Suwon Stadium, Suwon, South Korea

Referee: Jan Wegereef

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  • Khalilou Fadiga 20' PEN
  • Papa Bouba Diop 26'
  • Papa Bouba Diop 38'

3 - 3



  • Richard Morales 46'
  • Diego Forlán 69'
  • Alvaro Recoba 88' PEN
  • 94'

    And Uruguay go home. The arrival of Morales and Forlan changed the game and led to that astonishing second half. Both scored - Forlan perhaps the goal of the tournament with remarkable technique and power - but Morales missed that glorious chance to win the game and take Uruguay through.

  • 94'

    And Senegal in their first ever World Cup are through to the last 16 - just. They were terrific on the counter attack in the first half, but it was like the Alamo in their box towards the end, and the Senegalese battle on

  • 94'

    ... but it can't be taken because the final whistle blocks. Senegal 3 Uruguay 3 - absolutely incredible drama in surely the best game of the World Cup so far

  • 93'

    Recoba goes down - no free kick and Fadiga finds Ndiaye, who finds Baye, whose cross earns a corner..

  • 92'

    And a terrific claim from Sylva - he's been superb coming off his line all game

  • 92'

    How did he miss? He headed wide. And if Uruguay go out, they will look back at that header and wonder

  • 91'

    It's Garcia, and he hits the wall, it comes out to Rodriguez. That's a brilliant strike from 35 yards and a superb block from Diatta three yards out but it comes to Morales from three yards....

  • 90'

    Recoba's there, Silva's there, Forlan's there, Garcia's there...

  • 90'

    Free kick on the edge of the Senegal box....

  • 89'

    Sylva charges out to claim from Silva - it's absolutely frantic now

  • 89'

    Two questionable penalties now, but they've evened up in this incredible game

  • 88'

    GOAL! He drills it into the bottom corner and it's 3-3. What a comeback but is there a winner?

  • 88'

    It's Alvaro Recoba...

  • 87'

    Morales breaks into the box, he goes down under Beye's challenge after Silva's flick. Yellow card and a penalty!

  • 87'

    Fadiga is booked for time-wasting - and he'll miss Senegal's next game. Good news for England, Argentina or Sweden

  • 86'

    Time's running out for Uruguary, but they're giving it a real go here and Senegal are fighting for their lives

  • 85'

    Twive Senegal win really important headers to clear. Eventually Forlan has a go from 30 yards - well wide

  • 84'

    ... and Diouf's offside at the other end. Uruguary release Regueiro and Beye concedes a corner with a very fine tackle

  • 84'

    Rodriguez looks for Morales, but an offside flag is up

  • 83'

    Recoba curls it in, Sylva's punch is unconvincing, but there's a defender on hand to wallop it away

  • 82'

    ... but it's a terrible free kick and Uruguay break. Silva wins the corner

  • 82'

    Diouf breaks past Montero, who cynically tugs him back. Yellow card - he probably wasn't the last man, but no one would have caught Diouf

  • 81'

    Forlan spreads the play really well to Regueiro, who wins a throw.

  • 80'

    Sylva charges out of his box as Morales breaks the offside trap again

  • 79'

    Reocba tries to pick out Morales, Diop's tackle denies him and a fine tackle by Beye denies them a corner

  • 78'

    And at 3-3, Uruguay would surely have been favourites

  • 77'

    Forlan's onside. Lembo picks him out and he's past the defence... only to pull his shot across the goal. A great chance

  • 76'

    Diouf has a great chance to seal it but Carini produces a superb block in a one-on-one. the move stemmed from a great claim from Sylva and a long kick which found the unmarked forward

  • 76'

    And Feye replaces Ndour in Senegal's final change

  • 75'

    Reguerio charges forward - 40 yards alnong the touchline. Beye's crude block ends his run.

  • 75'

    .... but Diouf can relieve that with a counter attack which ends with a poor cross from Diatta

  • 74'

    Senegal are warming up a third substitute - they;re under real pressure

  • 72'

    Brilliantly worked Uruguay move ends with Daf blocking Recoba's shot. They went 80 yards there with neat passing and movement. Forlan was involved again before Recoba's attempt to finish

  • 71'

    And Recoba has another long-range free kick - from 35 yards he curls it and only just beats the post. Uruguay are really back in this one...

  • 69'

    A booking for Pape Bouba Diop - it's 4-4 on the yellow cards now

  • 69'

    They needed a goal and they got it. A truly exceptional strike - Uruguay have now scored two of the best goals of the World Cup

  • 69'

    Recoba curls in a free kick. It's headed out to the edge of the box and Forlan chests it down and hits it on the volley... GOAL!

  • 68'

    Twenty minutes since the goal and Uruguay really need another soon as Sylva again comes out of his box quickly. this time, he beats Morales to the ball

  • 67'

    Another Senegal substitution - Moussa NDiaye to replace the more attacking Camara

  • 66'

    Senegal come forward with Camara. he plays a neat one-two with Bouba Diop but his touch takes him too wide and his cross is easy for Carini

  • 65'

    Reguiero beats his man and crosses - but it's too deep for Silva to get a shot in. He puts in back in and it's getting increasingly frantic around the Senegal goal

  • 64'

    Recoba has another shot - also blocked, and then the Inter Milan man is adjudged offside

  • 63'

    And Senegal do make the change. Beye comes on for Ferdinand Coly. Suprising to see the dominant right back go off

  • 62'

    And Senegal are warming up a substitute. Beye will come on soon

  • 61'

    Recoba pcisk up the ball in his own half, cuts inside and curls a perfectly weighted pass straight into Silva's path. He cracks the half-volley just wide... almost a superb goal

  • 60'

    Uruguay's huge target man Morales has now threatened Senegal as much as anyone this tournament

  • 59'

    Senegal are a bit rattled now and Uruguary have responded very well - they're really going for it

  • 58'

    Garcia picks out Reguiero, whose brought down. The free kick is taken quickly and Silva, at the far post, would have had a chance had his touch been better

  • 57'

    Diouf is brought down and the referee wants a word with Lembo - strangely his cynical fould doesn't earn a yellow card

  • 56'

    Forlan takes. He plays it back to Recoba who lashes one straight into Cisse. They appeal for a penalty as Forlan fires the rebound over.

  • 55'

    A real battle between Coly and Reguiero - the defender is penalised.

  • 55'

    Another Uruguay corner. Recoba takes, the unmarked Silva charges in and missses, Sylva drops it but gathers at the second attempt

  • 54'

    Daf clears strangely by backheeeling across his own box. Well, it worked

  • 53'

    Fadiga comes over to take and Diouf rises unmarked to head over. A great chance

  • 52'

    Senegal have one, but Diouf takes the entire Uruguay defence on in a 50-yard break to win a corner

  • 51'

    Uruguay now have five very attacking players on the pitch - Morales, Silva, Forlan, Recoba and Reguiero

  • 50'

    Recoba goes on a solo run but ends up going across the pitch before his shot is blocked

  • 50'

    Is a remarkable comeback on now? Senegal have defended well so far but they will be under pressure

  • 49'

    Morales is the target man Uruguay are looking for now. Forlan appears to have adopted a slighly deeper role.

  • 48'

    ... but Uruguay attack again with the same trio. Forlan finds Silva whose cross is only just headed over by Morales

  • 48'

    Senegal are looking for a fourth and Diouf flings himself in to try and volley home - he makes minimal contact and Carini gathers

  • 46'

    Morales was one of two half-time changes there - he and Man United goal machine Diego Forlan came on - and that really was an immediate impact. Abreu and Romero went off

  • 46'

    Uruguay kick off - and scored within 20 seconds. It's Richard Morales . Forlan's shot his Silva. his shot was blocked by Sylva and Morales finished. GOAL!

  • 45'

    Half-time - and a remarkable half of three goals and seven bookings. Senegal have defended stoutly and attacked with pace and penetration - they lead 3-0.

  • 45'

    Diouf on the counter-attack again. He turns inside Rodreiguez, goes to beat teh seocnd man and Carini comes out to get a hand to it. Diouf attempts to get the shot in again but is penalised

  • 45'

    Two more minutes - and Uruguay will probably be looking forward to the break more

  • 44'

    And it's increasingly frantic at the other end. Recoba treads on the ball, Silva has a shot blokced but Senegal withstand the pressure

  • 44'

    Coly and Camara combine down the right wing - unusually the move ends in a poor cross from Camara

  • 43'

    Silva tried to take the entire defence on but was crowded out before he could get a shot in.

  • 42'

    Who would have believed it? Senegal, 3-0 up, are on course not just to qualify but to top the group

  • 41'

    Chance for Abreu - he pokes wide after another Silva flick-on

  • 40'

    .. and another - Rodriguez goes down rather theatrically in a blatant display of, er, simulation

  • 39'

    Another booking - Coly for fouling Reguiero

  • 38'

    Reguiero in room on the left again... but a poor cross

  • 37'

    There was some confusion as to whether that was offside but Bouba Diop looked to have timed his run well and the finish was superb

  • 37'

    Camara chips in, Bouba Diop breaks past the defence and volleys sublimely past Carini - GOAL! 3-0

  • 36'

    Recoba puts in a cross / shot which goes across the face of goal and wide - goal kick

  • 36'

    With just Diouf up front, Senegal are conceding possession but will be hard to break down

  • 35'

    The ball comes to Bouba Diop - Garcia challenges and leaves his foot in there - yellow card

  • 35'

    Reguiero, who has taken up a position on the left wing, earns a throw. he then gets a chance to cross and Cisse wins a very important header.

  • 34'

    Daf clears into Silva and the striker himself chases it into the box - in the end Coly intercepts and clears

  • 33'

    The sub Regueiro puts Coly under pressure near the corner flag, but then fouls the defender to give Senegal some respite

  • 32'

    And Recoba has another corner to take. Sylva rose very well again - and he launched an attack with a quick throw

  • 32'

    Sorondo makes way and Mario Regueiro, a forward, comes on.

  • 31'

    Uruguay look as though they'll make a change already. It's Plan B for them - Plan A has failed abysmally

  • 30'

    Fadiga's corner but Henri Camara earns another off Varela

  • 29'

    Diouf's break earns a corner - how many men wil they send forward?

  • 28'

    Alvaro Recoba was once the world's best paid player - he'll need to show that quality if his side are to stay in the World Cup

  • 27'

    2-0 and Uruguay need to score three - and they have to be aware of Senegal's counter-attacking prowess

  • 26'

    GOAL! He sidefoots into the roof of the net and Senegal will surely go through now

  • 26'

    Camara switches flanks to the left, escapes a wild lunge and cuts it back for the second man coming in. It's Pape Bouba Diop...

  • 25'

    Recoba takes the corner and Senegal head away but they're being put under real pressure here

  • 25'

    Chaos in the Uruguary box - Silve finds Abreu. he's tackled but Varela's there and Cisse makes an important tackle

  • 24'

    Another free kick in Recoba range - but they try to worlk it across the box and Senegal get a block in

  • 23'

    Uruguay can launch a long throw again - but Senegal's aerial ability helps them to clear

  • 22'

    ... he goes for the curler and Sylva saves well in his bottom left-hand corner

  • 22'

    Recoba must be favourite to take...

  • 21'

    They have a free kick, conceded by Ndour 30 yards out

  • 20'

    Fadiga took that very calmly and Uruguay need to score twice

  • 20'

    Fadiga... GOAL! He sent the keeper the wrong way and Senegal lead.

  • 19'

    Penalty! Diouf is brought down by Carini - and somehow it's only a yellow card. He intercepted Montero's terrible backpass and dribbled past Carini, who tugged him down.

  • 18'

    Abreu's backheel could send Silva through... but once again his near-namesake Tony Sylva reacts quickly and is off his line to gather

  • 17'

    Senegal will be happier with the start. They only need a point and Uruguay have yet to muster a shot, despite earning a couple of corners

  • 16'

    And they still haven't... Diouf does well to take on one defender but once again, he feels he has no support and is dispossessed

  • 15'

    ... and mount a quick counter attack with Fadiga and Diouf. But they've yet to manage a shot

  • 14'

    Garcia and Recoba combine down the left and though Coly blocks the cross he concedes a corner, but Senegal's height advantage is evident as they clear...

  • 13'

    Diouf is the sole target in attack for Senegal again and the Uruguayan centre backs can out number him, as they do when Fadiga chips the ball through

  • 12'

    Senegal think they've earned a corner - instead, Diouf is penalised for being offside

  • 12'

    Sylva, who doesn't seem to like staying on his line, charges out to meet a header from Abreu

  • 11'

    Another foul and Ndour is the man on the ground. No booking this time though

  • 10'

    Fadiga curls it in, two Uruguayans collide and, strangely, they win a free kick

  • 9'

    Diouf runs at Rodriguez and earns a corner - chance for the big defenders to come up

  • 9'

    Senegal free kick 40 yards out - Fadiga, as ever, will take but Sorondo headed it away

  • 8'

    Romero brings down Fadiga - the third booking of the game

  • 7'

    Silva again involved near the Senegal box - a bright start from him

  • 6'

    Montero picks out Recoba near the corner flag. The cross is deep and Silva controls it well on his chest and fires a half-volley from an acute angle - but it's too high

  • 5'

    And Sylva comes out of his box to head clear - strange but effectrive defending as the Senegalese keeper rose above Silva

  • 5'

    Another chance for Recoba to cross - Garcia won the first header but Diatta cleared

  • 4'

    Daf slides in on Varela - another foul and another booking - that's two in three minutes

  • 3'

    Recoba curls it in but it's too high for his team-mates and Daf clears

  • 2'

    Silva goes down under Camara's tackle - and that's an early yellow card for Camara

  • 1'

    Henri Camara puts in an early cross which is easy for Carini


    Senegal kick off, knowing they could knock out two previous World Cup winners


    Senegal skipper Aliou Cisse is back and Henri Camara's fine showing against Denmark earns him a start while Uruguay have dropped right back Mendez


    The presssure's on Uruguay - the double World Champions need to beat Senegal to go through and stop the Africans reaching the last 16 in their first ever World Cup

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Senegal

  • 5(3)

  • -

  • 20

  • 0%


  • Uruguay

  • 15(5)

  • -

  • 18


POS No Name


1 Tony Sylva


2 Omar Daf


4 Papa Malick Diop


5 Alassane Ndour
12 Amdy Faye


6 Aliou Cisse


13 Lamine Diatta


17 Ferdinand Coly
21 Habib Beye


10 Khalilou Fadiga


19 Papa Bouba Diop


7 Henri Camara
14 Moussa N'Diaye


11 El-Hadji Diouf
POS No Name
D 21 Habib Beye
M 12 Amdy Faye
M 14 Moussa N'Diaye

Match Stats

  • Senegal
  • Uruguay
5(3) Shots (on goal) 15(5)
20 Fouls 18
4 Corner kicks 7
5 Offsides 4
0% Time of Possession 0%
7 Yellow Cards 5
0 Red Cards 0
2 Saves 1

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