Daegu Stadium, Taegu, South Korea

Referee: Carlos Batres

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  • Jon Dahl Tomasson 16' PEN

1 - 1



  • Salif Alassane Diao 52'
  • 92'

    The Danes were much the better in the first half, but couldn't get their passing going after the interval. Senegal looked much better after the break and attacked very well. But they'll be without their goalscorer Diao against Uruguay.

  • 92'

    Full time. A point apiece and both sides are unbeaten - but qualification is far from assured for either

  • 92'

    Lovenrkrands runs at Coly but the Senegal defender shepherds it out for a goal kick.

  • 91'

    Poulsen's pass is too long for Jorgensen - that might be the Danes' last chance of forcing a win.

  • 90'

    Injury time, now, and the Danes have the ball while Senegal sit deep.

  • 89'

    Final change for Denmark - Lovenkrands on, Rommedahl - who hit the worst cross of the World Cup a minute ago - goes off

  • 88'

    Pape Bouba Diop and El Hadji Diouf try to power their way through, but they're stopped by about six Danes.

  • 87'

    Neat play byt the Danes, building a move. Rommedahl, Sand and Tomasson are involved. Jorgensen can cross but Diatta heads away.

  • 86'

    Another corner, though. Fadiga's had plenty of practive at set pieces - but he still can't get it right as Sorensen claims easily.

  • 86'

    And yet again it's Laursen who wins the header. He's had a superb game.

  • 85'

    Senegalese corner, conceded by Heintze. Fadiga makes the long walk to take.

  • 84'

    Poulsen is booked when Pape Bouba Diop runs into him. Appalling refereeing - this man got the penalty and the sending off right and has still contrived to have a poor game.

  • 83'

    Souleymane Camara comes offfor Habib Beye - a defensive change as the unimpressive sub departs.

  • 82'

    Helveg booked for a late challenge on Souleymane Camara, who managed to roll most of the way to the half way line.

  • 82'

    Tomasson and Jorgensen combine, but the cross is too deep.

  • 81'

    Can the Danes make their man advantage count? And will Senegal play for the draw?

  • 79'

    He got a straight red, even though he'd already been booked. It was a really poor challenge and the unfortunate Henriksen clearly felt it. The goalscorer deserved to go.

  • 79'

    RED CARD! It's Selif Diao for a foul on Henriksen.

  • 79'

    Senegal have won a lot of headers at set pieces, but the Danes have survived.

  • 79'

    He takes it, Diatta wins the header and again puts it wide.

  • 78'

    And Diouf quickly changes play to the other endas Fadiga wins a free kick.

  • 77'

    Poulsen has a crack from 30 yards, it's blocked, the Danes work ti back to Tomasson who goes down, Jorgensen has a shot blocked and finally Senegal clear.

  • 77'

    enmark are looking a litle stronger now, and they win another corner.

  • 75'

    Sand heads it up in the air, Laursen wins the second header, but the Danes are penalised.

  • 74'

    Denmark switch play well to Jorgensen on the left. Coly makes a strong challenge, but it's a corner.

  • 73'

    Diatta's up over Helveg and it's practically a free header but it goes well over.

  • 72'

    Henri Camara wins another corner, and the Danes can only get that away for yet another. Fadiga, as ever, will take.

  • 72'

    The Danes counter-attack with Jorgensen but Sylva gathers the cross.

  • 71'

    He's in plenty of space, eight yards out... and it's into the side-netting. A really poor effort.

  • 71'

    Diouf has a chance to run, he takes on Henriksen and Laursen and finds Souleymane Camara..

  • 69'

    Daf's long pass finds Fadiga in space on the right but the veteran Jan Heintze comes back to win the ball.

  • 68'

    Fadiga's come across again to take it, but the Danes clear

  • 67'

    Fadiga has a free kick, and once again Martin Laursen won a very important header. Corner

  • 66'

    Senegal look very confident. With just Uruguay to come, a point might be a good result fo Metsu's side.

  • 65'

    Tofting takes, Poulsen meets it, but he was unable to direct his header.

  • 64'

    A Danish corner. What can they do with a set piece?

  • 64'

    Senegal are on top now, using their pace to good effect against the slower Danes.

  • 64'

    Henri Camara beats Henriksen down the right and whips in a low ball which is just too far for everyone. Fadiga appeared to dive in the middle there - and he's on a yellow card.

  • 63'

    ... but Martin Laursen came back to make a superb last-ditch tackle

  • 63'

    Senegal counter attack again and Souleymane Camara's in space and past the last man...

  • 62'

    And a booking - Selif Diao for bringing down Tomasson in that spell of Danish pressure.

  • 62'

    Danish substitution - Christian Poulsen on for Gravesen

  • 61'

    A spell of possession for the Danes - they'll be more encouraged by this.

  • 60'

    Diouf goes for goal now, but that's a very gentle effort. Sorensen saves.

  • 60'

    ... but that's easy for the Danish keeper. But his team-mates really need to stop conceding free kicks to this big Senegal side.

  • 60'

    Another Senegal free kick for Fadiga to take.

  • 59'

    ... but it's straight at Sorensen's midriff.

  • 59'

    Poor pass from Jorgensen, finds Pape Bouba Diop and he plays Fadiga in. It's an acute angle but he shoots...

  • 58'

    Another Senegal set piece. Fadiga comes ouver to take but Tofting's in the way to clear.

  • 57'

    Will the Danes settle for a point, or will they press for all three? They've got France next.

  • 56'

    Diao robs Gravesen and Pape Bouba Diop strides forward to fire in a low shot from 30 yards. Easy for Sorensen, though.

  • 55'

    A Senegal thow and Coly comes up again. He gets it back and battles well to dispossess Heintze and cross, but Laursen makes another important interception.

  • 53'

    Metsu must take some credit for his tactical switch - even though it was two players who were already on the pitch who combined for the goal.

  • 52'

    GOAL! He calmly puts it past Sorensen with the outside of his foot. Diao started that move with an interception near his own box and sprinted 70 yards.

  • 52'

    Senegal counter attack, Fadiga comes throughb the inside left channel and looks for Selif Diao...

  • 52'

    Tofting takes but Pape Bouba Diop rose highest.

  • 51'

    Sand wins a Danish corner after Tofting's quick free kick.

  • 50'

    Senegal have a throw in the final third. The tactical change has produced a more threatening side.

  • 50'

    Gronkjaer is the man coming off - maybe the result of some strong tackles - and on comes Jorgensen.

  • 49'

    The Danes are warming up a substitute, Martin Jorgensen of Udinese, who did well against Uruguay.

  • 47'

    And Senegal press again. Fadiga puts in a cross and Henri Camara rises above Heintze at teh back post to head over from six yards.

  • 47'

    The Camaras make an immediate impact. Henri goes past Heintze ona direct run to find Souleymane, nut Helveg robs him - great defending.

  • 46'

    Gravesen's free kick is easy for Sylva, though

  • 46'

    The second half begins and Diao upends Gronkjaer. He's fortunate not to get booked for that.

  • 46'

    Half-time changes for the Senegalese. On come the two Camaras, Henri and Souleymane. Off go Pape Sarr and N'Diaye. It looks like 4-4-2, and a more attacaking side.

  • 45'

    And that's half time. Senegal need to do more to get back in this game, or Denmark will almost certainly be through to the last 16.

  • 45'

    Henriksen pumps it towards the corner flag - Denmark will be satisfied with a lead, and they've merited it.

  • 45'

    ... and now Tofting passes and Rommedahl's past the defence, bu's given offside. Marginal but probably right.

  • 44'

    Fadiga crosses, Diao wins another hearder and that's another excellent save by Sorensen as the offside Diouf flew in, hoping for a rebound.

  • 44'

    A foul by Helveg on Diouf near the corner flag. he's not had many chances to use his pace, but he showed it there.

  • 42'

    ... but it's a poor effort. He dragged it well wide

  • 42'

    Snegal attack - Diouf passes and Heintze tackles N'Diaye well, but Senegal work it back and Fadiga cuts inside Helveg to shoot...

  • 41'

    Treatment for Pape Diop after a Rommedahl tackle, but he's ok to carry on

  • 40'

    Another excellent challenge by Tofting - the Flying Pig's had a terrific half.

  • 39'

    Gravesen picks the ball up 25 yards out. He goes for the curler, Sylva palms it away and smothers at the second attempt as Tomasson closes in on it.

  • 38'

    Senegal are almost caught out by a long ball. Tomasson looked to be in on goal when Coley's stretchiogn foot took it away from him.

  • 37'

    Denmark have kept Senegal quiet for the last 10 or 15 minutes.

  • 36'

    Diouf makes another break, but he's outnumbered again. Tofting wins it back.

  • 35'

    Senegal do currently look a bit reliant on high balls into the box to break down the Danes, who've been much the more inventive team.

  • 34'

    A Senegal throw near the corner flag. Coly's the long throw expert but Laursen heads away. He's had a very sold first half.

  • 33'

    Senegal, in Daf, paly a long ball, but there's only Diouf to chase it. He almost wins a corner, but he's outnumbered.

  • 32'

    Fadiga takes and N'Diaye flings a leg out as it evades everyone.

  • 31'

    Senegal's free kick now. Another chance for the big defenders to come forward.

  • 30'

    Senegal look to string a move together bt it's ended by Tofting. He and Gravesen are patrolling the area in front of the back four to great effect.

  • 28'

    After a slow start, this has turned into a very lively game. Senegal need to score and the Danes are a naturally attacking side anyway.

  • 27'

    The Senegalese win two corners in quick succession. Sorensen ends the pressure by claiming N'Diaye's cross.

  • 25'

    Another great Danish counter-attack. Sand releases Gronkjaer down the left and his cross is heading for Tomasson before it's well cut out. Corner, but Sylva gathers.

  • 25'

    But N'Diaye sliced it - way over and wide for good measure as well. Don't think he'll be taking the next free kick.

  • 25'

    The Danes are penalised for handball again. This time it's Laursen, but again it's harsh. Senegal free kick 30 yards from goal.

  • 23'

    Gravesen releases Rommedahl. He sprints down the left, cuts inside and angles a low shot from 20 yards which Sylva holds well.

  • 23'

    Another really commited challenge - Omar Daf on Gronkjaer.

  • 22'

    Tofting pumps in a Danish corner which Sylva comes out well to claim.

  • 21'

    Sorensen comes out well to palm away.

  • 20'

    Another corner for Fadiga to take...

  • 19'

    Tomasson as the ball in the net again, but it's disallowed. He meets another right-wing throw, chests it down and finishes well. It's given as handball anf the unfortunate Dane is booked.

  • 19'

    Salif Diao rises really well and beats Sorensen but it's off the line by the veteran Heintze. Senegal get it back in Sorensen makes a really brave block, but it's offside

  • 18'

    Helveg concedes a corner, which Fadiga will take.

  • 18'

    Gronkjaer bursts down the right again and Malick Diop brings him down, but it's a fair challenge.

  • 17'

    A test for Senegal now - they have yet to trail in this tournament. Will they be able to chase the game with one striker?

  • 15'

    GOAL! Tomasson drills it into the bottom corner. Sylva guesses right but doesn't come close and Senegal pay for that unnecessary barge by Diao.

  • 14'

    Gronkjaer swaps flanks & takes a quick throw. Tomasson goes thrugh and Salif Diao clumsily barges him in the back. Penalty!

  • 13'

    Gravesen bends it in and that's a crucial defensive header away from Diao - Tomasson lurked unmarked behind him.

  • 13'

    Coly brings down Gronkjaer now - Danish free kick on the left wing.

  • 12'

    And Tofting himself blocks Fadiga's free kick

  • 10'

    Fadiga and Helveg clash again. Senegal free kick but Fadiga's booked for his reaction - a Beckhamesque kick. Tofting protests. Something of a pushing match develops - Diouf is involved too

  • 9'

    It's cleared quite comfortably

  • 9'

    Fadiga and Helveg in the first incident of handbags. Senegal free kick, surprisingly.

  • 8'

    A caution for Sand for a late lunge on Selif Diao. The Dane can't have any complaints.

  • 7'

    Sylva comes out very quickly again to stop Tomasson reaching a long pass.

  • 6'

    Gronkjaer challenges Coly - this could be one of the duels of the game.

  • 5'

    Ferdinand Coly goes flying in - a really strong tackle on Gronkjaer and the Senegalese almost set up Diouf, but he's offside again.

  • 4'

    The Danes look to release Rommendahl. Sylva comes out of his box to clear and shows great composure in turning Tomasson before passing away.

  • 3'

    El Hadji Diouf makes an early burst, but he was surrounded by the Danes, Tofting winning the ball

  • 3'

    Something of a quiet start, with both sides keeping the ball in their own half

  • 2'

    Sweltering heat in Korea - will this suit the Sengalese?

  • 1'

    It's the Danes to kick off, with AC Milan-bound striker Jon Dahl Tomasson, and no surprise to see an eary pass to Gronkjaer


    Senegal are without their captain Cisse while the Danes are unchanged.


    Denamrk and Senegal have a great chance to progress to the last 16 - but who will preserve their 100 percent record?

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  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Denmark

  • 3(2)

  • -

  • 20

  • 0%


  • Senegal

  • 13(7)

  • -

  • 13


POS No Name


1 Tony Sylva


2 Omar Daf


4 Papa Malick Diop


13 Lamine Diatta


17 Ferdinand Coly


3 Pape Sarr
9 Souleymane Camara
21 Habib Beye


10 Khalilou Fadiga


14 Moussa N'Diaye
7 Henri Camara


15 Salif Alassane Diao


19 Papa Bouba Diop


11 El-Hadji Diouf
POS No Name
D 21 Habib Beye
F 7 Henri Camara
F 9 Souleymane Camara

Match Stats

  • Denmark
  • Senegal
3(2) Shots (on goal) 13(7)
20 Fouls 13
4 Corner kicks 7
3 Offsides 2
0% Time of Possession 0%
4 Yellow Cards 3
0 Red Cards 1
5 Saves 2

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