Yokohama Stadium, Yokohama, Japan

Referee: Falla Ndoye

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0 - 3


Republic of Ireland

  • Robbie Keane 7'
  • Gary Breen 62'
  • Damien Duff 87'
  • 93'

    Gary Breen and Damien Duff were the stars of the show in Yokohama, but Spain will prove a sterner test

  • 93'

    Certainly not the greatest of games, but Ireland won comfortably and not look set to face Spain in the second round

  • 93'

    And there goes the full time whistle. Ireland are through!

  • 93'

    Keane feed the ball through to Carsley, but the Everton an only manages to push Al Shahri to the ground. Free-kick

  • 92'

    Quinn has his shirt tugged by Takar. Free-kick, taken short

  • 91'

    Three minutes to be added

  • 90'

    ...but he scuffs his shot well wide, and the ball finishes nearer the corner flag

  • 90'

    Jumaan finds himself in the clear all of a sudden. He only has Given to beat...

  • 89'

    A final change for Ireland. Mark Kinsella makes way for Lee Carsley

  • 88'

    Duff puts the icing on the cake with his second international goal. Al Daeyea should have stopped the shot - it was straight at him but the ball just him him and landed in the back of the net

  • 87'


  • 86'

    Duff again bursts down the left to latch onto Kinsella's fine ball. He breaks into the box and fires in a powerful drive...

  • 85'

    McAteer breaks forward and finds Keane. The Leeds man shapes for the shot and is closed down. He tries to go wide, but Takar slides in with a fine challenge

  • 84'

    This game seems to have died a death now. Surely the Irish bench know they are safe

  • 83'

    Duff looks to get on the end of the ball in the box up against Takar, but Takar shows his strength to win the tackle

  • 82'

    2-0 to Germany now. Miroslav Klose puts Germany - and Ireland - in the second round with his fifth of the tournament

  • 81'

    Another sending off in the group's other game. Patrick Suffo dismissed for Cameroon. It's now ten against ten - and still 1-0 to Germany

  • 80'

    Now Ireland make their second substitution. Gary Kelly is replaced by Jason McAteer

  • 79'

    The final change for Saudi Arabia. Ahmed Dukhi Al Dosari comes on for Mohammed Al Jahani

  • 78'

    A nice through ball sets Jumaan in on goal, but it just runs away from him as Given runs out to claim

  • 77'

    Duff does brilliantly on the left, flying down the wing. He plays a powerful ball into Quinn, but Al Daeyea comes out well to punch the ball away

  • 76'

    Al Shihoob does well up against Finnan, but he just loses his footing at the vital moment and the ball runs out for a corner

  • 75'

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    Republic of Ireland to win, with bet365  

  • 75'

    Al Shihoob does well to find Al Temyat in the box, he gets his head to the ball but was always stretching - it loops in the air and into the gloves of Given

  • 74'

    Seventy-four minutes gone and it's still awful

  • 73'

    Jumaan tries a shot from 25-yards, but it's nearer the moon than Given's goal

  • 72'

    Looks like Steve Staunton received a yellow card just before that free-kick for time wasting

  • 72'

    ...but Quinn cannot keep his shot down and it's a goal-kick

  • 71'

    Kelly plays the free-kick into the box, there's a bit of head tennis and Quinn brings the ball down...

  • 70'

    Al Shahrani pushes Duff to the floor on the left-edge of the box. A great chance for number three

  • 69'

    Another change for Saudi Arabia straight afterwards, this time Abdullah Zubromawi makes way for Abdullah Jumaan Al Dosari

  • 68'

    A first change for the Saudi's, Mohammed Al Shlhoob comes on for Abdel Aziz al-Khathran

  • 67'

    ...with Given off his line Al Yami tries the lob, but it's a disappointing effort and into the hands of the Irish keeper

  • 66'

    Al Shahrani plays a nice ball over the top to al-Khathran. Given comes out to punch, but Al Yami collects...

  • 65'

    ...but Quinn's shot flys inches wide of the post. That would have been a fantastic goal

  • 64'

    Kelly muscles Zembromawi off the ball and gets a cross in to Quinn. He unleashes a superb first time volley...

  • 63'

    Gary Breen nipped in ahead of the Saudi defender to knock the ball into the right-hand corner of Al Daeyea's net. A great finish, 2-0, and this will be enough for Ireland no matter what

  • 62'


  • 61'

    Staunton takes the free-kick. It's a good ball this time and there's Breen ahead of Takar

  • 61'

    Al Temyat stops Kilbane as he looks to break down the left. Free-kick to Ireland and a booking for the Saudi forward

  • 60'

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    Republic of Ireland to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Holland fouls Al Temyat after a good run by Keane

  • 59'

    Al Shahrani chases the ball over the top from Al Temyat, but the flag goes up for offside

  • 58'

    Long ball played by Kilbane up to Quinn... way over his head and out of play

  • 57'

    Ireland just passing the ball across their back four. While Germany are in front 1-0 is definitely enough

  • 56'

    This game really is very poor indeed...

  • 55'

    Nice ball played into Keane in the box, he tries the first time shot which is straight at Al Daeyea

  • 54'

    Duff again shows great pace down the left side. He finds Keane, but the Leeds man fluffs his shot

  • 53'

    Germany lead 1-0 against Cameroon. Marco Bode with the goal

  • 52'

    Kilbane looks to play a long ball over the top, but it's far too strong and straight to Al Daeyea

  • 51'

    ...Keane twists on the spot but his shot goes wide of the post. Much better from the Irish

  • 50'

    Duff links up well with Staunton and Duff bursts into the box - just what's been missing. The cuts the ball back to Keane...

  • 49'

    The pace of the game hasn't been lifted at all at the start of the second period. Ireland need to show more adventure

  • 48'

    Staunton plays the ball into the box, but again it's very poor and it's Al Shahri who heads clear

  • 47'

    Duff is knocked the the ground by Takar. Ireland need to make better use of these set pieces

  • 46'

    Saudi Arabia get the second half underway

  • 46'

    A change at half time for Ireland. Niall Quinn comes on for Ian Harte

  • 45'

    Saudi Arabia to win, with bet365  
    Republic of Ireland to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    Saudi Arabia came back well and maybe deserved to go in level. Mick McCarthy will have words to say - maybe we'll be seeing the big man. Niall Quinn, to rough up the Saudi defence

  • 45'

    Ireland started so well with Robbie Keane providing the early advantage, but you felt that they never really pushed on from there by applying real pressure

  • 45'

    And there goes the half-time whistle

  • 45'

    Al Temyat lofts a ball in to al-Khathran, he gets a boot to the ball but fails to control leaving Given to punch clear. Another danger moment for Ireland

  • 45'

    Both sides look happy to play out time now

  • 45'

    Two minutes to be added

  • 45'

    Zubromawi sends Duff to the floor 35 yards from goal. Free-kick. Harte plays the ball into the box but Kilbane is penalised for shirt pulling

  • 44'

    Ireland have lost their way here. They need that half-time whistle

  • 43'

    ...and Shay Given is forced to palm the ball away. Easy save in the end

  • 42'

    More pressure from Saudi Arabia. Al Jahani is played into the box on the right and it's a great chance..

  • 41'

    Germany are down to ten men - Carsten Ramelow sent off. Still 0-0 in that game against Cameroon

  • 41'

    Kelly goes on a fine run against Zubromawi, and finally delivers the cross towards Kilbane - but Al Daeyea jumps to collect before the ball gets to Kilbane

  • 40'

    Al Temyat again has the ball and the Irish defence stands off him. He has space and unleashes the shot from 25 yards, but fails to hit the target

  • 40'

    Some pressure now from Saudi Arabia. Can they break their duck at the finals?

  • 39'

    Al Jahani has the ball on the right and feed the ball into Al Yami. Some neat play here as he jinks past three Ireland defenders - but a desperate boot from Staunton foils Al Yami before he can shoot

  • 38'

    Al Yami plays the ball into Al Temyat on the edge of the box, but his attempt the hook the ball over his shoulder fails

  • 38'

    The ball in floated long into the box, but Kilbane is penalised for use of the arm

  • 37'

    Harte is clipped by Al Shahrani. Another free-kick - this game is becoming increasingly scrappy

  • 36'

    Keane nudges Takar as they go up for a header. Free-kick

  • 35'

    Keane looks to get on the end of a fine long ball by Finnan, but the pass is too strong and it's a goal kick

  • 34'

    Saudi Arabia have improved since that 8-0 defeat to Germany - but you still feel they should be easy pickings

  • 33'

    Ireland need to inject some pace into this game. It's being played at a pedestrian pace

  • 32'

    Staunton plays the corner in, but again it's poor and goes over the heads of everyone

  • 31'

    Kelly looks to get past Zubromawi on the right wing, but Zubromawi does well to get the challenge in. Corner

  • 30'

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    Republic of Ireland to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Harte plays the ball to the back stick for Holland, but the header flys way over the bar

  • 29'

    Takar stops Duff from getting to the ball down the line from Harte, and that's a free-kick in a dangerous area for Ireland. 25-yards from goal

  • 28'

    Al Jahani finds himself with space on the right and plays a fine ball into the box to Al Shahrani. Finnan just does enough to hold off the Saudi player and Given goes gown to claim

  • 27'

    Duff loses the ball and tries to chase back to make up for his mistake, but only succeeds in fouling al-Khathran

  • 26'

    The corner is floated in high, there's a lot of shirt pulling - but the cross is too deep anyway

  • 25'

    Al Temyat shows some pace to get into the Irish box, but Holland tracks back with a great tackle. Corner

  • 24'

    Duff is pulled up for a foul on Al Jahani. Free-kick

  • 23'

    Some neat play by Saudi Arabia here, and al-Khathran decides to try an ambitious shot from 30 yards. It's straight into Shay Given's hands, but not a bad effort

  • 22'

    Takar brings Keane to the ground in centre field. Free-kick, taken short

  • 21'

    Keane does well to feed the ball through to Kilbane on the edge of the box, but his control lets him down and Takar clears

  • 20'

    It's 0-0 between Germany and Cameroon at the moment. As it stands, Germany and Ireland will progress

  • 19'

    Kilbane brings the ball forward in a central area and tries a shot from 25 yards, but the ball skids harmlessly through to Al Daeyea

  • 18'

    It's raining now here in Japan - after we saw that torrential down pour in the Portugal-Poland game last night

  • 17'

    Duff does just that and turns Zubromawi, he crosses into the box bu Al Daeyea is there to claim at the second attempt

  • 16'

    If Duff can start running at this defence it can only be a matter of time before the goals start to flow

  • 15'

    Saudi Arabia to win, with bet365  
    Republic of Ireland to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Kilbane feeds in Duff, who shows great skill to get a cross in from left, and Takar has to stretch himself to prevent the ball getting through to Keane once again

  • 14'

    Al Owairan tries a shot from distance, but it's well wide

  • 14'

    It hasn't been the best of games so far, Ireland seem happy to bide their time and take the chances when they come along

  • 13'

    Staunton clips Al Temyat in the centre circle. Free-kick

  • 12'

    Saudi responded well at first, but now we have concerted pressure again from Mick McCarthy's men

  • 11'

    Again it's Harte with the set-piece and this time Al Deayea punches away.

  • 11'

    Corner to Ireland again. Harte delivers from the right and Sulimani is forced to head behind

  • 10'

    Gary Kelly looks to have picked up a knock, just limping around at the moment

  • 10'

    Saudi Arabia come back strongly, playing in the Irish half

  • 9'

    An early lead for Ireland. Keane's low volley was too powerful for Al Daeyea - he got a hand to the ball but saw it spin into the back of the net. Ireland are half-way there! 1-0

  • 8'


  • 7'

    The ball quickly comes back to Kelly on the right wing, and he crosses a low ball to Keane on the penalty spot...

  • 7'

    Harte floats in a high corner but it evades everybody

  • 7'

    Keane links up well with Kilbane, and the Sunderland winger burts into the box. He tries to cut the ball back but Al Shari knocks it behind

  • 6'

    The Yokohama Stadium is a huge area, which effects the atmosphere somewhat

  • 5'

    A quiet start to the game, no sign of goalmouth action as the sides size each other up

  • 4'

    Harte plays the ball down the wing for Kilbane, and Al Shahri is on hand again to clear into touch

  • 4'

    Harte's free-kick is easily cleared into centre-field

  • 3'

    Keane has the ball on the left wing, but a rash tackle by Al Shari conceeds the free-kick

  • 2'

    The Saudi's, with nothing to play for, look the start with a nice passing game, but keep giving the ball away

  • 2'

    Gary Kelly looks to nip the ball over the top to Keane, but the Leeds forward just can't take the ball in his stride and the Saudi defence sweeps up

  • 1'

    Ireland get the game underway


    Saudi Arabia to win, with bet365  
    Republic of Ireland to win, with bet365  


    Goalkeeper Mohammed Al Daeyea becomes the most capped played in world football today - this is his 171st cap for Saudi Arabia


    Remember, Ireland need a victory by two goals to guarantee a place in the round of 16


    The national anthems are played as the two nations prepare for the group decider

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Saudi Arabia

  • 9(5)

  • -

  • 12

  • 0%


  • Republic of Ireland

  • 9(5)

  • -

  • 12

Republic of Ireland

POS No Name


1 Shay Given


2 Steve Finnan


3 Ian Harte
17 Niall Quinn


5 Steve Staunton


14 Gary Breen


18 Gary Kelly
7 Jason McAteer


8 Matt Holland


11 Kevin Kilbane


12 Mark Kinsella
22 Lee Carsley


9 Damien Duff


10 Robbie Keane
POS No Name
M 7 Jason McAteer
M 22 Lee Carsley
F 17 Niall Quinn

Match Stats

  • Saudi Arabia
  • Republic of Ireland
9(5) Shots (on goal) 9(5)
12 Fouls 12
1 Corner kicks 5
3 Offsides 1
0% Time of Possession 0%
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
2 Saves 5

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