Seoul Stadium, Seoul, South Korea

Referee: Oscar Julian Ruiz

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  • Hasan Gokhan Sas 6'
  • Bulent Korkmaz 9'
  • Umit Davala 85'

3 - 0


  • 91'

    3-0 to Turkey and a place in the second round due to their superior goal difference over Costa Rica

  • 91'

    And there goes the final whistle

  • 90'

    Hakan Sas does well once again, crossing for Hakan Sukur who can only find the keeper's gloves

  • 89'

    ...great save by Jiang, pushing away a shot from Ilhan Mansiz that looked to be heading for the top corner

  • 88'

    Hakan Sas again looks dangerous. He plays the ball in to Hakan Sukur, and the cheeky backheel creates the chance for Ilhan Mansiz...

  • 87'

    Ilhan Mansiz now has a shot on goal as Turkey look for four, an Jiang pushes the shot round the post

  • 86'

    Surely that seals a place in the last 16 for Turkey. Umit Davala latching onto the cross with a fantastic volley. 3-0

  • 86'


  • 85'

    Hakan Sas breaks down the left, showing good skill. He crosses into the box for Umit Davala...

  • 84'

    A change for Turkey, Tugay leaves the pitch and on comes Tayfur

  • 83'

    Another foul, Tugay fouled by Li

  • 82'

    Li brings down Emre Asik

  • 81'

    A foul by Hakan Sas there. It's a yellow card

  • 80'

    Turkey push forward again and Ilhan Mansiz is played through, but up goes the flag

  • 79'

    Emre Asik tries a snap shot which goes just wide

  • 78'

    ...but foolishly he opts to shoot. What a waste

  • 78'

    China come forward now. It's Qu on the ball, surely he must find a forward in the box...

  • 77'

    ...but Ilhan Mansiz sees his shot fly over the bar

  • 76'

    Ilhan Mansiz is looking lively. He has a shot but it hits a defender, the ball comes back to him...

  • 75'

    Another change for China. Qu comes on for Hao

  • 74'

    A change for China, Yang going off for Yu

  • 73'

    Ilhan Mansiz tries a shot, but it's easily saved

  • 72'

    ...he heads down unmarked, and some how Jiang digs in out and away to safety

  • 71'

    Corner to Turkey. The cross comes in and Hakan Sukur's there...

  • 70'

    Hakan Sukur has another shot on goal, but there's no danger for Jiang

  • 69'

    A change for Turkey as Ilhan Mansiz comes on for Yildiray Basturk

  • 68'

    The fouls are flying in again, Hakan Sas bringing down Xu

  • 67'

    Another foul, this time by Umit Davala on Yang

  • 66'

    China on a rare move forward. The cross comes in from the right, but it evades the advancing Yang

  • 65'

    It looks like Turkey are going to advance. Brazil have scored again, it's 5-2

  • 64'

    Hakan Unsal this time fouls Hao

  • 64'

    Li now brings down Fatih Akyel. Yellow card for him

  • 63'

    Another goal in the other group game - this time it's to Brazil which now puts Turkey in the driving seat!

  • 62'

    ...but Umit Davala can only head straight at Jiang

  • 61'

    The free-kick on the edge of the box is taken by Hakan Sas, and there's Umit Davala...

  • 60'

    Shao is given his marching orders, Emre will have stud marks on the back of his leg after that challenge

  • 59'

    IT'S RED!

  • 58'

    Shao brings down Emre, it looked a bad tackle. The referee reaches for his pocket

  • 58'

    Hao thinks he's broken through the Turkish offside trap, but the flag goes up late

  • 57'

    Yang sends Bulent Korkmaz to the floor

  • 56'

    Goal in the group's other game. Costa Rica 2-3 Brazil. That Costa Rican goal means they now move into second place above Turkey

  • 55'

    Hakan Sas has the ball now on the edge of the box. He chips the ball into the box for Umit Davala, but his header strikes a defender

  • 54'

    Corner to Turkey. The ball is swung in for Emre Asik but his shot it off target

  • 53'

    China break now, the cross comes in but Omer plucks the ball from the sky

  • 52'

    Tugay sends Zhao to the floor

  • 51'

    ...but Jiang is equal to the effort, making a fine save diving down to his left

  • 50'

    Turkey start to pile on some pressure. Sas shows his silky skills, cuts inside onto his left and unleashes a great shot...

  • 49'

    Turkey break well now, with Umit Davala on the right. There's two men waiting in the box for his cross, but it's overhit. Goal kick

  • 48'

    The second half follows the first with a foul early doors - Yang bringing down Basturk

  • 47'

    A change for China as Wu is replaced by Shao

  • 46'

    The second half gets underway with Turkey

  • 45'

    Turkey are going through at the moment, but a goal for Costa Rica, who are 3-1 down to Brazil, would put them in the driving seat

  • 45'

    And there goes the half time whistle

  • 45'

    ...the referee says no penalty - and books Yang for diving

  • 45'

    China break forward now and Yang breaks into the box. He goes down under a challenge....

  • 45'

    Two minutes to be added

  • 44'

    China win a corner, but nothing comes of it

  • 43'

    Turkey come forward now and the ball is played through the centre. There's confusion - two balls on the pitch, and the referee has to stop play

  • 42'

    Basturk tries a snap shot from the edge of the box, but his effort goes over the bar

  • 41'

    Hakan Sukur looks to break through, but again the flag is up for offside

  • 40'

    Yet another free-kick, this ref is so whistle happy - Hao on Basturk

  • 39'

    This time Hakan Unsal commits the foul, on Zhao

  • 38'

    Li gets a sniff of goal, but his shot from the edge of the box is blocked by a defender

  • 37'

    Yet another foul as Umit Davala sends Yang crashing to the ground

  • 36'

    Hao now brings down Emre Asik

  • 35'

    Turkey forced into a change now, injured goalkeeper Rustu goes off for Omer

  • 33'

    Yet another free-kick as Emre Asik brings down Xu

  • 32'

    This game is just stop-start. Li fouls Hakan Unsal

  • 31'

    Another foul this time, Hakan Sas on Du

  • 31'

    Hakan Sas looks to have broken through the Chinese defence, but the flag goes up for offside

  • 30'

    ...a great effort from Hakan Sukur just goes over the bar

  • 29'

    A corner is floated in by Turkey and Hakan Sukur is there...

  • 29'

    A yellow card for Emre now after a foul on Li. Both Emres now on a booking - and both miss the next match

  • 28'

    Another foul, this time by Hao on Tugay

  • 27'

    ...a brilliant first time volley by Yang comes crashing back off the upright. So close

  • 26'

    Hao works well on the left, causing the Turkish defence problems. He gets the cross in for Yang....

  • 25'

    The game's become a bit niggly now, Hakan Unsal bringing down Zhao

  • 24'

    Recber lands awkwardly after jumping to collect the ball and needs treatment - he is unable to take the goal kick afterwards

  • 23'

    This time other other Emre commits on foul, on Xu. The free-kick is floated in, but it's too stronf and goes out of play

  • 22'

    Another foul by Emre Asik, this time on Yang

  • 21'

    The booking for Emre Asik means he will miss the second round game should Brazil get through

  • 20'

    Turkey break now but the offside flag goes up against Hakan Sukur

  • 19'

    Wu hits the free-kick towards goal, but he fails to trouble the goalkeeper

  • 18'

    Emre Asik brings down Hao. That's a yellow card for the Turkish player

  • 18'

    Li tries a shot from the edge of the box for shell-shocked China - it's wide of the target, however

  • 17'

    ...but the final pass is disappointing and another opportunity goes begging

  • 17'

    Basturk is coming forward again - Turkey are outnumbering their opponents in this break...

  • 16'

    ...he fires in a well-struck shot, which isn't too far wide of the mark. Almost three with a little over a quarter of an hour gone

  • 15'

    Unsal takes on the defence and makes himself space on the left of the area...

  • 14'

    China hit back to win a corner - but it's easily dealt with and their hopes of a World Cup finals goal are looking unlikely to be realised here

  • 13'

    ...the linesman's flag, though, is up for offside

  • 12'

    Hakan Sukur looks to create more problems for the China defence...

  • 11'

    Turkey's dream of qualifying could come true - they'll be more than happy with the way things are going

  • 10'

    Hao attempts to get China back into proceedings, but his shot fails to cause much concern

  • 10'

    A great first ten minutes for them, and it's fair to say they've taken this game by the scruff of the neck

  • 9'

    Sure enough, the Turks double their lead: a cross from Sas is met by Korkmaz and the ball loops into the net. It's 2-0 Turkey!

  • 9'

    Nothing comes of that one, but more goals are looking likely - even at this early stage of the game

  • 8'

    The momentum continues: Basturk fires in a long-range effort which is blocked at the expense of a corner

  • 7'

    That's what Turkey have deserved for their start to the game - they've taken an all-out attacking approach

  • 6'

    ...that pressure is rewarded when Sas takes advantage of a defensive slip to take the ball on and fire it low past the keeper. It's 1-0 Turkey!

  • 5'

    It comes to nothing, and they soon find themselves under pressure again as Turkey move forward once more

  • 4'

    China try to work their way back into the game and win a corner...

  • 3'

    ...then Sas sets off on a typically purposeful run - the ball is only just cleared

  • 2'

    It's towards Hasan Sas, who has had an excellent tournament so far, but just eludes him

  • 1'

    But it's Turkey who make the more positive start, and an early cross is fired in...


    China looking for their first goal of the World Cup - something to lift the spirits of players and fans alike

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Turkey

  • 17(9)

  • -

  • 20

  • 0%


  • China

  • 5(3)

  • -

  • 17


POS No Name


1 Recber Rustu
12 Omer Catkic


2 Emre Asik


3 Bulent Korkmaz


4 Fatih Akyel


8 Tugay Kerimoglu
14 Tayfur Havutcu


10 Yildiray Basturk
17 Ilhan Mansiz


20 Hakan Unsal


21 Emre Belozoglu


22 Umit Davala


9 Hakan Sukur


11 Hasan Gokhan Sas
POS No Name
G 12 Omer Catkic
M 14 Tayfur Havutcu
F 17 Ilhan Mansiz


POS No Name


22 Jiang Jin


3 Yang Pu


4 Wu Chengying
6 Shao Jiayi


14 Li Weifeng


17 Du Wei


21 Xu Yunlong


8 Li Tie


15 Zhao Junzhe


18 Li Xiaopeng


10 Hao Haidong
16 Qu Bo


20 Yang Chen
11 Yu Genwei
POS No Name
M 6 Shao Jiayi
M 11 Yu Genwei
F 16 Qu Bo

Match Stats

  • Turkey
  • China
17(9) Shots (on goal) 5(3)
20 Fouls 17
8 Corner kicks 5
8 Offsides 3
0% Time of Possession 0%
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 1
2 Saves 6

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