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  • Miroslav Klose 19'

1 - 1


Republic of Ireland

  • Robbie Keane 90'
  • 90'

    A fine game, the right outcome - late, late drama and well played Ireland

  • 90'

    Ziege crosses and Given claims - the final whistle goes, and it finishes 1-1 thanks to Robbie Keane's late and massively earned leveller for the Republic

  • 90'

    McCarthy looking even happier than the USA's splendidly-named coach Bruce Arena did earlier in the day - his side thoroughly merit their leveller

  • 90'

    But Ireland salvage the point they deserve... Quinn creates with a header and Keane chests it down and hammers the ball past Kahn and in off the post. 1-1!

  • 90'

    Finnan charges forward: it's a bad cross... Jeremies tries to buy Germany some time. Frenetic finale here...

  • 90'

    Duff crosses, but Linke is there - back it comes again and Metzelder denies Quinn

  • 90'

    Three minutes of stoppage time to be played, and here come the Republic again

  • 90'

    Jens Jeremies is on for Schneider... Germany very close to what would be a lucky-ish win

  • 89'

    Quinn is penalised for a foul as he climbs for the cross, and time is rapidly running out now...

  • 88'

    Meanwhile, Metzelder is off the pitch receiving treatment as Hamann comes forward. Ireland win it back, and come streaming forward again to win a throw

  • 87'

    Staunton is off, and Wimbledon's - or Milton Keynes', or whatever they're going to be - Kenny Cunningham comes on

  • 87'

    At the other end, Quinn turns and chips: it lands on the roof of the net and Kahn looked anxious there

  • 86'

    Bode breaks, Given kicks fresh air - it looks grim but Breen is in the right place to cover

  • 86'

    Reid crosses, Breen heads - but that poses no problems for Kahn, whose contribution today has been an important one

  • 85'

    Duff wins a free-kick in a dangerous crossing position: it's on the left, near the edge of the area...

  • 84'

    The Ireland free-kick is cleared, but it'll come back in again... Metzelder is there. Goalscorer Klose will come off and Bode is introduced

  • 83'

    Given pumps the ball downfield, and a foul on Duff results in a free-kick. Germany preparing to bring Marco Bode on for these late stages

  • 82'

    Quinn flicks on towards Keane: Kahn is off his line like lightning to block, and the rebound falls nicely for Germany

  • 82'

    ...but Ireland seem to have lost some of their cohesion just recently, and look less likely to level now than they did earlier in the half

  • 81'

    Breen is penalised again, with Bierhoff his victim this time. It's a long way out, and Ballack's ball forward is aimless

  • 81'

    Ziege's delivery is poor, however, and that poses no threat

  • 80'

    Breen is penalised for a foul on the counter-attacking Frings: potentially dangerous free-kick for Germany here...

  • 80'

    Ten minutes left for Ireland to get something out of this game

  • 79'

    Quinn leaps to win a header on the edge of the box - unfairly, says the ref, who gives a free-kick to Germany

  • 78'

    Ireland's support turning up the volume... but Frings nearly silences them, crossing for Klose whose header is over the bar

  • 77'

    Robbie Keane strikes it, but his effort is wide of the post. A good opportunity to test Kahn goes begging

  • 77'

    Delay - the ref making sure the wall is ten yards back...

  • 76'

    Kahn anxiously lining up his wall for Germany...

  • 76'

    Quinn is fouled b Hamann on the edge of the D - free-kick to Ireland. Great chance to cause problems now...

  • 75'

    Now Jancker is going off - that was his last touch of the game. His replacement is Oliver Bierhoff

  • 74'

    Duff is bundled to the floor: Finnan looks for Quinn, who is unable to get there. Jancker breaks, but Breen gets a foot in

  • 73'

    Changes now... Kelly off, striker Niall Quinn on, Ian Harte off, Millwall's Stephen Reid on. McCarthy's going for it

  • 72'

    A better period of football from Germany... until an overhit pass denies Schneider the chance to move down the right

  • 71'

    Meantime, Finnan challenges Klose superbly. He's had a fine game

  • 70'

    Ireland about to make changes here: Germany also look ready to make a switch

  • 70'

    Around 20 minutes left for Ireland to strive for the equaliser they unquestionably deserve

  • 69' causes a bit of havoc, but Given claims amid the uncertainty

  • 69'

    Suddenly it's better from Germany, and Ballack is challenged to bring another corner

  • 68'

    ...he dinks the ball over Given, but it drops just wide of the post. Schneider crosses once more, and it's a Germany corner

  • 67'

    Germany have hardly created much danger in this half - but here comes Jancker, breaking into the area...

  • 66'

    Ireland on the ball once again, but Keane's challenge is a bit hefty and Hamann wins the free-kick

  • 65'

    From it, Kelly is penalised and Germany will be grateful for that respite

  • 65'

    Metzelder slides in to dispossess Keane, and Duff wins another throw near the Germany area...

  • 64'

    Hamann is there, but Ireland have been the better side for large chunks of this game, no question about it

  • 64'

    Duff crosses low from the left - it doesn't make it through to Keane but Ireland will build again

  • 63'

    Harte goes for goal, but it's too high - the ball took too long to dip

  • 62'

    Duff is fouled by Metzelder around 35 yards out... can Ireland conjure up a leveller from this one?

  • 61'

    Ballack jinks towards the Ireland area and tries his luck from distance, but that one was always skidding well wide of the post

  • 60'

    Linke denies Duff after Kelly had sprayed the ball out to the right, then Kilbane is penalised for a foul. A breather for Germany...

  • 60'

    Good game this, open and interesting. Ireland have another free-kick inside German territory

  • 59'

    They're doing it pretty well so far - and none better than Kahn... at the other end, Frings crosses and Ballack heads wide

  • 58'

    Ireland turning up the heat, and Germany are finding themselves with more and more defending to do

  • 58'

    Lovely turn from Kilbane: Hamann stops him in his tracks with a good challenge

  • 57'

    Great work by the Republic, and it so nearly brought what would have been a deserved equaliser

  • 56'

    Kahn makes a fantastic save to divert the low shot past the post. A great stop - brave and instinctive

  • 55'

    Finnan crosses, it's nodded down by Breen and here's Duff in space...

  • 55'

    This is a good spell from Voeller's Germany: Ballack turns inside the area and Finnan does very well to stop him

  • 55'

    Jancker flicks on after a long pass towards the Ireland area, but that comes to nothing

  • 54'

    Hamann gets a strong challenge in on Duff, and then the offside flag foils Keane as Staunton plays one forward

  • 53'

    Good stuff again from the Germans - neat passing and good movement, but Ballack's final shot from outside the box is scuffed past the post

  • 52'

    Better from Germany - Schneider and Hamann make a crossing chance, but Finnan is in the right place at the right time

  • 51'

    The end result is a goal-kick to Germany... from it, Ballack gets a good cross in and the excellent Staunton is there with the clearance

  • 50'

    Ireland building from the back now... Keane can't get there and Metzelder doesn't like his challenge

  • 49'

    McCarthy will surely be delighted with the possession his team are enjoying... Duff crosses once more, and Kahn, again, claims coolly

  • 48'

    Keane on the ball inside the German half, looking for options... Duff makes another strong run and Linke is the man who intercepts

  • 47'

    Goalscorer Klose intercepts as Ireland try to build, but Jancker can't control the ball forward

  • 46'

    Staunton plays it in, Breen wins it and Linke produces a good leap to get that one out of harm's way

  • 46'

    Free-kick to McCarthy's men on the half-way line... early chance to get the ball forward

  • 45'

    Germany start the second half - they may be leading, but they don't look entirely convincing with it... what can Ireland do?

  • 45'

    Late free-kick for Germany: Ziege hits it much too long. It's the final action of a very even first half, which the Germans are shading 1-0

  • 45'

    And there'll be a minute of added time at the end of what has been a good first half

  • 45'

    Linke blocks a shot from Duff - that piece of good defending has left the German star a little bit dazed, but he'll be fine

  • 44'

    ...until somebody is caught offside. No prizes for guessing who, but the name begins with J and he's quite tall

  • 44'

    He doesn't quite connect right and Germany look to have mounted a promising counter-attack...

  • 44'

    Breen and Staunton knock the ball around at the back: forward it goes to the excellent Duff, and Keane tries an overhead kick

  • 43'

    Finnan crosses after neat work from Kinsella, but he floats the ball too close to Kahn

  • 42'

    But Given is there and the Republic build again as the first half comes towards its conclusion

  • 41'

    Then Kelly is penalised for a foul on Metzelder - that's not an opinion he shares... Jancker gets on the end of a quick pass forward...

  • 41'

    Duff thinks he's been fouled on the left, and that's not an opinion shared by the match officials. Play goes on

  • 40'

    That's the danger - that Germany can produce something out of nothing and double their advantage

  • 39'

    Hamann drives a shot in from the edge of the area: Given makes a good low save and Jancker is offside as he tries to convert the rebound

  • 39'

    Harte's cross is cleared, and here come Germany - until Breen gets there with an excellent clearance to thwart Ballack

  • 38'

    Ireland's fans in good voice: their side's performance has been good so far, despite the scoreline

  • 37'

    Harte, Kinsella and Duff link neatly, but that breaks down as the final ball is too strong for the Blackburn Rovers man

  • 37'

    And they'll only take heart from another sloppy pass forward by Rudi Voeller's team

  • 36'

    Kilbane crosses, Ballack clears, Kinsella shoots from distance... the Republic are upping the ante with ten minutes or so left until the break

  • 35'

    The another good Irish cross demands another safe take from Kahn: the Germany keeper has looked authoratitive so far

  • 34'

    As if to prove that point, Ziege plays a loose ball towards Jancker

  • 33'

    Staunton gives the ball away with a sliced pass from halfway, but Germany aren't really making much of their possession

  • 32'

    ...and there's every sign - so far - that they can carve out an equaliser

  • 31'

    They've shown they're not too shaken by falling behind to that Klose header

  • 31'

    Kinsella chips towards Keane: Ramelow is there, but the Republic are enjoying more and more possession

  • 30'

    Harte can try again, looking for Kilbane but seeing Schneider muscle him out of it

  • 29'

    Kinsella tries to start another move down the right: this one peters out

  • 28'

    Jancker, not for the first time in the game, is caught offside as Klose slips the ball through to him

  • 27'

    Kelly and Finnan link well down the right: it's another Irish throw, but Frings defends well from that one

  • 26'

    Ramelow is there to take charge of that situation, but there's no doubt the Republic are working their way back into the game

  • 26'

    More good work from Duff brings his side another throw, right by the corner flag

  • 25'

    And a good moment of encouragement for McCarthy and his side, who have played some good, smart football at times in this half

  • 25'

    ...only as far as the lurking Matt Holland, whose fierce low drive is fractionally wide. Almost a replica of his equaliser against Cameroon

  • 24'

    Harte takes, and Kahn takes the initiative again with a powerful punch clear...

  • 24'

    Ireland, though, come forward again with the dangerous Duff - he wins a corner...

  • 23'

    Staunton heads clear from another German cross: Kinsella fouls Schneider midway inside the Ireland half as he tries to win the ball back

  • 22'

    ...but Klose, hat-trick hero in Germany's 8-0 rampage last time, has shown his mettle once more

  • 21'

    Can Ireland bounce back? On the balance of play, it's hard to say they deserve to be losing...

  • 20'

    Duff and keeper Kahn race after an Irish ball forward - Kahn gets there first with some purposeful play

  • 20'

    Encouraged by that, Voeller's side are moving forward again with some smooth passing and Staunton has to make an interception

  • 19'

    But Germany storm back to make the breakthrough: the cross from Ballack is deep and dangerous, and Klose meets it with a neat header past Given. It's 1-0 Germany!

  • 18'

    In comes another ball forward, and Given is off his line to claim that one well. Plenty of interest but not many chances in this game so far

  • 17'

    That's what he tries - it's blocked, but the flag is up against Jancker in any case

  • 16'

    Ramelow moving forward - he's looking at a long-range shot here...

  • 15'

    Then Klose flings himself to the ground under challenge from Staunton inside the area: goal-kick, says the referee, and Staunton is unimpressed with Klose's antics

  • 14'

    Schneider tries to get Germany going on the right flank - the pass is overhit and goes out of play, though

  • 14'

    Duff launches into another great run, motoring down the right - Kahn grabs his dangerous cross with Keane waiting to tap it home

  • 13'

    Jancker gets into the penalty area, but the offside flag goes up

  • 13'

    Ireland passing well again, until Ballack pressures Kinsella to win it back for Germany...

  • 12'

    An example of Jancker's power in the air: Frings swings in a cross and Jancker meets it, but directs it too close to Shay Given

  • 11'

    Not so, says the assistant referee, who gives the decision the way of Rudi Voeller and his team

  • 10'

    All a bit scrappy in midfield - then Finnan takes control and looks to have won a throw...

  • 9'

    Germany's ball into the area is cleared - and Robbie Keane is off and runnning. His through ball almost finds Kilbane, but deflects off Frings

  • 9'

    Staunton shoves the giant Jancker in an aerial battle: the ref tells him to calm down a bit...

  • 8'

    And it's Frings who clears as Keane tries to make something of it on the left for Ireland

  • 8'

    Forward it goes, and Frings concedes the throw...

  • 7'

    The Germany striker is penalised for his efforts, and Ireland have the free-kick

  • 6'

    Staunton gets a header away under late and heavy challenge from Klose

  • 5'

    Germany's turn to pass the ball around at the back: a long ball forward is nodded down and unceremonially cleared

  • 5'

    Klose does well to get to the byline, motoring away from Staunton - Given claims it well, but more evidence there of why Klose is so highly-rated

  • 5'

    Forward it goes, but Robbie Keane is penalised for a foul on Linke and Germany will play this one forward

  • 5'

    Finnan comes forward and finds Kinsella: Ireland passing the ball with confidence

  • 4'

    Duff chases a good ball forward: Metzelder challenges him and the decision goes Germany's way

  • 3'

    That all started with an excellent run from Blackburn's Damien Duff - nice play from the Republic

  • 2'

    Kilbane crosses well - Holland is waiting and Ramelow heads clear superbly

  • 2'

    Ireland defend well, and force Germany all the way back into their own half - good pressing from McCarthy's side

  • 2'

    The ball is played long, but a foul gives Germany the dead ball. They, too, hit it long - and win a much more promising free-kick inside the Ireland half

  • 1'

    They win the game's first throw, inside their own half, and soon get a free-kick for a foul by Frings


    Mick McCarthy's side will get the game under way, hoping to replicate the excellent second-half form they showed against Cameroon


    Here we go - Germany are unchanged, as you'd expect of a team who have won their opening game 8-0... it's Steve Staunton's big day for the Republic

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  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Germany

  • 8(3)

  • -

  • 15

  • 0%


  • Republic of Ireland

  • 7(3)

  • -

  • 18

Republic of Ireland

POS No Name


1 Shay Given


2 Steve Finnan


3 Ian Harte
21 Stephen Reid


5 Steve Staunton
4 Kenny Cunningham


14 Gary Breen


18 Gary Kelly
17 Niall Quinn


8 Matt Holland


11 Kevin Kilbane


12 Mark Kinsella


9 Damien Duff


10 Robbie Keane
POS No Name
D 4 Kenny Cunningham
F 17 Niall Quinn
F 21 Stephen Reid

Match Stats

  • Germany
  • Republic of Ireland
8(3) Shots (on goal) 7(3)
15 Fouls 18
2 Corner kicks 2
6 Offsides 4
0% Time of Possession 0%
0 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
2 Saves 2

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