Busan Asian Stadium, Pusan, South Korea

Referee: 31

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  • 94'

    France will be without the suspended Thierry Henry and Emmanuel Petit - but Zinedine Zidane should be back

  • 94'

    Perhaps Uruguay should have pushed forward more, but both teams now know a two goal victory in the final game will be enough

  • 94'

    Just how did the game finish goalless? France piled on the pressuer and at times made Uruguay look like they were the ones with ten men

  • 94'

    A fanastic encounter in Busan. The game had everything but goals - a red card, endless chances, full-blooded challenges. One of the best games of the tournament so far

  • 94'

    And there goes the final whistle

  • 93'

    ...but it goes wide. Surely the last chance of the game

  • 93'

    A corner comes in from the right and Vieira wins the header...

  • 93'

    A change for France at the death. Christophe Dugarry comes on for Sylvain Wiltord

  • 93'

    ...another good stop by Barthez with his left left, but Magallanes did hit his powerful effort straight at the goalkeeper

  • 93'

    The ball goes straight up the other end and Abreu finds Magallanes in space in the box with only Barthez to beat, is this it...

  • 92'

    ...but Sorondo makes a superb challenge to deny Wiltord. What an outstanding piece of defending

  • 91'

    Lizarazu breaks forward and plays a fine ball through the middle to Wiltord. He's in space and surely this is a dramataic winner.....

  • 90'

    Three minutes to be added

  • 90'

    Petit finds the lively Cisse on the right edge of the box. He foolishly opts to shot and sends the ball into orbit

  • 89'

    Recoba delivers from the left, but again the referee blows, this time Magallanes fouling Vieira

  • 89'

    Another foul by Candela provides another good chance from Uruguay.

  • 88'

    Varela looks to beat Lizarrazu, but the French defender times his tackle perfectly to conceed the throw

  • 88'

    France win a corner which Petit floats in, but referee Ramos Rizo blows for pushing by the French forward line

  • 87'

    Now it's Cisse who comes forward into the box. He always looks to shoot and gets his effort through the legs of a defender, but it's easy for Carini

  • 86'

    For once it's a different approach as Magallanes takes. His effort takes a slight deflection, but it's straight into the hands of Barthez

  • 85'

    Candela brings down Abreu 30 yards from goal. An attacking opportunity here for... Recoba?

  • 84'

    Petit takes the corner which Carini comes for. The keeper just gets fingertips to in and Montero hacks clear

  • 83'

    It's the fresh legs of Cisse, however, that show power on the right. He crosses in and Magallenes clearence is sliced over the bar

  • 82'

    France do look tired now as Uruguay pass the ball across the back four. Can Uruguay raisea final burst?

  • 81'

    A second substitution for France. David Trezeguet, who has worked tirelessly, is replaced by Djibril Cisse

  • 80'

    Recoba, unsurprisingly, takes the shot, but it's way, way over the bar

  • 79'

    Recoba does well to get a cross in, it's headed clear only as far as Varela. Lizarazu brings him down and it's a free-kick just to the right 25-yards out

  • 78'

    Micoud looks okay to continue as Cisse warms-up as a precaution

  • 77'

    The referee stops the play as Micoud gets an accidental knock in the face from Magallanes as the pair went up for the ball

  • 76'

    Recoba comes back to life, holding off the challenge of Vieri. He looks to cross in towards Abreu, but Desailly heads away

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Vieira does well to clip the ball over the top to Trezeguet in the clear, but the flag goes up for offside

  • 74'

    Uruguay really need to weather this French storm. Can they come out stronger?

  • 73'

    Another change for Uruguay, Gianni Guigou, who's not fully fit, comes on for Rodriguez

  • 72'

    Micoud and Trezeguet link up well, and Trezeguet has to take a snap shot which is way off target

  • 72'

    Confusion on the sidelines. Uruguay want to bring on Gonzalo Los Santos for Romero. Romero doesn't want to go off - but eventually he's persuaded

  • 71'

    Petit floats in a good corner, but Desailly can only head over the bar

  • 71'

    Wiltord again has the ball, coming into the box on the right. He takes the shot, but Montero blocks. Corner

  • 70'

    ...and Carini produces a magnificent save to push the ball away. It's all France now

  • 69'

    Micoud takes the free-kick, looking to curl the ball to the keeper's left...

  • 68'

    The impressive Wiltord finds Trezeguet in the D, but he's pushed to the floor by Montero. A free-kick and a real chance for France

  • 67'

    ...and his shot is hacked off the line by Montero. Oh so nearly for the French

  • 66'

    The ball comes back to Trezeguet in the box. He knocks the ball up in the area and Vieira beats Carini to the bal. It falls back to Trezeguet who shoots...

  • 66'

    Trezeguet uses his pace to get clear of the Uruguay defence, he breaks into the box but Rodriguez gets across with a superb tackle. Trezeguet had to go it alone with no striking partner

  • 65'

    Recoba swings the corner in, but it's disappointing and the French defence heads clear

  • 65'

    Good play sees Recoba play a superb ball over the top to Varela in the box. The cross is blocked by Lizarazu. Corner

  • 64'

    ...the cross has Barthez scurrying across his goal desperately, but it drops just wide of the post. Close

  • 63'

    Uruguay win a corner off Lizarazu. Taken short, but it's still Recoba who delivers into the box. Its curls in towards the far post...

  • 62'

    Finally the game has calmed down in Busan, it's been a thrilling start to the second half - now the bad feeling has been forgotten

  • 61'

    Uruguay make their first change of the game. Dario Silva is replaced to boos fromt he crowd, and on comes Gerardo Magallanes

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Recoba again has the ball, he tries the shot from the edge of the box but can only hit a defender. The ball runs to Abreu, but both he and Silva are both offside

  • 59'

    Trezeguet chases a long ball which he surely can't win, Carini runs out and hits the French forward with his clearance. Luckily it falls to a team-mate

  • 58'

    ...but again the shot is straight a Barthez as Abreu fails to find the corner. How many more chances can Uruguay afford to miss?

  • 58'

    This is now a pulsating encounter. Recoba comes forward once more and this time does feed Abreu. 'The Mad Man' uses his pace to break into the box and unleash a powerful shot...

  • 57'

    ...a superb save from Carini, pushing the ball away. Vieria collects the rebound but Uruguay manage to clear

  • 57'

    Vieira comes foward and looks to knock the ball through to Trezeguet. It takes a deflection off a defender and Trezeguet can take the shot...

  • 56'

    ...but Abreu's downward goes wide of the post. Another chance goes begging

  • 55'

    It's Recoba again, he looks very dangerous. He crosses in from the left and Abreu wins the header...

  • 54'

    ...but he lashes at the ball rather than placing it from the left. A terrible effort - he only just hit the side netting, Uruguay should have the lead

  • 54'

    Recoba is again played in on the left, Barthez comes racing out and completely misses the ball. Recoba has an open goal...

  • 53'

    ...but his powerful drive is pushed away by Barthez. It falls back to Robut again he finds the French keeper again. What a waste, Abreu is furious

  • 52'

    End-to-end stuff now. Recoba breaks clear on the left and has Abreu free to his right. He opts to shoot...

  • 52'

    The corner comes in, which Desailly could only head over the bar. That was a good chance

  • 51'

    Now it's Candela who comes forward and tries the shot, which Carini tips over the bar

  • 51'

    Rodriguez breaks well and gets into the box, but Vieira produces a perfect challenge for Thuram to collect and clear

  • 50'

    Wiltord finds himself in some space, but Montero closes down well and his shot loops into the hands of Carini

  • 49'

    Canela finds Trezeguet in the box, but he can't bring the ball down and under control. Lembo intercepts and clears

  • 48'

    Lizarau looks to break down the left and Silva clips his heels to end the run. Finally a yellow card for the disgraceful Silva

  • 47'

    Petit's yellow card in the first half means he will miss the final group game against Denmark. Another blow

  • 47'

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  • 47'

    Wiltord plays into Micoud on the edge of the box. Micoud tries to loft a ball to Trezeguet but it's way too strong. Goal kick

  • 46'

    Uruguay get the second half underway. Will tempers have cooled during the interval?

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    Both sides now seem more interested on who to foul next rather than winning the game - and it could cost them both a place in the next phase

  • 45'

    Unless there are some calming words at the break there's going to be a real rumble...

  • 45'

    And there goes the half-time whistle - and perhaps it's the best thing all-round

  • 45'

    Romero goes in from behind on Micoud. A terrible challenge and yet another yellow card

  • 45'

    Vieira takes the kick short... and Abreu runs from behind him to steal the ball before another Frenchan can collect. Hilarious!

  • 45'

    Abreu and Petit come together, there's some pushing and shoving and both players are shown the yellow card. This game is hotting up

  • 45'

    Silva breaks forward and Recoba sprints past him on the left. Candela makes a vital interception - Recoba would have been in the clear

  • 45'

    Silva is booed as he gets on the ball. Quite rightly so. Perhaps FIFA should look at his behaviour as they did Rivaldo's?

  • 45'

    Three minutes to be added

  • 45'

    Vieira seems to be caught late by Silva. The referee gives no foul - a studded challenge on Vieira's shin. Silva is hardly covering himself in corner. Vieira has to go off for treatment

  • 44'

    Wiltord plays a ball into the box with the outside of his left boot. Micoud tries to collect and goes down in the box from Lembo's challenge. No penalty

  • 43'

    Silva returns to the pitch... completely unscathed

  • 42'

    France feel they are being hard done by here. Referee Ramos Rizo is getting some jeers from the French fans

  • 41'

    It was a total dive by Silva. He has treatment - which he surely doesn't need...

  • 40'

    Silva looks to get past Lizarazu and goes down under the Frenchman's challenge. No free-kick, and Petit shows his disgust as he kicks the ball out for treatment

  • 39'

    France look to have come to terms with the dismissal of Henry. Can they go on and claim the victory?

  • 38'

    Vieira blocks off the run of Rodriguez. Free-kick, and Vieira escapes a booking

  • 37'

    A good ball over the top looks for Abreu, but Barthez races out to collect. Abreu runs into the keeper and squares up to him. Then asks the referee for the six second rule! No chance

  • 36'

    ...the ball thumps against the post and behind for a goal kick. Great effort, but maybe Carini would have had it covered anyway

  • 35'

    ...It's Petit who takes, curling a fine shot to the right of Carini...

  • 35'

    Vieira comes forward with purpose and gets to the edge of the box before being knocked down by Romero. A real chance for France here...

  • 34'

    Wiltord fouls Rodriguez as the defender tries to turn. Free-kick, taken short

  • 33'

    Recoba takes the corner and it's a complete waste. Too much purchase on the cross and it just bends straight out again. Recoba's delievery has been poor so far

  • 32'

    Varela wins a corner off Lizarazu on the right

  • 31'

    ...but it's way over the bar, he had to stretch for that one

  • 31'

    Wiltord does well on the right, twisting and turning, before crossing to the back stick. Trezeguet rises and heads towards goal...

  • 30'

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    Uruguay to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    France now without three certain starters in Zidane, Leboeuf and Henry. Although they are looking to play some possession football at the moment

  • 29'

    France know that if they don't win they are really up against it. Uruguay are on top anyway, and now France have ten men!

  • 28'

    Henry is sent off by referee Felipe Ramos Rizo. It didn't look that bad a challenge, but he did go in studs first. France are really on the rack now.

  • 27'

    IT'S RED

  • 26'

    Henry can't keep control of the ball and Romero nips in. Henry slides in to try and win the ball but only catches the ankle of the Uruguyan

  • 25'

    Vieira fouls Recoba in the left hand corner of the French half. Recoba looks to play the ball short but it's terrible and Henry intercepts

  • 24'

    Recoba plays a low cross in towards Abreu, and Desailly gets the ball but can only deflect it towards Barthez who hoofs away

  • 23'

    Bad backpass from Thuram and Barthez came running out to hack the ball away. The keeper looked far from happy with that

  • 22'

    The game is now very even. The early belief that the French had seems to have subsided

  • 21'

    Candela clips Silva, who goes down theatrically. The referee plays advantage, of which there is none

  • 20'

    Uruguay have some confidence now. Varela breaks down the right and wins a corner, but Recoba can only find the French defence

  • 19'

    ...Barthez sticks out a leg to deny Recoba after the deflection looked the have the French stopper beaten, and the defence clears

  • 18'

    Uruguay break with pace, it's Silva on the ball. He plays it short to Recoba who has space outside the box. Recoba shoots, the ball deflects off Desailly...

  • 17'

    A enforced change for France. The much-criticised Frank Leboeuf is replaced by Vincent Candela

  • 16'

    Henry finds himself with a bit of space in the box, but Varela gets in well to block and the ball runs to Carini

  • 15'

    France to win, with bet365  
    Uruguay to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Silva does well and tries to feed the ball through to Abreu, but Desailly does well to intercept

  • 14'

    France do look the better side here, but haven't really created anything. They'll be hoping those two offside decisions are a sign of their potential to score

  • 13'

    Thuram is fouled by Silva. The free-kick is played down the line to Lizarazu, but his cross is straight into the hands of the leaping Carini

  • 12'

    Vieira is knock to the floor by Garcia. He looks in pain as the physio comes on to the pitch. Garcia is shown the yellow card

  • 11'

    Garcia collects from Recoba and finds space for the shot, but it's straight at Barthez

  • 10'

    Rodriguez is felled by Wiltord. Free-kick to Uruguay, taken short by Recoba

  • 9'

    Henry puts Trezeguet in the clear, but the flag is up once again

  • 9'

    But the linesman's flag is up for offside. Disallowed

  • 9'

    Petie looks ahead, he lifts a superb ball over the top for Trezeguet, who sticks a boot out to beat Carini to the ball. GOAL!

  • 8'

    Micoud does well and moves forward. He chips a ball in towards Henry, but it's too far ahead of the Arsenal striker

  • 7'

    Leboeuf goes over the top of Abreu, and wins the free-kick for backing-in

  • 6'

    Henry does well up against Rodriguez, and wins the corner. Petit takes short from the right to Wiltord, who crosses but the defence clears

  • 5'

    France look in determined modd, but how strong is their confidence? One slip could ruin the gameplan

  • 4'

    Thuram sends Recoba to the floor. Another free-kick, taken short. Varela is then fouled

  • 3'

    Wiltord puts pressure on the Uruguay defence in the corner, Sorondo manages to win the ball back but Uruguay look shakey at the back

  • 2'

    Micoud hacks down Romero in the centre of the park. Free-kick

  • 2'

    Straight away Henry finds space on the left, but his cross is headed clear by Rodriguez

  • 1'

    France get the game underway


    Zidane isn't even on the bench for France, so Lemerre cannot call on his talismanic midfield maestro at all


    Uruguay go into this game pointless after their defeat at the hands of Denmark. Uruguay really have to win this game, but a draw would not be the end of their challenge


    No Zinedine Zidane for France, a huge blow. If Roger Lemerre's side lose this game there are out - and the holders have never been eliminated in the first round

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  • possession

  • France

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  • Uruguay

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  • France
  • Uruguay
13(7) Shots (on goal) 11(8)
18 Fouls 21
8 Corner kicks 4
4 Offsides 1
0% Time of Possession 0%
1 Yellow Cards 4
1 Red Cards 0
8 Saves 5

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