Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan

Referee: William Mattus Vega

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  • Edison Méndez 48'

1 - 0


  • 90'

    It is - the referee blows the final whistle: Ecuador have won and Croatia are on their way home

  • 90'

    Free-kick to Ecuador, 40 yards from the Croatia goal. This could be the last action of the game...

  • 90'

    Croatia pump the ball forward, and Poroso is there again. The Croatian attackers appeal for handball against him, but the referee waves their pleas away

  • 90'

    Another cross and another fine header - Ecuador have defended very well and are seconds away from a consolation victory. Two minutes of added time to go...

  • 89'

    Stanic makes a run and Poroso makes a good challenge. Tomas crosses and another good header does the defensive job for Ecuador

  • 89'

    And it looks as though they're on the way out: still they chase a late equaliser

  • 88'

    Italy have equalised against Mexico - now Croatia need two goals to have any hope

  • 87'

    Tomas heads goalwards and Aguinaga heads the ball off the line. Agonisingly close...

  • 86'

    Chala fouls Rapajc and is booked. Free-kick on half-way and everyone's forward for Croatia. It goes for a corner...

  • 85'

    As things stand, Croatia would go through with a draw. They have only five minutes in which to secure one

  • 84'

    Stanic is tackled after trying to beat one defender too many - at the other end, Kaviedes gives away a free-kick

  • 83'

    Croatia piling on some late pressure... but Vranjes concedes a free-kick for a foul on Ayovi

  • 82'

    Boksic crosses and Vugrinec, steaming in, volleys over. That was a chance...

  • 81'

    De La Cruz leads a break for Ecuador... Pletikosa's out and gets it away from danger

  • 80'

    Rapajc wins a corner with an enterprising run down the right - Croatia need more of that in the closing stages

  • 79'

    Olic is fouled by Guerron midway inside the Ecuador half - another dead-ball chance for Croatia...

  • 78'

    Ecuador just hammer the ball clear - but they have a free-kick anyway for a high challenge from Stanic

  • 77'

    Olic crosses, and the ball deflects away off a defender. It's a corner - and again it's cleared

  • 77'

    Now Croatia have a free-kick - Rapajc will take and there are plenty forward...

  • 77'

    No - again the passing is loose, and again Ecuador are able to clear their lines

  • 76'

    A Ecuador change: Ivan Kaviedes is on and Tenorio goes off. Meantime, they have a corner - it's cleared, and can Croatia break?

  • 75'

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    Croatia to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    They have to find something extra - 15 minutes or so between them and the end of the World Cup

  • 74'

    Croatia have time and space in their own half, but their passing has had none of the sharpness it did in the latter stages against Italy

  • 73'

    Tenorio tries again, but the ball runs through to Pletikosa... encouraging couple of minutes for Ecuador

  • 72'

    Delgado racing away, and the ball makes its way to Tenorio on the edge of the box: it's a mishit and it bobbles wide

  • 71'

    Tomas fouls Aguinaga after losing possession - he'll get a yellow card for that

  • 70'

    Vugrinec hits it from distance, but Ecuador manage to block that effort

  • 69'

    Loose passing in midfield... Croatia win it back...

  • 68'

    Stanic crosses from the right, but the flag is up against Boksic. More frustration for the Croats

  • 67'

    De La Cruz heads the ball out and the change is made: Saric is off, and Stanic takes his place

  • 66'

    Chelsea's Mario Stanic is getting ready to come on as Croatia look to make their final change

  • 65'

    They still can't break through... Rapajc the player who misses out this time

  • 64'

    The ball's scrambled away: Croatia are upping the pressure now, and having more and more possession

  • 63'

    He's OK to continue though... and might have some work to do as Vugrinec comes forward

  • 62'

    Ecuador keeper Cevallos has taken a knock in that melee and is in some pain...

  • 61'

    Vranjes miscontrols, but Ecuador give away a free-kick and Saric crosses. It's another penalty area scramble, but Ecuador stand firm

  • 60'

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    Croatia to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Boksic can't control the ball after a penalty area scramble, but Vugrinec comes forward again...

  • 60'

    Tenorio plays a slick one-two with Mendez: the final effort, from outside the area, is too high

  • 59'

    Another Croat change: Jurica Vranjes replaces Nico Kovac

  • 59'

    Rapajc chases a ball to the byline - he doesn't make it and it's a goal-kick

  • 58'

    Jarni takes, but Boksic is harried out of his stride... Simonic is penalised for a foul and Ecuador will be quite happy with a free-kick

  • 57'

    ...and Croatia come charging forward to win a corner. They've got plenty forward here...

  • 57'

    Ecuador come away with it and Tenorio finds De La Cruz... the move fizzles out

  • 56'

    Another cross comes in from the left, and Croatia deal with that one. They win a free-kick and launch it long

  • 55'

    Plenty of confidence from Ecuador, though, and they're on the move again...

  • 54'

    Croatia make a change... Davor Vugrinec comes on and Simic is taken off

  • 53'

    Jarni tries his luck from long range after a short corner routine: it's crisply hit, but wide

  • 52'

    It's about 25 yards out... Rapajc hits it well and the wall does its job, deflecting the ball over the top. Corner...

  • 52'

    Nico Kovac latches onto a smart backheel by Boksic and wins a free-kick in a dangerous position...

  • 51'

    Croatia trying to increase their tempo... can they do so with the same spectacular results as against Italy?

  • 50'

    Ecuador a little over-eager in midfield there - Croatia have a free-kick. It's played long and Tomas smacks the loose ball high over the bar

  • 49'

    Now, surely, Croatia will have to show some verve - their dreams are over otherwise

  • 48'

    It's nodded back by Delgado and Mendez strikes it crisply into the corner. Pletikosa gets a hand to the ball but can't keep it out - it's 1-0 Ecuador!

  • 47'

    De La Cruz on the ball again - he puts a cross into the area...

  • 46'

    Ecuador hook the ball forward, but Simunic is in the right place at the right time. Guerron steps in to clear the attempted ball forward

  • 45'

    Ecuador to win, with bet365  
    Croatia to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    The second half is under way - here's hoping for more entertainment than the first delivered

  • 45'

    Ecuador to win, with bet365  
    Croatia to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    That's the final action of what, undeniably, has been a disappointing first half. Goalless at the break

  • 45'

    A fine piece of defending and a good effort from Boksic

  • 45'

    ...he lofts the ball over the keeper and Poroso gets his head to it and saves his side from falling behind

  • 45'

    The flag-kick is cleared - a minute of added time will be played and Rapajc looks to find Boksic...

  • 45'

    Wait a moment - Croatia win a corner. High drama (it's all in context)

  • 44'

    Let's hope things improve after the break - they can't get much sleepier, surely?

  • 43'

    An aimless pass forward by the Croats is easily cleared, and a dull first half is meandering woozily towards its conclusion

  • 42'

    Nico Kovac finds Jarni and Olic is beaten to the ball from his cross

  • 41'

    Delgado chases a pass forward: Pletikosa gathers that with no problems

  • 40'

    Croatia on the ball inside their own half - can they find the spark that could see them through to the next stage of the competition?

  • 39'

    ...and the resulting corner is cleared. Early switch from Ecuador, who bring playmaker Alex Aguinaga on for Alfonso Obregon

  • 39'

    Hurtado has picked up a knock for his trouble... he's back on his feet but looks to be in some pain

  • 38'

    Pletikosa advances into his own half to play the ball forward: Boksic latches onto it and is denied by Hurtado's great saving challenge

  • 37'

    Ecuador snap back into the attack again, but Delgado's attempted flick into the penalty area has too much pace

  • 36'

    De La Cruz - Ecuador's liveliest player so far - starts a move which Obregon tries to finish... Simic steps in with a fine challenge on the edge of the box

  • 35'

    Better from Croatia, and that was lovely skill from Middlesbrough striker Boksic

  • 34'

    ...he hits a curling shot which beats keeper Cevallos but glances off the outside of the post. The closest we've come to a goal in this game

  • 33'

    Back come Croatia: Rapajc threads the ball through to Boksic inside the area...

  • 32'

    Rapajc is fouled by Mendez: Boksic looks to create problems but is thwarted by Guerron's challenge

  • 32'

    It's cleared to the edge of the box, and Guerron hits a speculative effort that soars skywards

  • 32'

    From the free-kick, Jarni is forced to concede a corner

  • 31'

    Delgado is sent crashing to the ground in the centre circle: Robert Kovac the culprit

  • 30'

    Ecuador to win, with bet365  
    Croatia to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Boksic heads the cross back across goal... it's cleared and Olic directs the follow-up shot past the post with another header

  • 30'

    Can they change that from a free-kick inside the Ecuador half?

  • 29'

    The fluid attacking of the last half hour against Italy seems to have come from a different team

  • 28'

    ...which is wasted - not the first time that sloppy passing has cost the Croats possession

  • 27'

    Boksic attempts to chest the ball down on the edge of the area: Ecuador step in and it's a Croatia throw...

  • 27'

    ...but Ecuador's fans don't mind that too much and are making a bit of noise now

  • 26'

    Rapajc crosses from the left, and keeper Cevallos holds on. The game as a whole is lacking spark...

  • 25'

    Croatia yet to wake up: Ecuador are showing much the greater enterprise so far

  • 25'

    ...not for long - Mendez charges forward and hits a bobbling shot which Pletikosa holds at the second attempt

  • 24'

    ...Tenorio looks to spark another attack, but he loses the ball and Rapajc takes over

  • 23'

    At the other end, Chala tries another shot... again, keeper Pletikosa can field that without difficulty

  • 22'

    Boksic then slides the ball back towards him, just inside the area... he's unable to bring it under control

  • 21'

    ...then Mendez fouls Jarni and the Croats have a free-kick. Olic takes the ball on but slips at the crucial moment

  • 20'

    Boksic has possession on the right - it's another languid build-up. So languid that Croatia go back into their own half...

  • 19'

    De La Cruz, looking lively, has the ball again... Rapajc cuts that one out and Croatia look to move forward

  • 18'

    Rapajc crosses dangerously and Tomas takes over... but the Croats can't engineer a goalscoring chance from that move

  • 17'

    De La Cruz and Mendez combine: the former shoots from the edge of the box, but that effort is tame and easy for Pletikosa

  • 16'

    Ecuador on the ball once more, and much of their passing has been crisp and confident so far

  • 15'

    Ecuador to win, with bet365  
    Croatia to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Jarni plays the ball forward and Rapajc controls well but volleys high over the top

  • 14'

    Another attempted Croatia through ball is too far in front of Boksic. The Croats yet to find the rhythm they showed in the second half against Italy

  • 13'

    De La Cruz crosses, Obregon comes forward and Croatia get it away

  • 13'

    Mendes crosses... Croatia clear... now Delgado's on the chase and his pressure wins a throw

  • 12'

    It's a fairly cat and mouse start so far. Chala is the latest to probe for a chance... he's crowded out but Tenorio wins the ball back

  • 11'

    Robert Kovac gets the ball, but Olic is penalised for a foul as he looks to get past his defender on the left

  • 11'

    Pletikosa on the ball again, and now Simunic. Croatia trying to play with patience

  • 10'

    They get in a low shot, but it's wide of the mark and Croatia come forward. The offside flag is up, though

  • 9'

    Too long - Croatia get it back but then give possession away again, and this has been a confident start by Ecuador

  • 9'

    They win another corner, which Mendes will sweep in

  • 8'

    ...and Croatia have to do the same as Ecuador move forward to good effect

  • 8'

    He sets Ecuador away downfield, but Kovac and Jarni find Rapajc. Ecuador deal with his attempted ball in...

  • 7'

    Ecuador win it back: Croatia snap in and Boksic attempts to swing in a cross. Keeper Cevallos claims well

  • 6'

    Very little - Chala is penalised for a foul

  • 6'

    From it, Tenorio wins Ecuador a corner on the left. What can they make of this?

  • 5'

    Pletikosa kicks clear, and the ball is flicked towards Boksic. Mendez steps in and is fouled by Tomas. Free-kick

  • 4'

    De La Cruz makes a fine run down the right, outpacing the defenders. His cross is headed clear: the lead up to it was a good indication of his threat

  • 4'

    Delgado is soon causing problems again, and this time keeper Pletikosa gets there

  • 3'

    ...Delgado attempts to break betwween two defenders, but is crowded out - the ref is unimpressed with his appeals for a free-kick

  • 2'

    A long ball over the top looks set to free Boksic - he latches onto the pass but can't keep it under control

  • 2'

    Boksic was waiting for a ball in: Ecuador, though, coped well

  • 1'

    ...but Croatia win it back and Olic tries to get the game's first cross in from the right - that's blocked


    Ecuador making a calm start to this game - some good passing keeps the ball for them...

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  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Ecuador

  • 8(4)

  • -

  • 15

  • 0%


  • Croatia

  • 10(3)

  • -

  • 16


POS No Name


1 Stipe Pletikosa


3 Josip Simunic


4 Stejpan Tomas


15 Danijel Saric
13 Mario Stanic


17 Robert Jarni


20 Dario Simic
7 Davor Vugrinec


21 Robert Kovac


5 Milan Rapajc


10 Nico Kovac
16 Jurica Vranjes


11 Alen Boksic


18 Ivica Olic
POS No Name
M 7 Davor Vugrinec
M 13 Mario Stanic
M 16 Jurica Vranjes

Match Stats

  • Ecuador
  • Croatia
8(4) Shots (on goal) 10(3)
15 Fouls 16
4 Corner kicks 7
2 Offsides 3
0% Time of Possession 0%
1 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
1 Saves 3

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