Daejeon Stadium, Taejon, South Korea

Referee: Jun Lu

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  • Emmanuel Olisadebe 3'
  • Pavel Kryszalowicz 5'
  • Marcin Zewlakow 66'

3 - 1


United States

  • Landon Donovan 82'
  • 90'

    No more speed-skating jibes - the Koreans have done Team USA a big favour. Arena and co go through - but it's back to the drawing board before Monday's clash with Mexico in the last 16

  • 90'

    Coaches Engel and (a rather embarrassed) Arena embrace as Poland, worthy winners here, are on their way home.

  • 90'

    That's it! Referee Lu Jun's whistle goes to end the match.

  • 90'

    Playing out time in the Daejeon stadium. Pope finds Reyna, but it's just keep-ball at the back

  • 90'

    A very strange euphoria in the stands... this game was dead a long time ago and the beaten team's fans are celebrating

  • 90'

    South Korea have beaten Portugal. The USA are through to meet Mexico in the second round!

  • 90'

    Donovan, looking to latch onto Hejduk's ball, fouls sub Waldoch

  • 90'

    Coming into injury time - five minutes to be added but it's all about events elsewhere. South Korea still a goal up

  • 89'

    High ball into the Poland box and Zielinski is brought crashing to the floor by his own keeper

  • 88'

    Waldoch replaces Klos in Dudek's final substitution

  • 87'

    Now Kryszalowicz tries to control a cross with Sanneh and co back-pedalling, but Hejduk is back to cover

  • 86'

    Zurawski finds room on the Poland left - Zewlakow's in the middle but Friedel dives in to interevene. Not entirely convincing but enough to spare another goal

  • 85'

    Beasley lobs one up, looking for Mathis but Majdan is up sharply to take

  • 83'

    Consolation - but not as much as provided by that Korean goal. Sibik comes on for the excellent Olisadebe, who takes so long to stroll off that he is booked for time-wasting

  • 83'

    Not to worry. Cobi Jones - on for Stewart - bustles into the box. It pops loose for Donovan to finish coolly under the keeper's despairing lunge. It's back to 1-3

  • 82'

    The keeper was well positioned but that was unlucky.

  • 81'

    Great ball from the right, Mathis free at the far post. He rams it against the post!

  • 80'

    Foul by Max-Moore. Kozminski takes, looking for Klos, but enough blue shirts at the back to clear the danger

  • 79'

    Pope has to marshal the ball back to Friedel as Olisadebe bears down on the penalty area once more

  • 78'

    Olisadebe caught offside - if he'd delayed his run the States would have been hopelessly exposed again

  • 77'

    Woeful strike from Zurawski but the Blackburn man is the spot-kick hero again. Not that it matters in this performance...

  • 76'

    A clumsy challenge from the defender. Zurawski steps up, but Friedel dives to his left to save!

  • 75'

    Anothe marauding Polish break. Kryszalowicz takes on Sanneh - penalty kick!

  • 74'

    O'Brien spins onto Reyna's ball in midfield and is brought crashing to the floor. Freekick goes over the top for Max-Moore but he stumbles after bringing the ball down

  • 73'

    Krzynowek curls in the freekick, Friedel flaps at it but Pope's at the back to hoof it clear

  • 72'

    Olisadebe runs again with purpose. Hejduk brings him down just outside the box. Yellow card and the defender misses the next game, asumming there is one for his team

  • 70'

    Beasley earns another corner on the left. Again though - over the top

  • 69'

    Reyna hooks a left-footed volley from just outside the box. Majdan drops low to his right to save

  • 68'

    Mayhem in the crowd as the news filters through. It could be redemption for the States despite their dreadful showing here

  • 68'

    USA need a miracle - it may have happened with Park Jee Sung's opening goal for South Korea!

  • 67'

    Just as before, an immediate counter. Max-Moore involved - Majdan saves well and the rebound comes to Mathis, who's chip lands agonisingly on the top of the net

  • 66'

    Taken short, and just as in the opening moments, USA asleep at the back. Zewlakow nods in for the third Polish goal.

  • 65'

    Zewlakow replaces Bucharski. Kryszalowicz has a weaving run at the States rearguard - he shoots and it's off Pope for a corner

  • 64'

    Still goalless in Incheon, but Portugal down to nine men now. Beto's dismissal following Joao Pinto's earler

  • 63'

    Kryszalowicz drags back Beasley - yellow card

  • 62'

    Stewart's delivery is too deep - over the top and Donovan can't stop the Poles winning the throw

  • 61'

    Olisadebe looks to break but Hejduk tackles well. Beasley takes it on on the left, but Max-Moore is beaten to the header at the near post. Corner

  • 59'

    Max-Moore gets a first touch, finding Stewart but it's Kozminski again getting a boot in

  • 59'

    Agoos may have not been the biggest loss in the first half, but Arena's men have had little shape since. Beasley and Donovan are roving around the pitch, but with little purpose

  • 58'

    O'Brien tries his umpteenth strike from long range. This time Kozminski's left boot does the blocking

  • 57'

    First tactical change for the States as Max-Moore replaces the anonymous McBride

  • 56'

    Stewart and Sanneh combine down the right. It's shifted to Reyna in the middle, a clever flick but Kozminski clears

  • 56'

    Right-back Glowacki lumps it forward, but Beasley wins the knock-down

  • 55'

    Long USA throw into the box - the flick-on finds Mathis but again he can't control with his back to goal. Poland break again and this time it's Hejduk having to tidy up

  • 54'

    Beasley up to more tricks on the American left, but Murawski robs him this time

  • 53'

    Oliasadebe loses out under pressure from Pope. Throw-in

  • 51'

    Donovan drops to the left, finding McBride coming from deep. The Columbus striker tries to thread it through the middle, but Reyna is well offside

  • 50'

    Now Stewart earns a corner on the right - headed clear at the near post. Poland break rapidly and O'Brien does well to get back for the tackle

  • 50'

    More strong running from Beasley, winning a throw. Reyna finds Stewart on the right but the cross is too high for Mathis in the middle

  • 49'

    Bealey finds Donovan - a lovely flicked pass for Mathis, but he can't control and loses out as he tries to run with it across the box

  • 48'

    Krzynowek probes on the inside left, feeding Kucharski in the box. Friedel has to get down at the near post to block

  • 47'

    Shameful stuff. Nevermind - USA move it upfield, but Donovan is wasteful from long range

  • 46'

    Kozminski makes the first burst - running onto a return ball. He falls under Stewart's challenge - one of the worst dives in the whole tournament and rightly worthy of a yellow card

  • 46'

    And Poland restart

  • 45'

    A goal from South Korea might also help, but neither of those sides will take any risks if the USA remain two down. Anyway, the players are back out

  • 45'

    Two goals required at the least for the USA, but they need more penetration in the second half... apart from Donovan's early header (harshly ruled out) it's been long-range stuff from Mathis, Reyna and O'Brien. McBride's hardly featured

  • 45'

    The USA are on their way as it stands - it's up to Arena to sort it out in the dressing room

  • 45'

    Not really - it's taken short but Kozminski is in the way. Half-time whistle goes

  • 45'

    Stewart fires a cross from deep, Klos heads behind for a corner. Is there time?

  • 45'

    Half-time in the other final group game - goalless between South Korea and Portugal, who are down to ten men

  • 45'

    Poland break through Murawski, who feeds Krzynowek for a rapier strike from deep. Better than Sanneh's but still over the bar

  • 45'

    Now it's Sanneh's tun to blast from long range. Into Row Z of the stand behind Majdun's goal

  • 45'

    Three minutes to be added for stoppages in this first period

  • 44'

    Olisadebe, head down, bursts past fullback Hejduk. The Nigerian-born striker hooks it across but Pope is there to clear

  • 43'

    USA come forward again - it's O'Brien blasting at goal once more. Majdan relieved to see it rise and drift wide. But then the keeper is booked for delaying the goalkick - a bit early for that stuff

  • 42'

    Donovan switches to the right, finding Mathis and Stewart in support. The Americans look calm in the build-up but Murawski hacks clear as they probe the box

  • 41'

    McBridge muscled out by Kozminski, but the USA can build again. Mathis involved, looking for Beasley but a great tackle by Glowacki

  • 40'

    Donovan, back on his feet, finds Reyna. It's worked to O'Brien whose left-footed blast from range takes a deflection - and Majdan does brilliantly to change direction and gather to his right

  • 39'

    Kryszalowicz fouls O'Brien as the two rise for a high ball from keeper Majdan

  • 38'

    Beasley's first run at the defence is well marshalled by Glowacki

  • 38'

    Now Donovan goes down in centre field. Meanwhile Reyna has a go from 30 yards. Well struck but drifting 5 feet wide

  • 37'

    It's the midfielder Beasley who comes on as a replacement

  • 36'

    Now Agoos goes down injured. A muscle injury but he turned as though he'd been struck by something. Probably imaginary

  • 35'

    Krzynowek takes but the ball hammers into Donovan stood off the USA wall. Murawski follows up but to no avail

  • 34'

    USA are too stretched and the Poles are pinging the ball around midfield with impunity. Now Agoos fouls clumsily

  • 32'

    Foul on O'Brien in midfield. The freekick comes to nothing and it's Krzynowek on another burst down the left. Repelled by Agoos and Pope

  • 31'

    Mathis tries another over-ambitious drive from deep. Scuffed well wide

  • 29'

    How did that stay out? 3-0 would have been 'Goodnight, USA'

  • 28'

    Kryszalowicz bursts past O'Brien and Sanneh. Zurawski hammers it from 10 yards - superbly blocked by Friedel who then diverts Olisadebe's follow-up onto the post... scrambled away somehow

  • 27'

    Taken short but then floated in for Zurawski to volley - ambitious, high and wide of Friedel's goal

  • 26'

    Immediate counter from the Poles through Krzynowek - Sanneh has to concede a corner on the USA right

  • 26'

    O'Brien finds Donovan in space, cutting in from the left. The youngster takes aim but Kozminski blocks

  • 25'

    Olisadebe takes on Agoos - danger but the veteran defender makes a stumbling tackle to save the danger

  • 25'

    Donovan, with back to goal, lays it back to Stewart arriving from deep. A low drive but the white shirts are there to block

  • 24'

    Krzynowek is getting plenty of ball for Poland, but their atacks have dwindled

  • 22'

    Taken short to O'Brien but Sanneh is unable to control with his back to goal and gets muscled out of it

  • 21'

    Now Klos called into action again, conceding another corner

  • 20'

    Now Reyna and Donovan combine. The Sunderland man lofts a teaser into the box but Klos marshals it back to his keeper

  • 20'

    Another Hejduk advance - this time a low cross. Stewart tumbles in the box but nothing given

  • 19'

    McBride rises to head from ten yards but Majdan saves comfortably

  • 19'

    Skipper Reyna becoming more influential now, finding fullback Hejduk on the left. The cross comes in - deep but Stewart earns a corner on the far post

  • 18'

    Rather wasted though - Reyna picks it up but is fouled under the challenge of three tacklers

  • 17'

    McBride loses out in contesting a high ball under pressure. Another Polish throw

  • 16'

    Hejduk is robbed on the left - throw in to the Poles. Sanneh has to clear it up on the far side, but gives Donovan no chance with an ambitious long ball

  • 15'

    Olisadebe slowly recovering as the hectic opening minutes give way to more measured football. USA Coach Arena will be more than grateful for that

  • 14'

    Olisadebe is sent crashing to the floor by Pope's challenge. The ref rules it fair, but that was nothing more than a shoulder barge

  • 13'

    Now Stewart is caught offside as O'Brien looks for a ball over the top of the Polish centre-halves

  • 12'

    Reyna feeds Mathis on the right for a thunderous strike from range, but it slices wide. First 'Blast of the Mohican'

  • 11'

    Great tackle by Klos down the left corner, but Reyna is there to pick up his clearance. USA shift it around the midfield

  • 10'

    Klos clears at the back for Poland, who win a throw down the left. Given away by Kryszalowicz, the second goalscoerer though

  • 9'

    Mathis again involved - he finds McBride bursting through the middle. A low, left-footer from the striker but the keeper is down to save well

  • 9'

    Reyna floats in the freekick, but Majdan rises to collect - the first time he hasn't flapped at the ball

  • 8'

    Mathis tries to steady things on the left, feinding Donovan who's is fouled by Zielinski

  • 6'

    USA shellshocked by this stunning opening - asleep at the back after Donovan was only just celebrating an equaliser before the ref's whistle came.

  • 5'

    The Poles work the free kick up field. Krzynowek on the left crossing for Kryszalowicz at the near post. 2-0 Poland!!

  • 4'

    Diasastrous opening for the States, but they head straight back. Again Madjan in trouble at the back, but Donovan is penalised as he heads in - a nudge on the keeper. Harsh

  • 3'

    Friedel hesitates and Olisadebe lashes the ball in off the underside of the bar. 1-0 Poland!!

  • 2'

    Olisadebe makes his first contribution on the Poland right, Agoos hooks behind for another corner

  • 2'

    Stewart's at the far post, with keeper Majdan in trouble, but the whistle goes for a foul by McBride in the six-yard box

  • 1'

    First run from Mathis down the left after Hedjuk's ball - corner to the States

  • 1'

    USA kick off!


    Arena's men gather in a final huddle as referee Lu Jun calls the men up


    Getting ready for action in the Daejeon Stadium as the players shake hands. USA today in their change colours of dark blue and white shorts, Poland in white and red


    Six changes for Poland after their drubbing by Portugal. Murawski replaces the suspended Swierczewski, but most notably Liverpool goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek is dropped in favour of Radoslaw Madjan. Team: Majdan, Klos, Zielinski, Kozminski, Glowacki, Kucharski, Kryszalowicz, Murawski, Krzynowek, Zurawski, Olisadebe.


    One change for the USA - Earnie Stewart back in the line-up, favoured ahead of DaMarcus Beasley. Team: Friedel, Hejduk, Pope, Agoos, Sanneh, Mathis, Reyna, O'Brien, Donovan, Stewart, McBride.

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Poland

  • 10(7)

  • -

  • 21

  • 35%


  • United States

  • 16(7)

  • -

  • 11

United States

POS No Name


1 Brad Friedel


2 Frankie Hejduk


12 Jeff Agoos
17 DaMarcus Beasley


22 Tony Sanneh


23 Eddie Pope


5 John O'Brien


10 Claudio Reyna


21 Landon Donovan


8 Earnie Stewart
13 Cobi Jones


11 Clint Mathis


20 Brian McBride
9 Joe-Max Moore
POS No Name
M 13 Cobi Jones
M 17 DaMarcus Beasley
F 9 Joe-Max Moore

Match Stats

  • Poland
  • United States
10(7) Shots (on goal) 16(7)
21 Fouls 11
3 Corner kicks 8
3 Offsides 3
35% Time of Possession 65%
4 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
6 Saves 4

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