Saitama Stadium, Saitama, Japan

Referee: Terje Hauge

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  • Samuel Eto'o 65'

1 - 0


  • 90'

    Whatever - it means a two-goal win for the Republic of Ireland in their final group game against the Saudis on Tuesday will put Mick McCarthy's men into the knockout stages. They'd have taken that this morning

  • 90'

    No surprises that the Saudis won't be going through to round two, but a tremendous performance from Nasser Al-Johar's boys deserved at least a goal.

  • 90'

    And that's it. Relief for Cameroon as referee Hauge's whistle blows to end the tie.

  • 90'

    Ibrahim Al Shahrani has the final thrust down the left - but he can't pick out Al Temyat

  • 90'

    But hope for an equaliser yet as Al Yami gets brought down on the right. Al Jahani takes the freekick, but Njanka's header is firm

  • 90'

    The Saudis desperate for possession, but Olembe has it in midfield. Al Temyat, in frustration, drags him down.

  • 90'

    Four minutes to be added as Al Daeyea, reputation restored, rises to claim a high ball at the back

  • 90'

    Saudis build again - they're queueing up to shoot with Cameroon lined up deep. Al Yami has a crack but bodies are in the way

  • 88'

    Superb burst from Foe, clean through the midfield and into the box. But Raza Takar gets across to tackle superbly in the area - and rewarded with a little luck with a deflection for the goalkick

  • 87'

    Geremi, who hasn't been bad either, cuts in from the right. Olembe awaits the cut-back but then skies his effort well over the bar

  • 86'

    Mohammed Noor comes on for Al-Khathran, who's had a great game

  • 85'

    Lauren breaks dow the right, a slight deflection on the cross and N'diefi hooks it wide at the near post

  • 83'

    N'diefi finds daylight on the inside right, but forced wide for a corner... Defender Njanka replaces Wome. Cameroon not committing anyone to attack and the Saudis have no trouble in clearing

  • 81'

    Cameroon under the kosh - Al Jahani floats in a beauty from the right. Al Yami is poised at the far post but Kalla gets a touch to it to save his side

  • 79'

    Then a great lay-off from Al-Khathran to sub Al Dosari, who shoots stright at a defender. It breaks again for Al-Khathran, swinging a right boot and the shot is not far wide

  • 78'

    Al Temyat sees Alioum off his line - an audacious volley from 35 yards, but just wide of the mark.

  • 77'

    Manful stuff from the Saudis - they're still in it. Al-Khathran involved again, coming in from the left wing, but the green shirts are back in numbers. The game has opened right up now

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    First contributiuon from N'diefi - crossing for Eto'o, but it's just too long

  • 75'

    Lauren crosses from wide on the right - too close to Al Daeyea though, and the keeper launches another long ball towards sub Al Dosari... Song is back though

  • 74'

    Now Mboma goes off - replaced by Pius N'diefi

  • 72'

    Abdullah Jumaan Al Dosari is on to replace Abdullah Zubromawi - and takes the freekick immediately. Into the wall though

  • 70'

    Al-Khathran now bursting towards the box - he's tripped by Tchato. Penalty? Just outside the box rules referee Hauge..

  • 69'

    Great counter-attack though - it's not over yet as Olembe tracks back to intercept in the area

  • 68'

    But it's all Cameroon at the moment - Geremi finds room to cross from the right, Eto'o leaves it and it ricochets off Foe's head. Straight into Al Daeyea's heands

  • 67'

    How will the Saudis respond? They've had enough chances to give them some belief

  • 66'

    Reward for more enterprising play from the Indomitable Lions in this second period. Olembe has made a difference, but so has his team-mates' attitude

  • 66'

    Superb ball from Lauren on the right - Eto'o is clean through to slide it under the despairing Al Daeyea. 1-0 Cameroon!

  • 65'

    Olemble has a go down the left but is repelled at the near post. Cameroon build again from the back...

  • 64'

    Foe rises for a flick-on but Al Daeyea collects for another immediate long ball towards Al Yami. Kalla is back though

  • 63'

    Midfielder Abdullah Al Shahrani goes down, but a little ice on his thigh brings him back to the fold

  • 62'

    The keeper flaps at Geremi's corner from the right - the ball comes out to Olembe. A clean, low drive but it's just wide of Al Daeyea's left post

  • 61'

    Geremi on the ball down the extreme right - the cross is hooked in dangerously and Al Daeyea has to palm it over the bar

  • 60'

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  • 58'

    Long Cameroon throw breaks for the Saudis - it's another lightning break as Al Temyat ghosts brilliantly inside Song. Alioum spills the shot but recovers just in time to deny Al Yami, who throws himself to the floor. No penalty and yellow card for 'simulation' (aka cheating)

  • 57'

    Mboma latches onto one down the inside left, but the ball's running away from him a little - into the side-netting it goes

  • 56'

    Al Daeyea takes and immediately launches the counter attack. Ibrahim Al Shahrani has a chance, but loses his cool in front of goal. Over the bar

  • 55'

    Another freekick as Al Jahani brings down fullback Tchato - Geremi swings it in and Song almost gets a glancing head to it....

  • 54'

    This is the same man that conceded eight against the Germans - only one moment of trouble so far, a juggle in the first half. Now he's up to claim a long freekick from the Cameroon left

  • 53'

    Now Lauren takes it on from the right flank. Teh Arsenal man stabs the ball in from the right and Eto'o lunges in, but Al Daeyea gets down bravely.

  • 52'

    Superb run from Olembe, bursting in from the left. He finds Eto'o but the striker is terribly wasteful from 15 yards - well over the bar

  • 51'

    Sweet stuff from Al Temyat and substitute Al Yami on the left, but Wome tracks back well to intercept

  • 49'

    Cameroon look to have woken up a bit. Lauren has a crack from long range - a slight deflection but Al Daeyea can gather at the second attempt. Almost the sign of noise from the crowd then...

  • 47'

    The keeper comfortably takes the header fro the ensuing corner and laucnhes his team on the counter. Freekick on the right - Al Temyat takes but it goes beyond the far post

  • 46'

    This is more prposeful from Cameroon - Eto'o almost latches on to a cross from the right and keeper Al Daeyea boots it away

  • 46'

    ...winning a corner immediately. Geremi takes on the left and Kalla tries an audacious overhead, but can't get a decent contact

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    Salomon Olembe replaces Kome as Cameroon, in need of inspiration, restart the game

  • 45'

    Cameroon coach Schafer has some talking to do, but Rudi Voeller and Mick McCarthy will be more than happy at the state of affairs

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    And that's it for the first half. Goalless but, surprisingly considering their Saturday showing, Saudi Arabia have had much the better of the chances

  • 45'

    Into injury-time and the Saudis carve out another chance. Al Temyat again curling it agonisingly beyond Alioum's left stick.

  • 45'

    More pressure as Al Shahri concedes another corner... but Al Daeyea does well to clear it up at the far post

  • 44'

    Kome has a crack from 30 yards out - deflected and Al Daeyea hares off to his right to prevent a corner

  • 43'

    Cameroon perhaps stunned into action - a cross from the right and Lauren heads into the bottom right corner. But the flag's up again, Mboma offside at the far post

  • 41'

    Substitute Al Yami releases Al Temyat for a great chance, but the midfielder has to stretch for his right-footed shot and drags it wide from just inside the box. Danger again

  • 39'

    Now Foe's turn to run on the right - again it's Al Jahani getting the first head to it. Cameroon get a couple of throws and, from the second, keeper Al Daeyea spills it and has to improvise a hoofed clearance

  • 38'

    The great stuff from Kome - another skipping run but Al Jahani is first to the cross

  • 38'

    Corner struck deep and Cameroon win a throw on the far side. Geremi takes but Al Daeyea rises to claim

  • 37'

    Geremi crosses from the right: Al Jahani rises at the near post to head behind

  • 36'

    Not to worry, the Saudis have a freekick 35 yarrds out. They shift it left to Sulimani... a lovely, clean strike but Alioum stoops to gather safely

  • 35'

    And with no-one up front, Cameroon start to set up camp in the Saudi half... Al Dosari is definitely out. A great shame. Al Hassan Al Yami comes on as substitute

  • 32'

    Al Dosari tries to close down Kalla - but twists awkwardly on his ankle. That looked painful and the striker is stretchered off - could be a big blow for the Saudis

  • 31'

    But now Geremi tries to find Mboma lurking on the edge of the box. The Sunderland man rises but can't control his header - keeper Al Daeyea happy with that

  • 30'

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  • 30'

    Half an hour gone and, surprisingly, the Saudis are holding their own in Saitama. Cameroon play looking rather lazy in general

  • 29'

    Back come Cameroon, winning a corner on the right. Kome looks to attack it but the white shirts are there in force

  • 28'

    More good football from the Saudis - Al Temyat gets a sight of goal but his shot from 20 yards loops off Song's boot into the hands of Alioum

  • 27'

    Wome, ambitiously, has another crack from 25 yards out on the right, but it curls harmlessly over

  • 26'

    Very patient so far the African champions - then Lauren bursts toward the box and is brought down by Al-Khathran

  • 25'

    Wome launches it from the left - Sulimani heads out for the throw and Cameroon build again

  • 23'

    Again not much noise in the crowd today - but they wake up as Al Temyat flicks on delightfully for Al Dosari to chase. Keeper Alioum is alert, however, and hoofs clear

  • 22'

    The corner's headed clear but comes to midfielder Nawaf Al Temyat. A blast from range but again well over the bar. Alioum untroubled

  • 22'

    Quickly followed by another Saudi break and Song is forced into conceding the corner

  • 21'

    Strong run from Wome down the Cameroon left, skipping round the defender but a poor cross follows

  • 19'

    Al Dosari bears down on goal after a long ball from the right - the flag's up again and for no good reason. Cameroon a little lucky again

  • 18'

    Nawaf hurtles towards the Cameroon box - and is bundled over. It's Abdullah Al Shahrani with the freekick from 30 yards, but hopelessly high and wide

  • 16'

    Now Zubromawi forced into a clearance. Long throw from Wome, aimed at Foe, but plenty of white shirts in the way

  • 16'

    Geremi bursts down the right, but Hussein recovers to intercept

  • 15'

    Cameroon to win, with bet365  
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  • 15'

    Swift break from the Saudis - another Al Shahrani cross from the right and Kongo has to hack it clear

  • 14'

    Al Shahrani looks for Al Dosari on the break again, but the pass isn't accurate enough. Cameroon counter with Song forward again, but he loses control

  • 12'

    Cameroon freekick - Geremi stands over it, but it's Wome taking a smash at goal. It rebounds off the wall and as the second shot comes in, three players are offside

  • 10'

    Wome makes a lunge leap to keep the ball in play - a great ball through but Mboma is flagged offside. Saudis almost exposed for the first time

  • 8'

    Looks like the Indomitable Lions took the wrong lessons from the video of that 8-0 hammering the other day

  • 8'

    Ibrahim Al Shahrani breaks down the right, and with the defence nowhere, Al Dosari wastes a glorious chance with a header. Over the bar

  • 7'

    Al-Khathran tries a shot from just outside the 'D' - well blocked. The Saudis looking a lot more business like after the terror of Germany

  • 6'

    Al Dosari caught offside - lucky Cameroon had gone to sleep at the back

  • 5'

    Cameroon to win, with bet365  
    Saudi Arabia to win, with bet365  

  • 5'

    Rigobert Song does well to get down the right wing, but stumbles in delivering the cross. Goalkick

  • 4'

    Again, easy for Cameroon keeper Alioum as another long ball is launched beyond every outfield player

  • 4'

    Al Jahani, the rightback, gets knocked over by Kome

  • 3'

    Offside against Eto'o. Fouzi thumps the freekick forward but Wome clears up

  • 2'

    Now Geremi starts the ball rolling down the right, but Mboma is forced wide. Throw in - hurled into the box but the flick-on is weak and the Saudis boot clear

  • 1'

    Almost an early disaster as Cameroon's Kome is sent tumbling in the box - but no penalty

  • 1'

    Game on in Saitama as the Saudis kick off...


    Referee Hauge brings the ball to the centre circle as the African champs indulge in a final pre-match huddle


    Not the biggest game of the tournament, but Irish and German eyes will be watching closely... the teams are out on the pitch

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  • Cameroon

  • 13(6)

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  • 16

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  • Saudi Arabia

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Match Stats

  • Cameroon
  • Saudi Arabia
13(6) Shots (on goal) 14(4)
16 Fouls 11
8 Corner kicks 1
6 Offsides 3
0% Time of Possession 0%
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
4 Saves 5

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