Mun-hak Stadium, Inchon, South Korea

Referee: Angel Sanchez

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South Korea

  • Park Ji-Sung 71'

1 - 0


  • 94'

    But Portugal are out. They threw everything at Korea in the last few minutes as Conceicao hit the post and Figo and Gomes came so close but pay the price for the indiscipline of Joao Pinto and Beto and their terrible display against the USA

  • 94'

    And that's the final whistle! South Korea have won and are through to the last 16 for the first time ever. Park scores the crucial goal and Hiddink's men now face Italy

  • 94'

    Figo's corner - Baia's up for it, Couto goes for it and Korea clear but Portgual whack it in again and Gomes is stealing in at the back post unmarked to head from eight yards - but it's straight at Lee Woon-Jae

  • 93'

    Ahn comes off slowly - he's booked for it and Lee Chun-Soo comes on

  • 93'

    Conceicao turns one way and another and fires in a shot which Lee unconvicingly palms wide

  • 92'

    Park picks out Seol in acres of space and yet again Baia makes a superb save again

  • 92'

    Korea are adjudged offside - largely due to a complete absencce of defenders as Portugal charge forward

  • 91'

    Figo on the burst - he goes down but it's no free kick. Three minutes added on as Baia charges out again to stop Ahn as he tries to play a one-two to go through on goal

  • 90'

    Seol counter attacks and Ahn is in acres of room in the middle. Seol finds him and Ahn shoots - another superb block from Baia to save Portugal

  • 89'

    ... who earns a thwo. Xavier takes, Andrade flicks and Conceicao swivels to hit a half-volley which beats the diving Lee and rebounds off the post. So close

  • 88'

    Song himself finds Seol and it was briefly two on one there for Korea. Portugal break with Gomes

  • 88'

    Great chance for Korea - it falls to Song on the edge of the box but Baia read it brilliantly and came out to block with his legs

  • 87'

    Couto goes down after Yoo's challenge - no free kick. The mullteted defender is up front now

  • 86'

    It's frantic stuff as Ahn bursts forward for the Koreans - Portugal are desperately trying to keep the ball because it's so much harder to get it back

  • 85'

    Couto flicks on a long ball and Gomes is through on goal - he stretches and somehow can't turn it past Lee Woon-Jae. What a chance.

  • 85'

    Landon Donovan pulls one back for the USA - they're 3-1 down

  • 84'

    Gomes turns well as Portugal search for an equaliser - he gets it again but can't find Conceicao

  • 83'

    And there's a booking for Couto for clattering into the goalscorer Park Ji-Sung

  • 82'

    Andrade brings down Yoo Sang-Chul - Portugal are struggling to get the ball back

  • 81'

    Figo at the near post headed it away. The ball came back to Kim but Couto met the second cross with a firm header

  • 81'

    Seol runs at Xavier and wins another Korean corner

  • 80'

    Ten minutes left for Portugal's Golden Generation to save themselves - otherwise they'll be out of the World Cup and the USA will go through despite losing 3-0 to Poland, a side Portugal crushed 4-0

  • 79'

    Conceicao looks for Xavier but that's just too powerful - goal kick

  • 78'

    And Poland have a penalty. They could make it 4-0 against the USA - but it was saved

  • 77'

    Yoo Sang Chul wins Korea a corner - the ball breaks to kim in the box but the referee has given a free kick for a foul on Costa

  • 77'

    Nuno Gomes replaces Petit, who has battled manfully in midfield

  • 77'

    Nuno Gomes is warming up - he will be Portugal's final substitute today as Figo is penalised

  • 76'

    Was that Portgual's best chance?

  • 75'

    ... he misses by a matter of inches. A superb free kick which beat Lee Woon-Jae but just went past the far post

  • 75'

    Chance for Figo...

  • 75'

    Petit wins a free kick on the edge of the box - Kim Nam-Il is unfortunate to be cautioned for a minor foul

  • 74'

    Korea break again with Lee Young-Pyo but Costa doesn't buy his poor step-over

  • 73'

    And on comes Abel Xavier for Rui Jorge. Just what Portugal need now - a full back with a comedy beard

  • 72'

    Will Portugal turn to Rui Costa or Nuno Gomes in their search for a goal?

  • 72'

    If Portugal do not score, they are out.

  • 70'

    GOAL! Park Ji-Sung scores and Korea lead. Surely there is no way back for nine-man Portugal

  • 70'

    lee takes and Couto heads it away. Lee crosses again and Park at the back post chests it down and fires in a low shot through Baia's legs...

  • 70'

    ... but Figo himself is back at right back to concede a corner

  • 69'

    Figo is now playing as a lone striker for the Portuguese - it's 4-3-1 now

  • 69'

    And Poland have made it 3-0 through Zevlakow! If Portugal hold on for a point, they are through

  • 68'

    Portugal are warming up another defender - Andrade. Centre forward Pauleta makes way.

  • 67'

    ... and Figo wallops an effort from 80 yards. It goes wide but he had no one to pass it to

  • 66'

    Lee Young-Pyo takes the free kick but Petit heads away

  • 66'

    Beto is still walking off - he's taking his time about it

  • 65'

    Korea have the ball again and build down the left here - Lee Young-Pyo goes past Beto who chops him down. He is shown a second yellow card - Portugal are down to nine!

  • 65'

    Rui Jorge takes a free kick but Figo couldn't flick it on for Conceicao

  • 64'

    Portugal are looking a little more adventurous after a decent few minutes

  • 63'

    ... and Pauleta meets Figo's second corner but Jorge Costa is penalised

  • 62'

    Figo takes. A stooping Pauleta heads it on and Lee Woon-Jae punches it away. Korea put it behind for a corner

  • 62'

    Figo whips it in towards Pauleta. Seol gets the touch behind - corner

  • 61'

    Pauleta is crowded out by two defenders and Portugal win a free kick 40 yards out when Beto is upended

  • 60'

    Portugal are playing 4-4-1 now with Pauleta alone up front and the two central midfielders, Petit and Bento, rarely straying from their own half

  • 59'

    Will Hiddink makes changes to try and make a breakthrough? And will Portugal introduce Rui Costa?

  • 58'

    Portugal are leaving the Koreans when they have the ball in their own half & dropping into their own half to defend

  • 57'

    Seol is cautioned for a sliding challenge on Petit which may have hurt the midfielder

  • 56'

    A couple of long balls from Fernando Couto - uncharacteristic play from the Portuguese

  • 55'

    Conceicao wins a free kick on the right flank - once again he had two opponents to deal with there

  • 54'

    Korea go forward again as Couto concedes a throw - almost incessant pressure for Portugal to deal with

  • 53'

    Kim Nam-Il has a go from the edge of the box with an angled left-footed shot which goes wide. Korea are much more ambitious this half

  • 53'

    Ahn makes a little break down the right but his cross was easy for Couto. Song was well involved in the build-up beforehand

  • 52'

    Figo sets up Petit who drills a long range shot which is easy for Lee Woon-jae

  • 51'

    Figo heads Song's corner away but Portugal must be worried that Korea have already won two headers in their box this half

  • 50'

    Seol spins to make a run down the left. He puts in a first-tiem cross and Yoo Sang-Chul comes in to win the header - but it just goes wide

  • 50'

    Rui Jorge clears it out for a South Korea throw - only Pauleta is not behind the ball for Portugal

  • 49'

    Yoo Snag-Chul has a crack from long range but that's well over

  • 48'

    Han finds Seol in space down the left but his cross is very deep. Park retrieves but some of the momentum is gone.

  • 47'

    An early scare for the Portuguese there - they hadn't really been tested in the first half

  • 46'

    An early foul by Figo on his marker, Song. Kim Nam-Il puts in the free kick and Seol steals in to head just wide.

  • 46'

    And South Korea start the second half. They currently top Group D.

  • 46'

    Will Korea push forward to win this? Will Portugal look for the goal which would confirm their place in the last 16? Or will both sides settle for 0-0

  • 45'

    That's half time and at the moment both South Korea and Portugal are on course to qualify, thanks to Poland's lead against the USA. A largely uneventful half apart from Joao Pinto's red card for that dreadful tackle.

  • 45'

    Two minutes of injury time are signalled - on the evidence of the last few minutes it's hard to see much happening in them

  • 44'

    Portugal have had the ball for three minutes now

  • 43'

    Portugal are just playing it across the back four - they seem to be playing for half time

  • 42'

    It's tight in the midfield with the Koreas chasing and harrassing Portugal.

  • 41'

    Korea attack but Park's pass eludes Ahn

  • 40'

    Portugal go forward again but Lee Young-Pyo wins the ball from Conceicao

  • 39'

    Petit picks out pauleta on the right flank - but he couldn't find Conceicao. Korean throw

  • 38'

    Petit wins a free kick now, about 45 yards from goal, but they work it back to Costa and decide to keep the ball

  • 37'

    Portugal seem to be playing better since Pinto's dismissal as Figo wins a free kick

  • 36'

    Portugal's best chance so far and a rare time when Figo escaped Song

  • 35'

    Figo finds Pauleta and he's unmarked down the middle. He goes for the first-time shot from 20 yards... but it's over the bar.

  • 34'

    Portugal free kick and Couto is taking his time over it

  • 33'

    Figo and his man-marker Song are involved again - and Song comes out on top once more

  • 32'

    And the keeper Vitor Baia needs treatment here. It looks like a shoulder problem but he'll be Ok to carry on

  • 31'

    And it's in! But the referee has disallowed it. Baia rose to claim the corner, Choi charged in Lofthouse-esquely and Seol reacted quickest. But the goal is disallowed for Choi's challenge

  • 30'

    And maybe Portugal are annoyed by Korea's work rate as the chasing Park wins a corner off Jorge Costa

  • 29'

    Rui Jorge goes flying in now - Portugal have to be careful here

  • 28'

    Will the ten men play for the draw now? Pinto was the player closest to the lone striker, Pauleta.

  • 27'

    Portugal are furiously surrounding the Argentinian ref but it's Pinto they should be complaining to - that was high and dangerous.

  • 26'

    And Joao Pinto goes flying in two-footed on Park and he is sent off! Portugal are down to 10 men

  • 26'

    Now Figo can run at Song - but his marker does really well to dispossess him.

  • 25'

    Figo heads for the corner flag but takes the ball out of play - he's not found it easy so far today

  • 24'

    Kim Tae-Young brings down Joao Pinto and becomes the first Korean booked

  • 24'

    Song takes but Baia comes out well to claim - he's looking better on crosses after his nightmare agains the USA

  • 24'

    ... and Costa fouls Ahn for a Korea free kick by the right corner flag

  • 23'

    Seol himself put a cross in but it was easy for Fernando Couto to clear. Yet again, though, Korea win the ball back

  • 22'

    Seol skips inside Beto and the right back brings him down - yellow card. He will miss their next game.

  • 21'

    Portugal break with Joao Pinto - he looks for Conceicao but the winger is offside

  • 20'

    Kim Nam-Il looks for Seol in the box. He tried to chest it back to Ahn but Beto intercepts

  • 20'

    Lee Young-Pyo has a go from 20 yards but his low effort goes wide and doesn't test Baia

  • 19'

    Joao Pinto robs Kim Nam-Il but Figo, surprisingly, miscontrols his pass

  • 18'

    ... but he himself is penalised as he goes to meet Pauleta's clever flick.

  • 17'

    Portgual have a spell on the ball - can they dictate the pace of the game. Conceicao wins a free kick

  • 16'

    A lively start but ther have been no chances for eitehr side so far, unlike in the other game where Poland have scored twice

  • 15'

    Pauleta is somewhat stranded in attack so far with Figo and Joao Pinto dropping deep in search of the ball

  • 14'

    Conceicao goes on a little solo run but it's noticeable how quickly several Koreans are around him to win the ball back

  • 13'

    .. and Seol breaks down the left to try a low cross which is too near Baia

  • 12'

    Joao Pinto chips it forward towards Pauleta but Choi intercepted well

  • 12'

    Chance for a Portugal move now - Figo is involved three times before Paulo Bento loses the ball

  • 11'

    The free kick is too long for Park though and Vitor Baia can claim it easily

  • 10'

    Joao Pinto loses the ball and Beto brings down Seol Ki-Hyun - he could have been booked for that tug there

  • 9'

    A draw would suit both teams here - Korea would top the group and if the USA lose, Portugal would qualify as runners-up

  • 8'

    Predictably lively start from South Korea, but Portugal haven't given them a chance yet

  • 7'

    Kim Nam-Il brings down Petit and Portugal have a free kick. Conceicao crosses from the right and it's well headed away by the Korean defence

  • 6'

    ... as Costa heads away a Lee Young-Pyo cross here.

  • 6'

    And it's 2-0 to Poland in the other game! Team USA are in trouble now

  • 5'

    Portugal free kick as Beto is brought down. He himself takes but the dogged Koreans clear

  • 4'

    And Poland have scored! Olisadebe puts them ahead against the USA and as things stand, South Korea and Portugal will both qualify.

  • 3'

    ... but Korea attack with Park Ji Sung and then Song passes to Lee Young-Pyo who has a go from 30 yards - well over the bar

  • 3'

    The Real Madrid man is penalised for a Lee Young-Pyo but the free kick comes to nothing

  • 2'

    Figo's back in his own defence to clear after an early spell of Korea pressure

  • 1'

    Sergio Conceicao goes down early on but does not win a free kick. Korea switch play and look for Seol, but he can't keep the ball in play

  • 1'

    Portugal kick off with Pauleta, who scored a hat-trick against Poland, and Joao Pinto, preferred to Rui Costa.


    Can South Korea follow their co-hosts Japan into the last 16? And will much-fancied Portugal pay the price of their defeat to the USA and bow out after just three games?


    ... while the hosts Korea bring in Ahn after his equaliser against the USA. The veteran Hwang makes way while Lee Eul-Young is also dropped to the bench. South Korea: Woon-Jae Lee, Jin-Cheul Choi, Hong, Tae-Young Kim, Nam-Il Kim, Yoo, Yong-Pyo Lee, Park, Song, Seol, Ahn.


    Portugal are unchanged after their 4-0 thrashing of Poland. Portugal: Baia, Costa, Beto, Jorge, Couto, Figo, Bento, Petit, Sergio Conceicao, Pinto, Pauleta.

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  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • South Korea

  • 10(4)

  • -

  • 22

  • 0%


  • Portugal

  • 6(4)

  • -

  • 18

South Korea

POS No Name


1 Lee Woon-Jae


4 Choi Jun-Chul


7 Tae-Young Kim


20 Hong Myung-Bo


5 Kim Nam-Il


6 Yoo Sang-Chul


10 Lee Young-Pyo


21 Park Ji-Sung


22 Song Chong-Gug


9 Seol Ki-Hyun


19 Ahn Jung-Hwan
14 Lee Chun-Soo
POS No Name
M 14 Lee Chun-Soo


POS No Name


1 Vitor Baia


2 Paulo Jorge Costa


5 Fernando Couto


22 Beto


23 Rui Jorge
3 Abel Xavier


7 Luis Figo


11 Sergio Conceicao


17 Jorge Paulo Bento


20 Petit
21 Nuno Gomes


8 Manuel Vieira Joao Pinto


9 Pedro Pauleta
13 Jorge Andrade
POS No Name
D 3 Abel Xavier
D 13 Jorge Andrade
F 21 Nuno Gomes

Match Stats

  • South Korea
  • Portugal
10(4) Shots (on goal) 6(4)
22 Fouls 18
5 Corner kicks 3
2 Offsides 1
0% Time of Possession 0%
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 2
3 Saves 3

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