Ulsan Munsu Stadium, Ulsan, South Korea

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  • Darío Rodríguez 47'

1 - 2



  • Jon Dahl Tomasson 45'
  • Jon Dahl Tomasson 84'
  • 90'

    Some excellent midfield play from Olsen's men, for whom Gronkjaer, Rommedahl and substitute Jorgensen all did well out wide, with Tomasson reaping the benefit. 2-1 at full-time

  • 90'

    And that's it. Kuwaiti referee Mane has seen enough. Full time and deservedly the Danes top Group A

  • 90'

    Seconds remaining - Uruguay have a chance to hurl a throw towards the box, but they take it short and Gravesen and co, as they have done for much of the game, pick up the pieces

  • 90'

    Regeueiro steams down the left flank but three red shirts prevent any chance of a cross. The Danes in control

  • 90'

    Into injury-time: three minutes to be added. Morales rises to head Varela's cross at goal but it's high and wide.

  • 89'

    Last-ditch stuff for the men in blue - a corner from the left but Laursen gets rid of it. Gravesen looks to find Tomasson but it's just beyond Tomasson

  • 88'

    Now two-goal play-off hero Morales replaces Abreu, while midfielder Poulsen is on for Sand for the Danes

  • 87'

    Plenty of 'Danmark, Danmark' coming from the stands as we approach the final minutes

  • 86'

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  • 86'

    And with Recoba gone there doesn't seem to be much danger of them coming back. Goalscorer Rodriguez is replaced by Magallanes

  • 84'

    Uruguay were becoming too content with the possibility of a draw and have paid the price for sitting deep and failing to attack the man in possession

  • 83'

    Denmark are now dominating possession. It's worked wide to Jorgensen whose cross finds Tomasson unchallenged to head in off the bar. 2-1 to the Danes!

  • 81'

    Gravesen's kick is headed on for a Denmark throw on the right. Tofting takes and the ball comes to Gravesen again. It's a powerful volley but blue shirts are in the way.

  • 80'

    But Gravesen surges purposefully into the box to win a corner - before which a tired Recoba is relaced by Regeriro

  • 79'

    Neither side over-comitting to attack now - little surprise there with the group thrown wide open by yesterday's result.

  • 77'

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  • 77'

    Helveg skips up field to avert danger, feeding Sand, who does well to hold up for Jorgensen. The substitute bursts in on a superb run from from the left, but runs our of space as Carini closes in near the by-line. Goalkick

  • 75'

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  • 75'

    Abreu unimpressed after Recoba chose an ambitious early cross rather than attacking space in front of him on the left. The Danes head clear

  • 74'

    Jorgensen makes his first impact after coming on, a weaving run down the left but his final ball is way too strong for Tomasson ahead

  • 72'

    Tofting is still working strongly, winning a corner on the right. It comes to Helveg who almost finds room to shoot at the far post, but Sorondo sweeps the ball away from his feet

  • 70'

    Second Danish substitution as Jorgensen replaces Gronkjaer

  • 68'

    Then danger from Recoba down the left - it's headed behind for a Uruguay corner. Henriksen heads Recoba's first delivery behind, and then half clears the second ball straight to the goalscorer Rodriguez... his shot is blocked and finally, after another corner, Henriksen again clears fully

  • 66'

    Uruguay play it around the back with Montero orchestrating. Mendez then looks for the long ball but Henriksen intercepts

  • 65'

    Stil awaiting that substitution - Pua may have changed his mind about it

  • 63'

    Strong burst from Helveg. The Danes then switch ot from right to left, but Gronkjaer is dispossessed. Uruguay counter and Recoba tries his luck from long range. Sorensen has to dive to his left but the Fevernova ball is on its best behaviour. He gathers two-handed

  • 62'

    Now coach Pua about to make his first change with Romero to replace Rodriguez

  • 60'

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  • 60'

    Now Mendez concedes a freekick at the other end. Sand looks dangerous as the ball ricchets around in the 'mixer', but Montero is there to clear the danger

  • 59'

    Guigou attacks the inside left, shooting left-footed but the whistle has gone for a foul by goalscorer Rodriguez

  • 57'

    It's a straight swap. Meanwhile, Laursen has to clear under pressure from Recoba. Mendez takes the long through and the AC Milan defender clears again

  • 56'

    First substitution: Manchester City's Niclas Jensen replaces Heintze, the left back

  • 55'

    Tofting charges through the middle but can't find Tomasson

  • 53'

    Uruguay counter and Recoba looks lively again, Laursen gets across to force a corner. Headed clear from the near post though

  • 52'

    But now the Everton midfielder finds Roommedahl on the right. It's worked to Gronjkaer on the left, and back again for the PSV man to cross, but Sand is beaten to the header.

  • 51'

    Gravesen looks to reassert the Danes' midfield dominance with a strong challenge, but there's not much going out wide at the moment

  • 49'

    Gronkjaer is sloppy, passing directly to Abreu and Lauresen is forced into a bad foul to stop the counter attack in midfield. Yellow card

  • 48'

    Now Silva surges down the right flank, but the cross is behind Abreu

  • 47'

    A goal befitting the world stage and, after looking much the poorer side before the break, the twice world champions are suddenly lifted

  • 47'

    Recoba takes, it's headed clear, but Rodriguez controls and strikes an unstoppable volley past Sorensen from 25 yards. A superb equaliser

  • 46'

    Uruguay wrk it quickly up the left and Helveg concedes the corner

  • 46'

    Tomasson and Sand restart and immediately the ball is launched high. Carini is out to collect at the edge of the Uruguay box

  • 45'

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  • 45'

    All set for the second half, and Denmark all set to join Senegal at the top of Group A.

  • 45'

    A bright and even start gave way to some excellent midfield and wide play from the Danes, who look well in command, 1-0 up at the break

  • 45'

    Probably best for Uruguay that the half-time whistle goes... And referee Mane does them that favour

  • 45'

    Into injurytime and how will Uruguay respond? Recoba darts in from the left with purpose, but Laursen times his tackle to perfection

  • 45'

    Then superb work on the other flank. Gronkjaer gets behind Mendez to cross low for Tomasson to side-foot the opening goal from 8 yards out. More than deserved. 1-0 Denmark

  • 44'

    The Danes continue to dominate - Rommedahl, this time on the right, crosses from deep but it's too strong

  • 42'

    Now Tomasson surges into the mox and Mendez does brilliantly to tackle 12 yards out in front of goal

  • 41'

    Rommedahl takes a swiping shot and Sorondo has to scamble it behind. Gravesen takes a well-worked corner and Sand almost finds room to cross from a dangerous position. But it's out of play

  • 40'

    Now Recoba supplies a similarly excellent ball for Silva to attack, but he's forced wide and the ball's out of play for a goalkick

  • 39'

    Gravesen looks for Tomasson running through the middle, but the striker can't quite control it

  • 38'

    Helveg launches a long ball from the back but Garcia is able to chest back to keeper Carini

  • 36'

    Superb early ball from Tofting finds Gronkjaer wide on the right, but the Chelsea midfielder is quickly outnumbered and eventually manages only a scuffed cross which Garcia can clear

  • 35'

    Yellow card for Heintze - studs up in the challenge on Varela

  • 34'

    ...ended by Dario Silva's darting round down the right wing. Tofting does well to track back and intercept the cross though

  • 32'

    A bit of scrappy stuff with both sides surrendering possession

  • 30'

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    Denmark to win, with bet365  

  • 29'

    Easily handled by the defenders. Recoba has a rare charge down the left with two men in the middle: Silva tries to head across goal but Abreu is ruled offside in the middle

  • 27'

    The two wide men are also switching positions regularly and that's adding to the Uruguyans problems. Now Gronkjaer wins a throw on the right

  • 27'

    The Danes beginning to gain the upper hand in midfield, and also looking more dangerous from the flanks through Gronkjaer and Rommedahl

  • 26'

    Gravesen takes and Uruguay have to clear behind for a corner. The Everton man takes again but Montero and Garcia combine to get the ball away from danger

  • 25'

    Gronkjaer takes on fullback Mendez again, and comes off the winner as the first yellow card is shown for a crude lunge

  • 24'

    Rodriguez gives a throw-in away under pressure from Rommedahl. It's hurled into the box, and after a minor scramble Garcia is able to head back to keeper Carini

  • 22'

    Another curling freekick from Recoba but Sorensen is well positioned and gathers safely low to his left

  • 21'

    Garcia feeds Silva from the back, but Heintze brings the blond bombshell down

  • 21'

    Laursen attempts a burst onto a loose ball in midfield but is brought crashing to the floor. Central freekick, 45 yards out, goes to Gravesen, but his ludicrously ambitious strike is low and wide

  • 19'

    Now Varela lurks again on the edge of the Danish box, chasing the long ball, but Heintze hoofs clear

  • 17'

    Silva's back on to hook away after Gravesen's freekick is half-cleared

  • 16'

    Uruguay still down to ten men as Gronkjaer charges down the left - Mendez fouls him

  • 15'

    Uruguay to win, with bet365  
    Denmark to win, with bet365  

  • 15'

    Freekick again as Silva is stretchered away. Recoba lofts one in to the box where Varela beats the central defence for the header - but it's straight at Sorensen. Sleepy Danes

  • 14'

    Silva left writhing in an Oscar-winning fashion by Laursen's lunge, the Kuwaiti referee plays advantage but none accrues.

  • 13'

    Head-tennis in midfield before Gravesen releases Gronkjaer. His ball is too strong but the Danes rebuild - Rommedahl supplies from the right for Sand to sneak in for the header: down and off the cross bar. A close shave for Carini and co

  • 11'

    Recoba takes, Henriksen heads clear. The Danes look to break but Tofting's ball to Gronkjaer is poor

  • 10'

    Now Montero punts forward and Silva again causes trouble, forcing another corner

  • 9'

    Guigou looks for Mendez wide on the right, but the ball is poorly struck and out for a throw

  • 9'

    Both sides showing attacking intent and ability in these opening exchanges

  • 8'

    Now danger from Silva and the beck-pedalling Danes concede a freekick. Recoba takes left-footed from 25 yards - a curler that wasn't far wide

  • 7'

    Rommedahl rumbles forward down the right. He lokks lumbering but suddenly shimmies past two defenders before striking crisply - Carini watches it drift wide

  • 6'

    First contribution from Chelsea's Gronkjaer out on the left. He beats Sorondo but Carini collects the cross at the near post

  • 5'

    Sorondo launches a ball from the back and Silva is onto it - Sorensen is out sharply to collect at the edge of the box

  • 4'

    Rodriguez chips forward for Abreu to chase. Laursen is forced into conceding a corner - which Abreu gets a head to but it glances wide

  • 2'

    Now Sand and Tomasson combine at the other end - a bright start - and Uruguay are forced into a scrambled clearance of their own

  • 1'

    Now a long ball from Sorondo is beyond Silva and Sorensen collects.

  • 1'

    Early threat from Dario Silva, hurriedly cleared by the Danes


    The game kicks off in Ulsan - and this no longer a chase for second place in Group A


    No surprises from the Danes, who start with Tomasson and Sand leading from the front. Denmark: 1 - Thomas Sorensen, 6 - Thomas Helveg, 4 - Martin Laursen, 3 - Rene Henriksen, 5 - Jan Heintze, 19 - Dennis Rommedahl, 2 - Stig Tofting, 7 - Thomas Gravesen, 8 - Jesper Gronkjaer, 9 - Jon Dahl Tomasson, 11 - Ebbe Sand.


    No Diego Forlan for Uruguay, who also name full back Gonzalo Sorondo ahead of Alejandro Lembo. Team: 1 - Fabian Carini, 2 - Gustavo Mendez, 14 - Gonzalo Sorondo, 4 - Paolo Montero, 6 - Dario Rodriguez, 8 - Gustavo Varela, 5 - Pablo Garcia, 7 - Gianni Guigou, 20 - Alvaro Recoba, 13 - Sebastian Abreu, 9 - Dario Silva.

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  • Fouls

  • possession

  • Uruguay

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  • Denmark

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  • Uruguay
  • Denmark
5(4) Shots (on goal) 6(4)
12 Fouls 8
8 Corner kicks 7
1 Offsides 1
0% Time of Possession 0%
1 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
1 Saves 3

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