Ulsan Munsu Stadium, Ulsan, South Korea

Referee: Hugh Dallas

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  • Michael Ballack 39'

1 - 0


  • 93'

    But it's Germany who will play the winner of tomorrow's semi-final between Spain and co-hosts South Korea. The USA, however, will board the plane back to North America.

  • 93'

    USA coach Bruce Arena can take a lot of positives from this tournament, a herculean effort from his squad

  • 93'

    Germany got that opening goal and then more-or-less sat back on the advantage. But the USA just didn't have that cutting edge in the box

  • 93'

    A great effort from USA. They certainly deserved a shot at golden goal extra time - if not an outright victory

  • 93'

    And that's the end of the game as Dallas blows the full-time whistle

  • 93'

    Straight up the other end Bierhoff looks to be in the clear, but Berhalter does excellently to get back and win the ball off the German striker

  • 93'

    The USA push forward, the ball pumped into the box. Mathis gets a shot in but there's a good block

  • 92'

    Hamann picks up a knock in midfield and is struggling

  • 91'

    Bierhoff plays a fine ball long to Bode. He breaks into the box and unleashes a powerful drive which goes harmlessly wide

  • 90'

    Three minutes to be added

  • 90'

    ...Sanneh's header hits the side-netting. It was a great chance, a golden chance, and maybe the last for the USA. He really should have beaten Kahn

  • 90'

    Real pressure from the US now, O'Brien crosses from the left but Jeremies flicks the bal away. The ball comes to Mathis on the right and he crosses back in to Sanneh...

  • 89'

    The goal-kick from Kahn goes the full length of the field and Bierhoff appears to have turned Berhalter well, but Dallas blows for a push

  • 88'

    Final change for Germany. Oliver Bierhoff is the man to come on for Miroslav Klose

  • 87'

    Jones gets the better of Ziege and tries to cross into the box, but he only hits the first defender

  • 86'

    ...but Sanneh fails to get his header on target and it drifts behind. It was a difficult chance - defender looking to get the back-header directed towards goal - but time is running out

  • 85'

    Free-kick to the USA. Reyna floats it in to Sanneh, he's complete unmarked six yards out...

  • 85'

    The USA continue to probe the Germany box with hopeful balls from Sanneh and Reyna, but the defence stands firm

  • 83'

    Donovan aims to cause trouble down the left, but Linke does well to slide in and win the tackle

  • 82'

    It's the last throw of the dice for the USA, they are going to have to do something different to break down Germany

  • 81'

    A final change by Bruce Arena as Earnie Stewart comes on for Pablo Mastoeni

  • 80'

    A change for Germany here, Oliver Neuville goes off and Marco Bode is introduced

  • 79'

    Donovan breaks along the edge of the box and delivers a lofted ball from the left, which is headed clear

  • 78'

    Mastroeni and Sanneh keep tabs on Ballack on the left flank. Ballack goes down very easily, but Dallas is not fooled

  • 77'

    Klose runs forward with real pace, putting the USA defence on the on the back foot. But Klose stands on the ball at the vital moment and the chance is gone

  • 76'

    Frings breaks out of defence, O'Brien comes in to make the challenge and it takes the merest of touches for Frings to collapse on the ground. Free-kick to Germany

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    ...but Neuville's effort from 25-yards out was always going to fly over the crossbar

  • 75'

    A chance for Germany to break. It's Neuville through the centre, he cuts onto his right boot and tries the shot...

  • 74'

    The USA are still very much on top, but look to be running out of ideas around the box

  • 73''s Ziege who delivers, but Ballack just fails to get his head to the ball

  • 73'

    The ball is moved forward a matter of 10 yards before Reyna fouls Jeremies. A good chance to deliver into the box...

  • 72'

    Hamann is now brought down by O'Brien, another free-kick

  • 71'

    Hugh Dallas is getting a bit handy with his cards - Berhalter has just entered the book for a late challenge on Klose

  • 70'

    Neuville looks to get past Mastroeni, but the USA defender pulls him back. Free-kick and yet another yellow card

  • 69'

    The free-kick comes in but from Berhalter, but it's easily headed clear. Jeremies picks up the ball and plays it long to Neuville

  • 69'

    Referee Dallas does well to calm things down and after talking to his linesman shows a yellow to both Jeremies and Reyna

  • 68'

    There's pushing and shoving in the box as Berhalter looks to deliver. Reyna and Jeremies are invloved

  • 68'

    Mathis looks to break forward on the right and is cynically pushed to the ground by Kehl. Free-kick and a yellow card to Kehl

  • 67'

    Another change by Bruce Arena. Frankie Heyduk makes way for veteran Cobi Jones

  • 66''s a great effort by Reyna, Kahn was sent scurrying back to his goal as the ball dropped agonisingly wide of the post

  • 66'

    The USa press forward again. The long ball forward is headed away by the outrushing Khan. It falls Reyna just outside the centre circle and he tries an audacious lob...

  • 65'

    ...but that's a superb tackle by Sanneh, timed perfectly to deny Klose the scoring opportunity

  • 64'

    Germany come forward now with Frings on the right. He plays a low ball into Klose ten yards out...

  • 63'

    Mostroeni feeds a ball through the centre to Heyduk. For a moment it looks as the American will get on the end of the ball but Kahn comes out

  • 62'

    Mathis sends Frings to the floor. Free-kick to Germany

  • 61'

    A change for Germany now. Bernd Schneider is replaced by Jens Jeremies

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Lewis and Reyna show a neat interchange of passing on the left, but when the ball is fed back to Lewis the flag goes up for offside

  • 59'

    It's still all USA here, plugging away trying to find the equalising goal

  • 58'

    A change for USA. Brian McBride makes way for Clint Mathis - he of the hair

  • 57'

    A rare forward move from Germany, Ballack looking to make progress on the right flank. The increasingly impressive Sanneh comes across to win the ball from Ballack

  • 56'

    ...but Donovan fails to get any real power on the shot and Kahn collects with ease. Another good chance goes begging

  • 55'

    Sanneh comes forward again and plays a square ball to Donovan. Donovan twists and turns yet again and creates space for the shot...

  • 54'

    Sanneh's cross into the box is headed back by Donovan to McBride, but Linke does well to block the shot

  • 53'

    This is better from the USA. Berhalter plays a fine long ball over the top to McBride, but he fails to control the ball. McBride would only have had Kahn to beat

  • 52'

    Referee Hugh Dallas waves away the protests. The linesman, Phil Sharp, insists Frings blocked the ball - even if replays show he may have used a hand

  • 51'

    ...Kahn misses it and Frings tries the block the ball on the line. It comes down and Kahn collects - but the USA players are furious. The claim the ball crossed the line

  • 51'

    Reyna delivers the corner and Berhalter meets the ball with an outstretched foot...

  • 50'

    Donovan and Heyduk link up well on the right. Donovan gets into the box but Hamann gets back to conceed the corner

  • 50'

    Frings is sent to the floor by McBride. Free-kick, taken short

  • 49'

    Reyna takes the corner, but the ball ends up in the hands of Kahn

  • 48'

    ...but Metzelder does well to head the ball behind. Donovan and the sprinting Sanneh nearly got on the end of that cross

  • 47'

    O'Brien has the chance to deliver from the right after good play by Sanneh...

  • 47'

    Ballack plays an early ball into Klose. Sanneh does well to nick the ball off the striker

  • 46'

    The USA get the second half underway

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    The USA played so well, but eventually the class and experience of the German side told. Ziege's delivery was sublime and Ballack's finish perfect. There's a lot for Bruce Arena to ponder

  • 45'

    And there goes the half-time whistle

  • 45'

    One minute to be added

  • 45'

    ...but Ziege's shot goes way over Friedel's crossbar

  • 45'

    Another free-kick to Germany just outside the box on the right. Ziege and Schneider line up for the shot. Ziege takes...

  • 44'

    ...Klose meets the ball witha downward header, and it comes crashing back off the bottom of Friedel's left-hand post. Germany very much on top now

  • 43'

    Ziege takes it short, and feeds Neuville. Neuville produces a fine cross and finds Klose unmarked from close range...

  • 42'

    It's Schneider who floats in the free-kick, but Berhalter is there first to put the ball behind for the corner

  • 42'

    Pope pushes Neuville off the ball as the German looked to break forward. Yellow card for Pope - which means he would miss the semi-final should the USA progress

  • 41'

    Eddie Lewis is booked for a pull on Neuville

  • 40'

    Ballack met the ball with a downward header, low down by Friedel's feet which gave the keeper no chance. An undeserved lead, but the lead all the same. 1-0 to Germany

  • 39'


  • 39'

    Ziege delivers this time, and there's Ballack on the edge of the six-yard box...

  • 38'

    Lewis blocks off Frings. Another free-kick for Germany on the right flank

  • 38'

    ..fine stop by Kahn. Lewis struck the shot with venom, and although it was straight at the Germany keeper he must have seen it late. Good play again by the USA

  • 37'

    McBride deos expertly down the left, getting the better of Kehl. McBride looks for Donovan, he can't get control of the ball but plays a neat ball back to Lewis on the edge of the box...

  • 36'

    ...but Ballack fails to get enough on his header, and the ball runs harmlessly behind for a goal-kick

  • 35'

    Germany win the corner. Schneider again delivers and there's Ballack five yards out...

  • 35'

    A bit of handbags between Ballack and Sanneh. Dallas intervenes

  • 34'

    ...Schneider delivers into the box, and it's Berhalter who wins the ball. But it stays in the box and after a bit of a scramble Ziege plays the ball back out to a team-mate

  • 33'

    Berhalter is penalised for climbing on closer on the right flank. Chance to deliver into the box for Germany...

  • 32'

    Reyna takes the corner from the left, but it floats straight out of play on the other side of goal

  • 31'

    ...but Kahn does well again to block the shot from Donovan. There was little support then, but Donovan seemed to lack real conviction in the shot

  • 30'

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  • 30'

    Reyna has space in the centre circle and spots the run of Donovan. The American striker's through on goal with only Kahn to beat. Donovan closes in on goal...

  • 29'

    Good play by the USA here, passing the ball around the pitch. Donovan looks to switch the ball to Lewis on the left flank, but he doesn't look up and Lewis had already moved on. Throw-in

  • 28'

    Ziege plays a high ball to Klose in the D, but this time it's Berhalter who stands tall to snuff out the attack

  • 27'

    Ballack goes up for the ball with Lewis. The German midfielder appears to have been caught in the face and needs attention - but he's okay to continue

  • 26'

    Frings feeds the ball down the right channel to Neuville. Mastroeni wins the ball off him and clears - Neuville throws himself to the floor theatrically. Get up!

  • 25'

    ...Lewis whips the ball in to Berhalter, but the Crystal Palace defender can only head the ball over the bar when under pressure

  • 24'

    Ziege blocks off Hejduk in the right corner of the German half. A chance here...

  • 23'

    Neuville has the ball on the edge of the box, and he somehow manages to feed it through to Klose. But again Pope is there to stop the German striker and clear to safety. Good defending again

  • 22' was a simple chance, but Neuville didn't get enough contact on the header and failed to hit the target. Luckily for Neuville, the offside flag went up to save his blushes

  • 21'

    Frings and Schneider link up well on the right. It's the latter who delivers a great ball to the edge of the six yard box, and Neuville meets with the header...

  • 20'

    Klose tries to use his strength on the edge of the box to get past Pope, but the American defender holds off the challenge

  • 20'

    Linke goes down under the challenge of Lewis. Free-kick in the middle of the park

  • 19'

    USA looked by far the most dangerous side here. Germany have not had a sniff at goal yet

  • 18''s a fantastic effort - and an equally impressive save by Kahn as he pushes the ball round the post. Excellent football

  • 17'

    Donovan shows some great skill here, coming forward with pace and purpose. He cuts in to the edge of the box and unleashes a fine drive...

  • 16'

    Reyna looks to twist and turn but is brought down. Donovan tries to take the free-kick early, but only succeeds in giving the ball to a team-mate in an offside position

  • 15'

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  • 15'

    Again the USA break, this time on the right with Heyduk. Acres of space yet again, he gets to the byline and looks to cut the ball back, but Metzelder intercepts. Good stuff from Bruce Arena's men

  • 14'

    ...but Kahn gets down very well to get a strong hand to the ball and push it away from Donovan

  • 13'

    Reyna feeds Lewis in on the left. He's in acres of space here. Pace takes him further clear and he aims a low cross to Donovan on the edge of the six-yard box...

  • 12''s a great cross but Frings just gets a flick on the ball to send it over McBride and out for a throw

  • 11'

    Hejduk comes forward on the right, he's given time to pick out a cross and aims for McBride on the back stick...

  • 11'

    It's Lewis who hits the free-kick, but his effort is always rising and doesn't trouble Kahn

  • 10'

    Metzelder sends Reyna to the floor 25 yards from goal in a central area. A real chance for the USA here

  • 9'

    ...but Neuville's first time effort runs just wide of Friedel's left-hand post

  • 9'

    Corner to Germany. Schneider again takes, McBride gets his head to the ball but it falls to Neuville on the edge of the D...

  • 8'

    The ball is switched to the left flank to Metzelder, but he over-runs the ball and his attempted cross goes out of play

  • 7'

    Schneider is felled by Lewis, and the German midfielder takes quickly

  • 7'

    A good start by the USA. But can they build on this early promise?

  • 6'

    Schneider takes the corner, but Lewis rises well to head clear

  • 6'

    Neuville is in space on the right fank. He whips in a first time cross but Mastroeni puts the ball behind

  • 5'

    Donovan is pushed to the floor by Linke, free-kick

  • 4'

    Reyna floats in the corner, but the Germany defence is able to head clear

  • 4'

    O'Brien finds a bit on space on the left. He sees Lewis in space just inside the box and tries a low cross, but Metzelder hooks the ball behind

  • 3'

    Now Reyna tries to feed Donovan through the centre, but this time the flag's up for offside

  • 2'

    Donovan tries to latch onto an ball through the centre, he looks to be through as Metzelder slips, but he the referee blows up. Donovan was adjudged to have clipped the German defender

  • 1'

    Scotland's Hugh Dallas blows the whistle, and Germany get the game underway


    USA coach Bruce Arena leaves out Jeff Agoos because a calf injury. Frankie Hejduk returns from suspension in midfield with striker Josh Wolff dropping down to the bench


    Germany welcome back Christian Ziege and Dietmar Hamann from suspension. Cartsen Ramelow is also available but Sebastian Kehl, who came on against Paraguay, is preferred

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Germany

  • 6(2)

  • -

  • 14

  • 42%


  • United States

  • 11(6)

  • -

  • 21

United States

POS No Name


1 Brad Friedel


2 Frankie Hejduk
13 Cobi Jones


3 Gregg Berhalter


4 Pablo Mastroeni
8 Earnie Stewart


22 Tony Sanneh


23 Eddie Pope


5 John O'Brien


7 Eddie Lewis


10 Claudio Reyna


21 Landon Donovan


20 Brian McBride
11 Clint Mathis
POS No Name
M 13 Cobi Jones
F 8 Earnie Stewart
F 11 Clint Mathis

Match Stats

  • Germany
  • United States
6(2) Shots (on goal) 11(6)
14 Fouls 21
6 Corner kicks 6
2 Offsides 4
42% Time of Possession 58%
2 Yellow Cards 5
0 Red Cards 0
5 Saves 0

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