Nagai Stadium, Osaka, Japan

Referee: Oscar Julian Ruiz

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0 - 1



  • Ilhan Mansiz 94'
  • 94'

    It's Turkey v Brazil in the last four

  • 94'

    Davala provided the touch of class which means this quarter-final has finished Turkey 1-0 Senegal

  • 94'

    Joy unconfined among the country's players and officials - this is a superb achievement and, on the balance of play and chances, a deserved win

  • 94'

    The ball goes downfield and Umit Davala's cross is hooked in by Ilhan. That's the golden moment for Turkey - they're into the last four!

  • 93'

    Cisse chips in towards Diouf, and Rustu claims with confidence...

  • 93'

    Tugay hits it from the edge of the area: it deflects off Alpay... and goes wide

  • 92'

    ...Alpay gets a touch and it deflects away for another flag-kick

  • 92'

    Ilhan takes on Daf down the Turkey right and wins extra time's first corner...

  • 91'

    Can Senegal repeat the glory they enjoyed in extra time against Sweden? They're defending as Rustu plays it upfield

  • 90'

    Camara races into the area straight away, but the outcome of that is only a Turkey goal-kick

  • 90'

    Turkey make a change as extra time gets under way - they've replaced Emre with Arif. What difference will he make?

  • 90'

    Normal time is over - extra time will be played as we wait to learn the identity of the tournament's last semi-finalist

  • 90'

    Then Diouf breaks into the area and is challenged well - a touch of late drama

  • 90'

    Seconds remaining now, and Camara tries a low shot. Rustu holds on

  • 90'

    Two minutes of added time ahead as Fadiga plays it forward and Alpay intercepts

  • 90'

    Ergun and Ilhan link... Basturk's there - Senegal closing space on the edge of their area to good effect

  • 89'

    Back to the keeper from Turkey, and they're in no rush to build from the back. All eyes on extra time

  • 88'

    Umit Davala lashes in a shot from wide on the right, just inside the area. It zips well beyond Sylva's far post

  • 87'

    Ilhan is booked for a foul on Papa Malick Diop, once of Norwich City. He's played in some First Division games as dreary as this

  • 86'

    Time ticking away: something dramatic is going to have to happen if we're not to face extra time

  • 85'

    Fatih crosses and Sylva is in the right place again

  • 84'

    Daf on his way forward: Fadiga's fouled just inside the Turkey half

  • 83'

    Sas gets in yet another cross from the right, and wins his side another corner...

  • 83'

    He's back on his feet: and he's cheered back onto the field by the Turkey fans

  • 82'

    He's stretchered off for treatment... Turkey's supporters are turning up the sound, trying to spur their team to late glory

  • 82'

    Alpay's grounded after that - anxious faces on the Turkey bench

  • 81'

    Papa Bouba Diop runs strongly at the defence, but is blocked at the last minute

  • 80'

    Diao blasts a long-range shot, and it's a long way wide. Tension growing for both these sides - a goal now would surely be the winner

  • 80'

    Ilhan goes down under Daf's challenge inside the penalty area: no penalty, says the referee - quite rightly

  • 79'

    Ilhan is there as Senegal cross: and he breaks downfield, only to be well challenged by Coly - he's had a good game for Senegal

  • 78'

    Coly clears as Ilhan threatens: the Turks looking to up the pace as we approach the final ten minutes

  • 77'

    That was a real chance for Turkey to make something happen

  • 77'

    Basturk has loads of space after an astute break down the right: with unmarked colleagues waiting, his cross is dire

  • 76'

    Diouf runs the ball out of play as he tries to find a crossing position

  • 75'

    He fails, and the ball is back in the midfield mush once more

  • 74'

    Something to look forward to... but here goes Coly, striving to make a breakthrough

  • 74'

    This is the sort of half that drives people to drink... extra time seems inevitable at this rate

  • 73'

    Hakan Sas crashes to the ground under Cisse's challenge... Ilhan is offside as the Turks move forward

  • 72'

    Coly gets a challenge in on the edge of his own area. Forward come Senegal, and Camara is fouled

  • 72'

    This is no exception - pretty aimless, and Rustu gathers

  • 71'

    Fadiga's felled inside the Turkey half. It's a free-kick, but having said that, set pieces on both sides have been very poor so far

  • 70'

    Emre floats the ball in - beyond everyone and out of play again... Fadiga tries to get onto a pass forward but Rustu is there

  • 70'

    Corner for Turkey - 20 minutes of normal time to play

  • 69'

    Substitute Ilhan tries a chip - Sylva is struggling as the ball lands on the top of the net

  • 68'

    Camara finds a little space inside the Turkish area, but his shot is scuffed and Rustu doesn't have too much worrying to do

  • 67'

    The hapless Hakan Sukur is taken off: Ilhan Mansiz replaces him

  • 66'

    And this time Sylva denies Sas: forward it goes and Diouf heads on - to nobody at all. Senegal's football just isn't sparking

  • 66'

    Emre takes it, Sylva punches clear. Turkey, though, will build again

  • 65'

    Turkish possession: they look the team most likely in this slog. Umit Davala is fouled, and that means another free-kick near the penalty area

  • 64'

    Umit Davala again looks for Sukur, and again the striker can't make it

  • 63'

    Sylva takes the ball well again: Turkey, meanwhile, set to make a change

  • 63'

    Sas is felled down the left - Cisse's booked for the challenge. It's another free-kick

  • 62'

    Turkey free-kick: Sas takes, Diao clears

  • 62'

    Hakan Sukur again looks unconvincing, failing to attack the ball in the air

  • 61'

    A moment of inspiration is badly needed at the moment: Umit Davala tries to provide it with a cross

  • 60'

    Umit Davala plays the ball wide to the left for Turkey. Sas crosses, Sylva claims

  • 59'

    Diouf is again denied time and space - Alpay the player with the challenge this time - and the opening 15 minutes of the second half haven't really produced much in the way of incident

  • 58'

    Basturk breaks purposefully: Senegal clear and move away through Fadiga, whose final pass is to nobody in particular

  • 57'

    Fatih crosses well from the right, but it's just ahead of Sukur: he would love a goal

  • 57'

    Fadiga takes, but it's a poor delivery and Alpay gets it away for Turkey

  • 56'

    Bulent's challenge halfway inside his own half brings Senegal a free-kick... four in the area for this one

  • 55'

    Cisse has a go at a wildly ambitious volley from the right, and thumps it way over the top

  • 54'

    Basturk, though, makes a fine run into the area. He shoots, it's blocked by Diatta and that was fine individual skill

  • 54'

    Sas crosses from the left - he still looks the most likely Turkish player to make something happen

  • 53'

    Diouf chases a long ball forward, but he's penalised for a push and Turkey have the ball again

  • 53'

    It's curled, and it's only marginally over the crossbar. A good effort

  • 52'

    This is 25 yards out... Diouf will strike it

  • 51'

    Fadiga crosses, Alpay clears... then Bulent is penalised for a foul just outside the area. Camara was the player fouled, and it's a chance for the Senegalese...

  • 51'

    Diatta on the ball for Senegal... Alpay clears as Diouf lurks on the edge of the box

  • 50'

    And Coly repeats the trick... Emre plays it in again and Coly is there once more

  • 49'

    Coly meets it with a firm header away - that's another corner

  • 49'

    Umit Davala and Basturk combine - Davala crosses and Papa Malick Diop deflects that behind for a corner

  • 48'

    Soon, Senegal are caught offside... Ergun crosses - it's blocked, as is an attempted follow-up shot from Sas

  • 47'

    Daf crosses, and Camara can't get there on the edge of the area

  • 46'

    Cisse plays the ball back, and Fadiga finds Daf... the Turks cut that out but it ricochets away for a Senegal throw near the area...

  • 46'

    The ball's out for a Senegal throw - can they find more of the flowing play that has characterised the tournament for them so far?

  • 45'

    Turkey get the second period under way - they've had the better of the chances so far but have failed to make them count

  • 45'

    That's half-time - the game brightened up in the closing stages of that first half, but it remains goalless

  • 45'

    Diouf gets into the area as neat build-up paves the way... he tries a shot, which is blocked

  • 45'

    He wasn't put under any real pressure... Sas steers a low cross in and Sylva is able to take that one comfortably enough

  • 45'

    The Turks are forcd to concede a late corner... Rustu gathers it

  • 45'

    Two minutes of added time to be played... the Turkey striker will have more to ponder than most during half time

  • 44'

    And it spells more woe for Hakan Sukur, who is unable to make anything of another inviting cross. He's very hesitant

  • 43'

    Daf clears off the line - great anticipation from him. Corner to Turkey...

  • 43'

    Sylva kicks clear as Tugay plays the ball into the box - then Basturk heads the ball goalwards...

  • 43'

    Time running out in a disappointing first half so far: it's been thin on inspiration

  • 42'

    Camara then flicks the ball towards Fadiga after a neat move - Turkey intercept

  • 41'

    Tugay's limping... Senegal cross and Rustu fumbles that before gathering at the second attempt. That nearly let Fadiga in...

  • 40'

    ...he fails to bring the ball under control and the chance is gone. Encouraging signs for Turkey nevertheless

  • 39'

    Senegal come forward but give away a free-kick, and Basturk is on his way forward. Hasan Sas gets into the area...

  • 38'

    Good ball from Tugay finds Ergun - he crosses towards Hakan Sukur who is again unable to make anything of it. It's all a bit like John Gayle for Torquay v Barnet a while back (obscure, mmm?)

  • 38'

    Sas again: it's given away, but Camara's attempts to break are thwarted

  • 37'

    Emre tries to change all that with a flicked cross into the box. Sas can't get there

  • 36'

    Now Emre's back - and Turkey play the ball all the way back to Rustu from the halfway line. The Turks having the bulk of possession at the moment, but not making much of it...

  • 35'

    Emre's on a stretcher, off the pitch... play resumes and Turkey try to build from the back once more

  • 34'

    Meanwhile, Emre is down and in some pain... it's not entirely clear what happened there...

  • 33'

    No, they can't - the ball's back with Sylva. From his kick forward, Turkey concede a free-kick deep inside the Senegal half

  • 32'

    Hasan Sas is felled inside the Senegal half. Can Turkey make something interesting happen? - that would be a joy in the context of this match so far

  • 31'

    Alpay then makes a good forward run, but the ball is scrambled away from him as he tries to bring it under control inside the area

  • 30'

    Papa Bouba Diop is covering well for Senegal though, and there's no way through for the Turks

  • 30'

    But Turkey's man of the tournament is soon all set to play again as Alpay looks for movement up front

  • 30'

    Hasan Sas in the wars again - he's a little groggy after a challenge

  • 29'

    Again, though, he can't get there at the crucial moment- he's suffering an absolute nightmare in front of goal

  • 29'

    Senegal try to make him pay... then Sukur is moving forward again. Sas crosses once more...

  • 28'

    ...but the under-pressure Sukur wouldn't have minded that one little bit

  • 28'

    A gruesome miss - and what a reprieve for Senegal. A goal for Turkey then would have been against the run of play...

  • 27'

    Great chance blown by Turkey - Hasan Sas finds Hakan Sukur all on his own six yards out. But the striker, goalless in this competition so far, lets the ball run under his foot

  • 26'

    Sas now: it's chipped long, but far too strongly and that's an easy one for Sylva

  • 25'

    Now it's a Senegalese free-kick: the ball is floated in and it just eludes the waiting Diatta. Turkey having a few problems with crosses into the box

  • 24'

    Senegal beginning to settle down now, and look to pose the greater threat of these two sides so far

  • 23'

    ...which fizzes into the side netting from a tight angle

  • 22'

    Again they're crowded out and Diouf finds Fadiga - the ball breaks back to him and he hammers in a shot...

  • 21'

    Turkey on the ball now - but Emre crunches into Diao and is booked... back come the Turks...

  • 20'

    Forward come Senegal once more, but this time the ball eludes them and spins out for a goal-kick

  • 19'

    The flag's up on the far side and it won't count - Camara was offside

  • 18'

    Then Camara tries one and Papa Bouba Diop finally turns it in from right on the line...

  • 17'

    Mad scramble in the Turkey area - Fadiga hits a shot...

  • 17'

    Camara jinks at the Turkey defence and hits a low shot - too close to Rustu, who saves easily. Best moment of the game so far, which tells you something

  • 16'

    When it eventually goes forward, Basturk is caught offside and then Senegal knock it long - too long and out of play

  • 15'

    Turkey on the ball now, just knocking it around at the back

  • 14'

    Bouba Diop loses the ball, which Senegal win back... and then lose again. Scruffy stuff so far

  • 14'

    ...which Sas overhits and it curls out of play on the far side. No semblance of a threat there

  • 13' deflects and Senegal deal with that easily enough. Turkey soon win another free-kick...

  • 12'

    Omar Daf is booked for bringing down Basturk midway inside the Senegal half: Ergun crosses...

  • 12'

    Umit Davala chases into the Senegal area but is penalised for pushing... free-kick Senegal

  • 11'

    Finally it's played forward, but a little aimlessly - no problems for Rustu

  • 11'

    Camara and Fadiga link and Senegal just knocking the ball around for a spell

  • 10'

    Little real pattern to proceedings so far... Papa Malick Diop hoofs the ball out of his own penalty area

  • 9'

    Finally, he's back on the field and gets in a cross. Camara gets it away

  • 8'

    Ergun on the ball... meanwhile Sas is still struggling...

  • 7'

    Better from Turkey... but then Diouf creates confusion until Fatih clears

  • 6'

    Keeper Sylva kicks clear for Senegal... Emre steps in and Sas crosses to Basturk, who is dispossessed as he tries to shoot

  • 6'

    Sas is limping a little after being caught on the ankle by a challenge: he's soon running that off though

  • 5'

    Turkey struggling to get time on the ball in this early stags - but Cisse brings down Hakan Sas. Sukur chases the through ball, Papa Malick Diop does well to challenge him

  • 4'

    The build-up was good - Diouf just couldn't get matters under control as he tried to get a shot away

  • 4'

    Bright start from Senegal - Diouf stumbles as he breaks into the penalty area, and Turkey are able to get that one away

  • 3'

    Diouf then chases a ball forward, but Rustu is there to claim

  • 3'

    Basturk breaks clear and crosses low - Malick Diop gets it away

  • 2'

    It comes to nothing, but Basturk is then brought down inside his own half and Turkey have a free-kick

  • 2'

    Rustu plays it downfield for Turkey, who themselves are enjoying a memorable campaign so far

  • 1'

    Camara hurls it into the penalty area, but the ball deflects behind for a goal-kick


    And it's Senegal who get us under way - they play the ball long and Turkey scramble it away for an early throw


    Senegal in a pre-match huddle - can they follow South Korea's example and, against all the odds, reach the semi-finals?

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Senegal

  • 9(3)

  • -

  • 20

  • 41%


  • Turkey

  • 6(3)

  • -

  • 17


POS No Name


1 Recber Rustu


3 Bulent Korkmaz


4 Fatih Akyel


5 Alpay Ozalan


8 Tugay Kerimoglu


10 Yildiray Basturk


18 Ergun Penbe


21 Emre Belozoglu
6 Arif Erdem


22 Umit Davala


9 Hakan Sukur
17 Ilhan Mansiz


11 Hasan Gokhan Sas
POS No Name
F 6 Arif Erdem
F 17 Ilhan Mansiz

Match Stats

  • Senegal
  • Turkey
9(3) Shots (on goal) 6(3)
20 Fouls 17
1 Corner kicks 7
1 Offsides 2
41% Time of Possession 59%
2 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
1 Saves 3

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