Jeonju Stadium, Chonju, South Korea

Referee: Hugh Dallas

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  • Pedro Pauleta 14'
  • Pedro Pauleta 65'
  • Pedro Pauleta 77'
  • Rui Costa 88'

4 - 0


  • 90'

    But there's no time for him to do anything with it - the final whistle goes and Portugal's 4-0 win has eliminated Poland from the World Cup

  • 90'

    One last Portugal attack, with Figo... he's on the ball midway inside the Poland half

  • 90'

    Kozminski ushers the ball back to Dudek as Portugal threaten again... and that's pretty much it for this most one-sided of matches

  • 90'

    Three minutes of added time, and Rui Costa is clear... he scuffs the shot and it's cleared off the line. That should have been five

  • 90'

    Olisadebe breaks - Poland still looking for a consolation. Baia claims after the striker gets into the box to try and meet the cross

  • 89'

    They'll be glad that this game has only a few seconds left to run

  • 88'

    Poland, at times so impressive during their qualifying campaign, are having an absolute World Cup nightmare

  • 87'

    Poland ragged at the back as Portugal break - the low cross dissects the remnants of their defence and Rui Costa steers it home across Dudek. It's 4-0 and very, very easy now!

  • 86'

    Pauleta is offside after a low cross is steered into the box - his effort flashed over the top in any case...

  • 86'

    Poland look for Olisadebe: Baia claims well as the striker looks to race through

  • 85' the other end, Pauleta shoots wide. Almost a fourth goal for the Portugal star

  • 84'

    They come very close to doing so - Marcin Zewlakow hits a volley which bounces into the ground and hits the side netting...

  • 83'

    The ball was whipped in at pace and the striker had to lunge to meet it. Poland trying to bring a little late respectability to the scoreline

  • 82'

    Hajto has a shot from the edge of the box, but it's blocked... a low cross comes in and Kryszalowicz steers it over the top

  • 82'

    Bak is denied by a good clearing header - it's another corner to the Poles

  • 81'

    Rui Jorge gives the ball away, but Petit is there to win it back... just a question of playing out time now for Portugal

  • 81'

    ...Portugal come forward with Pauleta, but he's flagged offside

  • 81'

    Another Polish cross - Olisadebe challenges Baia who, at the second attempt, holds on...

  • 80'

    No joy there - Baia holds on and we've moved into the final ten minutes

  • 79'

    Can they get one from another corner now?

  • 78'

    Poland win a corner... it comes to nothing. They've conceded five goals in two games and scored none

  • 78'

    A lovely goal, and just reward for Pauleta's enterprising performance

  • 77'

    And a lovely ball from Costa finds Pauleta - he jinks past the defender and fires home crisply to complete a hat-trick. It's 3-0 Portugal!

  • 76'

    Portugal are, in flashes, showing the sort of passing and movement so absent against the United States

  • 75'

    Olisadebe chasing again, but Portugal win it back and break through Pauleta... Petit strikes it viciously, and it's just wide with Dudek struggling

  • 74'

    Waldoch meets it with a header - too high, though, to trouble Baia

  • 74'

    Hajto launches a long ball forward and Olisadebe wins a corner by pressuring Beto

  • 73' breaks down and Poland come forward with Bak, but Portugal are there to sweep up as Kozminski tries to cross

  • 72'

    Lovely skill by Figo, controlling the ball superbly and then looking for the pass forward...

  • 71'

    It's flicked on, but goes out of play. Polish frustrations growing

  • 70'

    Michal Zewlakow is going off to be replaced by Rzasa as Poland prepare to take a throw

  • 69'

    The ball runs out of play as Poland try in vain to cause problems. They're beginning to look downcast now and it seems like played two, lost two

  • 68'

    Conceicao is going off and Capucho comes on as Portugal make another change

  • 68'

    Pauleta gets onto the end of a cross - the Portuguese football is starting to flow now - but steers his header just over

  • 67'

    Kryszalowicz shoots low, and Baia makes an excellent stop. Frenetic period of play...

  • 67'

    ...Figo takes it on and, from the edge of the area, curls a superb effort against the post. Unlucky - but here come Poland...

  • 67'

    And Portugal produced their best movement there - they're attacking again through Pauleta...

  • 66'

    That's surely it for Poland - it's very hard to see them scoring once, let alone twice

  • 65'

    ...Pauleta slides in to prod it past the helpless Dudek, and Portugal have taken a 2-0 lead!

  • 64'

    Portugal advance into the Poland half and Figo slides in a low cross...

  • 63'

    Olisadebe breaks, but gioves the ball away - that's been Poland's problem and they're threatened on the break...

  • 62'

    He's coming on now, replacing Frechaut, who was injured in the first period

  • 62'

    Marcin Zewlakow is penalised for a challenge - free-kick Portugal, who are poised to bring Beto on

  • 62'

    ...but his attempted cross is woeful, curling out of play and presenting Portugal with a goal-kick

  • 61'

    Maybe now - Poland have a corner. Olisadebe takes the ball on at the corner of the area...

  • 61'

    The fans are turning up the volume - they're probably hoping for a bit more excitement from the remainder of this clash

  • 61'

    Can Costa add a bit of spark to a game which has gone a little flat of late?

  • 60'

    Portugal bring Rui Costa on: Joao Pinto's the player taken off

  • 59'

    Kryszalowicz nods the loose ball home, but that won't count

  • 59'

    But Poland win it back and Bak sparks an atack - the ball is crossed, but the referee blows his whistle for a foul on keeper Baia

  • 58'

    They're passing the ball around at the back now, keeping possession

  • 57'

    Portugal trying to lift their tempo again - they've been a bit sluggish in this half

  • 56'

    The Poles will be encouraged by that spell. They've made a change, bringing Marcin Zewlakow on for Zurawski

  • 55'

    He steers his shot wide - that was a good chance. Poland come back again, and Dudek claims the cross

  • 54'

    It's cleared and Poland find Krzynowek, who runs into the area...

  • 53'

    The ball's ushered back to Dudek, and forward it goes to Kryszalowicz... but Portugal clear that easily and come forward to win a free-kick

  • 52'

    ...then Couto makes another good interception. Some decent play from Poland, but they're struggling to make a really clear chance

  • 52'

    Poland clear - chance of a break with Olisadebe lurking: Costa heads the cross away

  • 52'

    Portugal have a free-kick midway inside the Poland half: Pinto fouled...

  • 51'

    They have it back again, however, and Pinto jinks and twists into the area. Dudek comes out to claim the ball

  • 50'

    Decent enough start to the second half: Pinto is offside, though, as Portugal play the ball forward on the right

  • 49'

    Poland attacking again, but Pinto is in the right place to pick the ball off

  • 49'

    Kozminski chasing again, but that one eludes him and Portugal have a throw inside their own half

  • 48'

    Zurawski makes a good run, but Costa gets across to block him out as he heads towards the area

  • 48'

    Pinto chases, but the ball skips along the slippy surface and runs out for a goal-kick

  • 47'

    Figo on the ball as Portugal attack - he wins a free-kick for Bak's challenge

  • 46'

    Immdeiately, Olisadebe sets off on a great run - the ball breaks to Bak on the edge of the box but his shot is mishit and bobbles harmlessly away

  • 45'

    Poland get the second half started - they have 45 minutes to save their World Cup hopes

  • 45'

    Dallas blows the half-time whistle - Pauleta's crisp finish divides the side. Portugal 1-0 up

  • 45'

    Throw to Portugal, who have had the better of things so far. Poland, though, are not without threat - they play it forward but the ball hits ref Dallas and deflects unkindly

  • 45'

    Olisadebe threatens, but then plays a loose final pass and Poland lose the ball. There will be two minutes of stoppage time

  • 45'

    Poland will need to find more of those in the second period... Zurawski heads te ball on, but it goes to nobody

  • 44'

    Kozminski crosses well and Couto gets his head to it to clear. That was a good ball in

  • 43'

    ...and Pinto is back on his feet and back on the pitch. A relief for Portugal

  • 43'

    Bak tries to get in but gives the ball away - Petit then does exactly the same for Portugal

  • 42'

    None... Pinto is still off the pitch. From the free-kick, Figo is dispossessed

  • 41'

    ...and Pinto is still down. What action will ref Hugh Dallas take?

  • 41'

    Kozminski lets the ball slip out of play and Poland concede another free-kick for a foul on Joao Pinto. The foul was by Hajto...

  • 40'

    It is Figo - it's low, through the wall, and straight at Dudek

  • 39'

    Surely this is one that will interest Figo...

  • 38'

    Olisadebe again - he makes a good run down the right and fires in an angled shot which Baia stops. Bak fouls Pinto and is booked... it's a dangerous free-kick right on the edge of the area

  • 37'

    No sign of a let-up in the rain, and slips are becoming more frequent... Olisadebe is beaten in the air as Poland come forward once more

  • 36'

    Dudek punches it clear and Pauleta wins a corner... from it Figo finds Petit, who gets in a low shot which Dudek holds onto

  • 35'

    Free-kick to Portugal in a crossing position, and Figo takes it...

  • 34'

    They look to have worked a chance with a quick first-time ball to Olisadebe - too quick, because he's offside

  • 33'

    And another good clearance from Portugal, who are having to cope with some decent pressure all of a sudden

  • 32'

    ...the ball is back with the Poles, though, and they win a throw. Good spell for them

  • 31'

    Ref Hugh Dallas has taken plenty of names so far... Zewlakow comes forward in another Poland attack, but his cross is cleared...

  • 31'

    Back to the other end, and Olisadebe is denied space... Figo breaks away but then loses the ball and Rui Jorge goes into the book for a bad challenge

  • 30'

    Pauleta chases into the area and Dudek comes out well to claim it

  • 30'

    From it, Poland are crowded out and Couto eventually blasts the ball clear

  • 30'

    They win the ball back and Couto has to slide in to clear. Zewlakow to take a throw

  • 30'

    Bak loses control of the ball in the teeming rain, and Poland concede a throw

  • 29'

    Figo is back for Portugal to get that one away

  • 28'

    Krzynowek shoots after his first effort is blocked - it deflects for a corner

  • 27'

    Free-kick: Poland looking to create danger from this one

  • 26'

    Figo rather waits for the ball and Olisadebe steals in - Baia comes out of his area to clear. Jorge Costa is booked for bringing down Olisadebe soon afterwards

  • 25'

    And that's bound to make control a bit more difficult - conditions are getting slippier by the minute

  • 24'

    ...which, in the end, is claimed by Baia. It's pouring down now - looks like London on a summer afternoon

  • 24'

    Frechaut is booked for bringing down Krzynowek inside the Portugal half - free-kick Poland...

  • 24'

    But there's more and more confidence coming into Portugal's play, and they look capable of carving out plenty of chances today

  • 23'

    ...Pauleta comes forward again after an excellent crossfield pass: he tries his luck, and the ball flies over

  • 22'

    Again, however, it breaks down... Poland look for Olisadebe but can't find him. More of a hopeful long ball than anything else

  • 21'

    Good passing by Portugal - Pinto loses it in the end, but back they come with Figo down the right...

  • 21'

    Figo's free-kick is a disappointment, and Poland don't have to worry about that one

  • 20'

    Kryszalowicz fouls him, and Figo will cross this in from the right. Swierczewski is booked for a foul as the players jostle in the area

  • 20'

    But in the end it's a downright weird one from Conceicao, and goes out for a throw. What was that supposed to be?

  • 19'

    Figo weighing up his options here...

  • 18'

    Figo looks to cause further damage, meandering down the right... he wins a dangerous free-kick near the edge of the box

  • 18'

    And the Poles have responded well to the blow of falling behind

  • 17'

    Poland have another free-kick, this one midway inside the Portugal half. Baia claims it well

  • 16'

    Swierczewski shoots from 25 yards, just over... Kaluzny, who slipped and fell awkwardly, goes off and is replaced by Bak as Poland are forced into an early change

  • 15'

    Kozminski floats in a good-looking cross, which just eludes the waiting attackers and is deflected out for another corner

  • 15'

    Kaluzny reacts by breaking down the right to win a corner... it results in a second flag-kick

  • 14'

    ...the ball comes to Pauleta on the left-hand side of the area, and he cuts in to fire a shot low past Dudek at his near post. It's 1-0 Portugal!

  • 13'

    Figo is forced back and Olisadebe steps in: Jorge Costa stops him. Frechaut is back on and starts an attack...

  • 12'

    His side temporarily down to ten men, but on the ball after Zurawski loses possession

  • 11'

    Injury worries for Portugal... Frechaut is being stretchered off for treatment

  • 11'

    Signs that Portugal are starting to get their game together now... Kaluzny shoots at the other end, but that's way over the bar

  • 11'

    ...Pauleta tries another shot from distance after some neat control - it's well-struck, but straight at Dudek

  • 10'

    Pauleta has the ball wide on the left and fires in a dangerous cross which Zewlakow clears for a corner. Figo will take it...

  • 9'

    Straight back on the attack - Pauleta fires in a good shot from outside the area and it's not too far wide of the post

  • 8'

    ...again, it offers little threat and the clearance is routine

  • 8'

    They certainly aren't passing the ball in the way they can... Kaluzny is penalised for another niggling challenge, and Figo floats it towards the area

  • 8'

    The delivery's a bit aimless, though, and Portugal are yet to really get going

  • 7'

    Lively enough start - Bento is fouled for a free-kick inside the Portugal half

  • 6'

    Soon afterwards, Poland come forward again and the ball is scrambled away... Joao Pinto races into the area and is crowded out

  • 6'

    Portugal move forward with Frechaut, and Conceicao tries a shot which lacks the pace or direction to bother Dudek

  • 5'

    Plenty of attacking intent from Poland - they're taking a much more positive approach to this game than their last

  • 4'

    ...he's soon back in the thick of the action, twisting and turning - the ball comes out to Kaluzny, whose shot is wide of the target

  • 4'

    But Portugal concede possession carelessly, and an attempted through ball is too strong for the speedy Olisadebe to get on the end of

  • 3'

    Hajto gets in with a strong challenge - too strong, says the referee, and it's another free-kick

  • 2'

    ...and they move forward to win a throw on half-way

  • 2'

    Portugal get back well as Kryszalowicz threatens down the right

  • 1'

    Then Joao Pinto commits a foul and Poland play it forward - Olisadebe can't get there and it's a goal kick


    The Portuguese pass it around, and Luis Figo is the victim of the game's first foul...


    Portugal get the game under way - their defence, so shambolic against the USA, will be under the spotlight


    Poland, in particular, need to find some semblance of attacking threat - sorely missing during their defeat against South Korea


    The anthems are being played, the rain's coming down... two sides here who know they need a big improvement on their displays in the opening games

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Portugal

  • 15(8)

  • -

  • 16

  • 0%


  • Poland

  • 16(4)

  • -

  • 20


POS No Name


1 Vitor Baia


2 Paulo Jorge Costa


5 Fernando Couto


18 Nuno Miguel Barreto Frechaut
22 Beto


23 Rui Jorge


7 Luis Figo


11 Sergio Conceicao
19 Nuno Capucho


17 Jorge Paulo Bento


20 Petit


8 Manuel Vieira Joao Pinto
10 Rui Costa


9 Pedro Pauleta
POS No Name
D 22 Beto
M 10 Rui Costa
M 19 Nuno Capucho

Match Stats

  • Portugal
  • Poland
15(8) Shots (on goal) 16(4)
16 Fouls 20
1 Corner kicks 10
4 Offsides 3
0% Time of Possession 0%
3 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
4 Saves 3

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