Shizouka Stadium Ecopa, Shizuoka, Japan

Referee: 17

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0 - 2



  • Marco Bode 50'
  • Miroslav Klose 79'
  • 92'

    And it could be home, too, for Mr Lopez Nieta, who filled his notebook with 16 bookings and two sendings off in a poor display. Germany's Ramelow and Cameroon's Suffo were dismissed and Ramelow and Hamann will miss Germany's next game

  • 92'

    It's the end for Cameroon - Senegal have been the African side to watch this tournament and for all their talent, they were below par today

  • 92'

    And it's all over. Cameroon 0 Germany 2. Goals from Bode and Klose send the Germans through as group winners, helped by some determined defending

  • 92'

    German corner. Ziege crosses, but Cameroon clear before a long-range effort from Frings goes wide

  • 91'

    Two more minutes signalled as Jeremies has a crack from 25 yards. Over the bar, but not by much

  • 90'

    Job puts the ball in the German net with an angled back-header but he's several yards offside

  • 89'

    Eto'o looks for Ngom Kome. Frings clears - he;s been one of several impressive defenders for the Germans

  • 89'

    Germnay counter attack again after Eto'o chests the ball straight to Hamann

  • 88'

    Terrific diving save from the Cameroon keeper - Ballack got between his defenders there

  • 87'

    Very comfortable for the Germans now. Frings swings in a cross and Ballack heads at goal - and a brilliant save from Alioum

  • 86'

    Cameroon throw near the corner flag but a goal for them looks unlikely now

  • 85'

    Truly disappointing stuff from Cameroon - they surely have the talent to go a long way in this World Cup. Instead, they will be heading home early

  • 84'

    German change - on comes Oliver Neuville to replace the goalscorer Klose

  • 83'

    He tries an overhead kick to set up Mboma but Germany defend well again

  • 83'

    Song's gone up front - can he pick up a red card for the third successive World Cup?

  • 81'

    And one of Bryan Robson's less inspired buys, Joseph Desire Job, comes on

  • 80'

    Meanwhile, Lauren picks up a booking for a wild lunge on Hamann. 16 bookings...

  • 80'

    And a German change - Jermies on for Schneider

  • 80'

    Five goals in this World Cup now for Klose - are they all headers?

  • 79'

    GOAL! Klose takes his chance superbly but the marking was poor. Game over - attention can now turn to referee Lopez Nieta's attempt to book everyone on the pitch

  • 79'

    Hamann finds Ballack who crosses. Klose's in room at the back post...

  • 78'

    A bit of a harsh decision but it's advantage Germany now.

  • 77'

    And another red card! Suffo, the head-butt king from the Battle of Bramall Lane, departs for two bookings after bringing down Ballack. That's 15 yellow cards tonight

  • 76'

    Fifteen minutes for Cameroon to save themselves as Geremi's ship just evades Ngom Kome

  • 75'

    There was pushing in the box and the referee gives a free kick to Germany in the box. Cameroon never had a chance to take their free kick. Strange refereeing from the card-happy Spaniard

  • 74'

    Frings brings down Ngom Kome - and that's the 14th booking of the game

  • 74'

    Ballack and Ziege combined really well on the counter-attack -they almost played in Klose

  • 73'

    Geremi swings it in, Lauren rises and heads against the post. It comes to Mboma - who also hits the post. Kahn gratefully gathers

  • 72'

    Lauren gets past Ziege, who tuge him back. Lauren reacts but it is only Ziege who is booked

  • 71'

    Ballack puts a tame shot wide, but it's still closer than Cameroon have come this half

  • 71'

    Germany are looking much the more confident side now as Klose wins a free kick when Song trips him.

  • 70'

    Bode had a chance to find Schneider there - poor ball, but the Germans are playing better with ten men (and without Jancker)

  • 69'

    Geremi takes and Mboma wins the header, but he flicks it away from his onrushing team-mates

  • 68'

    Kahn's poor kick finds Ngom Kome. He runs at Frings and is brought down. Will this free kick be better?

  • 67'

    A rare spell of possession for the Germans - it gives them a break from defending

  • 66'

    ... but once again the set piece comes to nothing.

  • 65'

    Lauren's shot hits Linke, comes back to the Arsneal man who finds Ngom Kome. Schneider brings him down on the edge of the box.

  • 65'

    Ngom Kome puts in an appalling cross - it goes way behind the goal. Cameroon really can play much better than this

  • 64'

    ... and drives it straight into the wall. Terrible.

  • 64'

    Wome eyes up the free kick...

  • 64'

    And Cameroon make a change - Ngom Kome on for Olembe

  • 63'

    Quick reations from Alioum to stop Geremi conceding a corner and Cameroon break. Metzelder brings down Mboma

  • 62'

    Cameroon really need to do more with the ball - well as the Germands are defending, the Irish tested them rather more

  • 61'

    Cameroon are about to bring on another sub - Daniel Ngom Kome, who started against the Saudis

  • 60'

    And now Suffo's booked. 12 yellow cards from Mr Lopez Nieta, a referee with tinpot dictator tendencies

  • 59'

    And Gary Breen puts Ireland 2-0 ahead against the Saudis. Cameroon now need to win

  • 58'

    Cameroon have the ball - as they can expect to do for much of the game - but they are struggling to break the Germans down

  • 58'

    Olembe brings down Schneider - and now he's booked. A harsh decision

  • 57'

    The free kick's worked to Wome, but it's deflected into the wall and Kahn isn't tested

  • 56'

    Cameroon have a free kick 40 yards out. Geremi takes it - and is booked for taking ot too quickly. Ten yellow cards now

  • 55'

    Foe gives it away to Klose - chance for a counter attack? He finds Ballack and the return ball just evades the striker

  • 54'

    Just the two defenders for Cameroon now, but they really need to create more chances.

  • 53'

    And Cameroon make a change. Defender Bill Tchato is replaced by forward Patrick Suffo, who made his mark on Division 1 (or Derek McInnes' head, anyway)

  • 53'

    Olembe sprints past Frings, but a goal kick is given when he thought he'd won a corner

  • 52'

    Cameroon spread the play to Wome, but that's a terrible cross, straight to Kahn

  • 51'

    Cameroon need to score twice now, and they're already warming up a sub

  • 50'

    GOAL! A superb finish. He puts it across Alioum and into the bottom corner. What a substitution by Rudi Voller.

  • 50'

    Klose wins the ball. He only has one man up with him but he picks out Bode...

  • 49'

    Mboma makes a solo run, but Hamann dispossesses him

  • 49'

    A scrappy start to this half - we've had several free kicks already

  • 48'

    Geremi finds Lauren. The Germans cut out the cross but Cameroon continue to press until Song is penalised

  • 47'

    Free kick for Cameroon as Ballack brings down Olembe

  • 46'

    Bode is involved early on, winning a throw off Song, but Cameroon clear

  • 46'

    Cameroon start the second half as Klose is alone in attack for Germany

  • 46'

    And there's a change straight away. Marco Bode replaces Carsten Jancker. It's a defensive swap, though Jancker was ineffective in the first half (even by his own standards)

  • 46'

    Will the Germans even try for a goal? Will Cameroon commit more men to attack now they're up against ten men? With the Irish leading, one of these teams is likely to go out...

  • 45'

    And that's the half-time whistle. Cameroon 0 Germany 0 - 45 minutes of defending ahead for the Germans as the two teams rule themselves out of contention for the Fair Play Award

  • 45'

    Geremi curls it over everyone for a goal kick...

  • 45'

    Geremi takes, into the wall and it's a corner

  • 45'

    A late free kick for Cameroon as Frings fouls Mboma.

  • 45'

    Two extra minutes signalled. The result suits the Germans but Cameroon, of course, have a man advantage

  • 45'

    The Germans look to have reverted to a back four with Ziege and Frings as orthodox full backs, though Ziege is well forward here - but Geremi wins the ball

  • 44'

    Schneider puts in the free kick and Klose rises well to head over the bar. He's scored harder chances than that so far in this World Cup

  • 44'

    Tchato hauls back Klose - and Bill Tchato is the latest caution in this foulfest

  • 43'

    That came about from Kahn jumping knee first into Song after the whistle had gone

  • 42'

    The whistle goes and Kahan and Song are annoyed with each other - there's some pushing there. Song is booked and so is Kahn.

  • 41'

    The wall does its does job and deflects Mboma's shor behind

  • 41'

    Mboma, Wome and Geremi are behind the free kick...

  • 40'

    And he's off! Ramelow sent off for two clumsy challenges. He can have no complaints.

  • 40'

    But the corner is easy for Cameroon and Alioum sets up a break. Eto'o charges forward from the half-way line, he rounds Ramelow ont he edge of the box and the lungeing German brings him down...

  • 39'

    Ziege's long ball goes towards Jancker. Song wins the header but puts it behind for a corner. A lack of communication with Alioum there

  • 38'

    Geremi takes it - but it's far too high and doesn't trouble Kahn

  • 38'

    It's just about in shooting range for Cameroon. Geremi or Wome could have a go

  • 38'

    And another. Ramelow hacks down Mboma from behind - yellow card

  • 37'

    And Cameroon clear the corner and earn a free kick in the German half

  • 36'

    Ziege bends it in... and Alioum's off his line, back-pedalling furiously and he gets a touch to stop it going in the top left corner.

  • 36'

    Foe pushed him - he could have been sent off - but Ballack went down rather easily

  • 35'

    Ziege and Schneider line it up as Ballack goes down on the edge of the box. This is turning into a bad-tempered clash

  • 35'

    Klose wins a free kick from Wome by the right touchline now

  • 34'

    He was injured in a clash with Wome - there was a suspicion the wing back landed on him there

  • 33'

    Klose is down and Cameroon play the ball out so he can receive treatment

  • 31'

    Mboma nips past the German defence only to be given offside - that looked a wrong decision

  • 31'

    Late challenge from Ballack on Lauren - and now he's booked too

  • 31'

    And Germany break with Schneider and Klose - hamann has a shot blocked

  • 30'

    Eto'o and Mboma play a clever one-two. Eto'o passes to Lauren, who lines up a shot on the edge of the box but Ballack makes a great block

  • 28'

    Hamann is booked for a foul on Foe - and he'll miss Germany's next game. But will it be in this World Cup?

  • 28'

    Cameroon haven't created many chances but they should still have scored twice

  • 27'

    One Cameroon corner produces a second, Linke clears but it comes back to Geremi who whips in a cross. Song comes in unmarked from five yards - and heads wide.

  • 26'

    It's a really powerful inswinging shot. Kahn punches away but it rebounds off Metzelder and off for a corner. That could have gone anywhere - nearly an own goal

  • 26'

    But they have a free kick on the right. Wome could take...

  • 26'

    As things stand, Cameroon need to score to stay in the World Cup - and they've not been ambitious so far

  • 25'

    Alioum claims a cross but Cameroon concede possession. Jancker sets up Klose - and his shot is blocked

  • 24'

    Metzelder made a great run into space down the left wing there but his team-mates reverted to Plan A and whacked it at Jancker. It comes to the defender anyway and he earns a throw

  • 23'

    There's something of a melee here - Song is off for treatment after Klose's boot connected with his face. Was it deliberate? The Cameroon skipper's bleeding

  • 22'

    Schneider goes for a 50-yard shot - just over the bar but great vision

  • 21'

    Chance for a German counter attack - until the ball reached Jancker... Passing really isn't his forte

  • 19'

    Predictably, the free kick was aimed at Jancker but it was well defended

  • 19'

    Another free kick for Germany - Wome fouls Schneider. The ever-pleasant German suggests his opponent should be booked. Referee Lopez disagrees

  • 18'

    Ziege whips in a low cross but no one attacked it and it was a bit too near Alioum.

  • 17'

    Hamann finds Schneider in the box. He looks for Jancker but Song intercepts. Cameroon counter attack and Olembe looks for Lauren. He's given offside but it's marginal.

  • 16'

    Another foul by Foe on Jancker. He'll have to be careful after that early yellow card.

  • 15'

    Cameroon are back in the game after their slow start, but neither side are committing too many men to attack - more 5-3-2 than 3-5-2 so far

  • 14'

    The best chance of the game so far but Solomon Olembe really didn't look confident at all. Kahn stood up well - he's had an excellent tournament

  • 13'

    ... and he does. A tame finish, but the block comes back to Olembe. He goes for the tame cross this time but Kahn gets cocky and takes his eye off it - he almost drops it in his own net.

  • 13'

    Olembe breaks through the German offside trap to meet Eto'o's pass. There's only Kahn to stop him...

  • 12'

    Schneider himself is over to take but he really overhit that and Eto'o takes it clear

  • 11'

    German free kick on the touchline. Schneider bends it in and Song glances it over his own bar. Corner

  • 10'

    As in all of their games, the Germans have started very well - but there's time yet for Cameroon

  • 9'

    Klose plays a slide rule ball for Ballack bursting through the inside left channel - he has a chance to shoot but it's too high

  • 9'

    Jankcer and Song chase a long ball. The German striker goes in with boot raised while Song tries to head it - Jancker ends up kicking Song and is booked

  • 8'

    Jankcer dispossesses Wome but once again his pass is very poor

  • 7'

    Another sliding challlenge from Foe, but this one is high and late on Frings - yellow card

  • 7'

    Ballack finds Klose but Foe makes a well-timed sliding challenge on the German top scorer

  • 7'

    Geremi whips in a free kick. Song goes up for it but Germany head away

  • 6'

    And Ireland have scored through Robbie Keane. Pressure on Cameroon now - one more Irish goal and they could be out

  • 5'

    Schneider finds Jancker, whose pass is rather worse but it's a very confident start from the Germans

  • 4'

    Still the Germans in possession until Klose's flick evades Jancker and Geremi retrieves

  • 3'

    Mboma heads it away but the Germans have the ball again

  • 2'

    Wome penalised for a foul on Schneider. Ziege can cross again and Song slices it behind for a corner

  • 1'

    But Ziege finds space on the left and whips in an early cross. Jancker meets it with a volley which is predictably way off target

  • 1'

    No great rush from the start from the Germans - they're knocking the ball around in their own half

  • 1'

    Germany kick off - they only need a draw.


    Cameroon recall midfielder Solomon Olembe while Rudi Voller has picked an unchanged team - top scorer Miroslav Klose is fit.


    So either the three-times World Champions or the African and Olympic Champions could be heading home early?

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  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Cameroon

  • 7(5)

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  • 20

  • 0%


  • Germany

  • 11(5)

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  • 27

Match Stats

  • Cameroon
  • Germany
7(5) Shots (on goal) 11(5)
20 Fouls 27
4 Corner kicks 5
4 Offsides 0
0% Time of Possession 0%
7 Yellow Cards 7
1 Red Cards 1
3 Saves 4

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