Kobe Wing Stadium, Kobe, Japan

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  • Yegor Titov 59'
  • Valeri Karpin 64' PEN

2 - 0


  • 93'

    A comfortable win in the end for the Russians and they top the group. Tunisia look the weakest side and despite Benachour's invention, will struggle to score. But thanks to Karpin and Titov, Russia controlled much of the game and merited their win.

  • 93'

    Baya takes, Onopko heads away and the final whistle blows.

  • 92'

    But they break and Trabelsi wins a corner...

  • 91'

    Tunisia's defending is somewhat shambolic now - Sychev has room this time

  • 90'

    Russia break and Khokhlov's shot is blocked - a third could help them in a tight group, but they seem certain to win

  • 89'

    Jaziri finds room in the box rounds a defender, and shoots. But Kovtun blocks it and it rebounds to Benachour, who goes for goal but it spins well wide

  • 89'

    Good cross from Alenichev, Khokhlov went for the header but was blocked and Tunisia clear

  • 88'

    Tunisia are beaten but Trabelsi, at least, has not given up - he's still chargin down the Tunisian right

  • 87'

    Alenichev is booked - a very harsh decision there for playing on after the whistle blew

  • 86'

    Titov finds Sychev in a great position. He falls over the ball, reocvers, plays a one-two and puts in a low shot which Boumnijel saves.

  • 86'

    Jaziri, Tunisia's simulation specialist, goes down again, but the referee does not giev him a secnod yellow card

  • 84'

    Boumnijel drops a cross by the byline, Sychev tries to lob it into the unguarded net but it goes across the face to goal and behind for a goal kick

  • 84'

    Jaidi concedes another corner - chance for a third for Russia?

  • 84'

    Another easy claim for Nigmatullin - Tunisia lack the height to win many headers in the Russian box

  • 83'

    Badra departs for Tnusia as Zitouni replaces him

  • 81'

    More skill from Benachour - definitely Tunisia's brightest player, the skilful midfielder, but hasn't been able to provide the final ball often enough

  • 81'

    Titov in possession in the centre cirlce - he's been a very influential figuire in the second half

  • 80'

    Karpin makes another break down the right and finds Sychev - but his shot lobs on to the roof of the goal

  • 78'

    Change for Russia - Alenichev on for Izmailov

  • 77'

    Jaidi picks out Baya at the back post, he hits a half volley. Nikiforov blocks it with his face and goes down as it pole-axed. Jaziri shoots but it's wide

  • 76'

    Jaziri's low cross goes off for a corner off Onopko

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Booking - a strange dive from Jaziri. He wasn't even near the ball.

  • 73'

    Trabelsi's cross from the byline goes right across the face of goal and Karpin at the back post makes another important clearance

  • 72'

    Titov makes a quick dart and backheels it, Khokhlov goes for the shot, but Mkacher blocks. Russia seem confident now.

  • 71'

    It's been a game for overhead kicks - it's Beya's turn and it's easy for NIgmatullin

  • 69'

    Baya chips it into the box, the ball bounces over Benachour, but the midfielder recovers, skips past a couple but can't get the ball in from the byline

  • 69'

    Tunisia must be hoping that the double change can inspire them

  • 68'

    Izmailov tries to set up Khokhlov, but his shot is blocked

  • 67'

    Double change for Tunisia - Sellemi and Gabsi depart, Zoubaier Beya and Imed Mhedhebi arrive

  • 65'

    Benachour lobs it up and Jaziri goes for the spectacular overhead volley, but he can't get the power and Nigmatullin holds

  • 65'

    Bouzaiene crosses, but again the Russians have the height to clear the ball

  • 64'

    Surely Tunisia can't come back from this? They didn't score in seven games recently.

  • 63'

    GOAL! He sends Boumnijel the wrong way. Very calm penalty from Karpin.

  • 63'

    It's Karpin to take...

  • 63'

    Harpin finds Sychev with a pin-point pass, he tries to turn inside Jaidi and goes down slightly easily... Penalty!

  • 62'

    Russia are looking confident now an Sychev clips in a low cross which Boumnijel holds

  • 60'

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  • 59'

    Tunisia failed to clear after Sychev was dispossessed but it was a terrific finish - similar to Matt Holland's for Ireland

  • 59'

    GOAL! Titov fires in a shot from the edge of the box to break the deadlock

  • 58'

    Sellemi crosses and that's an excellent interception from Nikiforov to deny Jaziri

  • 57'

    Tunisia earn a corner, now - they're still looking for a goal themselves, though the short corner routine does not work

  • 57'

    An instinctive finish from the forward, but just the wrong side of the post

  • 56'

    Russian corner, Karpin fires it in and Pimenov fires it wide from close range

  • 55'

    Russian change - Beschastnykh off, Sychev on

  • 54'

    Brilliant defensive header from Karpin to deny Sellemi an open goal after Jaziri's cross

  • 53'

    Benachour plays a one-two with Jaziri and whacks one from 20 yards. He hits the side-netting - about as well as Tunisia have done

  • 52'

    Terrific break to the byline from Jaziri but Nikiforov was in the right place to clear

  • 51'

    It's Nikiforov again and that is the highest free kick of the World Cup so far

  • 50'

    Another free kick in shooting range for Russia, now. Gabsi is booked for failing to retreat. Will Karpin have a go?

  • 49'

    Handball given against Benachour in the Russian box. It didn't look deliberate, though

  • 49'

    Karpin swaps flanks to deliver a lofted cross but Boumnijel is out well to claim

  • 47'

    Khokhlov wins the header, but it goes wide. He seemed unmarked there, but from 12 yards he couldn't hit the target

  • 47'

    Another Russian free kick - what can Karpin create?

  • 46'

    Russia replace Smenshov with Khokhlov for the second half

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    And the referee blows for half time. Russia had the more chances, but the goal eluded them.

  • 45'

    ... he goes for the far corner, but it's only just wide. The closest anyone ahs come so far

  • 45'

    Karpin lays the ball across the box, and Titov can shoot...

  • 45'

    Nigmatullin's out very quickly to deny Badra a chance - he got behind the Russian defence there

  • 43'

    ... but the defender's Ok to clear

  • 42'

    Bouzaiene needs treatment after a clash of heads with Karpin...

  • 42'

    Pimenov and Boumnijel clash as the keeper collects a high ball. Tunisia free kick.

  • 37'

    No, it's Nikiforv. Power but not direction - that's well wide

  • 37'

    The game is settling into a pattern where Tunisia are happy for the Russians to have the ball , providing they aren't within 30 yards of goal

  • 35'

    Gabsi finds Jaziri down the Tunisian left, but that's a strong challenge from Nikiforov

  • 34'

    Trabelsi counter attacks after a poor ball by Izmailov. Calm play from Onopko to prevent the corner though - he plays it off Trabelsi's shins and out

  • 33'

    Once again, the Russians have the ball, but Tunisia are back in numbers, denying the Russians room, especially in the box

  • 31'

    Beschastnykh becomes the second Russian to try an overhead kick - this one is safely over the bar

  • 30'

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    Tunisia to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Tunisian corner, Jaidi reaches it but his header only goes up in the air and Gabsi shoots way over

  • 28'

    A fairly even and open first half hour. Russia perhaps have more potential, but Tunisia are playing well

  • 27'

    Semshov brings down Jaziri - the first booking of the game

  • 25'

    Karpin's cross onnly narrowly evades Beschastykh - he's been quiet to far

  • 24'

    Tunisia on the counter attack again - this seems to be their most threatening approach - but Sellimi is offside

  • 23'

    And Izmailov has a go from 25 yards - well held by Boumnijel

  • 22'

    Nigmatullin was stranded by his own defenders there but he recovers to punch the corner clear

  • 21'

    But Tunisia break, Benachour passes and Gabsi could be in. Onopko gets a touch, but it rolls towards his own goal - and just wide

  • 21'

    Izmailov strolls around two - neat skill

  • 19'

    Trabelsi, back on the pitch, makes a break down the right but Russia clear

  • 19'

    A Russian free kick from 35 yards - they attempt to swithc it to a man on the end of the wall.It fails

  • 18'

    After Tunisia's early promise, Russia have more of the ball and are spending most of their time in the Tunisian half.

  • 17'

    Piemenov goes for the spectacular with an overhead kick from Izmailov's lobbed pass, but it's straight at Boumnijel

  • 16'

    Karpin makes a break down the right to find Pimenov, but he's well shackled by the Tunisian defence

  • 15'

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    Tunisia to win, with bet365  

  • 14'

    Kovton has a crack from 35 yards but it hits Bouzaine, but it rebounds to Karpin and he fires it at the goal, but that's a fine block by Boumnijel and he smothers it at the second attempt to deny Pimenov

  • 14'

    Treatment for Trabelsi and he's carried off. it's not looking good for the midfielder

  • 13'

    A rare break from the sweeper position for the veteran Onopko.

  • 12'

    Jaziri wins a free kick, but the Russian midfiekders retreat quickly to reclaim possession

  • 10'

    Jaziri robs Onopko and the forward has been hte most lively Tunisian so far

  • 9'

    Izmailov's effort at the other end is similarly gentle but at least on target. Izmailov, Russia's great hope, has already turned up on both flanks so far.

  • 9'

    Badra wins the ball after a poor Karpin pass and has a go from distance - but it's tame and wide

  • 8'

    Clever reverse ball from Izmailov, but there's just too mcuh weight on it for Pimenov and the keeper claims.

  • 7'

    Izmailov takes and Titov can't get a clear header on that.

  • 6'

    First Semshov and then Karpin put in deep crosses and Tunisia concede the corner

  • 5'

    Russia attack now - it's been a very open start.

  • 4'

    Another corner for Tunisia - neat skill from Benachour on the right. Nikifoorv did well to clear but it's back in the Russian box and Sellemi just can't reach that - nearly a chance

  • 4'

    ... but that's easy for Solomatin. The second cross is better but Nikiforov heads away.

  • 3'

    Onopko blocks Jaziri's shot at the other end - corner

  • 3'

    Karpin blasts it - and it's well saved by Boumnijel - hw got both fists behind that

  • 2'

    Beschastnyk's solo run is ended by a tug on the edge of the box

  • 1'

    Russia have lost the ball near their own corner flag - they're lucky to earn a goal kick

  • 1'

    Tunisia kick off - can they upset the Russians to score a surprise win?


    Russia and Tunisia leave two of their stars - Mostovoi and Beya - on the bench - but who will take the points to top Group D?

Goal Shot Video
  • Shots (on goal)

  • tackles

  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Russia

  • 16(7)

  • -

  • 15

  • 0%


  • Tunisia

  • 6(2)

  • -

  • 13


POS No Name


1 Ali Boumnjiel


2 Khaled Badra
20 Ali Zitouni


4 Mohamed Mkacher


6 Hatem Trabelsi


12 Raouf Bouzaiene


15 Radhi Jaidi


8 Hassen Gabsi
3 Zoubaier Baya


13 Riadh Bouazizi


18 Selim Benachour


5 Zied Jaziri


11 Adel Sellimi
7 Imed Mhadhebi
POS No Name
M 3 Zoubaier Baya
F 7 Imed Mhadhebi
F 20 Ali Zitouni

Match Stats

  • Russia
  • Tunisia
16(7) Shots (on goal) 6(2)
15 Fouls 13
4 Corner kicks 7
2 Offsides 1
0% Time of Possession 0%
2 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
2 Saves 6

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