Gwangju Stadium, Kwangju, South Korea

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  • Raúl González 44'
  • Juan Carlos Valerón 74'
  • Fernando Hierro 88' PEN

3 - 1



  • Segastjan Cimirotic 82'
  • 90'

    That's it - Spain have won their opening match 3-1 after a few nervous moments and a few of real quality

  • 90'

    Nevertheless, they can just play out time and are keeping the ball... Slovenia reclaim possession, but a late Gajser cross comes to nothing

  • 90'

    Spain break well from a free-kick, but over-elaboration sees the move break down

  • 90'

    Into added time, and there will be four minutes of that

  • 89'

    ...back they come again, and Raul has the chance to chip Simeunovic for a fourth. He mis-hits it, and the danger passes

  • 88'

    Throw to Spain, who haven't convinced but have been the better side. They lose the ball, then concede a free-kick

  • 87'

    It's the coolest of spot-kicks, low into the corner. Spain have wrapped it up now - they lead Slovenia 3-1!

  • 87'

    Hierro to take the kick for Spain...

  • 86'

    Slovenia get in a tangle in their own area - Morientes tumbles under challenge from Gajser and the referee says penalty...

  • 86'

    They defend it well as the crowd turn up the volume, spurring Slovenia on

  • 85'

    Romero has replaced the injured Garcia... now Spain must defend a Slovenia free-kick in a good crossing position

  • 84'

    Acimovic is still down... looks as though he landed awkwardly on his shoulder. He's taken off for treatment

  • 83'

    Puyol reacts by launching an attack, but it breaks down and Acimovic is only just crowded out as he races into the penalty area

  • 82'

    They didn't look like finding a way back - how will Spain react to the shock of having their lead halved?

  • 81'

    ...he takes the ball on and finishes with the utmost coolness. A superb goal - Slovenia have hope at 2-1!

  • 81'

    Acimovic won't stop trying, and frees Cimirotic in a neat move...

  • 80'

    ...he's being stretchered off. Spain break up an attempted Slovenia attack, and pass their way out of trouble with an assurance that was previously missing

  • 79'

    Garcia's in trouble for Spain - he's down following a challenge and is receiving treatment

  • 78'

    Spain seem relaxed for the first time in the game, and will surely play out the final 12 minutes or so very comfortably indeed

  • 77'

    And there's another Slovenia change, with Gajsen coming on for Novak

  • 76'

    Garcia crosses, it's cleared...

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Luis Enrique was the man replaced by Helguera... Spain look to make inroads again, but this time Slovenia stand firm

  • 74'

    De Pedro finds Valeron with a great low cross, and he tucks it away coolly. It's 2-0 Spain, and surely that's the win they want so much!

  • 74'

    Helguera comes on for Spain, who break away stylishly...

  • 73'

    De Pedro tries a chip from the half-way line after seeing Simeunovic off his line. Wide, but a great effort

  • 72'

    Acimovic delivers another statement of his intent with a long-ranger. It's too high... but not by a great deal

  • 72'

    Rudonja crosses for Slovenia - it narrowly eludes his colleagues. Suddenly, a bit of end to end play

  • 71'

    At the other end, De Pedro makes room and fires in a crisp 20-yarder - Simeunovic responds with a good save

  • 70'

    Slovenia just a fraction away from a leveller, and the resulting corner is belted clear

  • 69'

    Cimirotic then tries his luck - the shot deflects and is only just over the top

  • 69'

    Acimovic finds a bit of room on the corner of the area - his shot, though, flies over the top

  • 68'

    Morientes gets a shot in from just inside the area, and only a good block stops him making the most dramatic of impacts

  • 67'

    Spain haven't done much that could be described as that either - they take Tristan off and bring Morientes on...

  • 66'

    Suddenly, Slovenia have upped their tempo a little bit - they're still struggling, however, to do anything incisive

  • 65'

    Cimirotic is booked for diving after tumbling in the Spain area - it followed an enterprising run

  • 64'

    Free-kick to Spain, again on half-way. Largely, this has been a scrappy and disjointed game - and it shows few signs of becoming anything else

  • 63'

    Acimovic is on and Zahovic goes off as Slovenia try another switch

  • 62'

    Crunch time in the centre circle - the ref gives the decision Slovenia's way

  • 61'

    As if to prove the point, a subsequent free-kick is wasted and Spain aren't even forced into a clearance

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Slovenia have a throw on half-way, but they can't seem to forge any dangerous positions at the moment

  • 59'

    Diego Tristan over-elaborates, giving Slovenia the chance to clear

  • 59'

    The result is a corner - Galic heads behind to concede a second

  • 58'

    Diego Tristan sees a powerful shot well saved by Simeunovic after some neat and purposeful play from Spain

  • 57'

    Clever footwork from Luis Enrique - he wins himself space and time, but is eventually blocked after breaking into the Slovenia area

  • 56'

    Zahovic, lurking inside the area, tries to get onto the end of a decent cross, but it is cleared... Cimirotic replaces Osterc as the change is made

  • 55'

    Slovenia preparing to make a substitution - they know they have to shake things up if they are to pose a threat

  • 54'

    Then De Pedro is clipped by Novak, giving Spain a free-kick. Puyol tries to carry the ball forward, but is blocked

  • 53'

    Zahovic wins a free-kick for Slovenia, who just don't look likely to score a goal. The free-kick is wasted

  • 52'

    Garcia crosses, Raul volleys from a tight angle - it fizzes wide

  • 51'

    Luis Enrique chases a smart pass into the penalty area, but Novak just gets there to thwart him

  • 51'

    Garcia crosses, but there's nobody attacking the ball and Slovenia have it back

  • 50'

    It's a pretty ragged start to the second period, and Spain are showing few signs of raising their game. They won't mind that too much - they still lead 1-0

  • 49'

    Slovenia on the defensive as a long throw comes in, and it's Simeunovic who takes the initiative and sorts out the situation

  • 48'

    Spain in possession again, until a lapse in concentration sees them concede a throw-in

  • 48'

    Good passing by Slovenia opens up a chance, but a through ball intended for Osterc is too long and zips through to Casillas

  • 47'

    The ball goes in long, and Knavs is there with a fine clearing header for Slovenia

  • 46'

    ...then Raul is dumped to the ground near half-way. Free-kick

  • 46'

    They're keeping the ball with some measured passing...

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    Spain kick off the second half - they've made the breakthrough, can they progress from it?

  • 45'

    That time's up: Spain have been nervous and edgy, but Raul's late strike has given them a 1-0 interval lead

  • 45'

    Just one minute of added time to be played

  • 45'

    Can that breakthrough lift Spain's performance? Slovenia will feel slightly hard done by, and Karic is booked for a lunge at Valeron

  • 44'

    But out of the blue, and close to half time, the ball ricochets to Raul just inside the area, and he keeps his cool to slide it low into the net. It's 1-0 Spain!

  • 43'

    From the throw, Spain are repelled again as an attempted cross is headed away with the minimum of fuss...

  • 42'

    More fine work from Luis Enrique: Knavs makes a good clearance inside his own penalty area

  • 42'

    Then a De Pedro cross comes in, but doesn't look remotely dangerous

  • 41'

    De Pedro swipes an ambitious effort wide from distance, and Simeunovic clears long

  • 40'

    Anxious faces on the Spanish bench: they'll feel they've seen all this before

  • 39'

    Valeron, with some fancy footwork, threatens to break through but is crowded out

  • 39'

    Route One from Slovenia: Spain have most of the answers to that, but are failing to ask any questions of their own. They're very flat so far

  • 38'

    Karic plays another pass into the Spain area, and it's cleared without too much difficulty

  • 37'

    Zahovic floats the ball in, but it's not the best delivery and rebounds behind for a goal-kick

  • 36'

    But their fractiousness shows again - Valeron is booked for a petty trip on Osterc

  • 35'

    De Pedro crosses superbly, Raul gets the header - and puts it too close to Simeunovic. That was a great chance to ease Spanish nerves

  • 34'

    Zahovic is the man behind it, and Karic goes for goal as the ball rebounds to the edge of the box. It's blocked

  • 33'

    Another dead ball for Slovenia, this time inside Spanish territory

  • 32'

    Baraja fouls Pavlin inside the Slovenia half. The free-kick forward is long, but ineffective

  • 32'

    Diego Tristan tries to lift the mood with a dangerous-looking cross - Slovenia, however, are defending very well and frustrate Spain once again

  • 31'

    Spain will surely be very disappointed with what's happened so far - there's no spark to their game at all

  • 30'

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  • 30'

    Slovenia free-kick, Spain goal-kick as Osterc heads on and behind

  • 30'

    Baraja tries a long-range shot, but the less said about it the better. The polite word is scuffed

  • 29'

    Osterc gets his chance to cross - nobody's there to get on the end of it

  • 28'

    Zahovic makes a break into the box and wins a header from Karic's excellent bending pass - it doesn't trouble Casillas, however

  • 27'

    A good little spell for Slovenia, and Spain fail to free De Pedro as they try to hit back

  • 26'

    Milinovic gets his head to the ball, and it's not far over the bar

  • 26'

    From it, Zahovic earns another corner. And that, in turn, brings another

  • 25'

    He hammers in an excellent long-range effort and Casillas tips it round the post. Corner...

  • 25'

    Another long ball forward from Slovenia, and it's another stray one. Spain having the bulk of possession - but here comes Zahovic...

  • 24''s easy for Casillas who, under no pressure, plucks the ball out of the air

  • 24'

    Free-kick to Slovenia now - this is midway inside the Spanish half and is launched long...

  • 23'

    De Pedro takes, but this one is poor and fails to beat the first defender

  • 22'

    Luis Enrique wins another dead-ball situation, his cross deflecting behind for a corner

  • 21'

    De Pedro tries again, and this one brushes the top of the net on its way over. A fine effort

  • 21'

    Slovenia are unhappy with a free-kick given for a foul on Tristan. It's 30 yards out, it's central...

  • 20'

    Simeunovic does well, punching the ball clear under pretty severe pressure

  • 19'

    De Pedro frees Gonzalez, who conjures up a great turn befoe Galic slides in to concede a corner

  • 18'

    Signs of a little more measured approach from Spain, but a good passing move is eventually broken up on the edge of the Slovenia area

  • 17'

    De Pedro takes it, and he's not far off the mark. Simeunovic able to watch it drift past the angle of post and bar

  • 16'

    Lovely Luis Enrique skills set Valeron in motion, and he's dumped to the ground by Galic. Shooting chance, 25 yards out...

  • 15'

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    Slovenia to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Good pressure by Rudonja earns his side a chance to attack. Osterc, though, can't get on the end of the final ball

  • 14'

    He takes the corner himself, but it's a disappointing one and doesn't stretch the Slovenian defence

  • 14'

    De Pedro tries again seconds later... the result is a corner this time

  • 13'

    De Pedro almost finds Tristan with a long ball forward: Slovenia deal with it eventually

  • 12'

    Novak looks for Osterc, and the Slovenian forward gets a touch before being crowded out

  • 11'

    There's an air of nervousness about Spain at the moment, and they have yet to find any rhythm to their play

  • 10'

    Valeron attempts a through ball, and fails to find a team-mate with it

  • 9'

    Nothing... Simeunovic claims it well. At the other end, Osterc gets into the thick of things again but Spain scramble it away

  • 9'

    But they have conceded a free-kick near half-way - what can Spain do from this?

  • 8'

    Slovenia certainly not intimidated by their opponents

  • 7'

    Then Osterc takes his turn to have a run at the Spanish defence - he, though, can't create any danger on this occasion

  • 7'

    Soon Rudonja is chasing again, but the ball zips out of play

  • 7'

    Keeper Simeunovic clears long for Slovenia - Rudonja challenges, but the throw goes Spain's way

  • 6'

    It's interesting stuff in these early stages - Valeron makes a good run and crosses, but the offside flag is up

  • 6'

    But Slovenia aren't making life comfortable, snapping into the challenges well

  • 5'

    Now they're trying to string a few passes together - there always seems to be huge pressure on whichever team Spain put out... the Spanish public are desperate for a successful campaign

  • 4'

    Luis Enrique takes a tumble under challenge, and Spain can get their breath back with a free-kick

  • 3'

    Zahovic takes it, and the flick-on demands a good save from Casillas. Almost a sensational start

  • 3'

    Then Diego Tristan gets his first touch - but it's a foul. From the free-kick, Rudonja wins a corner for Slovenia

  • 2'

    Slovenia on the ball inside their own half after that dead ball comes to nothing, but they can't keep possession either

  • 2'

    Free-kick to Spain on half-way - the ref took exception to Pavlin's challenge

  • 1'

    Spain clear that and move forward - Galic deals with it for Slovenia


    Slovenia get things under way, and launch a long ball forward straight away


    Spain, the Jimmy White of international football (you probably have to be English to get that) are launching their campaign against a team with nothing to lose...

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  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Spain

  • 13(7)

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  • 17

  • 0%


  • Slovenia

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  • 15

Match Stats

  • Spain
  • Slovenia
13(7) Shots (on goal) 10(3)
17 Fouls 15
5 Corner kicks 5
2 Offsides 0
0% Time of Possession 0%
1 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
2 Saves 5

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