Seogwipo Stadium, Sogwipo, South Korea

Referee: Carlos Batres

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  • Oliver Neuville 88'

1 - 0


  • 94'

    Paraguay go out - just reward for a truly unambitious performance and had Acuna dismissed late on. They defended well but the German pressure told

  • 94'

    And that's it! Germany, as usual, are in the last eight. Neuville's late goal wins it for Voeller's side. A desperately poor game but Germany deserved their win

  • 94'

    Ballack's low cross is too near Chilavert. Cuevas - far more lively than his team-mates - goeson a run and Arce puts in a poor cross

  • 93'

    Paraguay are offside from the subsequent free kick. Kahn can clear

  • 93'

    On comes Asamoah for the goalscorer Neuville

  • 92'

    And Acuna is sent off after a collision with Ballack. He had already been booked and got a straight red! Ballack was booked for tugging, Acuna red-carded for his subsequent elbow

  • 91'

    Schneider's cross is headed on by Frings but it euldes Klose and Paraguay can break

  • 90'

    On comes Cuevas for Struway - surely too late for Paraguay, though

  • 89'

    Gamarra looks for Caniza. Kahn charges out to claim but he was offside anyway

  • 89'

    Paraguay desperately need a goal now or they are out

  • 88'

    ... GOAL! Surely Oliver Neuville has won it with a superb strike

  • 88'

    .. but not this time. Schneider gets to the byline and whips in a terrific cross. Neuville meets it on the half-volley with real power...

  • 88'

    Strong defending from Paraguay as they get another cross away...

  • 87'

    Schneider kaes a little break, Jeremies knocks it to Bode, but Neuville can't reach his cross

  • 86'

    Germany are on top but they can't find the goal. Still, they're good at penalties...

  • 85'

    Linke puts in long ball which Klose chases but Chilavert reaches

  • 84'

    Bonet departs to be replaced by Diego Gavilan.

  • 83'

    It's a deep cross which Klose reaches but he's learning backwards and heads over the bar

  • 83'

    Kehl makes a break to win a corner. Over comes Neuville...

  • 82'

    Schnieder finds Klose on the right buy Celso Ayala blocks his shot

  • 81'

    Ballack crosses - it goes over everyone and hits Neuville in the mid-riif Paraguay clear

  • 80'

    I wonder if Neuville's father is called Neuville Neuville...

  • 80'

    ... but Neuville's corner is easy for Chilavert

  • 79'

    Frings makes a determined break down the righ and puts in a good cross which Arce heads behind

  • 78'

    Gamara was hurt there as he rose to try and win the header. He'll go off for treatment

  • 77'

    ... but Ballack crosses here and Klose leaps well only to head over the bar

  • 77'

    Ballack's gone very quiet this half. Germany need something from him

  • 76'

    Cardozo looks for Campos - he's offside

  • 75'

    Cardozo shoots from long range - it's well wide and doesn't trouble Kahn

  • 74'

    ... and Chilavert puts it tamely over the bar and waddles back to his goal

  • 73'

    The wall is taking time to retreat...

  • 73'

    Up comes Chilavert...

  • 72'

    ... but they could now. Baumann brings down Bonet on the edge of the box. Booking and a free kick

  • 72'

    Germany are at least trying to score. Paraguay areen't really...

  • 71'

    ... and Klose looks for Neuville but the last man, Caceres intercepts

  • 71'

    First Schneider and then Bode put in crosses which their team-mates can't meet

  • 70'

    Arce to put in another free kick. Baumann wins the header and it comes off Caceres for a goal kick

  • 69'

    A good chance and that miss was made all the worse by the fact Klose was calling for it in the middle. Frings can only get better in front of goal today...

  • 68'

    Schneider picks out Frings in room to shoot as he cuts inside from the right flank. He turns inside one... and puts a really poor shot wide and over

  • 68'

    Into the final quarter of the game - will either side gamble on a winner

  • 66'

    Cardozo turns Linke and looks for Campos. But his pass is overhit and Germany recover

  • 65'

    Arce crosses, Kahan, unchallenged, punches needlessly and it drops to Acuna 30 yards out. His volley, like all too many others, sails way over

  • 65'

    Arce comes over to the left touchline to take a free kick for Paraguay

  • 64'

    Ballack again wins the near-post flick but his header goes straight to Chilavert

  • 64'

    Neuville wins a corner which he will take himself...

  • 63'

    More German passing, but this is a match headed for extra time...

  • 61'

    Bode's deep cross is heade away by Caniza. Neuville has a go from 30 yards and the diving Chialvert holds on well

  • 60'

    Frank Baumann's coming on instead. Metzelder goes off, maybe feeling the effects of that Cardozo tackle

  • 59'

    The Germans are warming up Jancker. Can't someone score so he doesn't come on?

  • 58'

    Frings launches it but Chilavert comes and claims

  • 57'

    Handball against Gamarra but Germany take the free kick too wuickly and it goes out for a throw

  • 56'

    This is a better half but it really is a game which needs a goal

  • 55'

    ... which Schneider takes and Gamarra heads away. It comes back to Frings who goes for the long-range effort. He hits it wide

  • 55'

    Frings wins Germany a free kick near the touchline

  • 54'

    Fings finds Ballack who whips in a cross. Bode rises well and heads the ball down but he directs it straight at Chilavert

  • 53'

    Terrific free kick from Schneider, who scored with one against Saudi Arabia

  • 53'

    Schneider takes and goes for the curler at the near post. Chilavert is beaten and it comes back off the advertising boards - just wide

  • 52'

    Neuville is brought down by a sliding Gamarra - he could have got the ball there but it's a German free kick 35 yards out

  • 50'

    Cardozo runs at Metzelder. The German wins the ball as the sliding striker brings him down. The referee books Cardozo

  • 49'

    Paraguay break with Arce and now Acuna. he picks out Campos on the left flank and he lets fly from 30 yards. He gets real power there and Kahan can't hold it but the keeper gathers at the second attempt

  • 49'

    Bode takes but he drills it straight into the wall

  • 48'

    Struway brings down Schneider. German free kick 30 yards out

  • 47'

    ... and Acuna almost releases Cardozo. A more lively half so far

  • 47'

    First German shot on target and hopefully a statement of intent for Voeller's side

  • 47'

    ... but Neuville is in space on the right. he whips in a low ball to Schneider who connects well but it's straight into Chilavert's ample mid-riff

  • 46'

    Frings finds Schneider who looks for Ballack - but the pass is intercepted

  • 46'

    Paraguay kick off and start with a long ball. The Germans win the header and clear

  • 46'

    Germany bring on Sebastian Kehl for Marko Rehmer. Paraguay are unchanged

  • 46'

    The second half surely must be better. The Germans were the more ambitious in the first 30 minutes while the arrival of Campos made Paraguay better but this is certainly a game that needs a goal.

  • 45'

    That's half-time. Germany 0 Paraguay 0 - one bad miss, one good save but a really disappointing half

  • 45'

    A German move ends in a really poor pass by Rehmer

  • 45'

    Cardozo puts in a deep cross but it goes behind for a goal kick. Poor cross

  • 45'

    Jeremies goes down after fouling Arce. he could be hurt, but seems ok to contine

  • 45'

    Paraguay possession again - Germany seem content to play for half time

  • 44'

    Cardozo is appealing for a free kick after a challenge with Rehmer - the referee ignores him

  • 43'

    Acuna finds Caniza after a decent move. Caniza goes for a shot from distance on his less favoured right foot but he pulls it wide

  • 42'

    More scrappy play in the crowded midfield

  • 40'

    Acuna looks for Campos in space again but he overhits the pass - this is Paraguay's best spell so far

  • 39'

    Acuna looked to release Campos there but Rehmer met the ball and Kahn was able to clear

  • 38'

    Arce takes the corner, but Jeremies heads away at the near post

  • 37'

    Arce puts in a long pass, Campos turns inside his man and fires a shot from 20 yards. It's going for the top corner - but Kahn makes an excellent save

  • 37'

    The best chance of the game so far - Paraguay would have hoped it fell to someone other than Ayala

  • 36'

    Chilavert put in a long free kick. His opposite number Kahn punches unconvincingly. Bonet chips it back in and Ayala is free seven yards out - but his volley is really poor and well wide

  • 36'

    Yellow card! Bernd Schneider is cauioned for dissent after he fouled Caniza

  • 35'

    Schneider pulls it back to Frings. He mishits his shot but it coems to Linke - who wallops it way over

  • 34'

    .. but maybe at some cost. Klose is down after Gamarra's tackle. Germany need him to be OK to continue

  • 33'

    ... may benot but Germany have the ball in the Paraguay half and Klose wins a corner

  • 33'

    Jermeies robs Struway and there could be a chance of a coutner attack here...

  • 32'

    ... and Bode finds Klose who shoots on the turn - but his half-volley is well over

  • 32'

    Poor back-pass and Kahn reacts really well to stop Cardozo getting in on goal

  • 31'

    An early run fom the sub Campos is ended by an excellent challenge by Frings, who chased back well with him

  • 30'

    Germany were deep in Paraguay's half but a series of throws and a free kick enable the South Americans to clear

  • 29'

    Paraguay do make the change as Santa Cruz departs and Jorge Campos comes on

  • 28'

    Santa Cruz pulls up a bit as he chases a long ball with Rehmer - the striker is struggling

  • 27'

    Kahn takes the free kick, Ayala heads it but striaght to Bode. He takes it on the chest and then goes for the volley - but that's headed for Row Z

  • 27'

    And Jermeies is upended by a sliding Acuna - he's booked but that was a poor challenge

  • 26'

    A scrappy passage of play with several free kicks now - neither side is really on top

  • 25'

    Cardozo wins a header this time - and Santa Cruz is offside now - but Paraguay are winning headers from Chilavert's long balls

  • 24'

    Paraguay free kick in the centre circle - but ti goes through to Kahn

  • 23'

    Klose intercepts a poor ball but Paraguay shepherd him wide and Gamarra gets a foot in to win the ball back

  • 21'

    He has a shot and Kahn punches away. Arce got real power but he couldn't direct it to the corner

  • 21'

    Schneider brings down Santa Cruz 35 yards out. Will it be Arce?

  • 20'

    And a good challenge at the other end by Ayala to ends Schneider's run. The ball breks to Jeremies who has a go from 50 yards - it's comfortably over

  • 19'

    Better stuff from Paraguay. Bonet finds Caniza who has a go from 25 yards - Khan watches the ball go wide. He dived, but had the goal covered

  • 19'

    ... but his Leverkusen team-mate Ballack takes and he bends it over the bar

  • 18'

    Bode is felled and Santa Cruz returns. Schneider is behind it, 30 yards from goal

  • 17'

    Schneider finds Nueville, who looks for Ballack - an excellent tackle by Gamarra

  • 16'

    Meanwhile, Paraguay's striker Roque Santa Cruz needs treatment

  • 16'

    Jeremies finds Neuville, and he is fouled. germany take a quick free kick - without Jancker, they're far more interested in passing the ball

  • 15'

    A spell of Paraguay possession is ended by Jeremies' challenge

  • 14'

    ... but it's much too close to Chilavert and the big keeper claims easily

  • 14'

    Gamarra fouls Klose 35 yards from goal. Schneider will take..

  • 13'

    Neuville's throw finds Ballack but his cross is too deep for Bode - but the Germans retrieve the ball and find Ballack 25 yards out.... but his shot is well wide

  • 12'

    Strangely, Paraguay are the more long ball side so far and the Germans have played better football

  • 11'

    Chilavert hits a long free kick. Santa Cruz again wins it - but Cardozo's offside

  • 11'

    Frings puts in a long throw. Bode wins the header but he is penalised

  • 10'

    Frings finds Ballack on the edge of the box but he's crowded out by Paraguay and Struway emerges with the ball

  • 9'

    Arce puts in a long-range free kick. Metzelder gets to it but the whistle has gone - German free kick

  • 8'

    Neuville takes, Ballack peels off at the near post to get a glancing header but it beats everyone and goes across the face of goal and wide

  • 7'

    Bode's free kick is headed behind by Ayala - another German corner

  • 6'

    Paraguay launch it towards Santa Cruz but Kahn is quickest to his flick-on

  • 6'

    Paraguay are playing 3-5-2 today, Maldini's preferred formation

  • 4'

    Paraguay go down the other end and Bonet is the midfielder getting closest to the two strikers - but the Germans clear

  • 4'

    Schneider bends it in. Linke and Ayala go for it and the ball breaks for the German defender. he has a crack but he's off-balance and the ball goes wide

  • 3'

    Frings's throw finds Neuville and he immeddiately looks for Bode - Ayala concedes a corner

  • 2'

    Bonet goes down the right but he is dispossessed well by Metzelder.

  • 1'

    Santa Cruz chases an early long ball - Linke concedes the throw. Paraguay look for Cardozo over the top but he's offside

  • 1'

    Germany kick-off in a new-look 4-4-2 formation. Beckenbauer once said Germany can't play 4-4-2 - this will be a test


    Can Paraguay reach their first World Cup quarter-final or will the Germans keep up their superb record?


    Paraguay leave their goalscoring heroes against Slovenia - Cuevas and Campos - on the bench but recall Bonet and Struway. Paraguay: Chilavert, Caniza, Arce, Gamarra, Ayala, Struway, Acuna, Bonet, Caceres, Santa Cruz, Cardozo.


    Germany are without the suspended Hamann, Ziege and Ramelow and drop the hapless Jancker. In come Marko Rehmer, Marco Bode, Jens Jeremies and Oliver Neuville. Germany: Kahn, Linke, Metzelder, Frings, Rehmer, Ballack, Jeremies, Schneider, Neuville, Bode, Klose.

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  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Germany

  • 19(5)

  • -

  • 13

  • 0%


  • Paraguay

  • 11(4)

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  • 24

Match Stats

  • Germany
  • Paraguay
19(5) Shots (on goal) 11(4)
13 Fouls 24
5 Corner kicks 1
1 Offsides 8
0% Time of Possession 0%
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 1
4 Saves 4

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