Seogwipo Stadium, Sogwipo, South Korea

Referee: Felipe Ramos Rizo

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  • Milenko Acimovic 45'

1 - 3



  • Nelson Cuevas 66'
  • Jorge Campos 73'
  • Nelson Cuevas 84'
  • 90'

    It's the final action of the game - Paraguay, with a great second half display, have secured their qualification. They win 3-1 and pip South Africa to the post

  • 90'

    Juan Carlos Franco comes on for him - Campos tries a shot and Dabanovic parries

  • 90'

    He can't... Paraguay's Cuevas is down, having pulled up with what looks like a shin problem...

  • 90'

    Cuevas makes another superb run, but the final shot is held by Dabanovic. Slovenia forward with Novak trying to make things happen...

  • 90'

    Three minutes of added time to be played...

  • 90'

    They'll be delighted to see Novak slicing a cross behind Chilavert's goal... we're heading into injury time

  • 89'

    Paraguay so close now in a game which has been turned on its head in terms of both scoreline and entertainment value

  • 88'

    Karic and Rudonja link, and Chilavert gathers the former's final cross

  • 87'

    It's headed clear by Paraguay, who are back defending in numbers... Rudonja crosses and again the ball is steered away

  • 86'

    Slovenia swing a free-kick into the area, but can't create any danger from it. They do, however, win a throw...

  • 85'

    And as things stand, it means Paraguay will qualify at South Africa's expense. Five minutes or so to go...

  • 84'

    Cuevas could be the hero - he works his way into the area and hits a magnificent shot into the roof of the net. A great goal - it's 3-1!

  • 83'

    ...and Santa Cruz, stretching for the ball, is almost the hero. He can only toe-end it wide from around six yards

  • 83'

    Paraguay have around seven minutes in which to get the goal that could see them through...

  • 82'

    Everything's happening now - a stark contrast to the first half

  • 81'

    It's cleared and Cimirotic breaks... Chilavert, in more conventional mode, comes out to save. Nastja Ceh becomes the second player to be sent off for a lunging foul on Arce

  • 80'

    It's a great strike, and opposite number Dabanovic tips it over the bar. Corner...

  • 80'

    Free-kick, around 35 yards out. Chilavert's having a look at this one...

  • 79'

    Novak shoots from an angle on the right - Chilavert saves. Milinovic fouls Cuevas and he, too, goes into the book

  • 78'

    Chilavert comes out to gather and booms the ball quickly downfield... Slovenia clear and come forward

  • 77'

    Slovenia will make another change - Senad Tiganj is on, with Osterc making way

  • 76'

    Rudonja looking to counter... Osterc tumbles on the edge of the area, but that's no free-kick says the referee

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Cuevas makes space for himself on the edge of the area, and in the end Slovenia just hack that one away

  • 75'

    With 15 minutes left, Paraguay have real hope of making it through now

  • 74'

    Nastka Ceh shoots from long range, and it's over the bar. Open, attacking stuff now

  • 73'

    ...he does that to dazzling efect, striking the ball low past Dabanovic from the edge of the area. It's 2-1 Paraguay!

  • 72'

    Campos is the latest Paraguay player to run at the Slovenia defence...

  • 71'

    Osterc crosses and it's deflected off the bar... Ceh tries to get possession back but Paraguay break - and then lose the ball

  • 71'

    Karic challengs well as Cuevas threatens once more... Nastja Ceh tries to cross but it's blocked

  • 70'

    A wasted chance - Osterc gets into the area but opts to shoot from a difficult angle rather than pulling the ball back. His effort is wide

  • 70'

    Cuevas gets the ball again, but this time he's crowded out in the end

  • 69'

    Paraguay taking the game over just at the moment - what can Slovenia find in response?

  • 68'

    Now Rudonja fouls Cuevas - and that'll be another yellow card for Slovenia

  • 67'

    At the other end, Osterc fires in from a narrow angle - it's stopped by Chilavert. Karic is booked for a foul... Arce crosses and Dabanovic holds on

  • 66'

    Santa Cruz makes ground and finds Cuevas - his shot is saved and the rebound just eludes Santa Cruz

  • 66'

    And is there now a glimmer of hope for Paraguay?

  • 65'

    Substitute Cuevas makes a dramatic impact - he cuts into the area from the right and fires low past Dabanovic via a slight deflection. It's 1-1!

  • 64'

    Paraguay totally waste a free-kick: high and over, it's nowhere near any of their attacking players

  • 63'

    Rudonja, the early substitute who has had a superb game, breaks well but can't find the final ball. Slovenia finding more crispness on the counter

  • 62'

    Acimovic goes off and Nastja Ceh comes into the fray as Slovenia make another switch

  • 61'

    Cardozo, who has worked hard, goes off and is replaced by Nelson Cuevas. Can he find the way to goal?

  • 61'

    ...after a scramble, Osterc gets the ball in the area and lashs his effortover the top. Fine countering by Slovenia

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Another corner: Novak doing well to halt Caniza's forceful run. Karic brings the ball a long way forward...

  • 59'

    Arce crosses, it's headed on and then cleared... a dominant spell by Paraguay

  • 58'

    Cardozo gets away down the right for Paraguay - he wins them a corner...

  • 57'

    Arce shoots from just inside the area, and again Slovenia stand firm

  • 56'

    Acuna and Cardozo link: the shot is blocked, and Paraguay are beginning to up the pressure

  • 55'

    Campos tries a shot from distance, but doesn't catch that well and Dabanovic smothers

  • 54'

    ...he takes a tumble on the edge of the area, but the referee is disinterested in free-kick claims

  • 53'

    Paraguay coming forward with Cardozo...

  • 53'

    Another good spell by Slovenia: Alvarenga goes off and Jorge Campos is on as Paraguay look to shake things up

  • 52'

    ...but the ball crashes off the bar and as, Slovenia come back onto the attack, Cimirotic sees his effort saved

  • 52'

    Nearly another horror moment for the Parguay keeper: he's beaten all ends up by Acimovic's strike from distance seconds later...

  • 51'

    Acuna looks for movement up front, but Slovenia get in well and Chilavert almost loses out to Osterc outside his area

  • 50'

    Slovenia cross again, but Acimovic is unable to make anything of that and Chilavert gathers

  • 49'

    Rudonja gets in after confusion in the Paraguay defence: Chilavert makes a good save from Rudonja's shot

  • 49'

    Now Paraguay have a free-kick which is played long and flicked on. Santa Cruz is chasing, but can't get there ahead of Dabanovic

  • 48'

    Paraguay lose the ball and Cimirotic tries to move forward... without success

  • 47'

    Arce crosses at the other end, but swings that ball beyond the waiting attackers

  • 46'

    Osterc makes an enterprising run into the Slovenia area, but Chilavert holds on to his low shot

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    Paraguay come forward from the second half kick off, but Slovenia soon attack...

  • 45'

    And that's half time - Acimovic's strike dividing the sides at the break

  • 45'

    A bad slip from Chilavert, and it looks like the end of Paraguay's World Cup hopes... the keeper scrambles the ball away as Slovenia press again

  • 45'

    ...and two minutes in which Slovenia take the lead! Acimovic gets into the area on the right and his low cross goes in off Chilvert. It's 1-0!

  • 45'

    Arce takes the corner and Dabanovic claims. Two minutes of stoppage time...

  • 45'

    Arce takes it, and the header clear comes from Milinovic

  • 45'

    Paraguay have a free-kick as the first half comes towards its conclusion - can they grab a late goal?

  • 44'

    Rudonja and Osterc break, and only a good challenge denies Slovenia another threatening moment

  • 43'

    Soon, though, Karic fancies a go - it's well hit but too high. This is much, much better from Slovenia

  • 42'

    Chilavert makes a good save, and the resulting corner comes to nothing

  • 42'

    Suddenly, Slovenia break - Rudonja tries a low shot and Chilavert saves... then Cimirotic makes a great run and shoots well

  • 41'

    Alvarengo belts in a powerful drive from distance and Dabanovic palms it over the bar. Corner...

  • 40'

    Pavlin pulled up sharply when challenging for the ball inside his own half, and had to be stretchered off

  • 39'

    A blow for Slovenia, who frankly could do with all the invention they can get at the moment

  • 38'

    Pavlin is hurt - Mladen Rudonja will come on to replace him

  • 38'

    Chilavert booms a long goal-kick forward and Bulajic gets it clear

  • 37'

    ...he should, though, be OK to continue... Paraguay come forward but are denied. Novak's attempts to counter-attack are thwarted

  • 36'

    Paraguay have a free-kick: Arce takes it long and the ball deflects off Gamarra and over the top. Pavlin has taken a knock...

  • 35'

    Cardozo is dispossessed by Tavcar... Slovenia lose the ball... pattern emerging, pattern emerging

  • 34'

    Paraguay head clear from another Slovenia free-kick: Cimirotic tries to cross but can't keep the ball in play

  • 33'

    Arce plays it long into the area, but Caniza can't make anything of it and this game is beginning to degenerate just a bit...

  • 32'

    Arce on the ball - Karic steps in, but Slovenia soon give away a free-kick and they just can't get the ball for any length of time

  • 31'

    Cardozo is penalised for a foul on the edge of the Slovenia area

  • 30'

    Slovenia to win, with bet365  
    Paraguay to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Santa Cruz has taken a knock and looks to be struggling a little - this could be a blow for Paraguay...

  • 29'

    Arce hits a great shot from outside the box, which Dabanovic parries well... he then holds onto a headed effort from Cardozo

  • 28'

    Acuna tries his luck from a long way out, but gets it all wrong and Dabanovic can just watch that one go wide

  • 28'

    Bulajic clears... Slovenia haven't been too severely troubled so far, despite having so little possession

  • 27'

    Arce goes for goal instead - and fires his effort over the top

  • 26'

    The other end, another Paraguay free-kick. Another chance to cross...

  • 26'

    Novak fires in a dangerous cross - it's cleared and Pavlin curls in a shot which is saved by free-kick taking Chilavert

  • 25'

    Karic breaks at the other end and looks for Osterc, but that comes to nothing

  • 24'

    No - the ball strikes the wall and Slovenia get it away

  • 23'

    Can he make World Cup history? The kick is about 25 yards out...

  • 22'

    Tavcar made the challenge - and keeper Chilavert fancies a shot at goal here...

  • 22'

    The upshot of all that is a red card for the Paraguay man - the side chasing goals are down to ten, but soon win a free-kick just outside the box

  • 21'

    Cardoza makes space for himself on the right, but then overruns the ball... and suddenly the referee wants a word with Paredes, who had earlier clattered into Acimovic

  • 20'

    ...and that's enabling Paraguay to keep coming forward

  • 19'

    Another corner, another Solvenia clearance. They thump the ball long, but again are struggling to retain any sort of possession

  • 19'

    Gamarra then tries a pass forward: it's a bit aimless, but then Arce finds space and Cardoza is denied at the expense of another corner

  • 18'

    It's overhit, but Novak gets a second chance - and again he can't make the cross tell

  • 17'

    Novak can cross after good work by Osterc down the right...

  • 17'

    Arce takes, but the flag is up and Slovenia can clear from the free-kick

  • 16'

    Keeper Chilavert comes right forward to play it in... it hits defender Karic and goes for a corner

  • 15'

    Slovenia to win, with bet365  
    Paraguay to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Paredes is then fouled by Pavlin: the Slovenian gets a yellow card

  • 15'

    Cardoza crashes to the floor under pressure on the half-way line: free-kick Paraguay

  • 15'

    Again, though, the referee has spotted a foul and Slovenia have the free-kick

  • 14'

    Arce plays another ball into the area and Bulajic puts it behind for a corner

  • 14'

    Paraguay are having plenty of possession, but they need to show a little more patience with it - Slovenia are coping with early crosses into the box

  • 13'

    Arce curls it in, but a flick eludes Paraguay's strikers and Slovenia have the goal-kick

  • 12'

    ...and they concede another free-kick which will be floated into the area...

  • 11'

    Tavcar again does well under pressure: Solvenia are struggling to get, or hold, the ball so far

  • 11'

    Chilavert clears long, Caniza fires the ball across the area - Slovenia deal with that one

  • 10'

    Encouraged by that, Paraguay sling in another cross - Tavcar is there to clear

  • 9'

    Same sort of situation at the other end - the ball is crossed in and glanced narrowly wide by Cardozo

  • 8'

    It's soon followed by another, this time inside the Paraguay half. Acimovic hits a shot, but the effort is tamely wide

  • 7'

    Dabanovic gets a punch to the ball, but the referee has spotted a foul and Slovenia are awarded a free-kick

  • 7'

    Cardozo breaks purposefully, and that brings Paraguay a corner...

  • 6'

    Novak gets forward down the right for Solvenia. He bends in a low cross, but that's cleared comfortably enough

  • 5'

    It results in a couple of ricochets before the ball is back with Chilavert, who clears long

  • 4'

    Paredes is booked for hacking down Pavlin on halfway... free-kick

  • 4'

    Novak crosses at the other end, but the attempted pass is too long for Osterc and drifts away from danger

  • 3'

    Slovenia again clear their lines, but Paraguay are doing what they have to in the circumstances - putting the pressure on

  • 3'

    ...which is taken long and creates some anxious moments before being cleared

  • 2'

    Paraguay get the ball wide, and Miran Pavlin comes in with a good challenge. It's a throw...

  • 1'

    Osterc gets possession for Solvenia - not for long, as he's crowded out


    That causes a few problems - the ball is played towards striker Santa Cruz but keeper Dabanovic is there


    Slovenia get the game under way, playing the ball around at the back


    Slovenia are out and coach Srecko Katanec is preparing to bid farewell to international football... Paraguay still have a chance of finishing second in the group

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Slovenia

  • 19(13)

  • -

  • 20

  • 0%


  • Paraguay

  • 21(12)

  • -

  • 15


POS No Name


12 Mladen Dabanovic


3 Zeljko Milinovic


23 Spasoje Bulajic


7 Dzoni Novak


8 Ales Ceh


11 Miran Pavlin
13 Mladen Rudonja


15 Rajko Tavcar


18 Milenko Acimovic
20 Nastja Ceh


19 Amir Karic


9 Milan Osterc
16 Senad Tiganj


21 Segastjan Cimirotic
POS No Name
M 20 Nastja Ceh
F 13 Mladen Rudonja
F 16 Senad Tiganj

Match Stats

  • Slovenia
  • Paraguay
19(13) Shots (on goal) 21(12)
20 Fouls 15
1 Corner kicks 9
1 Offsides 1
0% Time of Possession 0%
4 Yellow Cards 1
1 Red Cards 1
9 Saves 10

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