Niigata Big Swan, Niigata, Japan

Referee: Dr. Markus Merk

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0 - 3



  • Rio Ferdinand 5'
  • Michael Owen 22'
  • Emile Heskey 44'
  • 90'

    The final whistle goes, and England - with three first-half goals - have made it through to the last eight at Denmark's expense

  • 90'

    England can look ahead to a quarter-final against the exciting, mercurial, enigmatic Brazil... or Belgium, who haven't often been described by any of those words

  • 90'

    Rommedahl shoots - it's over the top. Just one minute of added time will be played

  • 90'

    Sol Campbell gets it away, and we're moving into the final minute

  • 89'

    Gravesen crosses, Danny Mills heads it away - Denmark corner

  • 89'

    Not at the moment, anyway - it's cleared by Sinclair

  • 88'

    Late corner for Denmark - can they grab a consolation goal from it?

  • 87'

    Ferdinand heads clear as time ticks away... Gronkjaer shoots and it's well over the top

  • 86'

    He can't make anything of it... Denmark have possession back and Cole challenges Gronkjaer, who has been lively for them

  • 85'

    Gronkjaer crosses and there's a bit of a scramble before England finally get it away and Dyer finds Beckham on the right...

  • 84'

    Claus Jensen runs into the referee... Gravesen takes the ball on. England's fans having another little sing-song

  • 83'

    Seaman does very well, tipping it over, and England deal with the resulting corner

  • 82'

    Gravesen's attempted through ball is cut out... Claus Jensen takes it on and floats a delightful chip...

  • 81'

    Better passing from England, who have played well within themselves for much of this second half

  • 80'

    He cracks a shot which is too close to Sorensen, and the keeper holds on at the second attempt

  • 79'

    Ferdinand ushers the ball back to Seaman... England move forward and put together a slick move which releases Beckham on the right of the area...

  • 78'

    Denmark tidy up and move forward again... Gravesen, from considerable distance, shoots considerably wide

  • 77'

    England on the ball again... Beckham to Mills

  • 76'

    Gronkjaer crosses, Rommedahl collects... England win it back and then Mills plays a quirky ball forward to nobody in particular

  • 76'

    Rommedahl now, down the left - good interception from Danny Mills

  • 75'

    Denmark to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    Ashley Cole is there as Bogelund tries to break - and he is there again as a follow-up cross comes in

  • 75'

    Denmark on the ball. Fifteen minutes remaining as Niclas Jensen plays it towards the area

  • 74'

    In the end it all gets a bit over-elaborate and Denmark win the ball back

  • 73'

    England fans singing the national anthem. Jubilee weekend's been and gone... here's Dyer down the left, and Beckham finds Mills...

  • 72'

    Sheringham tries to feed the ball out to the wing - handball against Gronkjaer, who the pass hit

  • 71'

    Just under 20 minutes remaining, and still England lead 3-0

  • 70'

    Gronkjaer is penalised for a foul on Cole, and looks utterly bemused by the decision. It was the correct one though, Jesper

  • 70'

    Fowler crosses and Sinclair gets his head to it - it's over the top but that was a good move and a good effort

  • 69'

    Gravesen threads the ball through to Tomasson, who is - rather harshly - ruled offside

  • 69' is Sheringham, who replaces goalscorer Emile Heskey

  • 68'

    England's third change is coming up and it looks like Teddy Sheringham

  • 68'

    And Seaman comes out to collect the ball as Gravesen prods it forward

  • 67'

    Denmark having the better of things at the moment - England have gone off the boil

  • 67'

    Bogelund lashes in a shot and it hits Tomasson and flies over the bar for a goal-kick. Dozy defending from England for once

  • 66'

    Sand hits it and Heskey, back helping out, makes a fine block to concede another corner

  • 66'

    Gravesen carries the fight forward and hits a shot which deflects behind for a Denmark corner

  • 65'

    Beckham chases a forward ball from Butt, but it's too strong for him and Bogelund plays it to Rommedahl for the Danes

  • 64'

    Gronkjaer crosses, and guess who's there? Ferdinand again

  • 63'

    Claus Jensen lofts the ball forward - Ferdinand is in the right place once again

  • 62'

    Gravesen is penalised for another foul just inside the England half... a scrappy spell, this

  • 61'

    It's played forward but comes to nothing... Beckham floats another ball in and again Denmark clear

  • 61'

    Free-kick to England - Gravesen challenging Mills too heavily

  • 60'

    Denmark to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Niclas Jensen tries a shot - Seaman can't hold it and Campbell makes the clearance

  • 60'

    He can't keep it and Rommedahl comes forward to win a throw

  • 59'

    Gronkjaer is challenged superbly by Nicky Butt, and here comes Dyer...

  • 58'

    Claus Jensen is brought on and Stig Tofting of Bolton makes way

  • 58'

    Beckham to take the resulting corner... Campbell meets it but is penalised for a foul

  • 57'

    He fires in a brilliant shot from distance and Sorensen tips it over the crossbar

  • 56'

    And still Denmark's threat looks minimal... Beckham on the ball now for England

  • 55'

    England have a goal-kick - Sorensen comes out to claim as Heskey chases

  • 55'

    Owen was substituted with a groin injury, while Scholes suffered a knock on the knee, it has been confirmed

  • 54'

    Cole crosses towards Sinclair, but it's not a great ball and the West Ham man can make little of it

  • 53'

    Mills, calmer now, covers Gravesen's forward run and Fowler chases a Heskey flick...

  • 52'

    A bitty start to the second period - not that England will care about that with things the way they currently are

  • 51'

    Sinclair attempts to find Dyer, but the pass is loose and Rommedahl has possession for Denmark. Campbell, having a fine game here, ushers it behind for a goal-kick

  • 50'

    Mills then challenges Henriksen heavily - the Danes react angrily and Beckham is acting as peacemaker... Mills is booked

  • 49'

    The Danes flick the ball on down the left, and Danny Mills clears well

  • 49'

    Another England change - off goes Scholes and Kieron Dyer will replace him

  • 48'

    Denmark get that one away, and Ferdinand is there to clear as they play the ball forward

  • 48'

    At the other end, Heskey - with renewed confidence - fires the ball in towards Fowler and the Danes concede a corner

  • 47'

    ...Gronkjaer is lurking on the edge of the box, but skews his shot high over the crossbar

  • 46'

    The Danes win a free-kick, and Rommedahl crosses low...

  • 45'

    Denmark to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    And it's under way - the ball breaks back to Sorensen, who plays it upfield

  • 45'

    Robbie Fowler has come on for Owen as England prepare to get the second half under way

  • 45'

    That's the last action of the first period - the England fans are delirious, with their team leading 3-0

  • 45'

    It's cleared to Gravesen, a long way out. He hits it well and Seaman tips it over the bar

  • 45'

    A dream scoreline for England fans... a stunning scoreline. Late corner for Denmark...

  • 44'

    Beckham squares the ball after Denmark lose it - Heskey is lurking just outside the area and hammers it home. England lead 3-0!

  • 44'

    Sinclair looks for Heskey who, not for the first time in this half, is caught offside

  • 43'

    Scholes slides along the rainy turf to cut out a through ball... not long left until the break now

  • 42'

    Decent finale to the first half by the Danes, who are currently keeping the ball much more effectively than England

  • 42'

    ...and Trevor Sinclair is in the right place to clear England's lines

  • 41'

    Rommedahl then does very well to hook a cross in from the right - England get it away, but here come Denmark again. Tomasson pulls the ball back...

  • 40'

    Rommedahl now... Tofting tries to flick the ball through and only succeeds in directing it straight to Ashley Cole

  • 40'

    The referee spots an infringement inside the penalty area, and the free-kick goes to England

  • 39'

    Gronkjaer crosses, and it deflects behind for a corner from the left

  • 38'

    Sinclair looks for Owen and doesn't find him - Rommedahl breaks and Ferdinand covers well

  • 37'

    Scholes, Beckham and Ferdinand link to release Mills down the right. He's crowded out. It's really bucketing down now

  • 36'

    Sinclair overruns the ball as the rain begins pouring down now. Campbell denies Gravesen space, and wins a free-kick for the Everton man's challenge

  • 35'

    Denmark just float the ball out of play... careless stuff. Can England capitalise?

  • 34'

    Campbell gets a good header in as Jensen tries to release Tomasson inside the area

  • 33'

    Ferdinand plays a cracking ball down the right, Beckham whips the cross in and Heskey can't quite make the right connection. Crisp football

  • 32'

    Sinclair looks for Heskey down the middle, but his pass has too much pace for the Liverpool striker

  • 31'

    But a lot of this is happening in midfield, and all too often lacks a final ball of any real quality

  • 31'

    Rommedahl for the Danes now... Gravesen and Rommedahl link again

  • 30'

    Denmark to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    ...lots of space with nobody in it. Still, it was the thought that counted

  • 29'

    Beckham finds Mills, and then Mills finds...

  • 29'

    Scholes chips it forward, looking for Owen... Laursen heads it back to his keeper

  • 28'

    ...and it probably should have brought them a route back into this game

  • 27'

    ...Gravesen wins it back and sends Sand running in on goal. He twists, turns and shoots - wide. Denmark's first great chance of the game

  • 26'

    Heskey drops deeper to win the ball and ferry it back to Ferdinand...

  • 25'

    Tomasson looks for Sand, but Campbell is there for England. There's a real assurance about Sven's men at the moment - calmness and organisation

  • 25'

    Gronkjaer crosses, and England get it clear. The Danes will build again...

  • 24'

    Tofting is booked for dissent, throwing the ball away in frustration. Tough times for Denmark, these

  • 23'

    Sinclair made it with a good low ball in - England's build-up play was good, and Owen produced a trademark finish

  • 22' breaks to Owen, who ends his World Cup goal drought with a cool little side-foot to Sorensen's left. England lead 2-0!

  • 22'

    And still Denmark have yet to really threaten Seaman's goal... Sinclair will cross for England...

  • 21'

    From it, they earn a free-kick... Rommedahl crosses, but that's much too long and goes out for a throw on the far side. A waste of a good situation

  • 20'

    Gronkjaer is challenged well by Mills... throw to the Danes on halfway

  • 19'

    Heskey's caught offside again, and Sorensen will launch the ball downfield

  • 19'

    Ferdinand hooks it clear as Rommedahl challenges - and he's there again to deal with the follow-up low cross from the right

  • 18'

    ...and now Scholes has it in midfield. He looks for Sinclair, who is penalised for fouling Bogelund as he tries to get clear on the left

  • 17'

    Denmark have possession again... Tomasson can't make anything of it and Cole is there. He ushers the ball back to keeper Seaman

  • 16'

    He outpaced Laursen, and just couldn't lift the ball over the advancing keeper

  • 16'

    ...but suddenly Heskey is inside the area again - Sorensen comes off his line to make a brave block. Could have been 2-0...

  • 15'

    Denmark to win, with bet365  
    England to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Ashley Cole makes a good interception and then Sinclair plays an early ball, looking for Heskey - he's offside. England squandering possession...

  • 14'

    That comes to nothing, but the Danes are looking happier on the ball than they were in the opening ten minutes

  • 13'

    ...and Gronkjaer will move forward for Denmark, who look as though they're beginning to settle

  • 13'

    Owen and Sinclair link, but Heskey can't take that ball on

  • 12'

    Another cross is aimed in towards Tomasson, but it's too speedy and eludes him. A better couple of minutes from Denmark

  • 12'

    Forward comes Tomasson, earmarked as the dangerman - Danny Mills, though, intercepts. Did you know he used to play for Norwich?

  • 11'

    Heskey jumps, but is penalised for fouling his defender. Free-kick to the Danes, deep inside their own half

  • 10'

    It's cleared with Rommedahl lurking, and then the Czech linesman on the far side says the ball's out. It's Dobry Den to him

  • 10'

    The Danes are looking shaky in these early stages, but Sand comes forward to cross...

  • 10'

    Beckham dinks a superb pass into the area, looking for Owen - he can't connect properly and Sorensen grabs the ball

  • 9'

    Ferdinand tidies up after Owen gives the ball away in midfield. A pretty assured first few minutes for England

  • 9'

    Rommedahl and Tomasson link, and the ball deflects back to Seaman. Some good passing from the Danes there, though

  • 8'

    Denmark try to hit back with Rommedahl, but he's forced to lay the ball back to Gravesen in midfield

  • 7'

    Cole crosses from the left for buoyant England - too long, though, and it comes to nothing

  • 6'

    ...and Kasper Bogelund is brought on to replace him

  • 6'

    Pretty definitely a Sorensen own goal... in the meantime, Helveg is in trouble for Denmark - he's taken a knock

  • 6'

    That could well be an own goal: whoever it's credited to - probably Ferdinand - it doesn't matter: Sven's men have the breakthrough

  • 5'

    Ferdinand meets it, it looks as though the ball goes in off Sorensen and Heskey hammers it into the roof of the net to make sure. It's 1-0 England - what a dream start!

  • 4'

    Campbell heads upfield and Laursen concedes an early corner with Owen chasing. What can England make of this?

  • 3'

    Denmark passing the ball around at the back, and Gravesen is there...

  • 2'

    Heskey chases the ball forward and tumbles under challenge from Henriksen. Nothing doing, says the referee

  • 1'

    ...and loses it - Tofting crosses but Seaman is there to claim that one


    Helveg goes back to his keeper... Ferdinand jumps well to clear the ball forward and now Scholes takes it on...


    And now Ashley Cole for England... Campbell plays it long, but that eludes both Owen and Heskey and runs through to Sorensen in the Denmark goal


    And we're off - Denmark launch it forward straight away, but to no avail


    The Danes will get us under way - they're full of confidence after an excellent group campaign


    The two teams have shaken hands, and the coin is being tossed for kick-off. Just a couple of minutes to go now...


    ...not a spare seat in the house on this massive night


    The atmosphere is building wonderfully with kick-off just a few minutes away... the national anthems are being sung


    England: Seaman, Mills, Ferdinand, Campbell, Ashley Cole, Beckham, Scholes, Butt, Sinclair, Heskey, Owen.


    Denmark: Sorensen, Helveg, Niclas Jensen, Henriksen, Laursen, Rommedahl, Gravesen, Tofting, Gronkjaer, Sand, Tomasson.

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  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Denmark

  • 12(4)

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  • 15

  • 0%


  • England

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  • Denmark
  • England
12(4) Shots (on goal) 8(7)
15 Fouls 13
8 Corner kicks 3
2 Offsides 3
0% Time of Possession 0%
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
4 Saves 3

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