Busan Asian Stadium, Pusan, South Korea

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  • Roque Santa Cruz 39'
  • Francisco Arce 55'

2 - 2


South Africa

  • Aaron Mokoena 63'
  • Quinton Fortune 90' PEN
  • 90'

    ...and coolness from Quinton Fortune, whose stoppage-time penalty secured a share of the spoils

  • 90''s cleared, and that's the last action of the game. It finishes 2-2: a fine South African comeback from 2-0 down

  • 90'

    South Africa have a late free-kick inside their own half - but this one's going long...

  • 90'

    Seconds remaining... Paraguay's bench looks like an unhappy convention at the moment

  • 90'

    Sibaya is fouled by substitute Franco, and that's yet another yellow card

  • 90'

    Mukansi crosses as South Africa seek an unlikely winner - it's hacked clear by the Paraguay defence

  • 90'

    A couple of minutes of stoppage time remain, and Paraguay will be wondering how they let that 2-0 lead slip away

  • 90'

    Great penalty by Fortune, and the South African celebrations are delirious

  • 90'

    He hammers it high into the top corner - it's 2-2 and South Africa have completed a superb comeback!

  • 90'

    ...and South Africa have a stoppage-time chance to equalise. Fortune to take it...

  • 90'

    Zuma makes a great run into the area... he tumbles over Tavarelli's challenge and it's a penalty! Tavarelli's booked...

  • 89'

    It's headed up and away... Mokoena is hit in the face by the ball and looks a bit dazed - he'll be OK to continue, though

  • 88'

    Gavilan breaks for Paraguay, but crosses to nobody... South Africa can move forward again

  • 87'

    Paraguay are pulling almost everyone back - not something you would have imagined when Arce's superb free-kick gave them that 2-0 lead

  • 86'

    Struway is off, and Juan Carlos Franco comes on for the closing moments of what has developed into a good second half

  • 86'

    Another Paraguay substitution coming up...

  • 85'

    Sibaya crosses, Koumantarkis flicks, it's scrambled away... Sibaya tries a shot from distance and it's over the top

  • 84'

    Tavarelli clutches the ball as a Radebe flick floats goalwards - late pressure...

  • 83'

    Koumantarkis tries to get on the end of a pass forward, but he's muscled out of it

  • 82'

    Gamarra is there again to break up a South Africa attack, and Santa Cruz attempts to carry on the move. He's thwarted, Fortune comes forward instead...

  • 81'

    ...until Gamarra steps in for Paraguay, who look likely to have a far more uncomfortable closing few minutes than they may have bargained for

  • 80'

    South Africa trying to build again, and they're keeping the ball well

  • 80'

    Caniza races forward for Paraguay - but the offside flag stops him in his tracks

  • 79'

    Think we could see a few more big crosses coming in in the last ten minutes or so...

  • 78'

    Benni McCarthy is going off and the tall, strong Koumantarkis is coming on

  • 78'

    Paraguay's Acuna is down after a strong challenge... South Africa are set to make a change

  • 77'

    Mukansi again causes problems at the other end, but his final pass is a disappointment and a relieved Paraguay are able to clear their lines

  • 76'

    Santa Cruz, inevitably, is chasing - but the end result is only a goal-kick

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Paraguay have been sitting back - but a bad backpass by Carnell almost lets them in...

  • 74'

    He crosses low and it's scrambled away, but another good moment from South Africa

  • 73'

    Another long ball forward for South Africa frees Mukansi...

  • 73'

    Meantime, here's Radebe, striding into the Paraguay half - the move breaks down, though

  • 72'

    Another Paraguay change - Morinigo comes into the fray in place of Campos

  • 71'

    They're enjoying a much greater share of possession now than at any time in this game - can they translate it into an equaliser?

  • 70'

    Alvarenga was the Paraguayan to make way... and here come South Africa again

  • 69'

    Gavilan, the Paraguay substitute, shows neat skill to start a move which frees Campos - he can't quite keep it in play and it's a goal-kick

  • 68'

    Campos challenges Nzama for a long ball, and there's one or two moments of defensive confusion before the South African gets that one out of harm's way

  • 67'

    Signs that the pattern of this game is beginning to change: South Africa causing a few problems

  • 66'

    McCarthy gets a header to it, and Tavarelli holds on well

  • 65'

    South Africa on the move again - they win a free-kick which Fortune swings in...

  • 65'

    Caniza is late on Mokoena - it's another booking

  • 64'

    South Africa really pushed forward purposefully there, and they look to attack again through Carnell... he loses his footing at the crucial moment

  • 63'

    ...and they pull a goal back as Struway deflects Mokoena's low shot into his own goal. An own goal, hope for South Africa - it's 2-1 now!

  • 62'

    ...he heads back a deep cross, but things peter out after that - although that was probably their best move of the match

  • 61'

    Good movement from South Africa - McCarthy's waiting...

  • 60'

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    South Africa to win, with bet365  

  • 60'

    Fortune and Nzama link, but a foul ends the attack and gives Paraguay a free-kick

  • 59'

    Mukansi races after a long ball forward, but to no avail as it skips away from him and goes out for a goal-kick

  • 58'

    McCarthy tries to provide it with an effort on the turn. It's cleared, and the ref is unmoved by South Africa claims for a handball

  • 57'

    Arendse collects the ball with Santa Cruz chasing again. It'll take something special for South Africa to find a route back now

  • 56'

    He's been special from free-kicks all game - and that was a strike of the highest quality

  • 55'

    Arce goes for glory - and he gets it, curling the ball sublimely past Arendse. Great goal - 2-0 Paraguay!

  • 54'

    Nzama brings down Santa Cruz in full flight - Arce will again mastermind this one... it's about 30 yards out

  • 54'

    Santa Cruz gets his head to yet another cross into the South Africa area, but it glances through to the keeper

  • 53'

    Fortune does well and gives Zuma the chance to unleash an effort from just outside the box - it's well-struck but whistles just over

  • 52'

    Almost a chance for South Africa, not really of their own making in a lot of ways

  • 52'

    McCarthy crosses and causes confusion in the Paraguay ranks - they scramble it away very unconvincingly indeed...

  • 51'

    Santa Cruz moves forward again, but Radebe gets there to head the ball back to his keeper

  • 50'

    Mukansi has a chance to cross from the right for South Africa, but it's a wretched ball and flies over everyone

  • 49'

    Enterprising play from the Paraguay man, and the South Africa defence rather opened up there

  • 48'

    Gamarra does well in midfield, picking up a ricochet and surging forward. He tries his luck from outside the area, but is wide of the mark

  • 48'

    Santa Cruz chases a long ball forward, and Radebe - in the right place at the right time once more - deals with it calmly

  • 47'

    It was an acrobatic effort, and Tavarelli didn't look entirely convincing in the way he dealt with it

  • 46'

    Straight away, they're on the attack - and Zuma gets a somewhat half-hit shot in. Tavarelli saves, but that's better already

  • 45'

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    South Africa to win, with bet365  

  • 45'

    South Africa kick off the second half - they've got to find more invention if they are to get anything from this game

  • 45'

    He's back on his feet - and the referee blows the half-time whistle. Paraguay lead 1-0, and deservedly so

  • 45'

    Zuma is booked for a heavy challenge on Caceres, who is left grounded and looks in some pain

  • 45'

    South Africa attempt a push goalwards, but to no avail - seconds left until the break

  • 45'

    Half-time pretty much here, and we'll soon know how much stoppage time there's going to be

  • 44'

    In reality, Paraguay could have had this game all but wrapped up now if it wasn't for the South African keeper's excellent work

  • 43'

    A great header from the Paraguay striker again - he's looking sharp today

  • 42'

    Caniza crosses and Santa Cruz heads goalwards - only a fine tip-over by Arendse prevents South Africa from going two goals down

  • 42'

    It's floated in, but the referee spots an infringement

  • 41'

    Another Paraguay free-kick: Alvarenga is the man fouled this time. This one is midway inside the South Africa half...

  • 40'

    South Africa will have to find more ambition in their play now - they just haven't produced enough to worry the side who now lead them

  • 39'

    Arce takes the free-kick, and Santa Cruz heads home from around six yards. Arce the dangerman once more - he's set up the goal which gives Paraguay a 1-0 lead!

  • 38'

    Ayala again produces a good header clear with Fortune lurking. Radebe is adjudged to have fouled Acuna at the other end, and gets a yellow card

  • 37'

    Good skill by Zuma on half-way keeps South Africa in possession, and they move forward to win a free-kick midway inside Paraguay territory

  • 36'

    Long ball forward from South Africa - long ball out of play, as it turns out

  • 35'

    Ayala's powerful header clear deals with the free-kick effectively enough

  • 35'

    Paraguay tackle back well as Zuma threatens: Fortune takes over and Caceres is booked for bringing him down

  • 34'

    Paraguay have the throw, and the game is going through a better spell just at the moment

  • 34'

    Fortune delivers, Tavarelli gathers - and Campos breaks...

  • 33'

    Mukansi breaks with purpose, and his charge brings a corner at the other end

  • 33'

    Paraguay have the corner - Arce delivers, but South Africa stand their ground

  • 32'

    Santa Cruz meets it with a good header, which Arendse meets with a fine save. Best open play chance of the match

  • 31'

    South Africa on the defensive: Campos plays a fine cross into the heart of the area...

  • 30'

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    South Africa to win, with bet365  

  • 30'

    Mukansi, the substitute, looks to make ground for South Africa. He doesn't manage it

  • 29'

    A South Africa free-kick on halfway brings an aimless ball - straight out of play for a throw to Paraguay

  • 28'

    Lovely skill by Santa Cruz gets him clear down the right, and again Radebe shows immaculate timing to cut off his intended pass forward

  • 28'

    Fortune tries his luck with a free-kick - it's blocked and cleared downfield in a style some people associate with 1980s Wimbledon teams

  • 27'

    McDonald Mukansi comes on for South Africa, with Issa, who had picked up a knock, making way for him

  • 26'

    No question that Arce's delivery from set-pieces looks to be a formidable threat for his side

  • 25'

    Arce again - he bends it in and the kick causes chaos until Arendse eventually grabs the ball

  • 25'

    Arce's free-kick is deep and South Africa are glad to get that away for a corner

  • 24'

    Caniza and Campos link: Arce looks forward and Alvarenga is fouled on the right...

  • 23'

    Arce crosses well - again Santa Cruz just misses out. Good spell for Paraguay

  • 23'

    ...but that was another example of Paraguay's ability to find the direct route towards goal. They're not afraid to hit the ball long

  • 22'

    Santa Cruz gets onto a pass from Gamarra - Issa defends well and the Paraguay star's effort goes across the face of goal

  • 21'

    The game hasn't woken up and neither has the atmosphere - the sparse-looking crowd haven't made themselves heard much as yet

  • 21'

    ...They do the defending well, clearing the ball back to the halfway line

  • 20'

    Good football by Paraguay, who then have to do some defending as McCarthy crosses deep

  • 19'

    Santa Cruz tries to change all that, darting towards the area: only a fine interception by Radebe stops him getting on the end of a deep cross

  • 19'

    More midfield play - Paraguay passing neatly and short, but not really advancing that much

  • 18'

    They haven't really been unduly troubled so far, although South Africa have the pace to create danger

  • 17'

    Zuma makes a threatening burst forward, but Paraguay are getting their challenges in with plenty of efficiency and not much fuss

  • 16'

    It's a little bit cagey: Arce has come closest to scoring with that sweetly-struck free-kick

  • 16'

    Other end - a Fortune cross, another steady piece of goalkeeping

  • 15'

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    South Africa to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Arce plays it into the heart of the area, and Arendse is there with plenty of Paraguay players waiting to finish it off

  • 15'

    Free-kick to Paraguay around the half-way line - looks like this one could go long

  • 14'

    ...and South Africa win a throw from which Gamarra intercepts well

  • 13'

    South Africa on the ball at the back - Issa plays it forward...

  • 12'

    ...and Paraguay are soon back on the attack with some neat passing

  • 12'

    Sibusiso Zuma takes the ball on and swings in a dangerous cross from the left - the keeper gathers, though

  • 12'

    South Africa play the ball back to Arendse, who's been this game's man in the spotlight of late

  • 11'

    The first indication of what Paraguay can do from dead ball situations - cause problems, essentially

  • 10'

    Arendse gets to that, punching it clear. Good goalkeeping from the one-time Fulham player

  • 10'

    He hits it superbly and Arendse makes an excellent stop, tipping the ball over. Corner...

  • 9'

    Arce is sizing this one up - it's about 25 yards out towards the corner of the area...

  • 8'

    Santa Cruz is felled by Issa as he tries to get on to a good through ball - free-kick to Paraguay in a dangerous position

  • 8'

    It's played in by Fortune, but keeper Tavarelli catches confidently

  • 7'

    Pretty even stuff so far: Arendse gathers and sets South Africa away, starting a move from which they win a corner...

  • 6'

    Then Benni McCarthy leaps for a high cross inside the Paraguay area - the referee doesn't like the challenge and it's a free-kick

  • 5'

    Acuna briefly finds himself some space around 30 yards out and tries his luck - the effort is blocked

  • 4'

    Then Fortune makes a strong and purposeful run down the left, and his cross causes one or two problems before Paraguay get it away

  • 4'

    South Africa on the ball again with Radebe, who looks to hit it long - Sibaya takes it on and hits a skidding long-range shot which isn't far wide of the mark

  • 3'

    Santa Cruz then waits for a cross to come in: it's all in vain, as the ball is overhit and drifts harmlessly away

  • 2'

    They briefly get the ball inside the Paraguay half, but it's soon won back - until Pierre Issa steps in to good effect

  • 1'

    Santa Cruz found plenty of space there - a worrying start for South Africa

  • 1'

    Straight away, Santa Cruz goes into the South Africa area - he tumbles under challnge from keeper Arendse, but no penalty is given


    Paraguay get the game under way - not much of a crowd in the stadium today...

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  • Paraguay
  • South Africa
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17 Fouls 18
4 Corner kicks 2
3 Offsides 0
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4 Yellow Cards 4
0 Red Cards 0
3 Saves 4

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