Mun-hak Stadium, Inchon, South Korea

Referee: 22

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  • Dennis Rommedahl 23'
  • Jon Dahl Tomasson 67'

2 - 0


  • 90'

    Questions will be being asked on the Champs Elysees - and there's one man who will certainly be looking for a new job tomorrow, Roger Lemerre. The Euro 2000 mastermind has guided France to the worst performance ever by a defending world champion side

  • 90'

    Euphoria for the Danes - they go through as group winners with two wins and a draw. Full-time at the Suwon Stadium - an amazing 3-3 draw means Senegal hang on to deny Uruguay second place. Les Bleus finish bottom of Group A

  • 90'

    Full-time! An extraordinary result. France, the champions, are out without scoring a goal

  • 90'

    Into injury time and the holders are in mourning. Micoud shuffles it forward in hope, Cisse takes aim but it's another wayward effort

  • 90'

    Cisse chopes down Gronkjaer 40 yards out on the right - no threat from the freekick though with only Tomasson up front

  • 89'

    Micoud looks for Trezeguet but the Juve man is outnumbered and outjumped

  • 89'

    Recoba has equalised for Uruguay, meanwhile. Incredible stuff - but they need the winner to go through

  • 88'

    It's keep-ball for the Danes at the back again. Henriksen plays it back to keeper Sorensen to blast clear

  • 86'

    Laursen, who's had a great game, heads clear once again. Denmark playing it around the back, before Gravesen rifles it to Gronkjaer. The Chelsea man is struggling with that injury but still manages to get a shot in - across the face of goal

  • 85'

    Five minutes to go and France are forlornly going about their business. Djorkaeff looks for Candela, but the fullback is nowhere near in position for that reverse pass

  • 84'

    Gronkjaer's back on. He finds sub Bogelund, who combines well with Tomasson, taking the return ball in acres of space in the box - but blasts wide

  • 83'

    Wiltord's corner goes deep, too deep and the Danes clear. That's his last contribution as Djaorkaeff takes his place for France's final subsitution

  • 82'

    Play continues as Candela sweeps in a dangerous low cross from the right. Helveg is there to guide it calmly behind. Composed stuff

  • 81'

    Gronkjaer goes down awkwardly... looks like knee trouble

  • 80'

    Desailly seems to be losing the plot - the crowd hiss as they see a replay of the Frenchman having a go at Gravesen

  • 78'

    Huge reception for Tofting as he leaves the field - Nielsen takes his place

  • 77'

    Bogelund replaces Poulsen as Zidane lines up a freekick well in his range. Twenty-three yards out to the left side, but he sweeps it right-footed wide of goal

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Now it's Wiltord's turn to be red-faced. He bursts into the box, amlost reaching ther bye-line but then stands on the ball with his right foot as he swings with his left... Goalkick

  • 74'

    It just won't go in for the French - Trezeguet latches on to a cross from the left. The Juve man hammers it off the underside of the bar from six yards. Credit to him, Trezeguet can only smile

  • 73'

    Zidane feeds Wiltord - a sharp turn and instant low shot but the Sunderland keeper is down to save again

  • 72'

    Then a thunderous volley from Cisse - Sorensen can't hold it but Helveg is back to clear

  • 71'

    Micoud replaces Vieira as Sorensen collects another knock-down from a freekick

  • 69'

    Get ready to laugh - Diego Forlan has scored Uruguay's second goal to make it 2-3 against Senegal. As it stands, Denmark are top of the group with the Africans second

  • 69'

    After Laursen heads clear a Zidane freekick, Gronjkaer looks for Rommedahl in the box. Just beyond the PSV man

  • 67'

    Very similar to Tomasson's first goal against Uruguay but, more importantly, France are in disarray

  • 67'

    Denmark work it up on the left. Great ball for Gronkjaer behind Candela, whose first-time cross finds Tomasson 8 yards out. He rams it home for the killer goal. 2-0 Denmark!!!

  • 66'

    Wiltord breaks to the left, inside him Cisse who looks to scoop it over the top for Trezeguet - flag's up again though.

  • 65'

    Two poor balls from Candela - Gronkjaer can come away with the second, but Tomasson is offside again

  • 64'

    Cisse and Wiltord combine now - it breaks off Laursen's challenge but Sorensen is out to claim the loose ball

  • 63'

    Scrambling run from Candela, cutting in from the right. He finds Wiltord but the Arsenal forward is a mile offside. Even then he couldn't get it past Sorensen

  • 62'

    Les Bleus have looked like they're expecting it to 'just happen' - not enough urgency and Denmark are more than capable of holding in if that continues

  • 61'

    More Danish threat as Grinkjaer has an ambitious crack at goal - but well wide this time. Half an hour to go and the defending champions in crisis

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Ball over the top of the France back four, Tomasson is through but ruled offside as Barthez hurls himself to the left to make a great save

  • 59'

    Vieira starts the next French attack, feeding Lizarazu for a cross from the left. It breaks for Zidane 25 yards out but Poulsen is in bravely to block

  • 58'

    Rommedahl sprays a long ball from the right to Gronkjaer on the opposite flank. Great control from the Chelsea man but Candela is back to tackle well

  • 57'

    Now the substitute has a blast from range - at last some attacking spark - but Helveg blocks

  • 56'

    Fabulous run from Cisse down the left wing, he cuts it back but there are more red shirts there for the rebound

  • 55'

    Vieira charges forward in something resembling Arsenal form, but stabs his through-ball to hard for Wiltord

  • 54'

    First change from Lemerre as young gun Cisse replaces the old hand Dugarry

  • 53'

    Pathetic bit of play-acting from Thuram, who goes down like Mike Tyson after a slight knock on the neck from Tomasson

  • 52'

    Now Laursen has to flick the ball away with a deft header to deny Trezeguet a chance from close range

  • 51'

    Next corner goes short but Sorensen is up to collect the ball in

  • 50'

    And France win another. Desailly rises at the far post to head majestically at goal - but off the bar! Denmark smash it behind to saefty

  • 49'

    Candela and Zidane combine down the inside right, but Gronkjaer is back to cut out the return ball. Corner

  • 48'

    Looks like Jesper Grokjaer did, in fact, replace Jorgensen at the break. France have pushed Dugarry further forward meanwhile

  • 47'

    Jensen catches Zidane late - France freekick but the Manchester City man is back for the long ball

  • 46'

    But Barthez has been struggling with an injury and Ulrich Rame has been warming up during the break. Thuram launches the first ball forward, but beyond Trezeguet - Sorenesen takes

  • 46'

    No changes for either side as the Danes restart the game

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    It's panic stations for Roger Lemerre as the teams re-emerge for the second half

  • 45'

    We didn't believe it could happen, but the holders look desperately short of belief in their search for a first goal of the tournament... and they need three in the second half to go through.

  • 45'

    Into injury-time - not much to be played. Indeed there goes the half-time whistle

  • 45'

    Denmark break rapidly - Rommedahl looks dangerous but Desailly is back

  • 44'

    France, at least, are getting a little more ambitious with their shooting. Now Dugarry tries to weave through for a strike but Laursen and Henriksen are there

  • 43'

    Wiltord cuts in from the inside right. A low, left-footed shot but again Sorensen is down for it

  • 42'

    Delightful stuff in midfield. Zidane exchanging one-twos with Dugarry and then Wiltord, but he hasn't got the speed or fitness to reach the final ball

  • 40'

    Long throw from Lizarazu - headed clear and France work it to Thuram. Zidane tries to find Trezeguet in the box but Sorensen rises to collect

  • 39'

    Now Thuram looks for Candela, making a rare break down his right flank. But the ball's too long again. This pitch has been heavily watered prior to kick-off

  • 38'

    Suddenly a moment of Zidane class - the Danes give it away and, in a flash, the Real Madrid man turn to deliver a sweeping shot from 35 yards. Sorensen is caught out but, agonisingly, the ball is just beyond the right post

  • 38'

    Diop's second goal has Senegal three up, meanwhile

  • 37'

    Neat stuff from Jensen down the Danish left but Makelele is there to break it up. Then another neat flick rom Zidane for Dugarry - but too many red shirts in the way

  • 35'

    Long ball from Thuram into the box, where Helveg calmly chests it down to Sorensen

  • 34'

    Tomasson backs in on Thuram as he tries to hold it up. France work the freekick right, where Trezeguet looks for Zidane on the edge of the box. Again though, it's Laursen in the way

  • 33'

    Great tussle for possession between Gravesen and Desailly, which the Chelsea man is strong enough to win

  • 31'

    Zidane frees Wiltord for a run at the box, but Laursen gets his body in the way as the striker tries to cut in for a right-footed shot. Good defending

  • 30'

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  • 30'

    That was France's best effort so far, but they're still looking shell-shocked and unlikely to score the three goals they now need. Now Helveg picks up a loose ball from Dugarry

  • 29'

    Laursen does well to close in on Zidane in the centre circle, but France rebuild. Dugarry weaves his way down the left, lofting the ball for Trezeguet who heads powerfully, but Sorenesen gets down well

  • 28'

    Makelele bursts down the right, looking for Dugarry in the box, but the cross is just too long. Sorensen collects comfortably

  • 27'

    Senegal now 2-0 up against Uruguay thanks to Diop, the hero of the opening match

  • 26'

    Poulsen yellow-carded for a trip on Lizarazu... he'll miss the next game

  • 24'

    Another throw from Tofting, Barthez punches clear and France look to break through Zidane, but the world's most expensive player isn't blessed with the greatest pace even when he's full fit

  • 23'

    Disaster at the back - France failed to clear a run-of-the-mill throw-in and the Danes have a priceless goal

  • 22'

    Tofting chips one from the right - Candela's nowhere and Rommedahl stabs home for the opener. 1-0 Denmark!!!!

  • 20'

    Beautiful ball over the top from Vieira, but Zidane can't stretch for that - he does not look fit

  • 19'

    Meanwhile, Senagal lead 1-0 after a penalty by Fadiga in the Suwon stadium

  • 18'

    In truth, not the best of strikes from 'Trezegol'

  • 17'

    Rommedahl is repelled after a skipping run down the left. The Danes give it away and Wiltord hares towards the box with Trezeguet in support. Henriksen stumbles and the Juve man is free on goal, but Sorensen gets down well to save

  • 16'

    Now Vieira and Dugarry combine in midfield - Trezeguet finds space to run into but the ball through skids quickly to keeper Sorensen

  • 15'

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  • 15'

    Barthez called into action for the first time - a slight error by Desailly but Thuram is there to marshal it back to the keeper under pressure from Tomasson

  • 14'

    Misunderstanding between Vieira and Trezeguet costs the French a decent attacking opportunity. The Danes pick up

  • 13'

    France punt it long towards Wiltord but the Gunners man shoves Laursen in the back in trying to win the ball

  • 12'

    Poulsen drills one from his own half towards Tomasson - but Lizarazu is in quickly

  • 11'

    France continue to dominate possession, but now Zidane is wasteful - and angry with himself. The Danes launch it long and Rommedahl almosts gets a shot in. A warning for the champions

  • 10'

    Desailly bursts into midfield but gets brought down by Poulsen. France work the freekick left but Dugarry is closed down by the Tofting-Gravesen axis

  • 8'

    Danish throw down the right. Tofting wants to take quickly but Dugarry blocks him - and gets a booking for his trouble. Referee Pereira standing for no nonsense

  • 7'

    Candela looks for Trezeguet down the right flank - Laursen gets across to concede a throw. Hurled in to the near post, where Sorensen rises

  • 5'

    Helveg tries to get things going from the back. Gravesen, in midfield, is brought down by Desailly's lunge. But the Danes make a hash of the freekick, 45 yards out

  • 5'

    First Danish foray forward. Jensen cuts in from the left but Makelele intercepts a rather hopeful chip inside. Zidane, his left thigh heavily strapped, looks for Wiltord but the ball's too long

  • 4'

    Poulsen clears after another midfield surge, this time from Makelele

  • 2'

    Marauding run forward from Vieira after Tofting loses out in midfield. The Arsenal man takes aim, but red shirts are in the way and the Danes clear

  • 1'

    First touch for Zidane, a neat flick for Dugarry who is quickly closed down

  • 1'

    Game on at the Munhak Stadium - France make an early march forward, but Wiltord can't control up front - goalkick


    Sand, Heintze and Gronkjaer are the three Denmark players to miss out after their encouraging start to the tournament - Jensen, Jorgensen and Poulsen the men who step up


    A draw will do for the Danes, but they don't have a great record against Lex Bleus - remember Euro 2000?


    The holders on a knife-edge. Zidane is back, but can they get their two-goal win without Henry and Petit?

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  • 4(2)

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  • 18

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  • France

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  • Denmark
  • France
4(2) Shots (on goal) 12(7)
18 Fouls 13
0 Corner kicks 6
2 Offsides 3
0% Time of Possession 0%
2 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
5 Saves 0

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