakan Sukur is penalised for backing into his defender. There will be a minute of added time

  • 45'

    The ball is cleared - Basturk breaks away, Toda brings him down and is booked for his pains

  • 44'

    Ono plays it in and Alpay heads over his own bar for a corner. Japan finishing the half with a flourish

  • 43'

    Ergun is booked for a foul on the lively Santos: another dangerous free-kicm for the co-hosts

  • 43'

    Superb effort - and a fraction away from bringing Japan into the break on level terms

  • 42'

    The Turkey keeper lining up the wall: Santos curls it in and the ball crashes back off the bar

  • 41'

    ...and this is a great chance for Japan to threaten Rustu's goal

  • 40'

    Hidetoshi Nakata is fouled right on the edge of the Turkey area - Alpay made the challenge...

  • 40'

    Nishizawa is penalised for pushing as he tries to get onto a Santos cross. Five minutes remaining until the break

  • 39'

    For all their busy play Japan haven't mustered a meaningful strike, while Turkey have been content to move forward much less since taking the lead

  • 38'

    In the context of the game so far, that's a rarity - an effort on goal

  • 37'

    Inamoto makes a positive run down the right before being crowded out... Basturk comes forward to hit a shot which Narazaki holds easily

  • 36'

    Tugay launches the ball long, and Narazaki comes to claim

  • 35'

    Hasan Sas is well challenged on the edge of the area, but Turkey win it back

  • 34'

    He finds Ono, who links with Hidetoshi Nakata - but then Koji Nakata overhits the cross

  • 33'

    The number 11 is off the pitch receiving treatment as Inamoto looks to get something started for Japan

  • 33'

    And Sas is down injured - this is worrying for Turkey, for whom he's been a key man so far

  • 32'

    Bulent steps in as Ishizawa surges towards the Turkey penalty area: Miyamoto steps in at the other end as Sas threatens again

  • 31'

    Ono slides the ball forward... Turkey, with just a hint of obstruction, get it clear. Ref Collina is disinterested in free-kick claims

  • 30'

    Japan to win, with bet365  
    Turkey to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    ...and they almost do as Santos tries to get onto a curling cross - again, though, it's Rustu who takes control of the situation

  • 29'

    Ono crosses and keeper Rustu is there with a confident catch. Japan need to find more quality in their final pass...

  • 28'

    A little lull in proceedings - Sas starts a move which sees Turkey zip the ball around confidently in midfield and then, equally confidently, squander possession

  • 27'

    The flag's up for offside against Santos - he was breaking down the left, or attempting to

  • 26'

    Sas hits a shot from the edge of the box after Hakan Sukur had nodded the ball down to him: it's too high, but not by much

  • 26'

    Tugay is adjudged to have been fouled by Inamoto - much to the co-hosts' frustration

  • 25'

    Japan still very much in this game, but Turkey have shown they can be menacing on the break

  • 24'

    Hakan Sukur attempts a chip over Narazaki, but the keeper can deal with that comfortably enough. He gets a nice big cheer for doing so as well

  • 23'

    Basturk crosses, and there are one or two uncertain moments before Turkey get it away

  • 22'

    The free-kick is within shooting range but Japan make a complete mess of it - the ball is rolled towards Inamoto, who wasn't expecting it to arrive there. Turkey clear

  • 21'

    Santos - known as Alex - is fouled by Alpay, who is booked for that clumsy challenge

  • 20'

    Nishizawa astutely frees Santos on the left-hand side of the box - he tries a shot from a difficult angle and it's well stopped

  • 20'

    He gets the final pass all wrong, though, and a promising move peters out. Still plenty to encourage Japan, despite their 1-0 deficit

  • 19'

    No problems clearing this time - and Ono leads the charge for Japan

  • 18'

    Ergun does well to clear, Sas breaks and his cross is only just cleared under pressure from the (so far) goalless Hakan Sukur. Corner...

  • 18'

    Unsal fouls Nakata midway inside the Turkey half - Japan will work this forward with Inamoto

  • 17'

    Santos crosses for Japan, but that ball lands on - rather than in - the net and Turkey have the goal-kick

  • 16'

    Sukur finds himself a little space from which to cross low into the Japan area - straight at Narazaki, however

  • 15'

    Japan to win, with bet365  
    Turkey to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    ...which fails to generate muich threat. Ono tries again and wins a throw on the left

  • 15'

    Good run by Nishizawa, making tracks into the area. He's eventually crowded out and it's another corner

  • 14'

    This one, though, is poor - it's hit too long and goes for a goal-kick

  • 14'

    Another chance for the Turks - Ono's heavy challenge gives them a free-kick in a good crossing position

  • 13'

    A huge blow to Japan, who lost their shape in defence there - nobody was tracking Davala

  • 12'

    And the result of that is a goal - the ball is swept into the area and Davala, totally unmarked, heads it firmly home. It's 1-0 Turkey!

  • 11'

    Japan beginning to settle to their game - but then Nakata gives possession away to Sukur. The end result is a corner...

  • 11'

    Ono takes the kick, and Alpay gets there with a good clearing header

  • 10'

    Inamoto on the chase down the right - Turkey cover efficiently, but they soon have another problem to deal with. Santos breaks - corner on the left...

  • 9'

    It's taken short, crossed in and cleared - and in the end Davala will bring the ball away

  • 8'

    Plenty of noise from Japan's fans... Inamoto and Nakata link well and the co-hosts have a corner

  • 8'

    Narazaki hits the goal-kick long: Ono crosses and Unsal's in the right place to head the ball back to his keeper

  • 7'

    Davala among those eyeing up the options... and he chooses to blast the ball high over the top for some reason

  • 6'

    At the other end, it's a Turkey free-kick around 30 yards out - a chance to get a shot in...

  • 5'

    ...and keeper Recber claims well. Japan's most promising moment so far

  • 4'

    Nakata is challenged strongly - too strongly - just inside the Turkey half... the free-kick is crossed towards Santos...

  • 4'

    Senol Gunes looking on - he'll be pretty happy with the way his Turkish side have started

  • 3'

    Santos breaks forward for Japan, but can't make anything of a ball down the right

  • 2'

    Bulent is on hand to tidy up as the co-hosts try to come forward, and then Turkey win another free-kick after a brief bout of scrappy play in midfield

  • 1'

    Early attacking intent from the Turks, who are pressing Japan back in these very early stages

  • 1'

    ...he plays it on to Basturk, who races into the area - keeper Narazaki does well, coming out to claim the ball


    Turkey win an early free-kick on half-way - it goes to the dangerous Hasan Sas on the left...


    We're under way - it's rainy, it's grey, but the atmosphere is superb


    A rain-soaked Miyagi stadium awaits the arrival of the teams... and here they come, led out by football's most distinctive (and best) referee Pierluigi Collina


    Japan: Narazaki, Matsuda, Miyamoto, Koji Nakata, Ono, Alex, Myojin, Toda, Inamoto, Hidetoshi Nakata, Nishizawa.


    Turkey: Rustu, Korkmaz, Akyel, Alpay, Unsal, Tugay, Basturk, Davala, Ergun, Sukur, Sas.

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Japan

  • 7(4)

  • -

  • 21

  • 58%


  • Turkey

  • 8(5)

  • -

  • 16


POS No Name


1 Recber Rustu


3 Bulent Korkmaz


4 Fatih Akyel


5 Alpay Ozalan


8 Tugay Kerimoglu


10 Yildiray Basturk
17 Ilhan Mansiz


18 Ergun Penbe


20 Hakan Unsal


22 Umit Davala
15 Nihat Kahveci


9 Hakan Sukur


11 Hasan Gokhan Sas
14 Tayfur Havutcu
POS No Name
M 14 Tayfur Havutcu
F 15 Nihat Kahveci
F 17 Ilhan Mansiz

Match Stats

  • Japan
  • Turkey
7(4) Shots (on goal) 8(5)
21 Fouls 16
8 Corner kicks 4
2 Offsides 0
58% Time of Possession 42%
1 Yellow Cards 3
0 Red Cards 0
4 Saves 3

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